Ruined (OCE)
: 2203 is zoom-hacking. Enjoy your perma-ban, scrub.
I would be in diamond now if i hack, why the fuck every think i am a scripter or a hacker!
: ahahahahahaha Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! > anyone can explain to me? Riot had very good reason to believe you've broken the TOU and EULA in a serious manner. They don't hand out permabans for nothing.
for playing lol normally? I never use hacks or script what so ever
Sackboy (OCE)
: Finally Riot is banning OCE scripters. 2222 Is Refer-a-Friend fraud, or third party modifications (IE scripting)
what the hell is that? i am legit a normal player
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csm (OCE)
: If you win 16 in a row you will almost definitely be gold. It's possible to get gold from your 10 original placements. Pretty unlikely though afaik.
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