: You need to work on the layout of your concepts. Put a thorough description of the ability and its effects and then have the relevant numbers (damage, cooldowns etc) in a seperate paragraph. It makes it much clearer to read and comprehend. Don't mean to sound cocky, but if you want to see what a concept should look like, look at a concept of mine, specifically Krieg - The Psycotic Menace or Elium Loyce - The Burnt Ivory King. Other than that nice concept.
kk thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to look at your champ and take notes ;)
: sounds like a good idea i wouldn't mind playing him.
Thanks man! I'm still not completely done with this plan but i do plan to change some things about him.
: Pretty desperate and it was short as well. Riot didn't really say much just noticed him like if they looked at the concept but didn't comment, I think it was just they say they saw it but I think they look at most concepts they just don't anything at all.
: I think if every person said 'Riot Look at This' and it worked, there would be everyone doing that or something along those lines. Best if you leave that out, it just makes you desperate and no one wants to go on this since they think (or know) its going to be terrible.
Haha yea i know but i saw this other guy do it and it worked so i thought i'd give it a try. What do you think of him though?
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kaiyunman (OCE)
: Creating ranked team
I'd gladly help you in any way. I can adc as {{champion:15}} and supp as {{champion:1}} or {{champion:201}}. I can jg as {{champion:80}} and i can top as {{champion:75}} If you want to recruit me then just reply to this comment ;)
: How to Garen for the seriously pro
: what are the ability buffs for leveling up? Do they just stay like that and theres no point in levelling them up/ ?
Oh, oops. Sorry i left some stuff out by accident. I'll get right to it!
Deche (OCE)
: [Champion Concept] Rean - The cursed blade
Sounds epic! But do you mean worrier, or warrior?
: Jax In The Blossom Garden
Looks amazing! You should, in my opinion, try doing Tristana and Teemo. There aren't any good pictures of them, so, it seemed like a nice project that you could do. :)
: Skin Name: Rebellious Zed
Don't you think that Barbarian Zed would make more sense?
: Sounds awesome but how does he bend down and wet his hands in the Dublin Dabble. Like does it take time or just while he's sliding??
My plan for the dublin dabble was that when he's sliding you can use his toggle effect to wetten his hands taking 0.5 secs. I changed that to even him out.
Azusu (OCE)
: CandyMan Ziggs
Nice idea! Looks just grand!
: Dragon ball-lee
Where's the picture or the description?
: LoL loading screen concept idea! (not my work)
That looks great! it means that during the loading, you can discuss a game plan! Fantastic!
Wumachine (OCE)
: Single Item Gamemode
Sounds epic... and annoying.
: So friggen detailed! Sounds interesting :) Any idea/description on appearance?
haha i forgot to add that, thanks for reminding me :D
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Tristana rework thoughts????
I think that this update is great! When you compare the two, the newer one is better in pretty much any way. The e does kinda annoy me though.
: New Summoner spell
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