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For everyone or anyone: 1. What is the best way to be playing your role? (for example, for jungle, what would be the best jungle path) 2. Any up coming events that may happen that we will be able to see you guys at, like conventions? 3. What are your thoughts on Kayn and will we be seeing him in pro play when he becomes available? That's all, keep up the great work and good luck in future -Emyrald :)
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That feel when you realise they call the duck Rift Frog and vise versa on purpose lol
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: I would say i'm most confident vsing the Chiefs over any other team in the OPL. The reason being we have played each other for so long and they have maintained almost the same roster for such a long time that i'm just really used to their play style even though they are the hardest opponent we will face in oce As for the meta i'm really happy with how the topside of the map is balanced, you can almost see any pick now and get away with it based on keystones and item changes so hopefully we can bring out some cool picks for everyone :) I've watched every episode of RWBY I really do enjoy the show, as for a favourite episode I don't really have one I just really love the second intro
I meant favourite rwby character... whoops, I must've blanked out
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How confident are you guys about facing Chiefs when it comes to that, are you ready?? You've each played around the meta before, is seeing a Ziggs bot comp likely to be seen from you guys at all? (or any other unique comps) Have any of you watched RWBY and if so, which was your favourite character? Cheers! -Emyrald P.S. Tally senpai notice meh!! :P (Idk i'm strange XD)


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