: Clash winners
There is a Tab in the client under Clash called Winners, You can see all the teams that won from there
: Im gonna vote nah because DOTA already has the best function for at least casual games in it being free to leave if someone leaves for over 5 min so something like that for at least regular and not ranked would be nice {{item:2010}}
I agree that sounds really good
: Mitchell Johnson killed me holy shit. {{champion:102}} Sheila
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: Will be abused by players duoing
They could make it so you will still be affected if your duo partner does so. Plus it has to be like around 10 minutes before the game ends so that it cant be that predictable
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: Trolling? I have never lost to Annie mid. She is an absolute trash pick. Always has and always will be. There is a reason she is refunded her Q: so she can have some semblance of wave clear - which is shyte at best. Do not use Annie unless you want to go right down the shitter.
go search up LS on youtube :), If Annie is trash, explain the challenger player Annie Bot
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: Ocean Week Recap
: Yes, by the nature of any open tournament it is possible. To avoid this, you may want to consider an intra-school tournament before confirming the school team that will play in the National Tournament. You should talk this through with your School Teacher and can also contact the tournament organizers for more information.
: It's an open tournament so that means any student is able to enter. However, entry and likely to be determined by your school.
So is it possible that we could me matched by players with much higher skill level??
: League tournaments come to high schools
Hey, does the skill level of players matter?


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