Kizeod (OCE)
: ^^^ Two useful videos that helped me to quit. I managed to quit league for around a year and a half and just came back recently cause I'm broke af and cant afford games right now, and League is the only fun f2p game I know of (no your wrong fortnite isn't a good game). I don't care much for playing competitively anymore and purely focus on just having fun with old friends. So you can either force yourself to realize that this game and winning it doesn't matter, and then you will start having fun with it again, or you can quit the game entirely. The only real way to do that is to uninstall the game and move on with life. Get a job if your old enough. Go outside. Ask a girl/guy out. Find a new game you can play. There are infinite things you can to do fill the void that league will leave once you quit, you are just refusing to admit it. Its easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you rely upon league, but this is completely false. Hope this helps man. Best of luck.
i've watched both of the videos before which is what motivated me to stop playing league as i can relate heavily to what they state
: It's just willpower. Going back to league is a conscious decision, therefore your brain is still in control. Which means there is no reason why you can't stop yourself from going back. Sheer force of will. However an easier option would be to change your password to: **agfu6tf739gfuG73rtfp93iG4TFw6ft80w** _(something you'll never remember)_, and then you'll be unable to log into your account. You may also want to switch your account's email to a new email address and 'lose' the password for that too, to make it harder to recover your account.
oof but the thing is I don't want to lose the account as I've already spent monies on it so I might want to do something with it in the future. Could you ban me for a day though? I want to see what happens when I do a day without league
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: It’s like winning without actually doing anything. I disagree with this.
but typically the person that dcd takes forever in the loading screen and then you realise you've wasted a ton of your life staring at a loading screen you don't do anything, but it's not your fault that the person dc'd edit: i changed the do to dont
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: Account perma banned why?
hmmm yeah i dont think perma was deserved
: Positive players are welcome
: 1. Jax 2. Shyvanna 3. Twitch 4. Sej 5. Yi 6. Evelyn 7. Kayn 8. Graves 9. Zac 10. Ivern
i thought ivern was early game
: Jax Chogath Sej are 3 really good late game junglers
what about kindred and khazix
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: TOMATOMETER: 91% - Certified Fresh. Average Rating: 7.5/10 Reviews Counted: 115 Fresh: 105 Rotten: 10 Critics Consensus: The Devourer (or, Kog'Maw Wants More) hits its coming-of-void beats more deftly than many entries in this niche genre -- and represents an overdue, if not entirely successful, milestone of darkness. AUDIENCE SCORE: 92% [liked it] Average Rating: 4.5/5 User Ratings: 3,322
Rectum (OCE)
: Dude, your dps graph is among the lowest next to support. Your problem is, you dont know how to play the game at a decent level yet. When your team telling you to ganks, that mean they are being preasured and you're not doing nothing but jgl creep. Set up counter ganks, wards, pings, type in the enemy jgler gank time. Do something to help your laner!! EVEN giving him a +1HP pots advantage over his lane oppent is a big deal. Dont just afk untill you're lv 6 or FARM AND ONLY GANKS WHEN THERE IS NO CREEP. That is the lowest form of jgling, when i was ranking up from bronze, that was most of my bronze jglers ever does. LV 4 route, recall and dont do shit, not even dropping a ward or track the other jgl. With a shitty jgler on your team, laning phase will feel like a 1v2.
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: Is it time to migrate to dota 2?
maybe but dota sucks ive played it the queue times are soooo long and its hard to learn
: OCE streamers looking for support
specifically what part of australia? i'm currently waiting for this stream at 5:32 nzt
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Husy15 (OCE)
: An Open Letter to Riot
seems extremely detailed
Ethvn (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Canley Vale,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=At3jTGA1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-13T08:38:33.562+0000) > > name changes are free, they cost blue essences which are a currency you don't to spend real money for. Lol only takes about 14 levels which is like 140 games.
i dont think i can do 140 games just for a name change
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: AoE CC Champions?
ryze my boi infinite root
mkxnzo (OCE)
: Make ashe's arrow break apart and stun 3 people. VOte!
maybe it could stun first then slow the people nearby
: New champ Idea
it would be the new teemo
: Looks like a jumping Rek'Sai
no its khazix u hurt my feewings!!!11!11one
: Weekend Preview: The Closest Split in OPL History
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: One shotting (autos/abilities)
i feel that one shotting should still be allowed as you can just build tank or you can pick a champ that has cc or you can pick a champ that can 1 shot
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: basically my feeling aswell except im not spending anything xddddd
oh yeah and i got dark star khazix, blood moon akali, and blood moon jhin i hate my life
Essembie (OCE)
basically my feeling aswell except im not spending anything xddddd
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: Aren't you only Level 23? Perhaps wait until you are at least in Ranked before offering your help.
are you really best evelynn oce
: Tired of playing with bots in my team
the easy option is to take down those websites that sell accounts
: Lost promo series due to client bug
i think its because you didnt lock in your champ
: I OPEN & YOU WIN!!! | Hextech Opening + Giveaway! | $0,00 Opening | #IOYW
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Ethvn (OCE)
: How is this fair? Seriously, tell me.
I think I saw you in a bot game the other day and you were running down mid repeatedly. i ended up not being able to fit in a game because of that. or maybe it wasnt you idk
Moonbro (OCE)
: I got panalty like when I queue, I have to wait for 20 min
what was the client problem like? was it a bugsplat or did you straight up leave the game?
mkxnzo (OCE)
: Loading screen
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: Are they bots or new players?
I believe they are bots. And I think they’re made by other people unless if rito is desperate to retain the number one most played game spot
: Which champ is good for dueling?
oh i meant like the custom 1v1s like you make a custom game and then you fight your friend. sorry for the wrong use of words
: Silver ADC/Jungle?
Essembie (OCE)
: Zed walks into a bar ....
thats sad what if teemo, zoe, or yasuo do? zoe would get kicked out because shes underage teemo would place a bunch of shrooms that 1 shot everyone in the bar yasuo would be in the same situation as zed
: Fedora the Explora
Oh cool I might buy fedora!
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: Poor Ol' Fiddle me timbers
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: My fave comment to make towards these people in post-game chat is "Why are you playing on OCE if you live in Salt Lake City?"
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