Mindstar (OCE)
: You're my muse, what can I say?
: The party IP boosts for for those who have friends already on league, the RaF is for introducing new friends to league. they are two different things that fulfil different purposes, you can't compare them. also what might affect their data is that because RaF was added late to OCE most people already had their existing friends make accounts before RaF was implemented and play with them on party IP weekends, this means that more people will show up as participating in IP weekends than RaF, (also most people just add any random 4 people into the lobby, so the stats about playing with 'friends' are inaccurate anyway) what they have failed to realise is that as you make friends you will introduce them to lol, but making friends (and moreover friends that have an interest in games like lol) doesn't happen overnight, and the few months RaF was available here, doesn't give it enough time to fully be used properly. its a long term scheme unlike IP weekends. also yea it has a big player base, but a large number of children are born every day, which means every day a new generation of children becomes of age to play lol and a generation becomes to old and stops playing lol.
> Recent features like Party IP, friend discovery and last month’s Team Up and Pool Party helped players play with friends and unlock cool rewards while doing it. We plan on forging ahead, concepting, building, and supporting social systems and features that do all the above. I'm not saying that it's the only thing in comparison to RAF (I didn't exactly compare the two, merely showed they have other alternatives), but Riot is looking for new ways to pass on the incentive to play with your friends and to get involved with the community. Also, just inviting 4 other random people to a premade group for a party ip boost is not a bad thing in itself -- it allows you to play with new people and to make new friends in itself. A program which happens to give you incentives for inviting friends is okay, but if you're solely doing it just for the rewards and not to make the experience enjoyable as a whole in playing with friends, then I think it isn't. Riot is working and collaborating in trying to come up with new ideas to make the overall League experience fun -- just because RAF is coming to an end, does not put that to an end.
: Shouldn't then we have it extended for our server? NA gets it for many years OCE gets it for a couple'o'months (Typical American view of fairness)
Thing is, Riot has introduced the Party IP boost weekends etc, which have significantly increased and gave more of an incentive to play with your friends. Most people nowadays have friends who are already on League, so the system got made slightly redundant since it has such a wide player base already.
: Well I'mnot inviting my friends to this game anymore.
Well you shouldn't want to invite your friends primarily just to get a reward out of it. The program was an incentive to get your friends to join the game so that more people were aware and it got a wider audience of people playing it. You should really only want to invite friends so that you can play games with them and have fun, not just because of a reward. Plus Riot is implementing new systems lately, such as the Party IP boosts, etc -- so they're giving you an incentive to play with friends more often so the experience becomes more enjoyable as a whole.
: They say retire in 30 days then say it was retired yesterday???/
The actual page itself has been shut down as of yesterday. The program as a whole will end on **October 5th** so past that point you cannot send anymore support tickets in regards to referrals and rewards.
: "Thanks for participating over the years" how many years has it been active on oce exactly??
They literally copy/paste everything from the NA page. It hasn't been active on OCE servers for as long as it has over there.
: Update: Refer-a-Friend now retired
This has a bunch of contradicting dates thrown into this article. Forgive me, but I'm just trying to shed some light on this. So the actual page was shut down as of yesterday (**Sept 5th**), and the entire program itself expires within a months time, so by **October 5th** we will be unable to send support tickets in regards to any unclaimed rewards we may have earned for the program. > In the meantime, RAF remains fully operational, so you can still earn up to 5000 IP, as well as Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch **by referring five friends before August 20** Riot? It's now _September_, not August. Therefore by your statement above no one can earn any of the rewards because that date has already passed. Can you please correct/clarify so that other people aren't confused/upset.
: Pretty sure selling your account isn't allowed dude. :o
As per the terms of use every player agrees upon when playing League: > D. Account Sales. The Account supplied to you is personal to you, and Riot Games does not recognize and _expressly forbids the transfer of user Accounts_. You shall not **purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or make any such offer**, and any attempt shall be null and void. Any distribution by you of your Account and/or your Login Credentials (except as expressly provided herein or otherwise explicitly approved of by Riot Games) may result in suspension or termination of your Account.
: Battle Boss Blitzcrank sends skins into hiding!
Was really hoping exiled {{champion:25}} would **maybe** be included in the legacy sales. Oh well, time to get that {{champion:22}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:51}} and {{champion:9}} skins before they become legacy!
JT28 (OCE)
: What if you already have the lunar godess skin? Does it still count in the purchase??
It would be the same as if you owned the champions included in the bundle I believe. It would be excluded, and therefore you would get an even more discounted price. You can simply check by going to make the purchase of the particular bundle and seeing if the skin is excluded as well in the bundle contents.
: {{champion:122}} seems like he would have it too easy to get bloodrage on simply a kill. He can just waltz in, KS, then go on a rampage with no effort. I think He should only get his bloodrage from fully stacking someone, or ult killing someone with full stacks on already. (So it refreshes the duration and it's not just wasted before you can use it on another champ.) Another question I have about {{champion:122}} is if you get bloodrage, will the duration be reset from attacking someone else giving them immediate full stacks? I kinda agree on you with {{champion:72}} though. I think it will be annoying, kind of being forced to counter jungle, or give your opponent free gold. I don't like that it gives gold if they take it, but I'm fine with it otherwise. Maybe if it healed the enemy, or something like that to help their clear instead, but not forcing you to help the enemy snowball. That seems unfair to me.
{{champion:122}} The bloodrage only "activates" once he has full stacks of his passive OR executes with his ult. So basically he could literally come in, ult someone and get bloodrage activated and basically attack everyone in sight. Because with bloodrage active, any champion he attacks gives **full stacks of his passive**. So basically it means in a game with Darius, once he hits lvl 6 you'll just have to be more wary within a teamfight as he gains increased attack damage and also applies full passive stacks onto you. With {{champion:72}}, although he is a jungler, with the neutral "objectives" especially during the start of a game the enemy jungler would be able to capture a few on their jungle early game. I think if the objectives were to spawn not immediately into the game it would provide a better chance. I think its good that anyone on his team however, may capture it for him, especially the positioning of these objectives. Because more often than not, someone on his team may need a buff and can help capture the objective whilst doing so, and also around Baron and Dragon -- that's where most of the team usually groups regardless to capture objectives throughout the game. I just think with this they're trying to add too much into it for {{champion:72}} in my honest opinion.
: Gameplay update: juggernauts
lolololol rito shipping {{champion:86}} {{champion:55}} again. Darius in a teamfight is now going to be hell, whether he gets full stacks or with his ult. I don't get the Skarner changes -like, it seems to me to be similar to {{champion:432}} and his charms, and is going to make him annoying to jungle with since you now have to worry about these "objectives" also. The {{champion:82}} one sounds interesting, but also seems a tad bit odd to me. I don't really main any of these champs, just giving my five cents on my initial thoughts :)
Bilva (OCE)
: Does this count if i've played the old GP on free week??
You have to OWN Gankplank as a champion in order to get the skin. So if you played him while he was free-to-play, that doesn't count I'm afraid. But if you already own him and have played him in a matchmade prior to him being disabled, you've already done what was necessary and you'll just have to wait until they roll out the skin to those who've completed it
Daferrett (OCE)
: Hows about unlocking him to play before giving out skins for playing him . . . . I think it should just come free for that stuff up RITO
Well considering that you do **unlock** the skin for free if you own GP and play at least one matchmade (no custom game) with him... they are giving the skin for free. He will be re-enabled in patch 5.15 which servers go down in preparation on 06/08 -- that gives you four days to play a matchmade with him and get the skin. If you don't want it, you don't have to. It's not like they're forcing it onto you.
: Gangplank returns and the event end draws near
GP will be re-enabled per patch 5.15 which will be released in time before the event ends. If you already played a matchmade game with GP before he got disabled due to the Bilgewater storyline, you'll get the free Capt. GP skin when they finally roll it out to those who earnt it. http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#oce - servers go down on the 6th of August in prep for the new patch update. That means from the 6th you have approximately four days left to play one matchmade game (customs don't count) with GP to unlock the skin when they roll it out. Hope this clears any confusion you guys have!
: Riot OCE Update and Q&A
Was wondering if any of the Riot team could give their own feedback on an idea I placed on the boards awhile ago... http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/Fulx1HeL-gifting-ip-champions-riot-devs-please-read Would really appreciate it.
: That's stupid. Wards aren't available to track neutral monsters, they're for tracking your opponents. If a team doesn't ward and then tries to take baron, they're gonna get buttfucked, automatic timer or not. This change is to stop the snowball effect of taking barons and dragon on respawn, because that strategy is cancer.
I didn't say wards were solely for tracking neutral monsters but wards **are** to provide vision for your team on the map. I've just seen quite a few games where some people apart from myself don't even provide warded vision of enemy team around dragon and baron. I just think this may cause for some people to get lazy in terms of warding and not ward prior to the respawn timers which they should do regardless but eh.
: It makes sense because both teams hear their death sound globally if it dies now regardless so you know it's death time even if you're not there, the game is just being more kind to deaf people now
I just think people are going to be more lazy when it comes to warding baron and dragon and stuff because oh they hear the death sound globally and now the timer updates so there is no need to ward. Also makes for sneaking dragon harder since it will be more obvious now. At least with baron once you get it the other team knows due to visual buff indicators
: when i long in on the bottom it says i have 5.14 but i dont have all they stuff
Patch 5.14 isn't even out to be patched yet, the notes for it only just got released. It will be a few more days before the client updates to the patch
: Patch 5.14 notes
I reckon for dragon/baron you shouldn 't be able to hear the death sound globally. With baron if the enemy team has it, sure you can see the buff on the enemy team, etc. With dragon you don't see any buffs earlier on in stacks. I reckon you should only be able to have the timer updated if you have warded dragon/baron or have vision of either on time of death. In games I've played some people are utterly lazy when it comes to warding etc, and this will just give them the excuse I think that "oh we have updated timers regardless, etc so it doesn't matter".
: Limiting to 3 is something i may have missed in my gloss over, however then i have to ask how is this just not a pointless thing? People with tons of IP can sink maybe 20k, and then nothing else they can do with it (and if someone knows 2/3 people who have massive IP stores that don't plan to use it on themselves, they could get 9 champs for nothing, this probably isn't the best). And sure it's an alright idea, it's just not something that makes sense if your gonna put a limit like 3 on it.
The limit of three is to prevent misuse of buying literally every champion for a completely new account if you had the IP saved for all of it. In my post, I said initially we threw the idea that a person could only RECEIVE three champions, but then that would provide anyone with the means to basically "sell" the champions they gifted for IP they've had lying around collecting dust and then getting some form of money out of it. That's when I suggested that instead, put a limit to THREE champions you are individually allowed to gift to anyone on your friends list (following gifting standard rules of course). But the limitation to just three isn't set in stone, it was just a number I threw out there because its the same number of times you are allowed to refund a skin, etc. Also, how is it unfair? There is would be a limitation on how many you could gift using IP -- gifting champions using IP wouldn't be unfair because essentially someone with money could just BUY all the champions for RP. Would that be unfair? Also it's not really that unfair, considering RIot gives us the opportunity to try out new champs every week, and every champ has their own strengths and weaknesses. You just need to know how to use that to your advantage. It's not like I'm suggesting being able to gift runes because then that would be pointless and a major disadvantage.
: >But what I don't get is why we cannot have the option to gift a champion or two to a friend. The problem being that means the people with no need for IP can make smurfs and have most champs available instantly, and/or give it to someone else completely, sure this isn't a problem for the league PLAYERS persay but it is a problem for riot side as less money will be spent on buying champions.
That's why I stated that EVERY account should only be able to send a total of THREE champions. Much less the same implementation as refund tokens. Most people don't have lets say... ten smurf accounts all for one person. That's ridiculous. Regardless, most people that I know of purchase the champions with IP themselves, and use RP for skins and such. So it wouldn't really be that much of a loss, considering each person would only be able to gift away 3 IP champions (it doesn't FORCE you to do so, if you don't want to -- that's fine). Also, Riot has other ways of making money (ie: skins, ward skins, chromas, icons, etc). Who's to say they won't implement another feature in the store to make more money. They are a company who has a free to play game but as a business -- yes they aim to make money off of it. Then again, what company wouldn't want to? Again, there's the debate over whether Riot actually cares about what the players may want, so we will have to see what their own response is to this. I think for one, that they do care but I understand as a company they do need to make money somewhere.
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IlCosmoll (OCE)
: Like he said. Boy who cried wolf. No one believes you after you talk enough bullshit.
Yes but I'm just trying to differentiate the fact that _if_ a player sent false reports, would their reports still be looked at but lower priority OR would they outright be ignored after a certain point. I understand the concept of "boy who cried wolf" but that doesn't exactly explain the system being implemented in full which is why I asked.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: The system will detect false reports. If you send fake reports then it's like the boy who cried wolf, they carry less weight.
Question alongside this: if someone continuously happens to send fake reports about other players would the system prioritise their report lesser than say any other report? Or would it reach a point where even if that person _**actually**_ reported another player for let's say...racial slurs,etc -- would it then be ignored completely due to the fact the have falsely reported many a time before then?
: the skins look great but can you guys do some on garen and talon
Garen has had chroma skins for a while now in the store...
Tenri (OCE)
: Just one question. Can I only purchase the winter orianna skin {{champion:61}} but not the bundle.
Sadly, from the looks of things you can only purchase that particular skin with the bundle only.
Spudicas (OCE)
: Ok riot You have done a great job with this but there is something that everyone wants, a new {{champion:238}} skin since the tank meda is going away I though it would be a good idea If you guys could add some skins for champs that have only one skin like zac and zed ext.. Now if you agree with me like this I wounder if riot will listen to us.
Uh, with the recent patch and the Pool Party event {{champion:154}} is getting a Pool Party skin and also 3 chroma skins...
: Don't you mean **PENT-ARRR-KILLS!**
Upvoted this comment solely for the puns.
Makra (OCE)
: "TLDR: Later this summer, we’ll launch our next event" Funny that, in OCE summer isn't here for 6 months.
I love how they simply copy and paste the articles and posts from a different continent. It's fine if they do that, but could they please just tidy up the dates in accordance to formats and such for OCE? It would save a lot of people who _may_ get confused by this and would save unnecessary questions.
: Where is our Pool Party Mundo skin?
We didn't reach 55mil in order to get the skin (and the champion if you didn't own him already). We only reached 45.3mil. The Pool Party Mundo skin will initially be on sale in the store sometime within patch 5.12 for 975RP.
: how do we get the mystery champion
> Mystery Champion unlocked by 16:59 AEST on the 02/07 for all eligible players > You must link your Facebook and League accounts to unlock the Mystery Champ; [Here’s how](http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/find-your-irl-friends-league-now)
: I won a matchmade party game last week. Where is my reward?
If you read the above post, it would say when the specific rewards will be rolling out. Please read the post before you comment something which you would have known the answer to if you had read above.
There's a new gnar skin in the works! Gentleman Gnar!! yay c: {{champion:150}}
: About the mystery champion, what happens to all the people that has all the champions such as myself? Does that mean we get nothing?
As it has been asked many times and answered many times as well -- if you own all champions you will receive a mystery skin instead.
: Hey look {{champion:154}} has two of the same chroma skins........really riot?
To be perfectly honest (despite me not being one of those people), but for those who have been constantly saying "Zac needs moar skins!!" you should be happy that he is now getting both the Pool Party skin and also three chroma skins. I think it's great they're giving him more attention than what was initially asked by the community. {{champion:154}}
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Im gonna guess sometime between this week and 2 weeks (not next week, but the week after)
It should be within the next week or so, as I would presume since the Pool Party minions will roll out alongside the patch 5.12 and they would either update during the sales/IP weekend or just after. It would be weird for them to wrap up both the pool party sales and the ip boost weekend and then release the patch with the minion skins a week or so afterward.
: Patch 5.12 notes
yay I've been waiting for the Morgana chroma skins! {{champion:25}}
Eshe (OCE)
: Considering the total is updated by 9AM PST everyday until the 21st -- does that mean for us it will end on the 21st or the 22nd (because PST is 19hour or so behind us?). All things aside, I reckon we will be able to at least make it past level 4 (possibly level 5 as a stretch) as we seem to be at approx. 30mil points total by now and it's currently Saturday for PST -- so hopefully that brings more people to play and contribute to the community total across all servers! I do hope by some stretch we _could maybe_ make it to 55mil for the Mundo skin -- I'm not holding hopes on it but if we do reach it I will be impressed given how the actual event started off slowly and progressed from there (as people here have exams and such also during these weeks).
Also check [here](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment) for any people who may be looking for a group or people to join their own group. Also just inviting your own friends and then giving them invites to invite their friends helps everybody get a shot at 5-man premades and helping the community reach the goals! Everybody wins!
: i almost feel like we wont hit the 55 mil mark it seems like a lot
Stay positive, you never know unless you keep trying! The point increases have spiked quite a bit over the week, and considering it's the weekend more people are usually playing which gives more opportunity to get as much points as we can! {{champion:99}}
: Too bad they made the pool party minions. We didn't even reach the 35 millions mark. :( {{champion:32}} {{item:3073}}
I assume its based on PST time as thats the timezone it updates from. We still have all of today for OCE, plus we look to be at approx 30mil total right now, so reaching level 4 and the pool party minions isn't far off given the spike increase of points gathered as the week has progressed onwards. Stay positive! :)
: I see the fudging of the numbers has begun... from a 2.5-3 mil average on the first 3 days to 7-8mil jump on the 4th?
Updates are based on PST timezone so the actual deadline for the event would end on the 22nd for us I believe (as that would be the 21st for PST). Plus considering it's the weekend more people generally will play, providing more opportunities for the community to get more points. In theory, there should be some what of a spike increase within the next day of points hopefully granted it is the weekend.
: Do we still get points if we play solo? :o
You must play at least **one** 5-man premade game and _win_ that game to qualify as contributing points to the community total. Easiest way is to invite a few friends and have them invite their friends until you have a group of five people before a game. Also the game cannot be a custom or against bots, best check the FAQ for any confusion -- all the necessary info is listed there.
: Team Up & Pool Party
Considering the total is updated by 9AM PST everyday until the 21st -- does that mean for us it will end on the 21st or the 22nd (because PST is 19hour or so behind us?). All things aside, I reckon we will be able to at least make it past level 4 (possibly level 5 as a stretch) as we seem to be at approx. 30mil points total by now and it's currently Saturday for PST -- so hopefully that brings more people to play and contribute to the community total across all servers! I do hope by some stretch we _could maybe_ make it to 55mil for the Mundo skin -- I'm not holding hopes on it but if we do reach it I will be impressed given how the actual event started off slowly and progressed from there (as people here have exams and such also during these weeks).
: Champion and skin sale: 20.06 - 23.06
I don't know if this is possible, but what I would really like is for us to have the ability to purchase certain skins regardless of whether we have the champion or not. Like more often than not, a particular skin we may want may not be on sale often, and when it does you may not even have that champion (like right here; the Officer Vi skin I _realllly_ want, however I don't own her). It would be cool if you made that an option as you could only really use the skin IF you eventually saved up and got the champion, otherwise it sits on your account until then. Cause you'd still make some money from the skin, however usually when a skin comes along on sale, you don't necessarily have that much RP/IP to buy the champion as well and to save up for most champs it's like 4800+IP or so...
: we need a 2nd zac skin
Once patch 5.12 is released there will be Pool Party Zac from the store available for purchase. If I'm not mistaken also, there's also going to be three new chromas alongside that patch for Zac as well so he's getting quite a bit of attention as far as skins are concerned recently! :)
: So i if played one game with 5 people im viable to get the rewards if we unlock them?
Yes -- as long as you create a party prior to a game with 5 friends (If you don't have enough friends you can always give invites to your friends so they can invite their friends and so on), it counts as a 5-man premade. As long you as a team win at least one game and it's in Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, or the Crystal Scar -- you count as contributing towards the community goal. Bots and customs do not count either.
Serealii (OCE)
: it says itll launch when 5.12 starts, but it's still stuck on patch 5.11?
Patch 5.12 will be released shortly after the Pool Party event concludes. The event is currently running for the remainder of this week, only the Pool Party skins and such will be available from the store once 5.12 is available for patch.
LokiRoA (OCE)
: Can you gift someone anything? Even Summoner Icons?
Yes, gifting anything listed in the gifting menu of the store to one of your friends counts.
: When is 5.12 comin' out man. IM WAITING {{champion:154}} {{summoner:6}} {{item:3113}}
Patch 5.12 will be released shortly after the Pool Party event concludes.
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