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: Umm theres certain heroes you can't ban?
Probs bug just message support.
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Wackednz (OCE)
: Why is Janna in her current state allowed to "exist"
Because she has a gentle voice :)
: Yi needs to be somewhat nerfed (When fed his damage is out of control)
Well if they nerfed {{champion:84}} because idiot's couldn't buy {{item:2043}} {{item:3341}} i don't see why they might not nerf {{champion:11}} Here is the thing OP, {{champion:11}} is really weak early like really weak if you see him being pick try picking aggressive early junglers who excel at counter jungling i.e{{champion:60}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:102}}{{champion:5}} they all come to mind, {{champion:11}} needs farm and items to be relevant if you steal his farm or kill him in his jungle he will be irrelevant for a while a tip if you're a laner go to his jungle and steal his camps i.e raptors but leave one behind so he is behind. subsequently {{champion:11}} will often try to split push so if you're the top laner try picking {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} if you're skill with the champs they all have steroid ability's and CC/debuffs which will hinder {{champion:11}} and can kill him and split push as well as him. If you see {{champion:11}} being pick ( PICK A HEAVY CC CHAMPION **YOURSELF**) don't rely on your team here are some good ones {{champion:1}}{{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:45}} cc him and tear him to shreds. P.S I often ban {{champion:11}} and {{champion:35}} because they're not tanks and {{champion:11}} has no CC and I want a tank jungler.
: What are your bans now?
{{champion:55}} 100% ban If she gets picked I dodge, it doesn't matter if she is 0/5 in lane it will always be I did well then she got fed off you guys. Other than that {{champion:11}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:35}}
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Fog (OCE)
: Varus Hit Box Increase
I like Varus but he is an extremly high risk picks esp. vs the likes of {{champion:59}} ,{{champion:254}} he has no escape he can be powerful if you snowball him.
: Soz dude, you're a meta sheep, don't bother explaining to adc how to because they won't. the tip for that is play an AP carry/Supp like morg/karma/lux (maybe even blitz but more as tank with bull %%%% damage) so that if you're adc sucks just go full AP and mute them then carry and win Or Karthus I played Karthus "Support" I took all of my ADC TF's CS made him rage feed FB so I all did was farm get into a team fight and died pressed R got a quadra and then just before being able to land my final Q on vayne he took my penta
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: > [{quoted}](name=Doctor Facilier,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=emakQzRr,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-28T09:28:04.831+0000) > Your first item you get it is {{item:3031}} NOT {{item:3087}} the exceptions to this are {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:119}} . lol you get {{item:3153}} first on {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}}, {{item:3078}} on{{champion:42}} and {{champion:81}}, and {{item:3031}} first on {{champion:119}}. you're the one that can't build.
Read the exceptions again and on draven IE is considered a luxury because his Q bonus damage can't crit.
: Darius Offense or Defense?
your enemies should be taking 9/21 if they wanna handle dunkmaster D
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: Oce Challenger mid stream!!! swain godd
Bro! I fcking love you already I'm definitely coming to watch your stream finally someone else plays the great Jericho Swain other than me, I have only seen 3 other people pick swain this year.
uber mop (OCE)
: Evelyn has no role
This is good there is ZERO counter play to evelynn's stealth you can't see her coming in and she forces the lanes to play passive until 6 if you drop a pink ward your lane opponent or eve just clears it and she can come back in 30 secs and you would be none the wiser
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Olee (OCE)
: Thoughts on Seraph's on Ori?
Leave Seraphs for Ryze and Kassadin tbh, but I could work if your jungler won't give you blue buff i guess but would stick to Athene's.
: corki trist and lucian. top 3 ADCs and almost always will be. also fulfill all requirements.
Wasn't Lucian gutted?
Jakiron (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Justify,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=L4IM5w9n,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-21T07:08:20.737+0000) > > why low skill cap? > just learn to use Vayne/Corki/Graves > they carry soloqueue the hardest imo Maybe he doesn't play adc but still needs to be able to play the role if forced to in ranked. If you don't main adc, you don't want to play hundreds of games learning a champ in a role you don't play. That would be my first guess for why he requests low skill cap. But then he says "can be first picked" and suddenly I don't understand.
What I meant by "can be first picked" I meant if their ADC hasn't been pick who can I just blind pick in?
Justify (OCE)
: why low skill cap? just learn to use Vayne/Corki/Graves they carry soloqueue the hardest imo
I prefer playing Mid or Top I always ask Mid/top pref every ranked game but if I have to play ADC or supp I need a champ to play that doesn't require the best mechanics
: that's cute fgt
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Rav (OCE)
: If anyone loses to a Kassadin as Riven, Yasuo and especially Talon, they should go back to bot games.
Not if the Kassadin player knows how to use minion aggro and starts cloth 5 plus flat health seals , and Also if the Kassadin player listens to Problematic Troll/Psyper about how riven sucks vs anyone vs a poke and self peel. All I did in the Yasuo match up was take Q at level one poke him to destroy his sheild and then take W at 2 and max E first and when Yasuo dashes to you W and E him. and same thing with Riven really get them to attack you in your own minion waves let the minions butcher them and then get Seekers and then try and roam bot ..... too ez
charmd (OCE)
: nerf the stupid fish Here are some other champions not mentioned that can destroy fizz. Lissandra Mordekaiser Annie Ori
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