: I love the ones that dash multiple times into turret range and all you have to do is *boop* them.
Where do you find these people?? Why can't I play with them?
: Hextech Crafting Idea (Trading)
Riot doesn't want convenience. They want us to spend more money on more keys and chests. So while this is a great idea, it probably won't happen.
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Astanio (OCE)
: pretty nice idea, but as a sup main, I would like to have a champ with cc or strong healing which can sustain in lane, there is some feedback 1. i like the mana cost increase idea, its really funny, but it doesnt seems like work well with his other spell, i dont really the interaction between spells, and besides im not sure how long will the mana cost effect last. IMO, if it can be affect in an area like empowered karma q, it would work better at team fight. 2. seems like Bellon is a champ that buffing ally by standing there, its like the reverse Taric, if Taric is a castle that ally can get def buff from him, Bellon is the champ that can get att buff, I really like this idea. However, IMO, there should be a debuff like Taric w active, otherwise the game play and this champ will be a little boring and un-balanced as all u need is to standing and keep not dying, occasionally heal ally. 3. like I said before, I dont really see the interaction between spell, the ult is kind of like shen ult, but after shen ulting, he can taunt people with his e, but in Bellon, Im not sure what can he do after dashing to ally as he has no cc, if Bellon is just dashing to ally and heal, I think its kind of overlap what soraka do. overall, I like the concept of Bellon, but the interaction betweens spells is important, otherwise this is not really a good sup champ as it is a bit confusing in what he can do as a sup but anyway, just personal idea, no hate. peace
How he fits into the game- So he's essentially meant to punish engaging. In a mdeta where a good support will focus on diving the enemy adc over and over again, there is no support, aside from soraka that really punishes a bad engage. This champion is meant to do that. If he isn't cced, he can make total use of his e, effectively making a tank diving on an adc useless. Sell interaction/Kit- He isn't like azir, where all his spells interact, but his ult means that he can get to where he is needed. The heal makes up for its low range in a high heal if its just Bellon and another champion, so lets say an enemy dives on your adc. You ult to them, giving them a damage bosst, and your passive. You then heal to turn the tides of the engage, and put your e down on the closest tank. A garen type champion is essentially useless now, as he has no defences, and is snared unless he runs out. His q is kind of awkward, but can be game changing if used on a mage like veigar at the end of a fight. Lets say veigar has been spamming skills all fight, but sees an opportunity to flash ult your backline, he has 200 mana, giving him enough to get a q ult (or something), but flashes straight into Bellon's q, which increases his mana cost for his combo to 400. He now cannot do anything for the duration (which was meant to be 4 seconds sorry, ill add that in). I hope this answers some of your questions. Thanks for the feedback though :) Ill see how I can make his spell interactions more unique.
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: A new game mode idea
You'd have to have pick and ban phases with 6 bans each or something
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: Patch 5.16 notes
Who do you think those people outside the window of the academy skins are? I can't tell if they're previews of coming skins/champions, or just background settings.
Akhil (OCE)
: Read the notes better? Most of them are NERFS to tank items, meaning tanks will fall in power. Assasins are getting buffed, ADC's are a bit nerfed, so you'll see champs like Zed and Leblanc come back to power.
Zed and LeBlanc are back. Just kill me now. ;)
: I may be missing something but it seems to me that {{champion:72}} Q is the same damage empowered as it is non empowered ?
The damage adds on to the original, so it basically doubles itself
: Chaotic chroma packs arrive
They need to release a decent cass skin, the chroma pack looks alright, but she has the potential for some really amazing skins. (I'm thinking mecha cass)
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sour mash (OCE)
: or drunk?
Why not both???
Quro (OCE)
: AP Trist mid will be so strong now... you just have to press e a couple autos w ignite ult
Now you just have to replace DFG with Nashors tooth
: Patch 5.2 notes
I hate the removal of DFG. I know it was completely neccecary but I still hate it. I love playing AP tanks while building full AP (like Cho'gath, amumu, zac, sejuani, naut) however, they only worked because of DFG. The more common Full ap champions can deal with the removal of DFG, because they can be buffed (If they dont have damage theyre useless). But you cant buff AP tanks to do more DMG, because when built properly (tanky), they would become OP. So this means all my favourite champs are ruined. Thanks Riot! (Though I know it was for the best, I still hate you XD)


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