: Runes Reforged: Jungle
Honestly, I am not keen on these new runes, there doesn't look to be any room for tanks anymore, and the runes don't look like they will benefit them, it's unbalanced and that sucks, I like variety It's clear that even RIOT recognizes how their new system favors Assassins,(This post being the evidence) don't get me wrong I like playing Assassins, but I also like being able to play a tank when my team needs it, play a tank and actually feel rewarded. So far, I don't see this system doing that at all, and a Tank is not meant to be so weak they can't clear the jungle. I really hope that they put a little more effort into adding armor enhancements or something into these runes and masteries before release.
DCVer3 (OCE)
: am i the only one that use T for trinkit so all my activies can move down closer and u cant move the stupid emotie thing off T yet?
You aren't, I do this too, I ended up moving the emote key to "G" btw you have to hold down the key, then click and drag the mouse for it to work. . . which is really inefficient, they need to make it like the warning pings where you hold down control and move the mouse to the ping you need.
: Check out the pre-season changes!
Will Katerina Be getting an energy system ? I feel like champions that have no resource should have some form of Energy or unique resource. I am not sure how much the cooldown changes and charges are really going to do.
I Am Pyro (OCE)
: __"How about making the gold and xp 100% EQUAL AND SHARED"__ How about no. This would completely remove an entire level of complexity to the game. Not even going to mention how much this would unbalance the game. Stop complaining, because you just sound like an entitled child. __"i actually have to AVOID killing someone or my adc will get mad at me."__ I don't know what world you live in, but if my adc can't get the kill, he'll usually congratulate me for securing it if he's not in a position to finish them off. Also, play with friends. They don't flame you as hard. Unless you don't have any lol. __"If you dont want to then how about allowing us to edit settings for a custom game?"__ Riot actually mentioned (In a Riot pls or Ask Riot) that a sandbox mode where you could do the things you listed is actually something they are seriously considering, so keep your hopes up.
**"i actually have to AVOID killing someone or my adc will get mad at me."** _I don't know what world you live in, but if my adc can't get the kill, he'll usually congratulate me for securing it if he's not in a position to finish them off. Also, play with friends. They don't flame you as hard. Unless you don't have any lol._ This response is definitely coming from someone above the Low-Elo bracket, yes some ADC respect that they were not getting that kill without dying for it; **Others** are so kill hungry and self absorbed that they don't care either way, and feel like dying for a kill on the enemy support is better than a tactical retreat. Playing with friends is not always an option, especially if you aren't in same ranked brackets, and often it means that you verse opponents who are much higher ranked than you (thanks to balancing ?)
Nightjar (OCE)
: haha well read the fine details of the assassin reworks. It really isn't. For instance, making fizz harder to peel against. Yep making an assassin that can 100-0 an adc harder to peel against will totally make keeping my out of position caitlynn safe easier. Making khazix immune to pink warding. Totally makes it easier to protect my adc against unseen threats. Improving Zed's deathmark damage, as if duskblade was killing adcs fast enough. Making rengar exclamation mark not give an approximation of how close he is and stopping me from using a sweeper or a pink to reveal him. Yep adc is going to be totally fine and not going to get murderised. Read the details. For some assassins, yes the counterplay is improved, for instance looks like leblanc will be much easier to peel against, same with katarina. For others not so much and honestly Fizz is slippery enough, stop making it worse. I have a love-hate relationship with assassins but I honestly feel that even though we're moving to a tank meta, adcs are still having a tough time. Adc is kinda getting the short end of the stick and as a support main, this affects me indirectly as well.
I totally agree with you on this one, As a support main, all that stealth or "camouflage" and not being able to do anything against it, is really going to screw up any defensive play in response to those champions. I can understand that its not fair to pop a pink in Akali's shroud, and I feel like you can still deal with her even if that is not an option, but being unable to reveal a Rengar that is hunting you, well I want to cry, because I won't be able to defend anyone from him, and its a chore as he is now. (Do not get me started on Kha'Zix. Riot please stop removing counter play options, you are just making my job harder, and I already have to deal with ADC who think they are melee combatants.
Zer0kZer0 (OCE)
: The mini reworks are receiving both nerfs and buffs. And the major reworks are being changed to be less bullshit, and more skillful. They even stated what they're looking to change/nerf is the "bullshit" aspect of how Assassins can just lol1shot you if they are fed enough, whilst improving their scaling and team synergy, which are the 2 biggest issues with the entire Assassin class in League. So to say they are just "shitting on shit champs and buffing the OP champs" really shows you put little to no thought in this comment, and just wanted to take a shot at Riot for "trying to improve the game." You're the type of people developers hate.
Agreed, the changes are definitely geared towards balance and interaction, not just a few smacks with the "nerf hammer"{{item:3044}} I honestly would like to see more variety come into assassin play, it would certainly make them less hit or miss. And I think that this attempt at reworking things is doing that. I am guessing that Rengar is getting a sort of {{champion:86}} /{{champion:203}} targeting mechanic, where killing a "Threat/ Villain" gives him a reward. I am not too happy about changes to Ekko, I get that they want to put him in a certain niche, and they had that for a while, but then they nurfed him to the point that lower elo players couldn't do anything with him, and thus Tank Ekko became a thing. (Though I am sure the Idea came from a high elo player, and the lower elo just accepted that as his new role) I am mostly just upset about this because whenever I start playing and getting good at him again he gets changed.
Egotes (OCE)
: even though Nvidia Shadowplay has been getting people Banned (which provides no advantage at all only gives ability to record GG RIOT GG)
I am glad I read this, I have and NVIDIA graphics setup, and I had considered using its built in programs to record and analyse my games to see what I am doing wrong. . . . I won't be now. (the lol-reccorder that I tried from the game itself caused crashes to the game and would make it so I was unable to enter games, and with leaver penalty and banning, I wont risk that either) What recording programs are compatible with League and don't cause problems ?
obominate (OCE)
: think its kind of hard and its random isnt it? why not make it simple? i just think that riot is tryin to make it special but i think its just like testing your luck or something.
Honestly I don't see why you are complaining, its a system where people who don't spend $100 dollars a week on the game can get skins. It may take time, but seriously, free skins are free skins. . .
Sokuta (OCE)
: ***
Ha ha, I don't actually get upset with trolls very often, only in very serious cases. I am just being constructive.
: Feedback for Riot: Am I reading this wrong or do you get a two-week ban for your first offense? Wouldn't it be preferable that the first time you receive a reform card that it still offers the same feedback to you but it gives you a warning instead? This would allow players to be made aware of and assess their own behaviour and to make changes before any punishments are handed down. Giving a player chances would create more trust between Riot and the player and would be an overall more positive and gentler system. I would also recommend a more scaling structure of bans for repeat offenses e.g. an hour, a day, a week and then two weeks. It doesn't have to scale that slowly in particular but something similar would be preferable. An instant, first offense two-week ban seems, to me, overly harsh. What do you think?
I think it depends on how bad the offence is. Are we talking full blown mental break down inducing abuse, or just a comment that irritated another player ?
Zaps (OCE)
: Hey Buffpeanut, The honour system relies more on consistency of behaviour than on the length of time of the behaviour. The longer ago your games are, the less impact they will have on qualifying for a crest - so this is already taken into account. We've been actively monitoring the Honor system in Oceania to ensure the top positive players are able to obtain crests. It actually turns out that players give out about 250% more honors than reports. We're working on ways to improve the system design to make honour more meaningful across the board.
I play support a lot, most of my games probably, and I am not feeling much love from the honours system. I seem to have to play a perfect game and get my whole team fed just to get 1 teamwork. I know that probably sounds like I am having a yarn, but in truth I have accepted that I probably wont get noticed, I am not a mind blowing player. However the champion reward system is encouraging, so it keeps me going on my lowly supporting life. I think implementing reward encouragement is very effective as whenever I get a high score with one of my champions, I feel better about the next game I play and I do better for it.
: I'm sorta worried about the line "punishment based on community-driven standards of behaviour" the standards for OCE are really really really REALLY low.
Have you been to the NA server? I came from there and it was also "toxic as fuck",(not my words) the league of legends community can be quite horrid as can any online game. The issue at the moment is that OCE is new and it has not yet weeded the garden. Take a look at heroes of the storm, the community there is twice as bad, why? because its new and shiny and all the trolls have moved there to pick on all the new players who don't know what they are doing. With time those abusive players will get bored or fed up, or with this new system banned and they will move on. Also there is a big emphasis on player reports, so just keep reporting people who offend you enough to make you sick and mute them while you play.
SahAnxsty (OCE)
: I've been told on countless occasions that my family should neck themselves, funny thing is. my father pretty much necked himself. but, again, it's a god damn comment, if you can't handle it, you can't handle world. Why's this generation gotta ask for so much, why can't you sit back and just "yeah nah do what you want, at the end of the day i haven't died nor have i been ultimately affected by a comment that can be made any other day" What're you gonna do when some big dude wishes death upon you? Call his mum and cry? Tell your mum? Tell the police someone said "go die" like, you can't do shit, nor should you even bother. so why do we have to ask riot for so much all the time? Leave it at "if you clearly harass someone for an extended amount of time with many derogatory terms that aren't simply just an over-layed description then you will be banned"
I think you will find that in real life (excluding individuals who are in gangs or groups and feel they have power over others) most people don't start randomly abusing others for no reason, and that in a 1 to 1 argument (face to face) individuals are less likely to make death threats. The fact of the matter is that the anonymity hiding behind a computer screen gives us plays a very large part in why people feel so comfortable abusing other anonymous individuals, and creates room for trolls to feed their ego without risk to themselves. Yes the world is a horrible place, people pick on those who have less power than them, mutilate animals and kidnap children, but the online community is full of toxic-word-pollution that is uncensored by public-moral-obligation and public standards of conduct. True some people don't care, but in the real world, those people often go to jail, or are fined large sums of money for their abuse. In the real world there is a lot you can do with somebody's name.
TheFoxer (OCE)
: this comment is beyond stupid people should be mature enough to release someone is not going to kill you because you beat them at a game. This is the reason I'm beginning to dislike this game. There is a reason the game has a chat filter and the ability to mute someone. People are to over-protective now and ruins the aspect of competitiveness the ability to trash talk someone to get into there head is a skill in itself.
Trash talking is something that people who lack actual skill do to impede their opponent by creating doubt in their minds, in all honesty its a dirty tactic used by sore losers. I don't see any of the professional players within the league community ever using such a tactic, in fact their conduct is honourable and they often comment positively on their opponents success.
: New player reform system heads into testing
I have some slight concerns with this. Not that it isn't needed, there are some truly vile individuals in the community. Some (in my experience) which will take things, before a game has even started to the point of stalking your online profile (common usernames) and death threats just because they did not get the role they wished to play. My concerns are 1) when the offender is in fact a group of offenders with the power to out vote an individual, who in defence has also displayed negative behaviour in response to gang-bang-abuse. How would such a case be judged ? if its a majority vote the lone persons report will go un-noticed and the larger group will end up getting the solo player banned, players are human beings and not robots, when somebody is abusing them they are either gong to get angry and stand up for themselves or shut the person off. However often by the time the individual is able to hit the mute button or feels threat enough to do so, their morale and game-play have already been affected making them not want to play. How does this system help in these cases? 2) How will punishments be determined, in conjunction with my previous comment about being only human, I am concerned that some players who have become overheated by either a losing streak or a run of unpleasant games/ players may find that when provoked they can't quite keep a lid on those negative thoughts. Will the system look into a players track record to analyse whether there are underlying circumstances ? if other players comments are to be washed out in analysis will this be a true representation of why the player was provoked? Is the system purely based on how many times the person has been reported? 3) is this going to be like the new leaver buster system where players cannot defend themselves against its so called justice? where bans are placed for problems that may be as a result of Internet connection, power outage, parental interference, server connection issues, program faults or other ? Or will players actually have a chance to defend themselves? (As you can probably tell I have a bit of hostility towards the leaver buster system. With my previous Internet provider I had many problems with the game due to my modem settings conflicting with the league client. I felt powerless to do anything despite being a consistent player. In some ways I can see this new system having a similar effect on players who have otherwise positive behaviour, but occasionally fail under pressure and blow off steam. I am hoping that the system will not look to harshly on minor outbursts and focus primarily on homophobia, racism, sexism, death threats, and other forms of excessive abuse.) I understand that comments such as "you suck" are not nice, but compare that to comments such as "go neck yourself you filthy troll, un-install retard" (the second is something I see a bit of in game, sometimes directed at me when I am having a bad game, but mostly aimed at the poor sod who got countered in lane and lacks the skill to do much about it) I would hope that the definition of abuse defined by RIOT would not put these two forms of abuse in the same category.Because admittedly I have told the occasional person they suck. (tough I do also try to help them out with item suggestions and sharing tips I have picked up on the champion if they are someone I main) That's all, sorry for the 7 page essay. Hope I don't sound like a jerk.
: Alex Flores, Senior Illustrator Q&A
I was wondering why the all the new classic skin splash art features champions charging/leaping forward - women in particular exposing their chests. Also why are all the women being given harsh angular lines on their faces? (Look at Janna's {{champion:40}} new classic for what I mean) They are starting to look sexually ambiguous. Don't get me wrong, much of the new splash art is amazing, But for some I feel like they are taking on a more of a cartoon-ish look rather than the usual CG animation that seems to be the league of legends style. (So I guess I am wondering if there is a particular reason for this, or if its just that each artists has their own sense of style) Other than that, its been great to see some of the out-dated art work getting a modern makeover - for the most part they add a real sense of fantasy to the character and demonstrate their personality, which is really good to see. (Just that one pet peeve of Janna who's face I can't get over it just bugs me so much, I get that she is meant to be elf-like but the features have been over-exaggerated and seem too sharp taking away from the overall flow) Some of the changes I am most impressed with are; {{champion:1}} - I love how the artist here decided to show her physical growth, and improved upon her "Annie in wonderland" and "Red Riding Annie" (which lets be honest used to be creepy.) The new Annie really captures the whimsical nature of children. (Much like Lulu - except for her creepy skins) {{champion:15}} - Sivir was really bought out of the dark ages with her rework and face lift, you can really tell that she is charging into battle, its almost like she is in the middle of her ultimate chasing down and enemy. {{champion:25}} - Morgana look seriously pissed off, a real fallen angel seeking her vengeance, the particle effects really draw your eye and seem to come from inside of the character. I can't remember what was wrong with the old one, but I know it was mostly just old and lacked detail. I have probably bored you enough with all of my comments and I really should not go through every single one of the new models. I will just say the following; Great work bringing the characters to life and presenting aspects of their personality and play style in their artwork, keep up the good work. Please consider looking at some of the female faces that are a little more angular than is typical for a female. Janna{{champion:40}} and Katarina{{champion:55}} being the main points of concern (If the angular look is what riot is going for - you may consider making their hair shorter so that their faces do not appear to be made longer and drawn out by the hair.) An example of where the angular face works is Fiora {{champion:114}} who's hair is quite short. P.S I could never use a computer to create art as well as the RIOT team, (pencil's and paper only for me.) I would love to be able to try and create something like what I see done in the spotlights - or just from what I found in the archives. What program do you use ? and do you use a mouse to draw, or do you have one of those "pen pads" (If you are doing it with a mouse my question is HOW!? because I find it to be near impossible to draw an even line using a mouse.)


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