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: Why is the OPL finals on the new HUD when the players can't practice in ranked with the new HUD?
If OPL is on new HUD I feel deeply sorry for the players and I am not saying this to exaggerate in the slightest. Playing on the new HUD will affect the integrity of the games in a negative way for the players, the fans and the region as a whole.
: It obviously varies vastly from player to player, but I think typically a challenger/master player (grudges aside) are generally determined to win from the start of the game they will predominantly use the forms of communication available to the best of their teams interest. However I feel that there is a lot of blame and negative attitudes involved when a team finds themselves behind.
: I'm Samuel 'Spookz' Broadley, Jungler for The Chiefs, AMA!
Hey Sam, If you could profile the average Challenger/Master how would you do it? I'm mainly wondering how you perceive the average players mentality, attitude, use of chat, pings, surrender votes and secondly game play. Furthermore what do you think is good and what can be improved on? Really hope this made sense because I'd love an answer, I'm very curious to see what you come up with.
Jink (OCE)
: Please balance Veigar
Champion is broken in solo Q, Bump, needs nerf.
: I'm done caring.
Out of interest what division in Bronze are you? This sounds like something I'd expect from a very low elo player.
: "make Australia proud" all respect for Raydere lost, your not the only OCE country that plays. other then that, GO CHIEFS!
All Australian team and their not allowed to say they want to make their country proud? Get it together Eshade!!
: All In: EGym’s bid for the throne
I read the article and enjoyed it but I'm annoyed that the title of the article doesn't seem to correlate with the content. Still confused with title atm.
UmPhuFu (OCE)
: 'X' or FEED in picks n bans - We should be able to report people in the chat lobby
I agree it would be appropriate to have a report function in the lobby, I'd be interested to see Riots stance on this idea. Bump for red comment please.
JVlurder (OCE)
: Looking for a coach (plat+?) (paying)
I've added you in game to be able to talk to you in real time.

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