Ninox (OCE)
: The localised pach notes (that is, ours and not NAs) list the 26th. Whether it's at midnight, 3am~ or 11am~ (as other such releases have been in the past) I couldn't say, but it should be up by tomorrow afternoon.
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: Ban Appeal for league of legends
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: What a load of shit. You buy 3 orbs for 750 RP (250 RP each) and get a skin. If ~60% of the skins are at least 975 RP or higher (it's closer to 70% if you include the 750 RP) you at least break even 60-70% of the time. You make a ~143% profit if you get a Legendary, ~50% profit if you get an Epic, ~320% profit if you get an Ultimate. Then you have Mythic skins that are invaluable (it usually takes about ~$100-worth of Orbs to get them through Gemstones). In effect, you can get every skin in the game via the loot system at ~30% off.
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: Intellect play a big part in decision making. If people cant discern the rights from wrongs; Then who should they blame it on? The world for tempting them? Their own naivety that lead them down the path of ruin? If you are not bright enough to steer clear of lamentable paths, or the strength of character to combat temptations, then you have no chance in hell. Adults or kids. Tell me again, what chance do people have if they're lacking intelligence?
Bookbash (OCE)
: Those sort of players have the worst attitude to the game. Had this inting Janna in my game recently. They tried to hold champion select hostage by saying "Someone needs to dodge". After the reply came back "yeah, you" then stated that they would int and just take cleanse and ghost summoner spells. They not only ran it down the lanes, but kept the surrender vote invalid until 20 minutes of our time was wasted. This is one of the main reasons why people quit the game, you cannot escape from the time wasters. [NEACE]( said it best on his Fortnite stream when he compared this team game to basketball. If you join a few players for ball at a local court and they act like arseholes, you can just leave the game. You're not trapped in that situation. So my friend, it is going to cost you a few minutes to make sure they are punished correctly. If you feel that this is worth it for the community's sake, then do this: 1: Screenshot in game action 2: Copy the pre and after game chats 3: Upload to a site where you can combine them all 4: Include the link in your report Should probably take you about 10 minutes after the game, but they won't be coming back. Just like the Janna. [Link removed, censor the names if you wish to re-add it but I feel the point has been made.]
it is far easier to get banned by playing well and calling someone a dick than it is by being silent and ruining games through trolling.
: > What hope have kids got? Their parent. Their own intellect. these are "adults". Again, what hope have kids got?
: #Malicious intent I don't know how directly loot boxes affected the gambling age. Im sure they aren't solely responsible. However, from whatever angle I look, I just can't justify the need for loot boxes in the first place. It's not like games don't make enough money from micro-transactions already. The only reason that loot boxes exist, is because companies know they can exploit the psychology of their audience. And that to me is a far greater problem than the boxes themselves. The boxes may well promote gambling in younger demographics. But we all _(well, most of us I assume)_ went to fairs and carnivals as kids, we all bought raffle tickets and lucky dip tries. Tried our hand at arcade games etc. So the exposure was there already _(although maybe not as readily accessible)_, its not like gambling is this brand new concept that kids have never encountered before. The real problem is the deliberate **intent** to get minors hooked. That is nothing short of criminal! ____________ #Where is the line? When loot boxes exist as a side feature where it's just an alternative lucky-dip way to obtain the same products available from micro transactions. Then I think they are relatively benign. It's just kind of a buyer beware situation. But when loot is actively putting pressure on you, and tons of temporary loot exclusive items are hung in front of your nose, (much like how league goes about it). Then I think it is actually malignant, and can definitely see it causing problems in younger players _(hell, even in older players)_. I truly think businesses should be held accountable for that sort of behaviour, it is purposefully callous and malicious. #IMO: **It's fine to have gambling in a game _(to a responsible extent)_. It's not fine to pressure the player to use it.** When hextech crafting first was introduced into league, it was basically perfect. A neat reward system to give players who don't want to spend money, a chance to own a few skins in the game they love. Everything in the loot was permanently available _(i.e. no risk of logging in next week and the sick af Rumble skin you always wanted has disappeared)_. And there was only one loot exclusive item, and that was Hextech Annie, as a nice bonus to hope for every time you opened a chest. If you wanted a specific skin for a specific champ, you would just go to the store and buy it. But If you wanted a few cheap skins/champs you could spend a few dollars on chests. Now. Hextech crafting is one of _(if not THE)_ worst aspect of the game. Anything worth anything only comes up through the loot system, and for exuberant prices. It's greedy and heartless, and I can easily see how it would cause problems. It's a blatant betrayal of the player base's trust.
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: > [{quoted}](name=QAPLA,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=2E0boPIl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-22T03:11:47.015+0000) > > I'll stick to my alcohol addiction, gambling has never been my thing. Same
I'll stick to my Brony addiction. Tried alcoholism - didnt work long term.
: Just make sure children have a proper education in mathematics and it's not an issue. As long as everyone realises that "the house always wins".
well I agree in principle, but if that was true in reality then casinos and poker machines would not be a viable business model. And those are aimed at adults. What hope have kids got?
Ninox (OCE)
: Ah ic, I was under the impression ultimates always gave you the shard, but I guess they work like any other, if you have the skin it auto redeems. Still, could be worse.
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Ninox (OCE)
: I have rather the opposite problem. I don't play enough to get oodles of keys and my duo (much as I love him) always gets the S grades so if I have a chest available it gets added to the pile pretty quickly. You can disenchant permanents can't you? Or maybe you can only disenchant them if you own the skin already? I had an ultimate shard that I disenchanted but I did already have the skin.
wasnt even a shard. The skin just got activated automatically.
Socon (OCE)
: Anyone who runs in with q first is a trash voli anyway. You're meant to walk up, pop e, wack them and wait for a dash or flash then q, finish with w.
you aint my dad.
Kronicler (OCE)
: Petition to keep borders earned from last season. ~*~*~
Socon (OCE)
: What are you talking about? Voli is horrible right now, you should blame riot for trying to make him into a top laner when hes meant to be a jungler. I miss my veteran scars + stoneborn + health runes voli jungle, one shot squishies when you gank properly.
voli is good, but counterable. Morg? GG voli. Ryze? GG voli. Anyone who prevents him from runing = GG Voli. Same as tryn. Dont see him much up high because his kit is easy to kite if you know your arse from your elbow. Yi too. but they can truly dominate in my ELO.
Ninox (OCE)
: The orbs certainly seemed rather lackluster for their cost (though I only got the free one), I spent any spare tokens I had on key fragments. At least DJ Sona gets you quite a bit of OE, I got a 750 tier Legacy skin from mine :(
I've got key fragments coming out my ears. Have about 12 keys. My issue is chests! Yeah I cant complain with DJ sona, but it was a perm, not a shard so no disenchanting.
: Everything seems to be working fine, it got fixed pretty fast.
yeah they got on it pretty quickly. Was back about 45 mins after my post.
OCEshots (OCE)
: absolutely never a reason to give up below diamond.
I think your bullet point advice is really good. But I disagree about giving up. I think a lot of matches are winnable, but if the team gives up and cant think strategically enough to draw it out and get back in the game, there is no point. Agree to disagree I think.
OCEshots (OCE)
: you still have until mid Feb to get your honor level back and you will receive respected rewards. 'Seras dragon' knows where to find this info I Replied to your other comment so i dont want to repeat myself for the sake of i'd like you to read it
OCEshots (OCE)
: i don't think any game below diamond is worth abandoning. i once vs'd an akali irel and they both had over 5 kills by 10mins (i was top lane and my jgler kept trying to gank) and i was only playing tryndamere and i gutter stomped them because yes they knew the champ but they had no idea how to maccro. unless you're in an elo where it is punished for your mistakes at no point is low elo worth giving up. thats why people say 1 trick a champ. if you 1 trick a champ you know which items to buy in every situation and thats not like "oh but i've been 1 tricking for 6 months now and im still not winning" dude 1 tricking is 100% playing that champ and even trying new builds here and there, knowing cooldowns knowing match ups and so on. i've played over 1000 games of tryndamere, master yi and varus as well as 500 games on kled, taliyah, xayah, talon, viegar and malz. and i still try new builds here and there and i know when i can even fck around and do troll builds that still work and i guess thats why i'm finally plat3 now. when i was silver i thought there was no way i could ever get gold blah blah but points i will always give: - Mute all at the start of the game. its low elo everyone thinks just like you "i am better than everyone els" when they're not but you are! - practice tool is your best friend. It's there for a reason, use it because you're only going to get better at combos - play as if you're 1 v 5 dont ask for help learn the match ups. - DO NOT EVER IN YOUR LIFE TYPE IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. like kingstix says "do not even say GJ or TY as they will then expect it and if you dont say it later it may tilt them." over dramatic i know but it's so true
maybe if you're a duo or flex, but PUG? the coordination required to come back and the challenge of people giving up just means that the defeat is just drawn out. You want to split to put pressure, and catch up with farm, then watch the team dive a 4v5 then blame you. You want to team fight and get wiped? feel the rage. If I were in voice chat with all my team members then I'd never give up. But not in PUG.
OCEshots (OCE)
: The whole point of the new updates and so on is that you have time to come back. Maybe stop wanting to give up and just focus on winning the game you are in
some games are definitely worth abandoning because trying to coordinate a PUG with a losing team comp just wont happen. But plenty of games are recoverable but surrendered too quickly.
OCEshots (OCE)
: So how did everyone go with their season? everyone reach their goals?
I reached my silver goal with a clean honour slate all year, but 2 weeks out from end of season I got salty at a bot yas troll I had in two consecutive games who (not surprisingly) fed the shit out of lane both times and I got a chat ban (and honour lock) for suggesting he needed to pay the oncology fees for the cancer he gave me. No border for me. Rip.
: Yeah I can't log in either... Also I'm not entirely sure if the windows update is related as I was able to login after having updated a few hours earlier. It started for me at around 8am AEDT.
yeah I was in no dramas last night. Challenge I am having is that the login issues QRG isnt really geared to windows 10, so trying to implement the same solutions are not as straightforward.
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Ninox (OCE)
: I think they own all the skins? Pretty sure the only way to guarantee those rerolls is to own every available skin, since rerolls are (I believe) guaranteed to give you a skin you don't own. Or they got obscenely lucky. Hardly a position the average player would be in though.
I realised there was no way I was going to get the 2500 (I would have but I spent 1300 not realising the skin was a thing and only got back up to 1000 - with only a short time to go and averaging about 30 a day there was no way it was going to happen). so I got some orbs and bought a few chests, and all I got was DJ sona permanent.
: It took me exactly 5 re-rolls to get. The other 4 being K/DA Evelynn, Akali, Ahri and Kai'sa.
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Nikki (OCE)
: Trolls should be punished for baiting. They're manipulating the emotions of other players. Anonymity isnt an excuse to be manipulative online.
to be fair I was being sarcastic in my post above. It is utter bullshit that a person can troll and say nothing, and another can play properly but call the troll a dick and get a chat ban for it.
: The Kai’Sa chroma was announced, teased, and claimed to be sold for 2500 tokens since the beginning of the event. I play a few games afterschool and I’m at around 1230. It’s very achievable in my opinion, considering I only play for a few hours inbetween studying and I’m already half way there. I have been trying to get level 7 Irelia and keep getting S- so I do get the 8 tokens + the win tokens, but keep trying. To be in track you’ll need about 975 tokens by the end of the week.
I spent about 900 not knowing about the skin. FML.
Ninox (OCE)
: It's not as affected by games played as you might think. Me and a friend who plays triple~ the games that I do hit Honour 5 about a couple weeks apart with similar behaviour. It's more about consistency. For most of the season I only played about a game a day. The average player is earning a checkpoint about once a month.
I was just shy of 3 (tend to get honoured more when I carry rather than when I engage in DST, which is about 50% of the time). --POOF!-- gone. Got a lot of hate for playing singed recently too lol.
Nightjar (OCE)
: you need an honour level of 2 or more I think, which you have by default unless you've been toxic and inting.
or if you get frustrated at a troll who intentionally ruins multiple games and then reports you because you asked them to pay your oncology fees because they gave you cancer with their trolling.
: You keep honour for DCing/AFKing rather than being pulled down to their troll level. Better to get a time penalty on queue times than lose all that hard earned honour. BTW, which honour level were you before this? If not 5 yet, you can't be 'that' honourable (or maybe you just don't play much).
on my way to 3. I thought that was kinda reasonable. 5? That would take me years (full time work, get 1 or 2 games in a day) with the odd day here and there that I can binge 4 or more.
: The reality its easy to automatically detect bad language and punish. its very difficult to automatically detect disruptive/trolling gameplay and punish, or at least there would be a lot of cases of simply bad players being punished. The other reality is that programs handle most of the report/ban systems, it would take a ridiculous amount of resources for Riot to have employees look at every report. I feel your pain, I really do. I know first hand of someone whose account was perma banned in similar circumstances - verbally abusing people who either intentionally ruined games or were just so selfish and childish that they did it unintentionally. That account had somewhere between NZD$500 - $1000 worth of RP invested in it. Theres not much you can do except hold your tongue no matter how obnoxious someone elses behaviour is. If they aren't literally inting down mid or AFK theres little chance they will be punished even if they are singlehandedly ruining games.
it is just so ballachingly frustrating. Worked so hard all year. Lost my cool in one game at an intentional troll and the intentional troll reported me, now I'm locked out of honour rewards. Because the system lets trolls roam free but punishes those who get annoyed by trolls. Just fucked to be honest.
Istypuff (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Essembie,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=UK2Ag1BX,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-10-23T22:31:44.639+0000) > > dont talk in chat. Only way to avoid restrictions. 100% True I went into 2 games. Not this account but another. In one game I completely owned up. I went like 22 to 1 KDA. Full aussie toxic. Calling everyone drongos. People that need to be taken out the back and shot and so on. The FULL AUSSIE TOXIC! Then on the next game. I went 1 to 22. Calling them all the same things I said before again. Only thing that changed from the game I owned up to the game I didnt. Was the amount of people reporting me. Riot / Green posters and so on claim " It isn't about how many that reported you. It is about what you said "... This is a load of dog crap. It is 100% based on the amount of people reporting. Only way not to be ban now days no matter.. /muteall. They cannot ban what they cannot see. I have proven this before also. I inted on another account for over 100 games every time I played it. Then finally it got ban. 100 games later mind you. But hey.. Stick by this auto ban system riot.
it is a sad situation but it is what it is.
: Its called common sense riot are well known with their shit punishment system to let actual toxic players go unpunished and the ones that retaliate and or defend themselves are the ones that get banned
Lapis (OCE)
: Does anyone want to make the push to gold with me in flex?
619 (OCE)
: Trash Talk vs. Toxicity
the system is trash.
: How to fix negative behavior outside of text chat
just dont get frustrated at a troll because they'll carry on while you get a ban. System works.
Ninox (OCE)
: Nope you can't.
well chat would seem to be disagreeing with that fact.
: You get rewards for being honourable. You clearly weren't. Stop whining.
once in the whole year I lost my cool. thats it. The troll gets off scot free, I lose rewards. seems fair.
Husy15 (OCE)
: As someone who has posted about how the report system is busted: i disagree with you, almost entirely. What you're referring to, is how you were restricted over 1 game, and how your actions were validated. however while bans are coming out, nothing is present except for your own actions. Lets take the real world, if someone kills your mother, it does not give you a just reason to kill theirs. If someone flames/trolls, being toxic/flaming back, will get you banned, and i don't personally see anything wrong with this. lets discuss?
you see flaming as worse than the trolling, even though there is a mute button? You see the immunity of trolls as fine whereas the frustration of players wanting a good game spilling into chat a bannable offence?
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Ninox (OCE)
: Why does it matter in the slightest what language they speak? It's not like they weren't communicating, they asked *in English* if the guy wanted to swap and he didn't, the other players were communicating a swap between themselves, and the jg didn't lose anything by not being able to understand them. Imagine this, you're playing with a friend who you have an inside joke with, and you make that joke in chat in game. A player's response is "Jokes I can understand or I'm going to ruin your game". Seems a bit of an absurd reaction does it not? Or should you also be denied a friendly chat with a teammate with an expressed shared interest because it isn't strictly gameplay related and therefore not effective communication? In a normal game no less.
Can we insult people in chinese without fear of repercussion? [Lest we forget](
: What do you think of ppl not speaking English?
I mute all anyway these days tbh. Just not worth the risk of calling someone a peanut and then getting banned.
: I got banned after 1 game too, mine was a little more extreme but I never said anything racist or anything involving death. Riot's support system is to inconsistent to allow such strict verbal abuse punishments. but it is what it is. Riot do not care enough about the in game behaviour, and if anyone disagrees with that, send me proof. I am actually de ranking because people resort to in game trolling if ONE thing does not play out the way they want it. I would confidently say that 2 out of 10 games I play is playable, the other 8 games is lost before 5 minutes of gameplay, I am only referring to my solo/dup queue experience.
but call a troll a troll (or a dog or a prick or whatever) and YOU get punished.
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