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: because sometimes white people like you don't deserve to {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Win, so those chinese players prefer Feed in game and let you suffer bcoz its obvious you are Racist
I'm not racist for pointing out an obvious trend when playing with CN players.
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Beaunivia (OCE)
: State of Anivia
Oh wow.. There are actually people still defending these changes they did to her even with the countless Anivia mains pointing out how bad these changes actually are. At this stage, I'm pretty sure half the mains could give a shit about win rate (although it's nice to have). Anivia feels AWFUL to play now and it feels as if the aggressive identity has been completely stripped away from her because some college intern thought that "there are too many burst mages" in the game (Check reddit). The reasons for changing Anivia absolutely boggle my mind. E-R was a combo that was somewhat oppressive, but whenever she got into range to do that, she would put herself in danger (CC = ult cancels..). Honestly these changes just feel like a knee jerk reaction to all the memeing kids on Reddit/Boards posting about Anivia being an assassin when the people in the clips were all running into her abilities. I'm seriously tilted by what's been happening over the past few days. Really don't know how people can still defend a change that not only strips a champion of their identity, but also provides them with no reliable way to make short trades. Every mage in the game has their typical 2 button comboes they can use to poke or make trades with. Anivias post six MUST USE ALL THEIR ABILITIES to do some damage with the removal of E-R. You usually use all your abilities when you're going ALL IN. Essentially, our only option is to farm or all in. I honestly wouldn't mind the removal of E-R so much if we actually had some real compensation for it. No, expanding the ultimate ability only further pushes us into wave clearing and there's literally no point for it in lane when your opponent needs to stand in it for 1.5s for you to actually E. Unless someone is playing with their keyboard upside down, it's not going to happen. Now this is the argument a lot of people are defending these changes are making: "This makes Anivia more skillful because you need to now land Q". The difference between Anivia and other mages is that Anivia's Q is one of the slowest projectiles and one of the most unreliable skillshots to land at long range unless your opponent has their monitor turned off. Other mages have a simple 2 button skill shot that is generally more quick and reliable to land. Also, they don't have to commit all four of their abilities to actually make trades with you, which is what Anivia needs to do now. Keep in mind that with all this, it costs Anivia MUCH MORE MANA. **I think what's more unhealthy is completely stripping a champion of a historically valid playstyle because some college intern thinks that there are "too many burst mages" in the game. **
Elskrim (OCE)
: LF High Gold + players for Doombots LV100
Still looking for people. Best attempt on Teemo was 16k hp. Need players that are proficient at wave clearing champions
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