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: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
Looks amazing, but when switching from browser like chrome back to the client, or when you select some options there are still some sections (especially corners) with black screens which don't show the full backgrounds. This seems to go away as soon as I go into queue though.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
I feel like with this bronze is going to be harder to get out of... just because there will definitely be other people in bronze who are trying to win with the same right mindset and training + you are never guaranteed that they are on the same team as you... But in any case, it would make ranked a lot more competitive than it already is? idk
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: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
I'm actually really surprised! I am a bronze player myself (i'm trying!) but when i play support i buy a lot of wards throughout the game,.... so this really shocks me :/
: Order. Chaos. Pick your side
Actually really excited - cant wait for warden and maruder mid champion skins


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