: There are different kinds of abuse, and telling someone > Very honestly cant be bothered with you dickheads or > PROBABLY CAUSE ALL YOU DIMWITS HAVE AN IQ OF 10! or even moreso > EZREAL< I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, YOU ARE STUPID! THATS WHY WE ARE LOSING! DEFINITELY qualifies. If you can't see this sort of behaviour as abuse then you need to take a good long look at yourself. If someone said to you, that you have an IQ of 10, and that you're a dumb piece of shit how would you feel? I imagine quite angry and rightly so. How do you think someone would react if you said that to their face. If you screamed at them that they're stupid. They'd be pretty angry, and they would be perfectly justified in being so. Take another look at the things you said, and take a good long look at the definition of abuse, because this is definitely abuse, and not just one line where you got a bit mad and didn't take your hand off the keyboard when you should have. This is consistent and targeted abuse. So, yes, you deserved the suspension, and if you don't take another look at your behaviour (and it doesn't matter in the slightest what the other person is doing), you're going to get hit with a perma.
Guess Ill just get on one of my 7 other accounts and troll then :D Cause that seems to be significantly less punished and much harder to prove and punish, so I guess if I don't think Im gonna get a win may as well troll the fuck out of every team mate I get :D If you can't get the change, become the change as they say, since trolls never get banned or suspended I can say im probably safe in doing it! :D
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