Drakuns (OCE)
: I think morg is OP not because she has a black shield thats annoying its the 2 second stun off the bat lvl 1 noone else has a 2 second stun off the bat that i know of. I get it items stop it but not lvl 1.
Veigar says Hello. Sure most dont take his Stun lvl 1. but it is still a long ass stun. and its AOE
: Patch 9.9 notes
That Tahm Kench change is actually stupid. Now the only value he gets from Devour is A. Eating an enemy for cc and damage or B. Eating an Ally to save them but instead, both of you die because you slow as hell and can't flash
: Thanks for testing Nexus Blitz!
NOOOOOOO! I've been spamming Blitz, its something fresh to break from the monotony of ARAM spam. Summoners Rift just isn't as fun as it used to be.
: This is a 5- 10 mins and you need wait for it 5 - 10 mins, I had 4 times the games and all of lost. I thought the mode is boring and terrible. This is my playing first day and the last day
just have to find the right champion man, i have 6 losses in a row and was also considering ignoring blitz and returning to ARAM but then i played a pike game and found greater success with his execute
: Play the Nexus Blitz alpha
I dont know where to give feedback so i will do it here, only one thing really atm, the sudden death mega boss thing needs to be disabled if the nexus is under attack. just had a game loss despite heavily out pushing the other team and having taken thier nexus to half health before the sudden death stopped us from winning. This wasnt a situation where we had hit their nexus and retreated, we were in the process of winning until the sudden death disabled nexus damage
: Learn more: April Foods Event
April fools without URF.... sad day
: Patch 8.6 notes
good god conqueror is insane. Aatrox vs Fiora top lane, fiora wins right? nope gets thrashed by Aatrox who has 2.2k true damage on her at 15 minutes due to conqueror
: Patch 8.4 notes
So, you've temporarily (i hope) murdered vision control in the jungle, as sightstone is no longer a thing we now have to choose between placing wards or clearing wards meaning we can either gank well and lose all our jungle to invades we cant see (sweeper) or not get invaded all the time and get spotted everytime we try gank (vision) Also turned Elder Dragon into effectively a Nuke if you get any past the first. Also, you seem to have some kind of hatred for caster mages, you keep getting rid of mana regen items that work well across the board, meaning you either have to grab one not suited to the champion, or get destroyed in lane by anyone with lower mana requirements than you
: League tournaments come to high schools
Damn it, why couldnt this happen two years ago when i was toying with the idea myself while at high school? Now im at Uni but my particular Uni doesnt even have a LoL club
: anx was also in another region to every other active team at the time everyone was scrimming so really dont blame other teams lul
you are aware scrims dont stop during the tournament right? ANX themselves said no one wanted to scrim with them. the only team that did was H2K who then beat them.
: Aside from Carbon (left him out due to incompatibility with his teammates) this is the exact team I voted for ^_^
ikr, i hate how people dont think about compatabilty. My hopes had been Raydere/Egym bot Swiffer mid and then Carbon/Tally jungle bot combo. Junglers are almost useless without synergy.
: Chiefs become first OPL team to head to Intel Extreme Masters
at least they will be able to get some scrims in the days leading up to the tournament in NA, ANX saw to it that the teams stop disrespecting Wildcard regions quite so hard.
: Just going to add to this. My prediction of who is ACTUALLY going to get picked: 4 Chiefs (including ex Chiefs), Swiper, Swiffer, Rosey and Raydere (with Raydere and Rosey no longer on Chiefs they will qualify and be on the team) The reason this will happen is it takes the biggest margin to pick the 2 members from each team. As Swiper and Swiffer will have a bigger differential between first and second most favourite picks for their respective roles, it means even though Egym has the most votes for support, he will miss out and the second most popular support will get in, which it seems will be Rosey (although I wish it was Rogue). 1 Carbon - obvious reasons are obvious I wish it didn't have to go this way, as we are going to end up with just about the same team that usually makes world stage and quite frankly, chokes more than not (you may hate my opinion especially the fact that I am just a low ranked scrub, but it is pretty much a fact as history has shown). I wish this was decided by the pros and casters not the viewers, because analysis and strategy would go into it giving us a better chance to have the best winning team, rather than just a popularity contest where the same people are going to be voted in every year because Chiefs have the most renown/followers/likes. Oh well, this is how it is, so best of luck to the guys mentioned above, I hope you all do us proud and I will be rooting for you despite my comments, OPL pride!
And of course the biggest issue with, what i will agree with you is the most likely result, is that it means Carbon is alone with no players he can rely on or have innate synergy with. And jungle is heavily reliant on synergy with lanes. the ideal situation is to have egym support for a solid reliable bot lane, and Tally get the top lane spot, giving Carbon (the obvious jungle spot) someone he can trust and rely on.
: IWC All-Star Voting is Now Live!
Top: Tally Jungle: Carbon Mid: Swiffer ADC: Raydere Support EGym Figure putting Raydere with EGym gives the strongest bot lane possible WITHOUT locking out the rest of Chiefs ;) (Or locking out any other team by using a complete bot lane duo) Swiffer MID because hes the best we have And then with that Chiefs are locked out so Carbon along side his Top laner makes the most sense to me for a strong pair to round out the team
Nightjar (OCE)
: haha well read the fine details of the assassin reworks. It really isn't. For instance, making fizz harder to peel against. Yep making an assassin that can 100-0 an adc harder to peel against will totally make keeping my out of position caitlynn safe easier. Making khazix immune to pink warding. Totally makes it easier to protect my adc against unseen threats. Improving Zed's deathmark damage, as if duskblade was killing adcs fast enough. Making rengar exclamation mark not give an approximation of how close he is and stopping me from using a sweeper or a pink to reveal him. Yep adc is going to be totally fine and not going to get murderised. Read the details. For some assassins, yes the counterplay is improved, for instance looks like leblanc will be much easier to peel against, same with katarina. For others not so much and honestly Fizz is slippery enough, stop making it worse. I have a love-hate relationship with assassins but I honestly feel that even though we're moving to a tank meta, adcs are still having a tough time. Adc is kinda getting the short end of the stick and as a support main, this affects me indirectly as well.
Janna. Easiest way to say no to all those assassins trying to kill your carry. They typically have one reliable gap closer, your ult makes them waste it
: actually if you look at the champions yasuo is a fighter(primary) and assassin(secondary)
exactly, he is a fighter, he just fights very quickly ;)
: Road to Pre-Season: Assassin Update
If they are making Kat stronger at raping an entire team they had best be giving her a cost on her abilites. Has far to high burst for a no cost champion. Maybe energy could be effective, would require Kat players to use the right abilities at the right time in order to actually have enough energt available to ruin an entire team
Molech (OCE)
: Because nobody wants to wait 10 mintues to play a normal game
There wouldnt be a 10 minute wait, REPLACING with draft, not having both. The only reason draft had a long queue time was that it run WITH Blind pick. Draft pick is just better and should replace Blind, if they like the idea of blind though, just use the Blind Draft they use for some of the game modes
Derikay (OCE)
: PLEASE DO THIS! There are so many toxic people in normal games because someone could press ctrl + V first, it just ruins the game for everyone.
personally i think its about time Normal queue just gets replaced with draft pick. Its a better system. Ban times at least reduces the number of instalockers, Bans mean if you instant tilt when facing say, lee sin, you can just ban him. Its just overall better than Normal queue, normal queue is the MOST toxic of all the queues LoL has. (In-match however that honor goes to low level ranked)
: This new ranked queue thing is pathetic, so now players will have to win gold on both the queues to even get the proper season rewards? If this ranked thing comes out for a while, i doubt people would start to waste anymore time in ranked, as alot of people play the current solo queue and already use up alot of time ranking up on that to even get a better elo, so i think people wwouldnt really want to waste more time onto playing the flex queue and waste more time, this system here that you guys are adding in will just ruin playing ranked, why not just add in the same ranked system from Season 5 rather than add something that'll make people waste more time on it to receive the full reward, whereas in season 5/6 people only had to play one ranked queue and received the full reward from that? i think this new ranked queue thing will ruin league's ranking system and stop people from playing ranked for a while as it'll waste people's more time to even receive the proper rewards. i know Riot considers peoples opinions but they need to consider the peoples play style and not add something into that game that will ruin the fun of trying to reach a higher elo to get the proper rewards, rather than introducing a new system that'll make people have to waste more time and more work to even get anything rewarding.
no, you dont have to get to gold in both to get the rewards you get atm, you get an EXTRA (not part of what we get atm) for being gold in both queues
Jaxxis (OCE)
: Well I'm glad you guys enjoy playing against a 5-man premade when you are playing solo so you just lose due to the fact you're not playing with 4 other people :D
I have never had to deal with that issue, why to all your fools who refuse to let go of solo queue ignore the fact that the dynamic system is DESIGNED to minimise the chances of 5mans being paired with anything except a 5man, its why when you queue 4-5 man you get much longer queue times. For you to face a 5 man as a solo you have to have been waiting for like 15 minutes. Your all just salty that your individual skill doesnt win you a TEAM GAME when you actually have to face a team.
: So Assassins are balanced at a slightly lower win rate than 50%? because they are picked when they shouldn't be, correct? I suppose Yasuo's consistently high win rate is abnormal then? Considering he is picked basically every game regardless of team comp. So... shouldn't... you know... something be done about it?
Yasuo is a fighter... not an assassin...
JoshuaRay (OCE)
: Ehh, I actually liked dynamic queue, it promoted teamwork. Solo queue is just a free for all, with no attempt at coordination. Who needs teamwork in a team game, am I right or amirite?
i feel the same way, Solo Queue needs to die. And those arguing for it need to move on. It's a relic from a different time. Admittedly i do understand the need for it at the highest level to reduce queue times but still, Solo Queue is a goddamn relic
: I just don't want to have to pretend like I'm fighting {{champion:238}} when really all I'm doing is waiting to die.
sometimes if your lucky you can deal with him, when i luck into Shen for example. Half tank half AS/OnHit and spam qwe and he cant do jack between taunt and auto block while you beat him to death with q percent health
: I've never seen the comment section so empty. Riot must've satisfied the masses.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Old URF becomes very stale after a while and believe me I love URF. But everyone just picks zed ali, ezreal and blitzcrank every game and there is no chance for you to play champs that you just want to have fun with.
I made a comment further up about a fix for that "stale" feeling, after say 24 hours of the mode being up the 3 most banned champs are just perma-disabled, repeating till the mode is rotated out. Those people who want to play Zed and Ali and such have a chance to do so in the rare not banned games in those first 24 hours and from there each day makes the games more fun as the dumb as fuck champs get eliminated from the pool
: You are better off to have 6 bans then generate a random champ out of hte ones left. Old urf was broken af because you did what you wanted and if there was more than 6 op champs then you had to get in and be better than the enemy. Now that its random it allows you to experience the op champs in some games and have other times have even games.{{champion:238}}
The problem with adding bans to ARURF is that all they have done is swapped URF from using the Draft Pick system to using the ARAM system. Adding bans to ARURF requires them completely rebuilding the system to make it account for bans first and then generate the champions. And there is no point doing that when they can use already existing systems
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
this is really bad. Too many busted as hell teams and you cant ban them out. Why not just have normal URF. If you want it to be less of the same bans and champs then every 24 hours of game mode perma ban the top 3 most banned champs
Adriel (OCE)
: I KNOW! Please implement this soon, Riot.{{summoner:6}}
tbh, normals should just be replaced with normals draft world wide, draft just so much better in every way
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
You know, either Riot staff read these comment sections and just dont give a shit, or they dont bother to read them, because we should have already at more urf, its what the playerbase wants and its clear everytime you read the comments
chiinnoo (OCE)
: When will the SKT skins be released?
Aggredion (OCE)
: Your summs are there to use, just because someone used them both to get a kill out of you, doesn't make it an even trade.
That depends on what happens after the fact, if them burning both summs to kill you means they dont have them up for the massive game-changing teamfight that happens 60sec later then its huge, early game it can be even bigger as burning both summs leaves you wide open for ganks over and over and over until they are back up
p4ncakes (OCE)
: Yay, now I can solo queue and get put against a higher mmr 5 man lobby with all new champ select graphics!!!{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
uhhh the system literally does not allow you to be solo queue vs 5 man unless the rest of your team is 4 man, meaning the advantage they have over all is minimal. Harden the fuck up
: Raydere traded to Dire Wolves
Makes sense, with Swip3rR stepping up, Chiefs are in a massive struggle for resource allocation, Raydere as a highly experienced ADC likely prefers a greater share of the resources that is simply too hard to accommodate with so many players needing the resources on Chiefs
: Earn ranked emblems starting today
and on this day, the toxicity levels were tripled :/ stupid idea, nothing but shame icons for people who play this team game as a team.
: {{champion:92}} i my self own championship riven and the only way to satisfies me is if you give me 400$ worth of RP since that is what her value is i brought this skin during the first championship not from the second time you scumbag riot brought back i dont care about what the other players who wont it say if your gona bring it back pay me it's value also for you roit to bring it back just because other player wants it is more of a scumbag money making move witch is now so offen since season 1-2 scumbag riot way to let down your season 1 and beta players guess all the money i spent from season 1 till now on every rare skin rare skins useless now thanks riot you scumbags
your argument is like saying if you have two children, your second child doesn't get food because your first child was there first. Personally i dont give a shit about Riven, but all this crap is stupid as fuck. Also your skin is not worth 400$ regardless of the time you got it. its worth however much you bloody bought it for. its a skin, not a house
Firebolt (OCE)
: I'm a bit confused as to why you think Championship Riven should be a reward for being good at League. All of the Championship skins are made as a celebration of the end of a season. What you're thinking of are VICTORIUS skins, which are only available to players who achieve Gold V and up at the end of the season. I think they should re-release this skin, as well as the other Championship skins, at the end of each season, just like they re-release Harrowing skins for the Harrowing and Challenger skins at the beginning of a new season (BTW they made Challenger Ahri available again this year, so it makes no sense not to make Championship skins available).
tbh it should just be made available through Hextech Crafting like Champ Thresh is
: Aatrox hype!
I quite enjoy jungle Aatrox atm, quite a hard build though, has Bloodrazor, Rageblade, Ravenous Hydra, BorK, Spirit Visage and then whatever boots you need XD his team fight damage gets absolutely brutal once rageblade kicks in. The mana on Trinity Force puts me off getting it for Aatrox tbh
: For those who want a more technical explanation. Black Cleaver is essential due to how well it synergizes with her kit, the Health, CDR and AD all benefit her, not mentioning the passive Armour shred which can be applied incredibly quickly to multiple targets with her tentacles. Trinity Force also gives the Health, CDR (now we have max to slam the enemy silly as often as possible, without loosing runes slots to further increase her AD and Health) and AD along with attack speed, Mana (so she never goes OOM), movement speed and the spellblade passive makes her a commanding presence in both lane and team fights. Sterak's Gage from a lane bully into a team fight monster with devastating amounts of AD and Health, destroying the enemy team and shrugging off enormous amounts of damage. Dead Man's plate makes her even more of a tank with its Health and Armour along with the movement speed and damage from the passive for initiating on the enemy team or catching and destroying fleeing heretics. Spirit Visage makes her impossible to kill with its Health and MR along with the passive's synergy with Illaoi's passive for the health regen. Boots help Illaoi catch those mobile opponents who could otherwise easily kite her go Boots of Swiftness for the particularly mobile opponents or Mercury's Treads to minimize the effectiveness of the champions who like to lock her down before she can unleash the power of the kraken. p.s. Hitting people as Illaoi is great fun, do it often and make sure you spread the love. e: p.p.s The cons with this build is that there are some wasted stats in the 10% CDR on Spirit Visage and the Rage passive on Trinity Force. But this is more than made up for by the other stats on those items.
i like your style, i hope he picks you XD
: Black Cleaver, Steraks Gage, Deaths Dance, Spirit Visage, Mercury Treads and Dead Mans Plate. The Dead mans plate allows Illaoi to slow an enemy which helps allow Illaoi to use test of spirit on the enemy. Black cleaver helps with big teamfights as the tentacles give a stack to enemies (I think). The spirit visage allows Illaoi to have great sustain and essentially making her unkillagke during teamfights as the healing from all the tentacles plus the bonus from Spirit Visage is too much to contain for the enemy. Even if the enemy team can lock down Illaoi, Deaths dance allows her to live longer and gives her a chance to use her 'slam' to regain health (again with the spirit visage) to help turn the teamfight around. Steraks gage adds to the tankiness of Illaoi and lets her live longer (like deaths dance) in a teamfight. I'm actually thinking of starting to play Illaoi just because of this build.
yeah BC does apply from tentacles, it applies from Physcial Damage, its the reason i always get it 2nd or 3rd item on MF, amps her Ulti so much
: OPL Last Hit: the wombo
oooooh, so that is why i got a mystery skin when I logged in XD had completely forgotten i had made a comment, didn't expect to win :D thanks :D
: Nice fedora!
: riot i just want to know whether u care about the jungle at all plz rito stop focusing on mid and bot its annoying {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Jungle had its time XD its top lanes time for love
Âtlas (OCE)
: Why is this game so broken, i mean the hit markers on champs abilities and what not, people in ranked not listening and taking there ego into consideration because they think its a good idea to feed, um what else? the list is fucking endless guys. I an almost guarantee every cent and dollar Riot had ever made that they don't care about the people playing OR if they do its all the newer players who are blinded by this games awesomeness and pretty colors. FIX THE QUEUES, was in duo queue for 12 mins before someone decided to not ban a champion and 9 of us get put back into queue for another 5 mins, seriously 1 person left not 9, IF you guys at Riot HONESTLY THINK your fixing this game you seriously have no dam idea how to program. Now that been said, lets see if you guys at RIOT can actually accomplish something and fix this game, fix the people playing it, put them in the right ranks, team people up with others who want to fucking win, not feeders and people who think ranked is fun time to ruin other peoples games which they are trying there hardest to actually climb out of that shit hole place you call Bronze 5, yeh its funny all the "good" players there but why not make the teams that one sided in B5 that it will render that rank useless, because your system is not working. Make the recommendations for RANKED actually harder to do then just a few weeks play with IP and XP boosts on, get to level 30 buy the 16 champs and boom Ranked, for the sanity and happiness for that 20% of people who want to play and want to win, change the requirements for ranked, so NOT lv 30 and 16 champs and 10 provisional, im talking lv 30+ and 50+ champs and 500+ wins in normal's to even think about ranked, getting at least 16 lv 5 champs then go to ranked would seem like the wiser choice or something because what ever you guys are doing atm it isnt working, like season 3 was by far the best season, stats proved it, yeh stats this year say you have more numbers playing and spending money, yeh that's all good and all but really fix the it..........
you are aware are large portion of the devs are devoted players too right? it shows up all the time about how much thy love playing the game, im 100% sure they care, the fact of the matter is, you cant make everyone happy
: {{item:3026}} MAKE THE CD LOWER!!!
that would most likely make it too strong, i do agree however that it needs some love as an item, i think primarily it needs to have slightly better stats OR, and im thinking big here, have a function on it similar to Olaf ult's passive (giving armor and MR passively but losing it when active) wherein the item gains bonus stats to bring it up to par with most other items, but they are disabled when the revive is up. because atm the best thing to do with a GA once its been popped is sell the thing
: OPL Last Hit Week 3
I feel some of the champions to be receive the largest positive impact from the Trinity Force change are Irelia and Jax. Neither of the champions really needed or made any real use from the critical strike from the old version as their primary damage both comes from abilities (Irelia's W, Jax's Ulti Passive). However the both benefit much more from the CDR and Attackspeed allowing them to put out more of their enhanced auto attack and it allows Irelia to put out more Q's E's and Use her ult more often from an earlier point in the game (She does often end up with high CDR anyway this allows it to occur much earlier in the game) and for Jax it allows him to have his counter strike up more often and his Q and W more often also, vastly increasing the damage output he has over the duration of a team fight. To Summarise why i think it Makes Jax and Irelia much stronger, It Allows Jax to pump out abilities more often and it allows Irelia to have her same impact on a game but from a significantly earlier stage in the game.
: The Change to Trinity Force from critical chance to cool down reduction is really beneficial on some champions like fizz but a nerf for others like yasuo. Fizz never really strongly benefited from the crit so having the extra cool down reduction really makes it a better pick than ice-born gauntlet at the moment. The attack speed is also more consistent so this definitely helps his damage and it just makes him deal more damage in general. I also think it could see some light on kayle, maybe not the best buy but it is a decent item in my opinion with the phage speed boost. This also may give variation to the standard nasus builds of iceborn and spirit visage for 40% cdr, its in a much better place though than before as zeal was too costly to build early and not worth the investment. it really benefits mostly on the bruisers and tanks but it definitely wouldn't be a first item rush.
mate, still not as helpful as lichbane fizz. qw and e away and the adc is under half health. rinse repeat. dont even need ult
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
I'd much rather be guaranteed a role i can actually play at ranked level than get a game fast. nothing worse than getting flamed for being bad when you were forced into a role you suck at
A Goat (OCE)
: There are definitely a few different flavours of marksmen. In a addition to the siege style i'd say there biggest difference is marksman who benefit from long drawn out teamfights like Jinx and Kalista, vs marksmen who do better in short burst skirmishes like Graves or Jihn
Jinx would fall under Hypercarry and as strong as her Rend damage CAN be, i feel Kalista would be more suited as something like 'Utility' because of what she can do with her ult, her ghosts and the slow from rend
: Dev Blog: Classes & Subclasses
I could see several classes for Marksman, Siege for one, Hypercarry for another. Maybe another Artillery and then a Utility. Maybe its best they dont simply because its too diverse :D like your Sivirs and Kalistas are Utility, but then you have Caitlyn who could easily fall under Siege and Artillery, Kogmaw as Hypercarry and Artillery. waay to many flavours of Marksman to narrow them down
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