: 2017 ranked season kicks off
Sweet! Thanks for the flex IP boost :)
: New free champion rotation: Draven, Kindred, Malzahar and more!
Everybody be calling top... And then feeding the enemy team.
: February Early Sales!
Been waiting to buy Arcade Riven at a discount price! Thanks Riot :)
: Announcing the Ocean Week contest winners!
Banana boat = product placement? o-o
Hyoton (OCE)
: I messaged the page on fb and sent the link of the original drawing, hopefully they see
Good job all for bringing justice haha Thought that one looked fishy but couldn't be bothered searching for it.
: Hey does anyone know why there is only 18 fan art shown?? I'm pretty sure there were way more that entered. I can't seem to find the rest (mine included). Does anyone know why???
It says "short listed". They probably chose the ones they think had the best chances of winning lol The second one I saw was a cheater's one which is totally unfair.


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