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: No Clash in OCE? Am I missing something?
OCE always gets the short straw my man so i wouldn't be surprised. {{item:3070}}
Kosmo (OCE)
: Stop killing ad/ap sion
This is so true, it seems that riot recently is trying to restrict players into playing champions a very specific way, with very little encouragement for players to search for new, fun and interesting ways to play the champions they love. I hope this changes soon or I fear for the future of the game as a form of ENTERTAINMENT.
Nightjar (OCE)
: regardless of whether the new system is better or not. The current system feels bad, it feels like we're being ripped off, regardless of whether we really are or not, it feels like it's a rip. Now onto why it is a ripoff (or at least makes the system less exploitable). Firstly, the average level up chest is worth around 900BE, and milestone chests are worth approx 3000BE. The new system does hold higher value provided you do use the champions shards rather than dusting them, however this has diminishing returns as your collection expands. Assuming you dust everything, the difference is the rate you earn BE/IP is negligible. So it does actually help new players who don't give a damn about who they play (which is almost none of them, because new players like to play what they want, and not what you randomly give them, again feels bad). Now onto players who were trying to fill out the very last of their collection. Maybe some people didn't realise this, but if you filled out the lower cost section of your collection, you could significantly raise the value of your IP. If you owned every 450-3150 IP champion, by buying 3 champion shards, you could raise the value of your IP investment drastically. Firstly, you would roll shards, if you got a good shard, you could use conversion to get a high cost champion at a large discount, in a similar way to the current method, so the new system doesn't have much benefit, but most importantly, if you had 3 ryze shards, you could reroll. This would convert any low rolls on the value of your champion shard, into something far more rewarding (provided you owned all the cheap champions). If you owned all the 450-3150 champions, your 5100 IP investment would return a champion whose average worth would be around 5600. So essentially, by exploiting this, you could get alot more out of IP than you could with BE. So long story short, if you look at only the simple BE/IP conversion, it looks fair, though the system feels alot worse than IP did; but if you look at the range of ways you could use IP, technically yes you are actually being ripped off a bit. But in the end, its Riot's game, they can do what they want. They can decide to ban you, even if you did absolutely nothing wrong, with no justification because you don't own anything (maybe this will be strike 1 for me, I've always been a nice player but I don't exactly agree with riot's ethics or lack of them), you have no rights, Riot owns these accounts, and if you don't like it, go play Heroes of the Storm because they don't care.
Yeah I was nearing the end of my collection and would do the re rolling of champion shards of lower value than 4800 or 6300 to unlock the newer champs for cheaper using the method you described. It's a shame now that you can't do it and finishing out my collection may take way longer even though i've got about 15-20 champions to go, because as you said the chance of getting a champion shard for a champion I don't own is way less likely. Feels rough.
StarzAU (OCE)
: Positively Positive! [gl hf]
Flame is lame my doods. Just chucked you a friend request <3
: The new blue essence
I'm not sure the math on it exactly, but basically the older system with IP and a capped level would provide IP EVERY game + IP win of the day boost, while the new system only provides 50 BE for win of the day, with the only other way to receive BE is to disenchant champ shards from level up capsules. Crafting a champion shard into a champion permanent seems like the best way to get new champs cheaply but in doing so you are basically having to get new champions at random, rather than choosing them from the store.
Sonìc (OCE)
: Free Coaching for Bronze/Silver/Gold players
I'm plat and don't need this myself, but the fact you're offering to the community and low elo players who are willing to improve free coaching is awesome. Good on you man. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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