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The highest majority of players hail from NA only a portion get to play on PBE. Therefore would makes sense to have that as a test region compared to a region like ours which in comparison is the smallest region.
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: you can turn off the vsync and stuff and just cap it at 144 fps and see if its better.
Ah yea thats better but it doesnt look as smooth as some other peoples gameplay
: yes, you can. I have a 970 and back when i played league i was constantly getting 300+ fps on max settings without overclocking. even with my old gtx 460 I was getting 100+ fps easily. turn vsync off. it's useless. it puts more of a burden on your gpu. what it does is sync up your game with the refresh rate of your monitor, basically railroading it into the refresh rate of your monitor. the horizontal lines are cause of vsync. also, make sure you have your monitor enable for higher framerates. I got a 144hz acer monitor recently and had to enable 144hz mode, as it's not enable by default. but yes, your specs are overkill for a higher fps. league is incredibly well optimised and can run on even the shittest of toasters.
Okay so i disabled vsync and I am at 150 fps fluctuating tho the issue is still there where if i reposition screen there is that horizontal line through the screen. Should i turn antialiasing off?
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: How dare they sell time restrained items while also giving you the option to get an xp boost that goes by wins. You CHOOSE to buy the day boost. But dont log in and play? Sounds like a you problem for not buying the 4 wins one or something
ow i just read up on it , it says the 3 day one is only 6 wins, that sounds like a rip off. i dnt know if its 6 wins in one day or in total, but kinda stingy on their part
: Xp Boost is riot ripping us off or did they change it?
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aBagOfChipz (EUNE)
: I have the same issues, multiple patchers in taskmanager and the client freezes after a couple of minutes.
i got rid of league and installed windows 10, my brother had a similar issue and turns out it was our antivirus, bit defender that caused it, but for me the problem went away when i upgraded to windows 10
: All I can do is facepalm dude. If they're giving you queue, that's considered a punishment. Do you know what you do to get that punishment? Dodging a game. So, if dodging a game gets you punished, I dunno, maybe dodging a game is a punishable offense.
fair call i wrote that when i was pissed over solo que xD
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Thane (OCE)
: I believe a report system that could be used when out of post-match screen would be better. Mainly because the dodge button would be abused too much for it to have a positive influence in matchmaking.
the dodge button would have the same repercussions as you would have to wait before being able to que again. and i dnt get your statement to how it would be abused, the person that dodges firstly loses 3lp and than incurs a wait time.
GigaPube (OCE)
: you should only be dodging if you get matched with an obvious troll/feeder, in which case you should be asking for a way to report them and get out of playing with them
riots new system does insta ban if obvious trol or build up bad rep so if you report and not a false report its insta ban
well clearly that statement was made for leaving after you joined a game #LeaverBuster , they just used they same statement and pop up box in the delay time as well cause firstly the times are the roughly the same and it just saves the hassal programing an entire new wait time box designed to detect dodges in champselect when you can use the same thing, Also if your planning on arguing the first point of abandoning a match, well queing up for match making then entering champselect is not the same as abandoning a match that has already started. well then you could argue well if people in a team playing a professional sport were to leave before their games starts that would be considered abandoning and in that instance would be yes but in this case nor are you guys a part of a 5 man team as your qued up with 4 other randoms and the likely hood of getting the same person again after they dodge for their next match is next to none so that circumstance does not apply. (Exception high Challenger or Wood 5)
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: Create a button to commit a punishable offence.
Wait since when is dodging a punishable offence?, also a perfect analogy would be if you get dealt a bad hand in poker would you bet on that fact that your gonna win with a horrible hand or fold and hope to get a better hand next time,, in this case getting the bad hand would be getting an inferior team comp to the enemy not necessarily have anything to do with feeders or trolls. or like getting two support mains, now some supports do play other roles but im talking about challenger que here, a sup main against a mid main will get stomped by the mid main. But im not here to talk about that im just here to say get ride of the hassel of closing the client than reloging than waiting, when it could just take you to lobby to wait- the wait time would still be there of course
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idk how to fill in the spread sheet for solo entry
: I'm Samuel 'Spookz' Broadley, Jungler for The Chiefs, AMA!
Hey Spookz, how different is playing at a OPL compared to solo que? Specifics would be nice. xD
Milieu (OCE)
: Hey dude, I would be willing to help out.
Hey man already took some one on board, il message ya if we need assistane
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: can i join i main Middle
Seivad (OCE)
: Starting up some Danked 5's
lol you can be challenger and have a negative win rate, not very common but there are a few. so i dnt think win rate should be your biggest concern lol
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kJs (OCE)
: How come no infinity edge?
having qss is so that if your hit by a cc while your banchee is down you can easily break free and the same vice versa, i just think the ie item slot could be used for better items.
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: So for vayne's defensive item. What would be the options? If there is a fed ap player or the ap keeps diving me, i go with banshee's veil. I dislike buying GA but is it useful at all? What is a defensive item against AD
my standard build on vayne is , Furor beserker boots, blade of the ruined king, phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, mercurial simitar, banchee, I havent really changed anything to suit certain games bud ideally this works in almost near all conditions
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Ediwir (OCE)
: I'd just want to see an IP/XP boost revamp. Like, make it a proper value, call it "Boost" and make it so that if you're not lv30 it ALSO doubles your xp. Say, enough to make it comparable to RP. Not better, but comparable enough that it's not a ripoff. Right now it's worth nothing to buy an IP boost unless you're also having XP boost (as buying XP boost means you reach 30 with less IP).
yea tho ip doesnt really bother me much really i barely even had runes and i made it to diamond , i cnt make it to challenger but still comes down to my skill and understanding of the game than having champions and runes plus i only played like two one champ and had a back up champ
: The idea of a winstreak giving you benefits like xp and ip boosts are actually pretty interesting. I dont think they'd ever be implemented though because they'd keep players from buying xp boosts and ip boosts from the shop. But honestly, I'd love to see it happen.
same i mean incentive in a mindless game keeps it alive, and their goal is play ranked right, it like letting the worthy excel and unworthy take the learning cuve
Nexz (OCE)
: Diamond + Team Recruiting Jungler and Support
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: So BT as a defensive item?
its more optional due to the lack of cc on the enemy team, you could use buy it if the burst on the enemy team is too strong but i dnt recommend it. bork over bt my opinion
: max q is so you can tumble quite alot as vayne is shortish ranged adc so she needs a mobility factor to help her evade skil shots and reposition, you go bt when your ahead and you know your vsing a fairly squishy team that wont tank up very quickly other wise bork is the better option by far. i max w second but you can chose to take w level 1 if your doing a camp or q to reset aa animation to help cs.
also you can go bt over the qss item upgrade if the enemy team doesnt have much cc which is hardly a case as the sheild will help you survive the burst but you would get it after bork so bork is near always needed
: max q on vayne = BT
max q is so you can tumble quite alot as vayne is shortish ranged adc so she needs a mobility factor to help her evade skil shots and reposition, you go bt when your ahead and you know your vsing a fairly squishy team that wont tank up very quickly other wise bork is the better option by far. i max w second but you can chose to take w level 1 if your doing a camp or q to reset aa animation to help cs.
: Lower ELO? Mate I was just in my promos for Plat 3, that is not low ELO. And the reporting system is absolutely stupid, my account is busted from so many illegitimate reports, so you're telling me the guy that just bullied me FOUR GAMES IN A ROW wont receive any punishment? That seems fair, because you know, I guess I deserved it? So Riot is basically rolling over to anyone getting bullied so they're basically saying anyone with depression it's their fault for getting bullied? Seems REAL smart. Why don't they just say women deserve to get raped next
If more people than you reported him than yea he will get banned, but if your the only one reporting him than likely hez not getting anything happen to him, and muting him and dodging does get rid of your problem. also anything below master is considered low elo cause people still have flaws in judgement and skill.
: I have tried waiting and I still managed to get him in my queue, it's like he is literally going out of his way to bully me. And that reporting system is absolutely retarded, why the hell would they do that? I may as well sell this account and start afresh if that's the case
Because of a large number of people getting banned for not doing anything wrong they had to make something so they introduced the false report thing. Also people report people cause they are angry, now if you report someone for being bad and dying you have to realise that person is only human and he himself is probably having a bad day right or he is hell bent on one path to try and win his games but it isnt working for him and therefore he is on a massive lose streak. Judging from the fact at the issue raised and response i can say your somewhere in the lower elo's, people tend to make the mistake of taking this game like its a life or death matter. It is just a game and if you dnt understand it your probably gonna rage and flip out but people who do will get better. The best option here for you to improve is try and understand how the game is played and how are you able to win games. Easiest aspect to work on is pressure, what pressure do you put on the map against all your enemy champions. And no there is no need to sell your account as your fresh start is probably gonna put you in the same situation as you are in now. your best option here is seek out help from higher tier players, watch videos to improve yourself, this will help you improve and you will break free of your situation in no time at all.
: Questions for Riot about promos
its probably due to the fact that oceania isnt a very larger server itself, and not everyone play during the day and afternoon which also means the people you verse could be the same as the system is trying to find someone whose mmr is similar to yours or making a team with average mmr near the enemy teams. even in saying you could be at a low end of the tier so on the V division. the easiest way to avoid versing the same people or playing with the same people is waiting 10min before you que up again. simple. Also if it isnt a valid report riot cnt do anything especially since if your someone who has breached the summoner code your report against players are disregarded. only players with clean recorded have their reports forwarded, as it comes under false report if it is not coming from a clean background player
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Mur1m (OCE)
shouldnt they both be diamond, not always comfortable supporting plat players, (not interested just saying)
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