: Hard Stuck in high silver/ stuck with inters 30% of my games
Forget about other members of your team and solely focus on your own play, you don't want to let others tilt you. If you get inters just report at end screen and don't queue up for about 5-10minutes to minimise risk of getting them again.
Debankle (OCE)
: Failing in ranked
I would suggest if you don't want to end up in bronze v to stop playing ranked for now. Play some norms and get the ip to get 2 completed rune pages, at the moment you only have 1 page that's full and it's not the greatest page.
as ori during laning phase don't be afraid to use your ult just to chunk your opponent and force them out of lane. Ball placement is important the threat of a shockwave can zone the enemy away, and even when laning you can manipulate it to zone opponent away from cs. Practice is the only real way to improve though, like others have said just play normals for awhile then head back to ranked.
: I just hit lvl 30
My tip would be get your 2 rune pages full or enjoy bronze
: yea but the move speed decays so quickly and u can do nothing with it
is the problem that the move speed decays quicker than your thought process? By that I mean by the time you figure out what you want to do the boost is gone
: what ahah no, before u could actually survive u cant even fucking ward jump anymore, chasing is impossible
So you get movement speed instead. All you have to do is think about when you go in more instead of being like crap I shouldn't have gone in got a ward tho top kek cya nerd.
BOTLezlie (OCE)
: Change Katarina Back
You just have to practice with her. You were dying 20times in a game with her before the change so it will just take time to adjust.
Verinity (OCE)
: Yes, But I got permabanned by a system, not by actual riot.
A system that Riot has in place. You've admitted yourself it was deserved, you just have to get on with it now it's not the end of the world
Verinity (OCE)
: Yet they can obviously take my money lol.
its not as if they had a gun to your head forcing you give it to them.
Verinity (OCE)
: Legitimately Banned, I just want one more chance please.
Like you say you agree with it. You got your 2week ban about months ago and didn't learn from that. That was your final chance you should've known what would happen next. You can have a chance to play some good games by creating a new account but this one is gone
Essembie (OCE)
: This strategy change looks to be a good one. Took TP instead and concentrated on looking for opportunities to telegank and split - my K / A weren't much higher but my deaths have lowered a little. Hard to judge from the last game because there were some solid carries who carried me to be fair but I didnt struggle in lane and was able to TP in to a few good fights. Will keep y'all updated.
Glad to hear that the change has helped out a bit for you.
: No, i 100% disagree and my offer is still up, find anyone Plat or above that says Riven is unskilled/face roll and i'll gift you any skin you want
What do you think it is about riven for her not to be unskilled/face roll?
: Bitch you're level 12....wtf do you know about the champion let alone the game?? xD
But I see you haven't disagreed with me
: There is, you just don't see it, just like you don't see that Riven takes skill, find me any high elo player ( Plat +) that says Riven is a no skill/brainless champ and i'll gift you a skin
The skill is rolling your face on the keyboard for 20+ minutes without drooling all over your keys
Kiramaza (OCE)
: just realized how bad i was
That's one step,towards getting better realising what you're doing wrong. The next step is to work on not doing it so often
Nightjar (OCE)
: I doubt that's how they'd balance it since they already nerfed it's predecessor in earlier play testing by reducing the dash range. Previously it actually had a much longer and faster dash that could go through walls and had a shorter cooldown and even though the damage was less, it was super overpowered. I feel a damage nerf and maybe a cooldown increase is the way to go now since the dash isn't actually that impressive as it is.
It sounds like they will be nerfing the damage for multiple bolts hitting the same champion.
Horizonn (OCE)
: Nope, Your safe to get whatever rewards based on rank! :D
Thank you thank you
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Knuuckles,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xolJdmQu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-28T00:52:55.347+0000) > > People are still whining about this ? It will never end...
Some people started whining not knowing what it was and they'll continue whining forever just because this is the issue that never ends, it goes on and on my friends some people started whining not knowing what it was and they'll continue whining forever just because
Erøse (OCE)
: Continue the story!
But as he was tiptoeing out he accidentally stood on a cupcake and
: BTW do alpha client testers get an ICON?
I wouldn't think so as I imagine there would be an outcry from those who weren't testers about not being able to obtain an icon. I imagine it would be like how they were going to do icons and other things for lifetime rp purchases but then backtracked on it because people got upset and they decided everyone had to be treated equally
: > [{quoted}](name=Eimer Troll,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=rb5Wan0c,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-27T11:16:27.838+0000) > > If you're getting picks for your team you're doing your job, you're not realistically going to be able to win any 1v1 as support though. Once you get a pick you and the team need to look at what objective can we get as a result of getting the pick. If no objective is available then set up vision and clear out enemy vision. Not win 1v1 as a support? are you kidding lol, i can 1v1 as almost all tank supports, just utilise a minion wave and ensure they stay in it
Who do you 1v1 as a support then? You can't ensure people will stay and fight you inside a minion wave. Im
: Supporting not the best team
If you're getting picks for your team you're doing your job, you're not realistically going to be able to win any 1v1 as support though. Once you get a pick you and the team need to look at what objective can we get as a result of getting the pick. If no objective is available then set up vision and clear out enemy vision. Also think about itemisation in the vayne game mikaels could've helped against brand and naut cc. Get vision around objectives and control that vision and you're doing a huge part in turning the tide of the game. As for champs Ali can be a huge playmaker, thresh and the use of lantern, Sion hugely tanky, Sona a lot of poke ult can change a team fight very squishy though so,positioning is important.
: alpha Clint
I always preferred Clint Eastwood
Essembie (OCE)
: I recently started running proto instead of nashors. Ty for taking the time to look at my match history.
No worries. I can see pros of running proto for extra burst and I guess if you're not being a split push threat then it can make sense to get it over Nashors. Zhonyas would still be an item that is beneficial to have in your build though.
Erøse (OCE)
: Continue the story!
Who learned to taunt from pitballs
Essembie (OCE)
: Diana mains - help needed
You can run tp she is a great split pusher. I see some games you get nashors and other times you don't. I would work zhonyas into my build
: you should start playing with dyna q Every ranked game i have played since starting ranked (21 games) has had at least 1 dyna q on either side.
Dyna q isn't likely to improve your own gameplay tho, just be a tool which you use in hopes of being carried
: which is why they are being removed, to avoid toxic threads like this one ...
This threads not toxic though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eimer Troll,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=eWeTt4gO,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-19T07:44:06.958+0000) > > Match history tells a different story Sure, if you read it wrong. You're probably one of those guys that says that Likkrit rushes Haunting Guise as support also.
Nashors rush on support Kayle isn't ideal there are better items for a support Kayle. Rushing haunting guise on a support zyra isn't problematic as its part of core build for her
: Very one-sided games
Not sure if serious Haven't seen anyone higher than silver 3 in any of your ranked games lately. You don't get gold rank until you get into there, regardless of who your facing
: I could do, but I haven't seen any of those around.
Match history tells a different story
: Dear Shotcallers (Penitent Letter)
At 22minutes to do baron you really want to have aced their team or convincingly won a team fight that chunked them out so they had to recall but left your team relatively healthy. Also you need complete vision. 22minutes is so early to be attempting baron though. Your best bet would have been to set up vision and denied all their vision around the area. Possibly do the same around dragon depending on the timer
: There is an INT/unskilled list for low elo: Top Lane: Singed, Teemo, Yasuo Jungle: Irelia, Ivern, Lee Sin, Nidalee, Tryndamere Mid Lane: Aurelion Sol, Azir, Fizz, Twisted Fate, Varus, Yasuo ADC: Ashe, Draven, Teemo, Tristana, Vayne Support: Bard, Blitzcrank, Lux shudder when you get those champions on your team. Edit: updates coming in
Should add the Kayle supports who rush Nashors Tooth to that list as well
xXGtoXx (OCE)
: I think the should only let players with certain amount of normal wins so they could have at least some experience. I've met plenty of people with 100 wins and have no idea how the game works. It pisses me off.
But what about people who level a second account? I've also come across people with 500 wins and they still have no idea.
: My behaviour
If you start playing bad don't worry about it going on your match history, just stop and think about how your playing. What are you doing to make bad plays are you going balls deep with no vision are you chasing kills you can't finish off. If you think your tilting just take a break or play an Aram or some other game. How to emotionally detach yourself from a game? You realise it's just a game and that there is no life or death consequences for making a mistake or having a bad team one game or playing bad yourself. What's the worst thing that can happen? You lose lp and get demoted, but is that really something to get so emotional over? End of the day it's just a game
: Can i fall from silver 5 to Bronze 1
Yes if you continue to lose games while on 0lp you can drop down to bronze 1. I think you have 5 games after reaching silver 5 where you are safe and can't drop but after those 5 games are played the safety net is gone. If all you're wanting is the loading screen border and your icon for silver then you don't need to play anymore ranked games this season.
: C9 vs SSG - Game One
Yea it appeared as if there was miscommunication between rek and Ali which gave crown time to flash out. He then turned it around and got the kill. SSG were so dominant today cuvée on poppy was insane his heroic charges were on point. Corejj on karma was a beast and then his tahm Kerch had some great devours. Ambition Crown and Ruler all had stand out games too. C9 were never really in it. To me i viewed it as the difference between a team who got themselves to the quarters verse a team who were dependant on other results going their way to get them. All in all was a result I expected
: How did you know about Unban DrHaxs???
Youre basically campaigning for him to get unbanned in this thread so I figured you two play together and the rest is history
DrHaxs (OCE)
: I can change
You can show that you changed with unban drhaxs
DrHaxs (OCE)
: i want my main account back with all my stuff
I know you want it back but I don't imagine you'll get it back so unban drhaxs will be your second chance
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: New rune idea: Quintessence of tenacity
Would be better to bring back zephyr
: He can i know it people need to give chances.
I see he has a chance now with unban drhaxs
DrHaxs (OCE)
: I have changed but people don't give any chances anymore.
youve had to reform in previous games from what I've read. You then play league and end up getting a perma ban. How have you changed?
: He didn't even get a 2 week ban. He wants a 2nd chance and will change as he has before. If he had gotten that 2 week ban he would have been like crap i need to tone it down and would stop being toxic.
So if he's changed before then why does he come to league and get a perma ban? Makes me think he hasn't really changed at all?
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: When does the Ranked Season end?
Season ends at 12:01am AEST November 8
DrHaxs (OCE)
: Some times you don't see what you have till its taken away i would really love a second chance and hope riot consider.
I'm sure you would
: I was in the game and Ashe had been talking DrHaxs just as much then he taunted her back. Okay we get the fact that he shouldn't have been toxic and said what he did. Another thing was you just copied lemons post and cut down the words and pasted it. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Even the laws gives second chances. He is willing to change and will as i have seen him reform if he has been giving a chance. He has reformed in Gmod, Dota 2 and etc.
What do you call a 2 week ban then? Coming off that is a second chance to show that you can learn from your actions. Him getting a resulting perma ban would lead me to believe he didn't learn anything. Like I said in my previous post he only wants to change now because it's been taken away from him
DrHaxs (OCE)
: I understand but the ashe had been taunting me so i started taunting her back. I can 100% see what you mean as you have just copy and pasted a recap of lemons post but with a few different wording. I have seen my mistake and will change to better the community. I had already known what you said as lemon had posted it earlier. Anyway thanks you for reply
But you're only wanting to change now because it's been taken away from you, not when you had your chance to.
DrHaxs (OCE)
: Perma Ban UpLift?
What about the Ashe player whose mum you said you fucked? What if they're being bullied in real life and use league as their escape only for you to treat them like that in game? Like lemon has said permanent bans don't just come out of nowhere you will have had chat restrictions and previous bans, which would've been an indicator if you didn't change your ways perma ban was coming.
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