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Xenon1457 (OCE)
: Game terrorists
Why would it matter if you say that? Riot wont care, they support that kinda bull. I reckon the dude that was gonna afk got freebies and a handy from riot.
Aethereas (OCE)
: Is riot just looking for excuses to ban people these days..
Riot ban anyone and everyone because lulz. But moreso recently, it's more of "lets ban decent people, and let the tards go unpunished". The amount of flaming i get (and see in games) will go unpunished, to the point im convinced that riot would rather give them a handy and go "you did good" rather than go "so you've dun goofed, you gonna get punished". People that say otherwise are more than likely people that dont play anywhere outside bots.
: If your ADC is shit, go support mid.
I end up supporting top xD. Mids too busy afk farming under turret or roaming enemy jg to do anything with.
Tohi (OCE)
: Zyra maybe
hit me up with viable zyra guides boo?
Nikkip (OCE)
: I play around 4 matches a day lately, I've got no idea what you're talking about by always losing the person you're support. It really should not be that common. You either have the most outstandingly bad luck, or the much more realistic possibility considering this is a discussion on the internet is that you're just widely exaggerating the situation to better support the point you've taken up.
If you rather defend afks, trolls and trash, go ahead, but this has no answer to what im asking. All it answers is youre the kinda person that id be stuck supporting because no one else wants to support trash.
: Sona, Annie, Zyra, Vel'Koz, Karma.
Didnt sona get a nerf? Like legit question, i thought she did.
: Baby rage right here
: afk timers for open mid with 3 legit inters?
Because Riot glorify being trash, but hate people that seem to wanna do stuff.
: Riot's ban system is intrinsically broken
Rito: "We have 0 tolerance for toxicity" Also Rito: "Heres some people that will troll, be abusive, flame, and just be an all round piece of crap as a person and player. WE SHOULD GIVE THEM FREEBIES" Protip; Rito don't make sense. They say one thing, but uphold another thing. I have never once been able to make sense of their so called "logic" *cough*whatlogic*cough*. The things they condemn and hate, they support and couldn't give a toss about. Have mates, most chill people around as a whole, get banned. While you have trashy people being praised for being trash. Like I said, rito say one thing but support the other.
Nightjar (OCE)
: Here's my list of the best solo play supports * Morg (base damage, waveclear, black shield, very good at holding her own), * Lux (damage, waveclear and the potential to carry and not fall off lategame compared to an adc in damage), * Annie (probably the best mage support at 1v2 bot, strong earlygame, good range, low mana costs, exceptionally strong in the midgame so doesn't need late), * Zilean (mana issues early, but hard to dive and has mad wave clear so a small amount of early jungle assistance and he can hold a tower against an entire team if need be, falls off in damage, but scales really hard in utility), * Karma (unlike the others, you still build support and sightstone and still do mad damage), * Lulu (machine gun lulu, polymorph, hugeify, and mad dps), * Zyra (has and always will be the highest damage per gold, support), * Brand (able to wreck teamfights, but I'd argue he lacks the tools to defend himself from 1v3 dives), * Veigar (gets punished by caitlynn and engage supports, but scales well and holds out against sieges effectively),
Play alotta Veig (as i think, key word think here, i mentioned) but just gets boring, and theres so much crying when W picks up a kill. And that crying goes on till games end followed by a report for "trolling". Wouldnt mind learning Zyra though, shes like the only champ I get manage to get the hang of. Got the basics, just cant do mad af stuff with her haha. Gonna try alotta these again though. Thanks boo <3
: I'm not sure if you've quite grasped the concept of 'support'? I think the lane you're looking for might be: **mid**
"Maining support means you support someone" Yes, lemme support a solo lane. Genius.
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: Things Riot should do to stop Toxicity.
I dunno whats funnier. The fact you took time to write all this, or the fact you think rito will do something (or anything for that matter). Lets face it, riot wont do anything, hell even the volunteering board mods don't do anything. If rito did something, it would lose a majority of its player base. All it would do if it did happen is encourage people to continue to troll, afk and intentionally feed. Sorry to be the realistic one here, but someone has to do it.
: Summoner code
Riot doesn't care about the community so why should the community care about Riot? Think about this before you answer.
Kylokylo (OCE)
: Looking for a special peep to play support for me
Yeah, just add me if you need one. Just expect alotta crying from both sides though >.>
: Thanks!!! :D
my only other tip is watch their support closely early, theyll show where theyve warded and when.
: Was this riot?
I remember one doing that to me. Proved me right and everyone went full triggerlypuff. Was beautiful :') (although, didnt say it was cool to do it)
: Rewards for old Honor are rolling out by 1/10
Hopefully I get them all. Had almost 1k honors in each category.
abhar9 (OCE)
: Noobs in Bronze (Including me)
Bronze is easy to get out of. play veiger support, get fed, carry. Real elo hell is silver. AFK jungler mains int feeder adc mains first time [champ] mid mains doesnt matter if you KS because free stacks with E and kills/assists so youre gonna become a monster no matter what
: What's really the role of a Support?
Support main here. 1. Ward where you near where you know the enemy team is (doesn't require much thinking to learn enemy patterns) 2. To carry the adc (the adc usually is an INT feeder or afk so you gotta make up for it) 3. Tank EVERYTHING. Usually go Leona, and i'll take a beating and get my top and jg fed (jg not so often because AFK jungle main meta ATM) 4. Like QAPLA said, if your adc is shit, get another lane fed (mid or top, tops better because a tank that deals damage is messed up) try keep bazza and dazza warded. Also remind your adc that wards exist (adc or wards, dont get both often)
Hopë (OCE)
: So why doesn't Riot ban new champions for like 2 weeks in ranked?
Its a great idea. Because its a great idea, rito wont do it. They has to protects the trolls. Why have good ideas when you can troll and make it impossible to climb right?
: Honour Capsule Feels
While I like the idea, so far it just doesn't make sense. "You're MVP, you get nothing. You fed? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY FRAGS + CAPSULES" "MVP? lel screw you. OMG, you AFK'd? TAKE A HONOR PROMOTION" Just. Hurts my head ya know.
fum422 (OCE)
: do reports really do nothing?
Im more confident that reports do nothing solely because im yet to see a report be successful. Apparently trolling, flaming, intentional feeding, using scripts, boosting and all such is okay. But god forbid you wanna climb.
: I'll add you if you want I'm b1 right now with 100 ranked games
doesnt phase me fam, ill premuch play with anyone
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HeartVine (OCE)
: Hey there Little Witch Eve. The short answer to your question is that the various coloured names you'll notice some Boards members with indicate those who are part of the [Riot Games Volunteer Program]( < That link will take you to Wuks' thread, which talks a bit about what the Volunteer program and Arbiters are about. The categories of volunteers (on OCE, I'm not sure how much it differs in other regions) include the [Emissaries]( (green), the [Instructors]( (blue), the [Wrenchmen]( (yellow) and the [Distinguished Members]( (purple). Note: Those links will take you to the relevant threads, where each category is explained in further detail. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, you'll probably notice that those threads I linked contain something along the lines of "We believe actions speak louder than words". Being positive, helping out others where you can and providing accurate information (if you're unsure, you can feel free to ask someone else) will all show that you're dedicated to taking up a position as a volunteer. If you choose to make it your goal to join us then let me be the first to wish you the best of luck. Hope to see you helping out soon {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Question. So not knowing how the game works gets you a different coloured title (using observation), but if you're familiar with the game and call things how they are, you don't get coloured title? Oh boy, where have i seen this before?
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: Do you report others? How often and what for?
I report for int feeding, trolling, intentionally throwing, afking, and people who flame all game and ruin it for everyone else.
: Supports
I think im doing something wrong then. Support Yorick ftw
eLoQuEnCe (OCE)
: AFKs in ranked que
I reckon lose half LP makes sense. Espacially now with the meta being AFK jungle
: How to avoid trolls, works 100%
Theres no way to avoid them really. They're on as much as us.
Tagging self in to see RITO try deny this
: How to get S as a support?
Go full AP, take all the kills, ward, ???, Victory, S+. Thats all I do and shes now almost max ranked with a bunch of other supps I roll.
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Banzai (OCE)
: looking for duo, sup main preferred S3
S2 here, happy to duo with. If its a tank, ill play it. Just dont be scared of goin in with. Thresh winrates at like 70-75% winrate atm.
BiJip (OCE)
Theres a mod saying thats ok here, careful man. Also, while i agree that unfair theres not much that can be done about it (and i agree, should be looked at). out of humor, how would you fix it and implement said fix?
: You say that the system isn't working. Everyone always does. But no one ever has any proof of this. Mostly because the system has never been turned off, so they have no idea how bad it would be without it. I think you would find that in the absence of the player behaviour systems, the game would be a hell of a lot worse. People expect Riot to 'fix' the problem. But they don't realise that the problem isn't something that can be 'fixed'. League of Legends is both **anonymous** and **highly competitive**. In any aspect of life, if you have just 1 of the above categories, you will have toxic behaviour, and league has an excess of both. There will always be people who display unsportsmanlike behaviour, that is just a fact. **There is no solution to that.** The best Riot can do, is weed out the worst people, in such a way that doesn't disadvantage ordinary players. A Tribunal can't do that, a Tribunal isn't impartial. Players want vengeance not justice, a tribunal is just an avenue for players to punish other players. Even you yourself say how 'glorious' it was seeing the popup saying your enemies have been punished for crossing you. That feeling is no less than vengeance. They ruined your game and now they're gone! Justice has been served! Justice? No. Personal gratification? Yes. Justice is blind. So is an impartial system. An impartial automated system doesnt operate with the prejudices of a Tribunal, it treats everyone equally and without the vengeance players want to inflict on each other. Yes it lets a few players off the hook that would otherwise have been punished, but it means that innocent players don't fall victim to the prejudices of others.
You''re joking right? No way the system is working, if you played (HA, im funny, i know) you'd see it in action (well lack of), tonight ive had a number of people int feed and troll solely because "LUL SCRUWYU, KEK, EDGEY AF" and just making the game look like a public toilet after someones gone in with explosive diarrhea .
: More penalty required for intentional feeders ( like seriously)
Thats in ARAM and just fun. Id rather have it in aram more than ranked. Also, rito wont do anything and ive had board mods defend int feeding behaviour. And had one openly admit that trolling/int feeding/ generally trying to ruin the game is perfectly acceptable
: is this some kind of joke there naming and aussie devil mechwolf the destroyer like WTF! Do the people voting realise that they are actually going to name one mechwolf the destroyer!? LIKE SERIOUSLY! ʕ ಠ ⍘ ಠ ʔ
Wuks (OCE)
: My First Thoughts on the New Honor System
Sweet, now they bring up a screen to honor people who afk, trolled or threw a game. Reward all the toxic behaviour :D *Sarcasm intensifies*
Yaiamone (OCE)
: While I wasn't in the game and can't 100% say for sure, I can tell you from an outsider perspective that none of this looks like feeding. You were playing **normals** with a team of silvers/bronzes against other silver/bronzes. The enemy team consisted of a fizz/diana and xayah, each are all pretty oppressive snowball champions that people at a bronze/silver and even gold level struggle to play against. Your teamcomp was also lacking in cc (especially when compared to the other team) that would have been needed to shut down these champs. I can look through your match history (just as I can look through the match history of your allies and opponents in your ranked games) and I can see scores where you are going 0/9. 2/8. 3/7, while the rest of your team is doing comparatively well. Are you trolling in these games? **No.** At least I highly hope not. I hope that you are just having a bad game or are up vs an opponent that is better than you (because guess what, that happens. People in ranked are going to be directly matched against someone who is better than them and sometimes they wont perform up to your expectation). Personally I like to play normals to learn new champions and practice my off roles (if you look at my match history at the moment it is pretty heckin bad). People like you that make a big deal out of bad games make it hard for people to continue to want to play and experiment. You need to remember that a lot of players (especially when you are playing in bronze and silver) are going to be bad. They arent going to play they way you think they should, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are trolling you. We get that it is hard to climb the ranked ladder, but you have to believe that the majority of players are also out to do the same thing. A lot of these players simply aren't good enough to do so yet and instead potate around in silver and bronze while they learn the skills needed. Of course you are going to encounter true trolls (we all do, every single rank. Even Rioters have trolls in their games). When you find true trolls (not players having a bad game/ being out skilled by opponents) make sure to report them. Every report counts and the trolls will eventually receive punishment.
All I got from this is it's okay for other people to ruin the game, but when I'm forced to 1v2 a lane because either the junglers afk or adcs afk, i'm in the wrong.
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Oriathor (OCE)
: I've been reporting this guy all day and still getting into matches with him on my team. Wheres Riot in this?
Riots giving him sloppy head because he isnt doing anything wrong quoting them
Squats (OCE)
: Adc looking for support
Im game. Mainly play Rakan lately, but play a beast as Leona. But I can play anyone as a support :D
CaptBigMo (EUW)
: Get out of elo hell.
ijs, bronze has more skill than silver here. Just uhh, just fair warning.
: Looking for silver duo buddy any lane
Im a lowbie (s5) but play a on point support if youre interested :3
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: 4 on one team or 4 in a row? If it's 4 in a row will the above suffice. These aren't quick to do, it's not super hard but is a tad tedious.
It was 4 on one team. Today its been about at least 2 per game. I have 0 idea as to why only I'm getting them though. Decent enough scores and all, and only one with the intent on winning.
: Your team isn't always bad
Problem is, and I'm assuming you saw this while playing, A LOT of the players will sit there and let the enemies beat them senseless for a free kill. Multiple times, a game. Over multiple games. For fun. Because they gave up 5 minutes in because {{{some made up excuse}}} usually consisting of "jungler never ganks so screw this team, he and {{{another role}}} doesnt deserve the win". I'll be an example. I'll sit safely at top but I'll get dived and a 2-3 top permanantly per game without any assistence and I give up. Can't help but to, it's obvious our jungler and mids AFK. And when I support, the ADC either refuses to do anything, or is afk, or is just stupid enough to focus the tank while I beatstick the ADC. Sometimes, they are just horrible to the point they should uninstall. Example; I had a game the last night where the Cait was refusing to do anything because "Braum does no damage but takes no damage". Yes, that was the excuse. I fell behind. We got to grouping and only 2 would follow up and we'd nail it. Get lotsa kills, blow people up, was awesome. Cait still afk because "BURAMS NUT WIT MEH". Again, sometimes they are just horrible and should uninstall.
Main Line (OCE)
: I would love to see the math for a feeder in three consecutive games on your team and not the enemy team. I have instances of this in my match history.
I wanna see the chances of getting 4 int feeders after a win streak. This dudes math is impressive as all hell.
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