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: Soraka's heals are too strong
I see where you were getting at, I just played an Adam game last night and we left raka alone bc we felt she was useless but she ended up carrying the game (from heals and dmg), but there is counter play to her. If you dodge her star call she loses the ability to heal back from it and with the re-introduction to executioners calling dealing with her shouldn't be much of an issue anymore
Bombolz (OCE)
: Ranked Queues - How to improve the system
Have you considered the new ranked system for season 6, because you can queue up with more than 1 person now in ranked and that can lead to exploits with your pause suggestion. As for the slow load up, yeah I have a below average loading time (my Mac friend loads faster than me now rip), but when I'm in game unless something happens with the internet there's no problems. I would like to get a computer at least $800 but I currently can't bc 1. I don't need it right now and 2. Can't afford that luxury YET. **Yeah so what I'm saying, slow load ups aren't bad, friend got to D4 on a Mac with long ass waiting times. I guess they're just annoying, but with the new updates people(macs) will start loading faster** Other than that good suggestions and this wasn't a hate post towards apple or windows
Essembie (OCE)
: Pre season is awful
I admit this new update introduced a lot of changes that I currently am a bit sceptical about, but like all patches I'll get used to it. It's weird, but stay strong my friend. Look forward to new season ranked bc that's the best time to ranked again.
Bunny (OCE)
: What if I just bought RP recently?
Nope I'm 90% sure it doesn't work that way for the RP purchases (this is just from my personal experience from S2 till now)
: Or how about you just accept that Riot is giving you the option to pick more than one role. If you don't want to fill, don't. It's really that simple.
Honestly this is just a suggestion, for me I don't really mind what happens I can adapt to changes and at least be able to play every role. I'm all for picking two roles I'd want to play, it was a random issue I thought about when looking at the preseason patch videos.
: Opinions/advice wanted
First I think the music was a bit too loud but maybe that's just me. I'm not really experienced with making videos, my friend has but he isnt uploading very frequently. I reckon that if you wanna get better, watch how other people do things (make sure not to steal anything ofc) and just adapt it to suit your own style, and don't forget to keep posting, a regular schedule helps as well. Again I'm just giving tip on how I think you should, and it's not {{champion:86}} teed ;)
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GigaPube (OCE)
: ikr, giving advice to people on the internet then belittling them for not knowing the question they just asked. fuckin antisocial losers
It's okay, I'm used to the people of the internet. Thank you :)
Bipolar (OCE)
: They're a batch file, so you can just edit them and see what they do. What is wrong with people on the internet.
Thanks for the help bro!
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Bipolar (OCE)
: OP should be banned for playing Maokai and going negative with that broken cancer champion.
Don't know if srs or...
: jynx
She has no mobility so you can take advantage of that
Aidan7787 (OCE)
: Looking for a casual team to just learn and improve not serious
If you can't find anyone, I reckon just find a champion you like and keep playing that champion in its respectful lane
GigaPube (OCE)
: wait that malz was support? smh....
It wasn't his first time might've been good in another comp, but it was pretty selfish for him because we lacked a tank. He did good damage wise though, just could've been better in a different comp.
Ninox (OCE)
: I'd definitely recommend Maokai jungle for anyone who doesn't jungle often. My second is jng but, I don't know the mechanics/counterpicks well enough, or have a large enough champion pool in jng so if I'm unsure I usually safe pick Maokai (or if they're AD heavy, Rammus). Slow he may be, and he won't necessarily carry, but he can be quite strong and he's a real safe pick to have because you're guaranteed good cc and some soak. tl;dr I like Maokai and agree with your choice to play him The GP is one of those players who's gonna trash talk you whatever you do/say, he's the kind that waits and watches for the slightest thing to go wrong and fins someone to blame for it (if he was adc I can almost guarantee he'd be abusing his support) so your best option is to not respond (even if you don't mute them) and hope they get bored. Ofc it doesn't help you here, and it's a frustrating solution but...other than reporting them, it's all you can really do.
I definitely got a very negative vibe from him during the game, it's really funny how these people try to spread lies to get others on their side.
: I hadn't thought of maokai! I'm still messing around trying to find a go to jungler myself. May give him a go
He's a pretty standard jg, not a carry one though. If you want to carry I'd give Vi ago, my D4 mate plays him a lot and he says she's great at carrying.
Warau (OCE)
: Um I was on a roll with him at one point but the thing is he doesn't seem good in the jg anymore. If you see most junglers they're like damage overall with very little items to keep them healthy. Maokai just seems to be a bit to slow. He's now and better played Top lane. Sorry.
I had the choice of Vi or Mao and chose Mao because of the fact my team didn't have a tank. Personally I think he's an alright jungle, but yes I do get your point of how he isn't as good in the jg right now.
: You're probably the type of person that never wards and blames your jungler when you get ganked - the way I read the original post is that an entire team got ruined by a well played rengar, and thus they blamed maokai. I mean, it's easier to blame maokai than to admit rengar was better than them
Yeah the other team played very well, and we did our best. **I don't blame him for doing bad mechanically in game**, he did good in zoning and what not, he didn't even want to surrender early, we only had the vote to surrender once and it was a 1 yes and 4 no vote. It was just the attitude he portrayed in this game.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Edited out the name and shame (reporting other players).
Just did it, sorry about that
: It is really unbelievable for people in plat to actually play Malzahar support and then not buy a sightstone ..... Anyway it is not you to blame for losing this game. Other than that the enemy team comp looks really scary as well with multiple aoe cc from Kalista, Alistar, Wukong and Syndra so the chances of you winning teamfights is extremely low if the enemies are grouped up and that wukong get a good initiation on your team. You obviously did your best by doing what you think your team needs. For example the sightstone and also playing Maokai because your team clearly lacks a tank. Other than that you might want to censor the names of the teammates in the picture because i believe this is a form of name and shame. You did what you could and your Maokai pick in my opinion is a pretty good choice into a kalista and Syndra because kalista mobility is denied by Maokai's twisted advance and Syndra is really easy to gank because she lacks mobility. I am not a jungle main and don't really know much about jungling but a tip from me is to always look at the minimap and take a look at where rengar/enemy jungler apperead and invade the enemy jungle when they are spotted and ward their jungle. I believe warding the rengar's jungle will help a lot because it will significantly reduce the effectiveness of a rengar stealth gank. Other that that im pretty sure that rengar is terrible at farming the jungle and have pretty bad early clears and takes a lot of damage from the jungle so maybe play an early game jungler to shut him down. Its seriously not your fault so don't feel down and move on. You get bad teammates and that is all to it.
I'll get to bluring out the names, but yeah thanks for the advice bro I don't usually get riled up about these things, it's just this one game. Totally forgort about the game until I logged in again ahaha.
Jason (OCE)
: There's a lot of points to consider here. - Flaming Excessive swearing and abuse is never acceptable, so they're an ass for doing that. - Competitive This was a ranked game, which most people take seriously. Furthermore, you're in Platinum, relatively high up in ranked. If you can't be at least competent in every role, you probably shouldn't be so ready to play ranked. - Learning The best way to learn is by playing, so you would invertently get better by playing a role you're weak at, but there is a non competitive environment where you should learn the fundamentals first. you were kind of in the wrong for bringing unbalance to their competitive game, but at the same time, he was an ass. Report, and git gud
Thanks for your input, jungle has always been my weakest role so I usually turn away from it, never playing it because I was just weak in it. You're right though, I should go grind some normal games as a jg. Thanks for your input bud! :)
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