: Riot do occasionally give out good behavior 2nd chances on perma bans there was a whole 2 week saga on how XJ9 snuck his way onto one last year or the year before.
: ***
So toxic players like you can still play the game riot is a joke
: I just think if you had to reform on other games and are doing the same thing on League then you haven't really reformed. Just my opinion. Best of luck though
good point i haven't been banned from other games only hard core games with ranks like league and i have reformed on all the hardcore game I've been banned from . Anyway thank you for your opinion mate have a nice day :)
: You can show that you changed with unban drhaxs
Okay thanks mate I am grateful there are kind people out there. I am still gonna try and get my main unbanned if i can't UnBan Drhaxs will be my new main. thank you mate i am grateful there are kind people still on the forums
: I see he has a chance now with unban drhaxs
i want my main account back with all my stuff
: youve had to reform in previous games from what I've read. You then play league and end up getting a perma ban. How have you changed?
I can change
: Two points. Firstly, I was pointing out how certain people are being quite hypocritical about this situation. You can take that as being rude if you want but all I'm doing is pointing out something that certain people are too distracted to see. Secondly, I have serious doubts that you're genuinely sorry. From what I understand of the situation, you've already had your second chance to reform. And your third. And so on. So forgive me if this seems a bit harsh (or not, I really don't give a flying f\*ck what some random thinks of me) but you're clearly not ready to reform. The only reason you say you are is because it's now become a matter where you've had all your time, effort and money that was put into the account taken away for a conscious decision you acted upon *multiple times* to be a generally d!ckish player. You wouldn't expect Riot to be lenient on the players that abuse you, so why should there be special rules that apply to you? Besides, it's not like you *don't* have a chance to reform. Riot isn't in the business of IP bans, so you have the option of making a new account. Fact is, though, you're never getting that account back, nor should you.
Your second point make you seem salty, rude and toxic but its your opinion and i respect that
: Make another account and move on Thats as close as a second chance youll get
Thank for the advice still gonna try and get my account un ban or come to an agreement with riot
: So if he's changed before then why does he come to league and get a perma ban? Makes me think he hasn't really changed at all?
I have changed but people don't give any chances anymore.
: But you're only wanting to change now because it's been taken away from you, not when you had your chance to.
Some times you don't see what you have till its taken away i would really love a second chance and hope riot consider.
: What about the Ashe player whose mum you said you fucked? What if they're being bullied in real life and use league as their escape only for you to treat them like that in game? Like lemon has said permanent bans don't just come out of nowhere you will have had chat restrictions and previous bans, which would've been an indicator if you didn't change your ways perma ban was coming.
I understand but the ashe had been taunting me so i started taunting her back. I can 100% see what you mean as you have just copy and pasted a recap of lemons post but with a few different wording. I have seen my mistake and will change to better the community. I had already known what you said as lemon had posted it earlier. Anyway thanks you for reply
: Wow, I'm kind of surprised by this. I know I probably shouldn't be surprised, but still. 9/10 times when a player comes to the boards to ask for their perma-ban to be lifted, everyone is against it. It gets down-voted to oblivion and there's little to no positive responses. Now we have someone who is asking the same thing, giving the *excuse* (and it *is* an excuse) that they use it to escape reality (because it's not like there's literally anything else that could be used for that) and pretty much everyone is supporting it (or avoiding getting involved, which is just as bad)... What a bunch of hypocrites...
Hey dude i can see where you coming from. I am truly sorry and regret my decisions, and you don't have to believe it if you don't want to but just because people are being nice and kind to me during this hard time doesn't mean that you can be rude to the others play you should mind your own business. Anyway thanks for the feedback mate
DrHaxs (OCE)
: Perma Ban UpLift?
I also did not receive a email from riot about the perma ban. They said they would sent me a email with more information about my ban which i have not receive yet and would love to receive so i can know a bit more about the perma ban
: Sorry to bring some info that you won't like to hear, but if you have had chat restrictions before and have not reformed, it's safe to say there probably isn't any chance of you getting this account back. Especially if you have behaved like this in other games in the past and have had to be unbanned in order to reform your behaviour in those games, you really should have come to this game with a better behaviour and kindness towards your fellow gamers. Remember, every time you tell someone in game that they are trash and the other horrible stuff outlined in your above post, there is another person on the other side. Just like you. Maybe they are struggling IRL too and are using League as a break away from things they may be facing. It's not good if they have to then experience someone in game abusing them like that. Just something to think about for the next time you jump into any online game.
I see where you coming from and I should have thought about that too thank you for your advice and for being so kind with my post as on other post people can get really rude and outrageous. Thanks again mate I appreciate you helping me become a better player
: It's good that you have acknowledged that your behaviour is definitely not acceptable. Looking at the text you have provided from the game, it is very severe, which is why you may have jumped steps in the escalation path outlined on this article. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286. The steps are; - 10 game chat restriction - 25 game chat restriction - 2 week suspension - permanent suspension If you had previously received a 2 week ban or chat restrictions, those are classified as your warnings and chances to reform your behaviour for the better. Very rarely are bans lifted, especially when the behaviour was so toxic. Also be sure to go to your friends and family and talk through any issues you may be feeling IRL. Talking to people definitely helps. They don't have to say anything back, just having an ear there helps a lot :).
Thanks mate I've had chat restrictions before mostly for being on tilt. It's just I've been trying so hard to get this account back as it has stats,champions,skin and most importantly memories. I know I can reform and I believe riot should give everyone a chance to reform I have reformed in many other games before and hope riot considers reforming me. I'll also take your advice on talking to friends and family. Once again you mate :)
: My guess would be the warnings before the perma ban would be an ample chance for you to "reform"...
Fair enough I should have changed by then but wasn't expecting a perma ban but i believe i can reform and should be giving a 2nd chance as my mental illness infers with my choices and decisions. I truly believe I can reform
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