: https://i.imgur.com/NvMu2X8.jpg :^)
Business line?
: I'll agree there is a problem with the system. It says in the summoner code that making your team lose the game is a reportable offense but it really isn't. Just the chat. I've had similar experiences with Chinese players I guess I could say you do seem to have a chat problem. I looked at a bit of the replay and could see the %%%% inting you early on, so i'll believe everything you said. If you weren't toxic before this shouldn't be the game that gets you out on thin ice my man haha -- I hope riot does something about this. Free Iroh!
Thanks you get the reference too lol, my friend made it. But they still put Iroh in prison :P. So you actually have experience in the game and checked some of the replay. What are you trying for the CEO of riot?
: In the future, if someone is flaming that much in Champ Select, just dodge. It's better to lose 3 LP than 20 LP (and loss in MMR). Second, use */mute all*. You can't get banned for answering back if you can't see the stuff that would trigger you in the first place. On the bright side, you still have Diamond smurfs :)
Who cares I can't have fun. I don't have champions, I only tryhard on my those smurfs lol, when ranked goes down like yesterday I have nothing to do, noone to play, spamming one champ is only fun when you know theres the rank 1 dream. You can see the games before were shit like full lethality vi and j4. That account has all legacy skins other than pax, but idc about that it has champions and multiple rune pages, when ranked is down I can't have fun, I don't really care about the mmr on that account and I did mute them all, its the stuff they were doing that was pissing me off, it was actually a 1v9, I go on that account to have fun. Who expects a game like that I would have instantly dodged knowing they were 9 other chinese players that all knew each other. Those %%%%s who send death threats and rape comments all game aren't even considered in the process, as in the full chat logs were so disgusting and horrendous. I barely spoke, and only responded to getting trolled, like ok leave me to die as they dance as I almost 1v5 their team. The entire chat logs were a holocaust. I'm saying how the actual fuck can 9 other people group up to make someones life hell make be horrifically toxic, and allow someone to get punished, I wasn't even toxic. The robots in riot support of course going on about how my negative attitude and toxicity 'negativity' affected other players. Is it fair anyone be punished over that? If I cared about climbing I know I would have won that game 1v5 if i truly cared, but why boost them as they get me banned anyway. I might as well boost if all I wanted to do was gain lp on one champion.
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