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: What about Lux...?
How does Lux fit in with the champions I have mentioned before?
Niji (OCE)
: ***
I wasn't the one who made the club or the club tag but I ended up being the owner of both. I had no control over the club tag...
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hmmm {{champion:240}} {{champion:122}} . . . {{champion:6}} ? Thoughts?
Those are good suggestions, but I wanted to mainly focus on supports or people who could go into the support role. I probably should have mentioned that earlier, that was my bad.
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: League merch coming to Gametraders
I like the Nautilus one. Looks so badass {{champion:111}}
: Champion and skin sale: 26/02 - 01/03
Plz Blood Moon {{champion:412}}


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