: Support will rarely share such specific info with you, simply because if someone else (given your account was compromised) sees those tickets then they would have things like location info which is hardly what you want, it's also to prevent the same happening if the person submitting the ticket is not the original account owner and so on and so forth. Still lacking context given we don't know what questions you asked, but from those tickets it looks like these are the conclusions they've come to: * You had a malicious program that may have exposed sensitive information and possibly resulted in compromise (for the record, this means League isn't the only thing that might have been compromised, time to change *all* your important passwords) * You needed to secure your account, probably because there was evidence of people other than you being on the account, if not necessarily evidence of compromise (If you haven't yet done this, do it ASAP) * The account had punishments issued against it because it was negatively affecting *other* players. It was the kind of punishment that would typically be removed in compromise scenarios, but there are exceptions which I'll talk about in a sec. * The evidence that the behaviour that resulted in punishment was done under compromise was not complete, in other words, there was doubt that that behaviour was undertaken by someone accessing your account without permission. * "Repairs" were made to the account, I'm really not sure what such things would entail, you'd be better off asking for details. So the exceptions. Typically, if an account is found to be cheating, being toxic, etc while under compromise, those punishments will be reversed once the account is secured, however in some cases such is not appropriate. Such cases include (but are not limited to) things like: * Your account has been compromised multiple times, and you haven't made the effort to secure it. * You have shared your account. * Your account has been compromised multiple times, and you have actively given out access again. * The account was not originally yours (belonged to a friend, sibling, was bought etc) * The compromise was done by someone who cannot be accurately distinguished from you, or proven to be accessing the account without your permission (i.e friend, sibling, etc) Obviously only player support has the whole story here, since we can't see all the backend stuff as players on boards, and it sounds like they've probably made their final decision, but there's no harm in asking for more context.
They should at least ask for my location and IP address to compare to the IP address used to login when the offenses were happening. Not once did the Riot support staff tell me that my account had been compromised before or multiple times, they have just stuck to their guns saying the suspension was not unjust. I haven't received a single email from Riot since 2013, so I wouldn't be notified of anything happening to my account. Riot knows that somebody was using my account without permission since they were purchasing items with their own credit card, which they removed those items from my account. These purchases were being made since November 2018 until the end of December 2018, with games being played from that date until the suspension was handed out on 15.1.19 So Riot is aware my account was compromised, they are aware someone was accessing it without permission and buying items and playing games during that period. But it's my fault for not receiving emails from Riot about this activity?
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: Legit got flamed for joining the spectacular club.
Meanwhile they are probably popping outside for a cigarette every couple of games. At least your "wasteful" purchase isn't killing you.
: Punishments issued as a result of compromise will generally be removed once you have verified account ownership, though some low tier punishments like LPQs or chat restrictions will remain, it's possible they have bumped 14 days into this category as well, so basically anything that isn't permanent, but I couldn't say for sure. Without seeing the ticket I'm not exactly sure what part of the process you are in, but it sounds like you've been asked all the account recovery questions. It is also possible they have evidence that you may have been the one to take those actions resulting in or in part resulting in the 14 day suspension even if they account was under compromise. Evidently they have proved the purchases were made under compromise, hence the rollback there. Without the actual ticket we're lacking a lot of context, but the easiest way to find out what's going on, is just to ask them.
They never provided any evidence, I asked them to check IP logins/locations but they ignored this request. They basically just blamed me as being responsible for the suspension which is untrue since I haven't had access for over a year. Yet the person that was accessing my account had purchased items/chests and playing games months before and leading up to the very day the 14 day suspension being handed out, yet they removed the items but not the suspension & honour level lock. Where is the logic in that? Below are some of the ticket responses, as you can see they are not consistent in terms of what happened to my account, e.g they blame me as being the person responsible for earning the suspension but it's the same time as all the RP purchases on my account that they removed: REPTYLER January 20th 2019, 12:15:40 am Greetings, After reviewing your information, it appears that there is a harmful program on your computer that may be allowing unauthorized access to your information. I urge you to scan your computer with anti-virus and anti-malware software to remove the program. After you have scanned your computer, please change the password for your e-mail account as well as your League of Legends account. We recommend that you use a strong, unique password that you don't share with anyone. For more information on protecting your account, please check out the following Knowledge Base article and let me know if you have any questions: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751664 Do take the time to perform the asked steps as it is imperative to ensure the account protection. Will be waiting for your reply. "It's bananas!" Reptyler Player Support Specialist ---------------------- January 20th 2019, 10:45:15 pm Hey there, my friend! Thank you for reaching out in regards to this. I went ahead and checked and it seems that this part has not been mentioned in the ticket where this matter has been taken care of, so I will clarify this for you here. Account repair in means of items and such, are done due to having an impact on you - the owner of the account - alone. However, in means of punishments, since these are based on the behavior that has been displayed on the account in question, it's a matter that's affecting others, and this cannot be ignored. Thus, I'm afraid that even if someone else played on your account when the suspension has been placed, it was the account that was at fault for the discomfort of others, so the suspension will not be removed. Please keep in mind that the security of your account and all actions taken on it are your responsibility. Also, as a friendly note, please also keep in mind that after a Two Week Suspension, the system becomes far more sensitive to your in-game behavior and use of language, and even the tiniest display of negativity can lead to a permaban. Worry not, for players who report you have no effect upon this, as we do not punish players who did nothing wrong. However, any negativity display is to be avoided in order to not get the account permanently banned, so please be careful, ok? I'll be rooting for you and hope for this to not happen. May your nerves be of steel and may the mute button be abused in case someone is triggering you. I understand that this might be an unpleasant situation for your, but I also wish to mention that there are 9 more days to wait until you can get back on the Rift. So I hope that these days will pass swiftly for you, my friend. Thank you for understanding and for your patience. If you have any other concerns, let me know. Kindest regards, ☽ RaynnTheDruid ☾ Player Support Specialist --------------------------------------- KARATHEEM January 21st 2019, 3:34:20 am Hey buddy. Prior to my colleague reaching out to you in regards to this we investigated the matter and checked to see what exactly happened the account. Our Player Behavior team was in charge of this, and unfortunately they were unable to find any signs of the account being compromised in such a manner that would lead us to believe that the suspension was unjustly placed. I know this probably isn't the answer you were looking forward to hear, however I'm afraid that we won't be able to alter or lift the ban. Should there be anything else we can help out with though that is unrelated to this matter, feel free to let us know. Karatheem Player Support Specialist "If you're too big to be criticized, you're too small to be praised." ----------------------------------- HARVESTEROFSOULS January 30th 2019, 10:20:43 pm Hey there, Harvester here. Terribly sorry for the delay - we've been dealing with a lot of tickets as of late. But I'm here now! Indeed, some repairs have been performed, returning the account to its original state - but worry not, none of your content has been removed. Hope that helped clear things up. ^^ That said, if there's anything else I can do for you, do let me know. Wish you a great Wednesday! HarvesterOfSouls, Player Support Specialist "I like my weapons how I like my music... heavy and metal!"
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