: My Ban Appeal
They don't refund your money like that. All you spent wasn't actually purchasing those skins/champ/whatever, you were leasing it out from Riot. Therefore, they have nothing holding them to refund you. It's written clear as day in the ToS... The ToS you AGREED to when you started playing. Don't agree to something and then complain when the agreed terms are brought into action. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: How many Boards posts do you have?
Report Seras for scripting! :P
: larger normal
lol There were also typos in the recent set of missions xD
: Im toxic.
"kys" is an insta-ban word, I'm afraid. Oh, well. Either quit, level another account, or buy one.
Raptòr (OCE)
: Looking For Duo For Solo Queue
As a piece of advice, if you've only been playing Bots, you're not ready for Ranked. Go in now, and you'll quickly end up in Bronze V with 0 LP and garbage MMR, and then whine on the Boards about ranked being unfair and that you deserve to be a much higher rank. **1 level's worth of PvP spamming is NOT enough.** Trust me, get good in PvP (ie Normal Draft) before playing Ranked. You and your future Ranked teammates will be thankful about that.
Mixi (OCE)
: LF 1 person to complete 5 man flex team silver 5- gold 5
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest - Sponsored by Logitech!
Does it have to be great singing? Or do meme-y songs count?
: 7 comet proc Annie (ARURF)
Probably bug, given that it's URF.
Rioter Comments
: Depends what your playing in mode but : Nasus is good top lane , cause all you do is farm , it may sound boring but if you stack enough minions ur stacks are your damage and you can carry your team . Urgot : Can be Mid or Top good champion as a late game carry or mid game it all depends if you play aggressive or passive ADC: Ashe , Ezreal , top 2 ones I do for adc . But if your doing off meta in like bronze elo : Nasus Mid , Urgot Mid , Garen Mid , Teemo Mid
: thanks heaps my friend, but any idea what tournaments may be counted as semi pro, or amateur tourneys :/
I believe Throwdown Esports and SumSocOCE Splits are some (as they are two of the biggest amateur/semi-pro tournaments), but can neither confirm nor deny, since the article didn't mention any specific ones.
Quinncest (OCE)
: To all Quinn players
Based on recent changes, Marksmen base AD is down and Crit items are more expensive. On top of this, Infinity Edge is no longer an early powerspike item and more of an item that gets stronger as the game goes on (provided you build more Crit). They have also made it so the game is easier to snowball and hence games end fairly quickly. This is why we have seen bruisers and fighters in the ADC role since they get to their powerspikes faster, and why Crit ADCs have fallen out of the meta. **TL;DR** - Not sure if Crit is good on Quinn herself, but Marksmen Crit builds are definitely not in a good spot at the moment. I hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: path to ocs?
I remember Riot mentioning that they would be sponsoring certain amateur/semi-pro tournaments that would count as either qualifications for OCS or as official scouting grounds. This would have been in their post on OCS/OPL/Academy at the end of last year. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}


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