: ill add you when i get home yeah :)
Still have not been added, are you still keen to have me in your team?
: Gold 5 ranked team LFM
IGN: DumpShark AGE: 18 Area ( Sydney, Melb etc): New Zealand Position: ADC Reason why you want to join: Would like a serious team to play ranked with and meet other players with a similar mindset. Do you communicate on skype? Yes Do you have a skype ? Yes feel free to add me my skype name is the same as my league name Strengths? Very proficient at farming and the lane phase in general, good target acquisition in team fights weaknesses? Sometimes I lack a bit of map awareness and also dont have the best positioning some time, so i tend to play mobile ADC's to counteract this Availability? Just about all the time, I am a uni student so whenever I'm not studying or have lectures
: Rank team LFM serious
IGN: DumpShark ROLE: Mid or adc pref but can play any Availability: At uni so available most of the time unless I have study to do etc. I'm 18 from NZ, I like to play carry roles as much as possible and looking for a good ranked team to play 5's with and also for duo's. I reached Gold 5 last season and I am currently Gold 4 and climbing quickly (check my lolking score graph http://www.lolking.net/summoner/oce/330603 )


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