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: Add me: whosupsmewin Friendly player:) Main AD
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: Ranked flex team and possible duo for ranked!
Hey, I'm down to play if you are, I'm bronze 1 in flexed but Gold 4 in Solo queue, I am a support main Thanks, DramaticChicken
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: Looking for Players to learn new positions with and mess around on Draft with.
I'll play with you. I've added you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Dmitri (OCE)
: [LFG] New player seeking gaming community to join.
Heyy, you can play with us! Here's our Discord.
: Starting a fun youtube channel, looking for friend to join! (G5)
d3viant (OCE)
: looking for gold-plat support for team
: Hey I want to get into gold before season ends currently in s2 and came across your thread want to team up? I sent you a friends request already (ASH IS 1)
: need to do the 5 person premade group no ranged you up for it ? worlds mission
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi folks Good news - it looks like we've found and fixed the **cause ** of the issue. Suffice to say it was quite a doozy, but it looks like our servers are recovering now. I'd expect that some of you still stuck in Ghost games might be in that state for a little while to come, but it looks like we're not seeing new ones being created. If you have recently finished a game and are stuck (18:15 AEST or later), I'd love to know. Once we verify everything is tip-top, we'll get Ranked turned back on. Thanks so much for your patience today - it really sucks for all of us when things aren't going smooth :'( Cheers Mindstar
It fixed it self, then I played another game, now it's doing it again! Halp meh!


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