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: ===|||||||| You should be able to buy traps in the store. ||||||||=== - Please vote!
*buys sprayers plant thingy* *definitely balanced* *blast cone* *basically free flash* *honeyfruit* *heal*
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Raptòr (OCE)
: New To League Of Legends - Need Friends
Although I’m a bronzie who’s terrible at the game, I can teach you how to jungle
Freyah (OCE)
: Am I the only one that seems like it's imposible to make friends on Lol?
I find a lot in unranked games but ranked is a whole different story
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: dont play league, bot programme everywere
its funny because most of his games have no bots and it's mainly his fault in one of his games he played with my friend
Overburn (OCE)
: IIRC I'm pretty sure draft pick isn't open before 11 AM AEST
: this new urf sucks
im still in a game as trist 1/8 send help i cant ff yet edit: its finally over it felt like ages but it was only 10 minutes
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VixenKiss (OCE)
: Came across a challenger player in "ARURF"
hey uh i think biofrost is that pro support guy
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: This is why I always babble on about 'counterplay'.
tieger05 (OCE)
: Where the hell is Clash?
: Congrats!!! Dude, I'm on a massive streak. Doing myself proud. Plat IV to Gold III.
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: Why ranked system is so evil.
theres mental helpline
Icy lock (OCE)
: Without watching a game, its super hard to tell whats wrong with your play, however going off your i'd say your problem is playing champions that are too complex. Now i've been bronze 5 before, so i can tell you as someone who has been down there and got out, you need to lock in basic champions so you can learn the basics of the role you are playing. This means no kha, shaco or azir, nothing more complex then a screwdriver (xin zhao and trundle, perhaps amumu/warwick for jungle, Garen/trundle for top, Annie mid). Put some normals into these basic champs, then once comfortable on them, bring them to ranked. From here, you can learn the basics, as you don't have to focus on any complex mechanics and at bronze level, most people do this very poorly (myself included sometimes), so these basics alone should get you climbing if you can do them well, as long as you stick to these basic champions.
the only champ i do decent with is brainless ww now edit: and i havent got a win in 11 games
: When you are jgling. You pve too much and dont ganks. Your dps is terrible.
so should i switch to being a adc main
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Crumm (OCE)
: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Rotating Game Modes
agreed they should get rid of murder bridge you forgot the woods btw that no one plays
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: Pyke's dance
: Proof you can die inside Kindred's ult.
this is probably a stupid answer from a stupid player, but maybe portal jumping doesnt work?
: They do... in China. China is where LoL is still growing. Everywhere else has stagnated.
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: Spark customers New Zealand weird lag last few days?
: I guess it depends on if you enjoy the game or not, if not then what parts of the game did you enjoy and why aren't said parts enjoyable anymore or such. I wouldn't play a game if i was not enjoying myself while playing the game, unless I was being paid to play said game.
tbh, its a love hate thing every time i lose a game, i hate every time i win a game, i love every time i heavily lose a game from a fed jungler, i become toxic and say their champ is no skill and say that rito's balance team is bad for some reason i always come back every time
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: The same reason Flex is disabled in the morning. Very few people play at that time so the que times would be very long, so Riot force people to play the same playlist in order to reduce que time for everyone. OCE sucks for gaming. It always will.
cant they just get rid of aram because nobody plays that and its full of bots
: Because otherwise all the Yasuo/Zed players would quit league, and they comprise at least 50% of the population. Riot couldn't let that happen! :P
understandable, but what about the teemo and zoe players?
Essembie (OCE)
: Now Belgium declares loot boxes gambling and therefore illegal
Kizeod (OCE)
: There should be an XP compensation for time wasted in remakes.
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Kizeod (OCE)
: ^^^ Two useful videos that helped me to quit. I managed to quit league for around a year and a half and just came back recently cause I'm broke af and cant afford games right now, and League is the only fun f2p game I know of (no your wrong fortnite isn't a good game). I don't care much for playing competitively anymore and purely focus on just having fun with old friends. So you can either force yourself to realize that this game and winning it doesn't matter, and then you will start having fun with it again, or you can quit the game entirely. The only real way to do that is to uninstall the game and move on with life. Get a job if your old enough. Go outside. Ask a girl/guy out. Find a new game you can play. There are infinite things you can to do fill the void that league will leave once you quit, you are just refusing to admit it. Its easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you rely upon league, but this is completely false. Hope this helps man. Best of luck.
i've watched both of the videos before which is what motivated me to stop playing league as i can relate heavily to what they state
: It's just willpower. Going back to league is a conscious decision, therefore your brain is still in control. Which means there is no reason why you can't stop yourself from going back. Sheer force of will. However an easier option would be to change your password to: **agfu6tf739gfuG73rtfp93iG4TFw6ft80w** _(something you'll never remember)_, and then you'll be unable to log into your account. You may also want to switch your account's email to a new email address and 'lose' the password for that too, to make it harder to recover your account.
oof but the thing is I don't want to lose the account as I've already spent monies on it so I might want to do something with it in the future. Could you ban me for a day though? I want to see what happens when I do a day without league
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: It’s like winning without actually doing anything. I disagree with this.
but typically the person that dcd takes forever in the loading screen and then you realise you've wasted a ton of your life staring at a loading screen you don't do anything, but it's not your fault that the person dc'd edit: i changed the do to dont
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