Miicka (OCE)
: To all those butthurt Katarina mains...
Actually i like her more now o.O am i the only one?
J Mell (OCE)
: "$20" RP Costing more....
What Seras said. Any transaction that goes trough a middle man can incur in extra payments... It's up to you to check how those work, as different means use different systems. Most credit cards charge you a monthly fee, prepaid cards charge you in different ways (some ask for extra on charge, some on purchase), and phone charge is not something i'd want to use ever. Basically everyone wants your money, and finds different ways to get it.
: Bounty Hunter Mastery %5 Cap?
Not always, in Twisted treeline the cap is 3%, while in Hexakill mode you can get up to 6%.
Bambooze (OCE)
: I thought it was the icon you got for playing in Season 1, with the one sword in the middle, and other icons for S3 and 2 having like two glass swords or whatever they are, in the middle.
No, S1 has its own set of ranking icons (bronze, silver, gold, diamond. There was no plat/master/challenger, and bronze was the correspondant of current high silver/low gold so lots of people don't have it). Playing is S1 also gave everyone a special Kayle skin. The icon he's talking about is a special Rito gave to certain customers for changing the terms of some exclusive skins (Kitty Kat Katarina, Definitely Not Blitzcrank, and such), together with custom loading screens and full price refund. Can't really complain, i guess. I like my icon.
: New champ SUPER TANK
The tankier a champion gets, the more he needs to be a threat for others to focus him. Otherwise, you can just run past him with a nicely wrapped slap box and start giving presents to his team. For a supertank, the only threat i could see "reasonable" would be either a hell of a lot of CC, or heavily protective abilities (shared health and such), or a combination of both. Think Leona and Soraka sitting on Mundo's shoulders.
: Toxic Smurfs
If they are real smurfs, how can they be in Bronze? Really, now. Sounds more like a case of eloboosting than anything else.
: Yes.
What he said. It's in the 5.16 patchnotes, top of the page, added as an edit. ps. omg pls ward the news page
: Thanks
: Prehistoric Annie
Fire Discovery Annie. Throwing flaming branches and dressed in skins, Tibbers showing up as a tall T-rex, and throwing Pebbles references left and right.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: unless you will actually need a macbook (unlikely) i wouldnt waste your money
Having a macbook here, i have to agree. They are good computers and will definitely last you forever (mine is a 2010 and i basically never changed anything in it, still rocks), but if all you need is gaming you're better off with a cheapo that you can customise to your liking. Just stay away from Dell*. That said, if you get one you can expect a high variation of FPS depending on the desired graphic quality. On a 2010, i range from 30 (very high) to 70+ (mid-low), so i'd expect you'd be a tad above that. * *residual of a long, stressful conversation i had with them trough lawyer.*
Mar3thyu (OCE)
: Healthy Assassins
It's not about reducing their damage. Assassins are quite litterally "the guys that drop you dead in a matter of instants". Otherwise they're fighters, brawlers, mages or the like. Healthy assassins means simply giving them a weak spot, meaning they can kill you instantly BUT. But, they are out of spells and can't keep up the fight. But, they don't have an escape. But, they can't stop you from killing them back if you survive. Things like that. They won't have ALL those weaknesses, but something on that line, you'll always find it. A healthy champion isn't a weak champion, it's a champion with BOTH strengths and weaknesses.
: {{champion:17}}
Idk, i'd say {{champion:27}} is also very toxic. Also let's not forget {{champion:36}}.
: ok yes but they sed if you got banned 1 time this season no rewards even if you only did it one time no rewards that's not very fare in my books
Bans are not a first time offense. First time offenses are warnings. Second time offenses are restrictions or stuff like that. A ban is a lot.
: they have already been punished y punished them again if there a good player now
Mistakes have consequences. I leave a game, i get a warning. I flame around, i get restrictions. Repeated mistakes have more consequences. I leave often, i get longer queues. I flame a lot, i lose ranked rewards.
: > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xGVsWXUf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-24T13:53:18.651+0000) > > http://ask.fm/RiotLyte/answer/131867181506 he said multiple 20 minute low priority ques. I don't think 2 of them is going to cause someone to lose ranked rewards.
We'll have to see for the details, but it's nothing new under the sun. Flamers don't get good stuff.
: Riot, Listen. "Ranked Rewards deny"
Ranked rewards have historically been denied to flamers / trolls every year since S3. Maybe S2. Even if it wasn't an official announcement, i wouldn't count on getting much.
: @RIOT Regarding: The Magnificent Twisted fate
Long ago we used to suggest particles and changes to it among TF mains... For example one of my suggestion included Destiny have him appear from under a cylinder hat rather than a fan of cards. Eventually, Rito retired the skin and declared it wouldn't have been changed. I guess we'll have to wait for TF's future total revamp, someday.
The real question is, should there be a maximum? I'd say it should reach a point where it's very hard to increase, but why a maximum. You keep going, you keep worsening.
Saythes (OCE)
: Skarner, worth it?
Played him yesterday. I didn't even get a defensive item until, like, 20min. Get an upgraded Yellow trinket and ward your crystals... Guaranteed kills.
: Xp Boost is riot ripping us off or did they change it?
XP boosts haven't been touched in ages, man. You probably used to get the per-win boost. Now on the IP boost, yeah, that's a ripoff, you'll have me with you on that. (but generally speaking both boosts suck, just the IP one sucks way more)
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Yeah I know I was trying to help a lost cause. he didn't lose his account and even if you did Raydere would be pissed off because he had 2 account #1 and 2 on the challenger list.
You cannot get banned just for having smurfs. Been a wrenchman for more than 2 years. Counts as evidence. Plus i've got a smurf myself, duh. And other accounts in other servers. (only way you could be banned for smurfs would be if you had "multiple-lots of multiple-heaps" smurfs and self-referred them to get rewards)
: its amazing that you can now have an AP bot laner. Its allowed new comps to form and try out. The whole idea of it HAS to be a support and ranged AD bot is literally what the meta means, its just the current IDEA of what is best. Riot is trying to allow new things to form with the changing meta.
Technically the meta is "the current strategy that, given equal skills, grants the best chances of winning". "Ranged AD + Supp with dedicated jungler" was beating the hell out of every composition back in S1, and it established itself as the only meta. So far, it is almost unchallenged (small changes happened to the midlane over the years, but the structure stayed. You never see ADCmid and Duo MageTanks anymore). If AP Bot can be turned into a valid meta option, so be it, i'll love some new challenges.
Rocaset (OCE)
: That's not a better way at all. you can still ruin everyone's time but win.
Maybe, although it's a lot harder to win if you get everyone to hate you.
Fallion (OCE)
: All the Gems or Crystals that other champions have should have special taunt or something for Taric
As long as Armor of the Fifth Age has a pink aura for the ult, i'm good.
Alamo (OCE)
: Must as well say it was a permaban
They received an email a while ago from a player claiming to be an immortal vampire and asking if it was really gonna be lifted after 120 years. Apparently yes, he will be able to play after that. He still has about 117 years to go. As for this specific ban, they usually give you a different date according to the reason, but 2129 is new to me. Should ask.
5318008 (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ediwir,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=odA3pJXI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-08-17T10:34:19.867+0000) > > Where did you hear this? > Big novelty to me, and i'm usually pretty up to speed... Sounds a bit like it's made up. you are definitely not up to speed..... they had a self mystery skin and chest available for 8days or so and 1 free skin for every 6 skin/chest you bought for yourself or friend check sales board
If you mean this, http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/mystery-skins-return It only counts skins and gifts bought during the event.
: Why are you replying to my comment specifically? It's written on the description... Edit: Wait, I have 0 knowledge on the division system in ranked and read lp as Ip
Oh, LP. Yeh nah not gonna work. 1- LP are purely decorative 2- those guys shouldn't be allowed in ranked in the first place
: Mystery gift's from Riot.
Where did you hear this? Big novelty to me, and i'm usually pretty up to speed... Sounds a bit like it's made up.
: I like how they say that Riot doesn't ban people who spend money... Because I have heard about a lot of people being pissed off that they lost an account which they spent hundreds of dollars on.
Well, there's two main conspiracy theories. One, rito bans people after they've spent money so that they spend again. Two, rito doesn't ban people if they spend enough money. Sometimes it's fun to see the two collide.
: what they need to do is make games NOT start if someone has failed to load and disconnected. i don't understand why they have it so teams are instantly likely to lose from the start.
Afaik i've heard them working on something like this.
: The solution to these problems are: 1 Make IP losses be non-revocable even after reconnecting and/or stack per disconnect This is bad for people who DC by accident and reconnect right after 2 Make IP losses gain over time AFK I guess this works, but I'm not sure about trolls going AFK at the end of the game and people who accidentally DC and can't join again for a while 3 Make IP losses only apply to people who DC for a certain period of time or till the end Maybe this can work, I can't think of too many ways for this to fail. Even with these fixes, a person in normal mode who's particularly stupid/obsessed can make 5 accounts (fifth one is for smurfing), go in a premade, then try to 1v5 people who are in lower skill levels. Even worse, someone can make an automated system for this. It's worth noting that all systems can be abused or be unfair, it's just dependant on Riot's line between easily abusable + false case vulnerable and viable
Wait, you think of acting on IP to deter leaving? So what, leaving is fine if you buy RP? Don't think it'll work.
Rocaset (OCE)
: The requirements for being banned. I don't see how my opinion is so difficult to understand, in my experience, as well as all my friends, there is a troll every match, which indicates that riot either requires too much to ban them, or simply won't ban them. If the system worked people wouldn't troll at all in fear of not being allowed to play the game.
Well, the point is, they used to do it. But they don't really give a shit about it :/ They just get a lv1 account and troll newbies, who then leave the game. So it actually does more harm than anything... btw, people with restrictions get banned from ranked until they win a certain number of games, so... maybe that's a better way?
Fallion (OCE)
: When is Taric going to be rework?
Taric is currently getting a full rework: gameplay, model, graphics, audio, background. Think Sion to get an idea of how big it's going to be. The concept of "Support Paladin" is staying, but they'll have to work on what gem magic means in LoL. It's however not in such a bad state that it becomes urgent, therefore we shouldn't expect anything until the end of the year. Source: various rito posts that i read being a Taric main but i don't feel like finding after a whole monday.
: Afk Player Buff
Problem: - Is there a point at which it is convenient to intentionally leave and give the buff to your team despite penalties? *if yes, system is wrong (induces leaving)* - Is there a point at which it is convenient to induce a player to leave the game in order to gain the buff yourself? *if yes, system is toxic (induces abuse)* Discuss.
Rocaset (OCE)
: Then they need to buff the ban since people dont care
How do you "buff the ban"? It currently comes in two forms - 14 days or permanent.
: Logical factors not being considered?
"A clear problem occurs out of my control". You sure it was out of your control? Or, if it is, has it always been so? Maybe your instructor means for you to keep your eyes open for signs of possible problems before they become incontrollable.
: Never got even a warning when I was toxic, no joke. I look back at my chat and think I really should get banned but not even a warning came up.
When was that? 'Cause if you're talking about more than a few months ago, there was no behaviour system in OCE yet.
Rocaset (OCE)
: Yet I still come across them every single match, which indicates it's not working.
Last time i checked Rito had no job openings for fortune tellers and sensitives. They only catch them AFTER they do something bad.
: I have been fished before but should other suffer because of my stupidity.....? no.
Well, right now account recovery is rather simple. Gift recovery is a horrible mess of tracking and rechecking, with players being unhappy on both sides. Should others suffer because of someone's stupidity.....? no.
Rocaset (OCE)
: Temporarily banning toxic players
Yeah, right now there's bans for certain categories of players. It used to be more of a generic response, but it turned out it made low-level games basically unplayable and most players abandoned.
Pretz (OCE)
: riot wouldn't introduce it because of how easy it would be to lose all your content on your account if you get phished
Exactly. Especially considering how easily players get fished. I mean, i've seen people being fished in the dumbest of ways. I've even fished one of my friends myself by posing as a diamond with a lv1 smurf, took less than a minute. Or when i got a friend to start, the first thing he asked me is "do you know if there's any, like, hacks or stuff? I'm searching but maybe you know a few". Jumped in right in time before he lost his account to the everflashing singed scam. Just... Don't trust people to be smart, man. Ever.
Nogalokey (OCE)
: Summoner spells- It is clear
Clarity is actually just supposed to be an early-level, newbie-aimed spell. All the others... CV was hugely overpowered back in S1-2, it got nerfed once and disappeared forever (then again a 10second global vision on a 30sec cooldown WAS big). Ghost never really had its moment... Cleanse is still very effective, but only if you're vsing the wrong team.
Nogalokey (OCE)
Idk, the old maps had also the problem of being quite unoptimized and relatively heavy...
: Looking for a clan in Clash of Clans that plays LoL? Look within :D
almost-maxed TH9 here, currently into the clan i started in as a th3, but i'll save the name in case i decide to move out ;) thanks for sharing.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Close....but no cigar {{champion:104}}
I blame rito for the cigar. (i'd add a "back in my days" speech, but back in my days Graves hadn't been released yet.)
Wookster (OCE)
: Do 1000th games with Rioters still happen?
Yup. But if he thinks he missed it, might still try a "can i play a game with rito" thread. Sometimes it works even if it's not a milestone. i still got my 1337th win with a rioter, however.
Alamo (OCE)
: Congratulations, you are long lost relative of royalty
Always knew i was actually a Nigerian prince.
Alamo (OCE)
: League of Legends Pick-Up Lines
Hey baby, you look outrageous. And i mean truly, truly, truly... Outrageous. 100% laid. {{champion:44}}
: Why is this a thing??
People click on links. Links ask for username and passwords. People lose access to their account, their accounts buy stuff for other people, then the people get the account back and complain. Reversing gifts is a MESS, trust me i've followed a few cases. Better to prevent it.
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