: My fave comment to make towards these people in post-game chat is "Why are you playing on OCE if you live in Salt Lake City?"
: I am so fed up with salty teammates.
Thanks for all the support on this topic, I expected a bunch of people to get mad at me for making this post, but there’s still a lot of people that care about this.
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Légs (OCE)
: champion skins based on copyrighted material ?
: Gets really annoying - I just worked mine off the other day.
I'm too lazy to play league with this leaverbuster now... I play other games more instead of league now. Because 1. It was a freaking bot game. And 2. 100 minutes of my life wasted.
: That's true... I have never left a game of league early. The only reasons that I get timers is something software/hardware related. That's why it's so annoying for me, I can't do anything about it.
I get the same, I have 20 minute leaverbuster rn due to software/hardware problems.
: 1 fps, gets 20 min leaverbuster.
This is partly why I hate the game now and left for a while. Riot actually need to care about their playerbase instead of money. I actually think this is funny now.
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: Yeah because a lot of people don't understand that "whales" might make your games, but the "whales" get bored when no one else is playing, "whales" don't like playing by themselves.
Tbh, the only good years in league were 2014 and before. Now, they're losing their playerbase. edit: years not year edit 2: were not was
: That strengthens my point even more! It's just absurd!
200 levels. Grinding, here we come. _10 hours later_ 1 level done! 200 hours left! _10 years later_ Finally! 200 levels! Oh. I just wasted my life.
: I've only been here since season 2 (before OCE existed), and I have never seen LoL in a worse state than it is in now.
I joined in early season 6. And I got a few champions during that timeframe, but not many after I realised how boring playing mid was. So basically I'm trying to get jungle champs now.
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: nightbringer rakan and dawnbringer xayah
No, star guardian everything would
: When i used to play i always had a blast playing ekko.
: Blue Essence Earning Suggestion
I still don't have all the champions and it's going to be impossible for me to get all the champions I want now. So I agree.
: > [{quoted}](name=Epixragequit,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=dGXpy7Pz,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-20T18:17:19.571+0000) > > Does hecarim have high dmaage potential? Oh hell yes.
Even higher than nocturne, rengar etc?
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: {{champion:120}} ftw
Does hecarim have high dmaage potential?
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nemYA K (EUW)
: Blue Essence System is a failure.
I agree... Champions are impossible to get now - apart from if you're low level.
: Why does the new update have to be so rigged?
You have a point, but I'm pretty sure that the new system gives shards per level, and basically that means free champion every 2 levels.
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: Blue Essence for people that leveled up before the update?
And now I find out that you get stuff for leveling up. Shouldn't we be getting the loot that we could have gotten?
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: I like turtles..
Main Line (OCE)
: How long have you played the game for? If it's less than 6 months its best not to jump into ranked, you'll be way too green. I recommend **winning** 200 normals before even thinking about ranked games. While you are winning these 200 normals, focus on learning about 2 champions in each role. Apart from using your ip gained from winning these games to buy those 10 champions, also spend your ip on rune pages and runes for these champions (visit sites like mobafire to learn some tips and tricks on your selected champion). If you have a background in other team war games it may help you in understanding macro plays ( i.e. strategy). Keep the objectives in mind, you win by killing the nexus, this is achieved by killing inhibitors, this is achieved by taking towers in front of those inhibitors. There is no easy quick fix to winning games, you learn by experience mostly. If you wish to be a jungler, remember the ROLE of what a jungler is. That role is to get your team ahead. This can be by getting your laners ahead, establishing vision around objectives that are about to come up to be taken, and denying the enemy team these things. Too many new players chase around the map like headless chickens searching for kills. These players without a strategy end up in bronze. And when you end up in bronze its very hard to escape, because you have to play at a much higher level to carry your 4 bronze teammates who have no strategy in the game. It's much easier however to improve your skill and understanding before you jump into ranked, because then you have a chance of being placed ahead of those bronzers. This is not only beneficial in that your games will be more fun and rewarding because the skill level is higher, but you will also avoid so many trolls and feeders that demoralise teams in lower elo (80% of the entire OCE server is ranked below silver 2). Good luck!
I started around 2015 snowdown.
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: A redesign, enjoy!
I only got a smile....
: Muh'Thra, the Brood Watcher
too similar to rek'sai..
Nightjar (OCE)
: yeah no ziggs doesn't need a buff, he's already a top tier adc.
seen that ziggs one shot towers thing? no buff pls. nocturne is already op enough with his ult. U can 1 v 2 easily, they can't see their allies.
: yeah and he should start with 100% crit chance.
And start with 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999k damage. Don't forget the 999999999999999999999k health! Wait, one more thing, change the passive to 1 hits every champion all game!
: I just hit lvl 30
I understand why. I was a suicidal blitz last game. Is anyone willing to coach a noob for free?
: Champions that need a buff?
Shaco buff/nerf in one. Shaco is weak late game, but is op early game. So how about make it even? All his abilities will have higher cooldowns early game but will get lower late game. His clone's jack in the boxes need to have more time to stay alive. And the clone explosion damage should be buffed.
Lapis (OCE)
: Really? I find it easy to get S ranks with supports, but not anywhere else lol. What are your wards like? That's a big part of how supports are scored too.
I got a 'S+' as support blitzcrank a week ago. I just played it safe.
: What could be a more metal name for this character
: Hey there, * Are you playing fullscreen or windowed? * Are you experiencing similar issues in any other games?
I'm playing windowed. I don't experience similar things in other games.
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: Playmaker: Shotcaller -- Helior
: Zachariah, The Banner of Noxus
I would like to have this champ in lol, it's really different from other champs. He would be a nice support and I'd imagine him as a cross between jarvan and darius. I think the passive on r should be removed while the r is on cooldown though. I think he also needs to have a damaging ability tho, maybe replace e with this? E: FOR NOXUS!!!! Zachariah charges towards a selected enemy then leaves a path behind him that deals x/x/x/x physical damage and making allies gain x/x/x/x/% of their movement speed. And the r should have a timer before it detonates. Enough time for them to flash out, but not enough for them to walk out with boots.
: You only ever need 1 or 2 damage items on Lee because his early game damage is pretty darn broken, then his damage is more manageable as the game goes on. People just learned to abuse the living shit out of his OP early damage spike and go glass cannon early (hence first 1 or 2 items are always damage items) then switch to tankier items later. The reason being, his abilities' base numbers, especially Q's, are all pretty over the roof early, and his R is just hilariously broken which for some reason hasn't been seriously reviewed and reworked yet (it roots the target the instant the ability is activated, knock them back, and knockup anyone in the knockback path, and at the same time the damage scales with 200% bonus AD? Really?). Q is just a murder machine because it by the virtue of existing, scales on a target's missing health, meaning the less HP someone has, the quicker Lee can just delete them from the game; clearly a needed bonus for one of the more oppressing duelist and arguably the most potent chaser in the entire game. All you need to do is either spam Q until you hit an enemy champ and proceed to assassinate them in 1 rotation or so, or if you still can't hit Q which is one of the fastest and longest-ranged skillshot/gapcloser in the entire game, DON'T WORRY, you can't just W near (may need to practice ward-W combo) and "no range like point blank" for your Q. As long as you aren't always using Q as a gapcloser all the time and use it also as a finisher, and remember to AA in-between spams to rack some passive self-synergy, you're doing great already. And at lvl 6, QRQ combo literally already deletes most people who isn't a tank (lasts until a bit later into the game), so it's not like you really need a guide for this champ beyond the basics. Then again, judging by your inquiries of "does anyone have any builds that can 1 hit most champs?" I'm guessing you ain't one of the guys who actually care about others having fun in the game. So nah, no cookie for you.
yep, I'm that type of guy. but what jungle item is the best to take?
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: Small youtuber looking to grow.
Dat moment at 0:58 tho. MLG GANGPLANK OUTPLAYYYYY
: (rant please ignore) I'm so mad right now
That happened in king poro thingy once. We were up to destroying the nexus tower then they summoned the poro king, mf ulted us and we all died. Our jax then went afk and they destroyed all our towers and we lost.
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