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Aww we don't get Birdie Capsule or Bag from missions. Hold on the missions are Entrees so does that mean that there will be more?
Achenar (OCE)
: A Touch of the Void Writing Contest - Sponsored by Logitech
This seems fun, is it alright if I ship Kai'sa and Kayn? Too bad I already submitted my English Final lol.
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Fan art spotlight: Wacalac
: New free champion rotation: Akali, Ezreal, Leona and more!
Wow most of these are top laners. I actually predicted this and Olaf{{champion:2}} being here.
Zookie (OCE)
: Kindred would be perfect for some kinda god skin too.
Zookie (OCE)
: I never even considered that.... and now I really want it!
Ikr, so we have God Fist Lee Sin but why is there only one god. More than one is always better than one.
: SSS FINALIST: The Baker and the King
"Why you should never feed Tahm Kench." Too true.
: Skins Story Slam: Voting is now live!
I agree these are all amazing. Good luck to all of you who reached the top ten. Sucks that i didn't make it but oh well, better luck next time i guess. :)
: SSS FINALIST: Dragon Slayer
Not bad. This is really good.
: SSS FINALIST: Shadow and Fire
Sweet next thing we know, we have God Hunter Kindred skin.
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Talon12 (OCE)
: Also where is the quinn and shyvana ship
Oh is that a thing? I didn't have enough room for that but I will do that when I have the chance. I already submitted mine.
Saben (OCE)
: You have a nice concept, but there are a few mistakes in your sentence structure. Apart from what ZVCKK mentioned, I found a few flaws particularly in your sentence structure. This part was full of grammatical mistakes: _"Shyvana, realising Zyra had enchanted her son to obey her every command, had mercilessly teared apart her bindings and lashed out Zyra. Their bodies now filled with bruises, slash marks and burns. “Release your hold on the boy!” “Never!” Zyra replied. Their battle was close with both beings at their limits. One final blow and that was it. With one final charge their fists collided against each other’s face causing them to collapse onto the ground. With the last of her strength Zyra reached out her arm and tried to call someone but was unable to mutter a sound as she loss conscious. Realising their defeat, the drake army retreated with their master."_ 1. The second part of your first sentence doesn't really make sense. "had mercilessly teared apart her bindings and lashed out Zyra." I think you might want to replace it with something like this. _"Shyvana, realising Zyra had enchanted her son to obey her every command, screamed with rage and broke free of her bindings. Her fury overwhelmed her and she leapt at the dragon sorceress, feeling a transformation ripple through her body. As her flesh contorted and her bones reformed, she launched a furious assault on Zyra, severely wounding the witch."_ 2. After they fought and the "battle was close with both beings at their limits", things start to go wrong. The word final is repeated too much, try using "ending" or "one more blow." 3. The final line suggests Zyra retreated. Maybe try using, "sensing their masters demise/defeat, the dragons screamed in pain, before retreating from the battle field. Alternatively, you could suggest that the dragons die without Zyra's influence, "As their master lost consciousness, her malevolent will faded from the battlefield. Without her sustaining power, the dragons collapsed in the dirt, defeated. There are other areas that need touching up as well, so make sure to proof read it and check the comments. Good Luck!
Thanks I will try to fix it up with your feedback. Is it alright with you if I send the newer copy for feedback when i am done, it will really help me.
: An Age of Dragons - Skin Fanfiction Contest
Does anyone know if this works well with the prompt? And can someone tell me if there is anyway to make this story better?
: >a malevolent energy erupted into the night sky as hundreds of malevolent Too many "malevolents" too fast >throne in the middle of the room It is made unclear that the place is in a building and the mention of a throne room springs up as confusing >upon the boy chained First mention of the boy should be "a boy" and consecutive instances may then be "the" because we as the readers are already aware he exists > No one in this city has senses as sharp as her and her instincts never failed her. This sentence is in a mix of present/past tense and the rest of the story before it is past tense Change "this" to that/the and "has" to had and maybe insert another 'had' between "instincts never" >vines simultaneously The second time the vines are mentioned as doing anything it is again simultaneous, i understand that they are acting as one but try to avoid using the same word to describe that point, twice in a row >Shyvana looked up to see the Queen of Thorns marvelling the destruction. This line doesn't really make sense "marvelling the destruction" >“I-I’m Blaze,” answered the boy. This is a matter of personal opinion bu i think it would have a cool sad little twist id he said something like "I wasn't given one" Other than what i picked up on, it is a great story
Thanks for the feedback but actually since Blaze is actually Zyra's kid so i think it would make sense for the mother gave him one.
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: Skins Story Slam: FanFiction Contest
What do you mean by wiggle room?
: Skins Story Slam: FanFiction Contest
Are we allowed to apply inappropriate language and actions? For example, swearing.
: Skins Story Slam: FanFiction Contest
Are we allowed to create our own characters for this fanfiction?
: I have to write a narrative of 1000 words for my english assignmet now i can do it about LOL and thus its a win-win for me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
you are not the only one Rising.
: Skins Story Slam: FanFiction Contest
Are we allowed to create a new character in this fanfiction?
: **Greetings again DragoFang Blaze,** Since you are playing Shyvana both jungle and top lane I thought I would highlight two main builds I would suggest on her, along with some items that you could swap in or out depending on what you find works best with your playstyle. --- # Top lane {{item:3748}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3111}} For top lane I would suggest experimenting firstly with these items, giving you a good balance of damage and tank stats. However when you are building the items its good to know the reasons behind it to learn why it does or doesn't work for you: * **Titanic Hydra** Titanic works great as a starting item because it will give you damage to trade in lane and start to give you some tanky stats. Along with that the active item works brilliantly in team fights for hitting multiple targets. * **Randuin's Omen** Randuins is one of my favourite items on Shyvana, since she lacks any form of slow or stun to stay on her targets, the active slows down your enemies to help you stick onto them. * **Maw of Malmortius** Maw is a great item for a good balance between magic resist and damage with a unique passive that will help you deal with enemy mages giving you a shield when you take magic damage under a certain amount of HP. Often a Hexdrinker is rushed as first item vs an AP opponent. * **Sunfire Cape** _Who doesn't love more fire as a dragon?_ Real talk, more tanky stats plus a passive that does AOE damage helping you in team fights for when you dive into the enemy team working really well with your W. * **Dead Man's Plate** _MOAR tanky stats_ with a passive that not only helps you chase down enemies but deal damage to them as well, fitting well with Shyvana's playstyle and kit. * **Mercury's Treads** Mercury's Treads is my favourite boot choice for Shyvana giving you Tenacity helping you do more in team fights and giving you a small boost to the amount of magic resist that you have. #Jungle {{item:1416}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3111}} These are the items I would suggest you pick up for Jungle and the reasoning behind them: * **Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazer** This is my go to smite/enchant when I am jungling as Shyvana. Giving you attack speed and giving you % max health damage on enemy targets, helping you deal with tanks or doing just that extra bit more damage to their back line. * **Blade of the Ruined King** This is one of the best damage items to build on Shyvana in my opinion, giving life steal to work well with the Spirit Visage mentioned later in the build and doing % health damage helping you deal with tanks in team fights if you find yourself attacking them. * **Randuin's Omen** _Refer to top lane section, I will say pretty much the same thing here._ * **Spirit Visage** As mentioned not only does this work well with Blade of the Ruined King increasing how much you heal for, it gives you some much needed MR for those AP champions you have to deal with. * **Sunfire Cape** and **Mercury's Treads** _Refer to the top lane section for my notes on these._ --- # Other items to consider {{item:3026}} {{item:3022}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3053}} These are some other items that you might want to experiment with and see if you like them to swap them in/out of your build to fit your playstyle. * **Guardian Angel** This is a really fun item to build because once the enemy team has killed you once, now they have to kill you again for 30% of your max HP. This item is often best used though when at least one other member of your team has a GA, as if you die and revive after your team is already dead, it can often be a bit of a waste of a 5 minute cooldown. * **Frozen Mallet** This is a popular choice among Shyvana players giving a slow on auto attacks and giving some much needed tank stats. The reason I haven't recommended it in my builds is just because I personally prefer other items over it, but you may enjoy it, so give it a shot. * **Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazer** This is an alternate to taking Chilling Smite and is usually taken if you feel like you can stick on your targets without the need of the slow. If you are able to do this it will equal more damage in the end with Skirmisher's Sabre giving you more damage to the target you smite. * **Ninja Tabi** Alternative choice to Mercury's Treads, in my opinion this is situation depending on the game, but if you are vsing someone for example such as a Vayne that does a lot of auto attack damage, this might be worth considering picking up. * **Sterak's Gage** This is one of the new items on the block for Shyvana and one that has seen a decent amount of popularity. Giving some health, attack speed and a passive that gives you a shield, letting you live longer to deal more damage. The downside being is if you don't already have some tanky items, the shield can be destroyed pretty fast. --- Hope this information on items helps! I thought I would go in depth so you can learn a bit more about the inner workings of all the items and why people might recommend them. If you have any other questions or any items you want me to comment on that I have mentioned here let me know! Good luck in your games! ~Elam _P.S. If you wanted to add me for some normal games some time, feel free to do so. I can give you advice as we go._
Thanks! I've actually been trying these items when I play her. I've been playing against my friend who used Lux against me. I've been improving my escaping and tanking (we were playing 1v1 Howling Abyss) because using warmog's armour against him was amazing. I believe there should be some method of cool-down so I usually use Black Cleaver or Ionian Boots which is amazing. If you could take a look at my builds in my match history and see what would be much better choices that would be great. Again thanks! :)
Fitzky (OCE)
: Not sure about laning with shyvana, probably never see it, shes mainly played jg, what I suggest is either: {{item:1401}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3053}} and {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} (depending on if they have a lot of ad/on-hit or cc/ap). Very tanky ad build that provides a lot of armor, you could maybe replace deadmans for an MR item. Alternatively you could go: {{item:1416}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3053}} and {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} Basically more of a bruiser tank, you're gonna be a lot squishier early so you have to play more cautiously, again you could swap out steraks for warmogs to synergise well with spirit visage and insane healing or frozen mallet to stick to targets. I'm not a shyv main myself but I have played this game for quite a while and have some decent knowledge on all champions, so take my advice if you want, it's not the best, but it's a good start.
: **Greetings DragoFang Blaze,** Firstly welcome to league! I have a few bits of advice that might help you out, having also played a decent amount of Shyvana myself. **The main thing** to keep in mind is you are still new to the game, so keep seeking advice and improving and you'll keep getting better ^^ --- **Reducing Deaths** To answer your main question about reducing deaths, this can be a difficult question to answer because there are so many causes of deaths in league, however the main thing is that often a death comes from either over estimating what you are able to do in a fight, or under estimating your opponent. With that in mind, when you do die try to think back to what happened and think about what you can learn from the situation to improve for next time. If you keep doing this you will expand your game knowledge about your champions limits and be able to take fights you know you can win. --- **Focus on improving basic mechanics** The other piece of advice I would give you is try to focus on the basic mechanics and improving on them. These are things such as Minion Kills, Jungle Pathing, Trading with your opponent in lane or team fighting with many more. I would recommend picking one part of your gameplay, _you already mentioned your death count and that may be a good one to start with_, and focus on improving on that area. Once you have improved there, you can move onto another until you build up your mechanics. --- **Builds** Now how to build better is one of the things that you mentioned, what I personally recommend to people is finding a build that works well with your playstyle and is a "cookie-cutter" based build. Meaning that it will work well in a lot of different situations. If you build like this then once you have improved your mechanics such as Trading and Jungle Pathing for example, you can expand into situation item building. _If you want some examples of how to go about this feel free to ask!_ --- **Other Tips** One of the other pieces of advice is that try to focus on the basics that can be transferred over to other champions. Shyvana can do some really cool things, but before you focus on all the little techniques that she has I would recommend focusing on things all champions can take advantage of. That way if you're in a situation where you can't play Shyvana you can use those mechanics you learned. _This isn't to say you can't learn those techniques, I would just recommend focusing on some other things for now, and then moving onto those once your mechanics have built up._ --- **Wrapping up** Hope this information helps! If there is any other questions I can answer or anything I can expand upon that I mentioned let me know. Good luck in your games and enjoy your adventures out there in the league. ~Elam
Thank you very much for your help Elam. I am wondering if you could suggest any good builds for Shyvana lane and jungle as that is what I've been practicing with my friends. Again thank you for your advice.
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