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Shankš (OCE)
: Macro
What helped me with this was a Pant are Dragon video from a while ago where he broke down his macro decisions, and how that along with rotations allowed him to get a 15 minute inhibator. I have also seen others recommend this as a good example of learning macro. Here is the video: Ignoring the cringey title and intro, the rest of the content is very good, and demonstrates how to transfer a lead into a win through macro alone (since there weren't many kills in the game). I hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
WilliK (OCE)
: Is Rumble top & jungle viable? (For ranked and climbing)
Rumble isn't exactly popular at the moment, but if you put in the effort then it can work for you. If you want to check out these things, I would suggest looking on (here is the Rumble page:, or on (here is the Rumble page: As you can see, he is mostly played Top. His statistics for Jungle would be different. For one, Jungle Rumble is harder to do, mainly because he isn't designed for Jungle as much as he is for Top). For another, those that play Rumble Jungle have also played a lot of Rumble so understand his mechanics. Hope this helps :D {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: i get kicked for queue dodging even though i selected a champion.
Did you Lock-In your champion? Unlike Normals, where you don't have to lock in, if you fail to do so in Ranked, they kick you out. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Unfair Ban - Ban Appeal
Whatever the % signs indicate is probably one of those insta-ban words that are automatically picked up by the system.
Tele (OCE)
: That text you underlined is a bit weird, I'll ask around and see what that's about. Although it does make sense that they didn't act on this case since report had already gone through the Instant Feedback System. Remember it's not like you get a harsher punishment or faster escalation because you sent it to Riot. They still have to abide by the same rules the Instant Feedback System has. So if the IFS had already dealt with it, there's no benefit to it being dealt with again.
Well, using the IFS, death threats are instant bannable. However the player in question is still playing on the account, even though he used flagged words/phrases, got reported with IFS, *and* got reported in a ticket. Since Riot refused to do anything based on a ticket and the flagging system is automated, everything rested on the IFS, which clearly hasn't worked.
Tele (OCE)
: It's normal for them to ask you to remember to use the Instant Feedback System in the future since it's more efficient. But this the first I've heard that they're telling people they're not doing anything with reports. The report category is there after all, so they should be taking these reports seriously. Do you have a ticket ID, post, or screenshot of that message? I'd love to follow up with a few people and see what happened there. I provided screenshots of the chats as well as giving timestamps for other areas in chat that I didn't manage to screenshot. I also mentioned that I also used IFS, but sent a ticket to make sure. The Rioter basically said "death threats aren't allowed, I can't act on tickets, use IFS".
Tele (OCE)
: Yeah so this behaviour is really bad, I think that stands by itself. As for your question on reports; pre-game chat is [recorded]( and you can be punished for breaking the rules there just like you can in-game. The current recommendation though is that you report them normally, but leave a short description note outlining that this person was toxic in pre-game chat. If you forgot to leave a short description note that's fine, just send [Riot Support]( a quick report request with the evidence you provided here. Make sure you use the _"I want to report abusive behavior, cheating, or a malicious link"_ category. Best of luck :)
Just letting you know that sending it to Riot Support doesn't work. They just tell you they're not going to do anything and to use the IFS.
: I'd love a rioter to read this.
Unfortunately Riot doesn't care about that. The IFS rarely works, and if you screenshot everything, highlight the bad stuff, and send it to them in a ticket, they say "Thanks for reaching out to us. We're not going to do anything. Use IFS". What is the point in them even having a selection in the drop down menu for a ticket dedicated to reporting such behaviour if they don't care? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: A bunch of questions that I am desperate to find the answer to
1. Other than changing it with the in-game Settings menu, I have no idea. 2. You know how Ctrl+Click is Danger? If you Ctrl+Click on an enemy champion, it says to back away from them. 3. Only for the Lunar Revel skin you got it from (or the set of Lunar Revel skins that were released alongside as long as you purchase them all before the end of the sale). 4. You're either having a very bad loss streak at the start of the season, or you're ranked higher than your skill level and are simply outclassed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now about Kha'Zix: Kha'Zix is not an easy champion. There are many intricate factors that go into his playstyle and kit. There's also the added bonus of Jungle being different to every other role, with different knowledge required. If you're maining Jungle, Xin Zhao and Warwick are both really simple to play and easy to pick up. That said, if you enjoy Kha'Zix, by all means play him. Your entertainment is more important than listening to someone make you play someone you don't like. It'll take a while, but with enough practice you can easily get good at him. 18 games in the last month is simply not enough. Looking at your OP.GG, it seems like you jumped straight into Ranked with Kha'Zix (but that could just be OP.GG being funny). Your itemisation is also... how do I say this nicely?... bad. For example, building Last Whisper into a none-tank/bruiser team. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to improve with Kha'Zix, I would recommend watching some guides or Challenger VoDs, and properly analysing them. And when I say Challenger VoDs, I mean Challengers playing in high-Diamond+, not a Challenger smurfing in Silver and building AD Crit Annie. Here are some videos to check out: - LS Coaching a Challenger Kha'Zix: - Danyon Togia Challenger Kha'Zix commentary: - OCE Kha'Zix (no commentary): - Metaphor Coaching a Plat V Kha'Zix: - Nightblue3 (on his Challenger account) playing Kha'Zix (just mute the weeb stuff if it's unbarable, but a good watch): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this helps :D Good luck! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
HeartVine (OCE)
: [Suggestion] Ranked Restriction
I had a similar version of this in a Reddit post I made, except tied to the Honour system. Inting, trolling, or a very negative attitude all affect Ranked, and since the punishment for these results in the player dropping to Honour Level 1 or 0, I suggested making Ranked exclusively for those with an Honour Level of 2 or higher (similar to how Clash is only for Honour Level 3 and higher). Unfortunately I had no idea for reducing this behaviour in Normal games, but Ranked is definitely not an environment for this sort of nonsense. I know other games implement a minimum Honour or something for their Ranked queues. Mobile Legends has a minimum requirement for an Honour score of 80/100 for Ranked, and 60 or 70 for PvP. HotS even goes as far as only making Ranked available when you have 14 Heroes who are at least Mastery 5 (granted, their Mastery system goes to 20 and Mastery 5 only takes 10-15 games). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also don't think the dodger penalty should be that high. It is a legitimate climbing strategy to dodge bad games. Perhaps something for repeated dodging, but I shouldn't be punished for dodging a game where 4 people get autofilled, decide to troll and run it down Mid, and even declare those intentions in Pre-Game chat.
00shots00 (OCE)
: ye they should've made sweetheart rengar and khazix
xD Kha'Zix with the isolation damage lol
00shots00 (OCE)
: ?? whats up dude
Riot making skins for Valentine's Day, but nothing for the equally important Singles' Appreciation Day.
: Does Riot even care about the aram bots?
Bots are used to quickly level. People buy level 30 accounts, then spend RP to get a name change or skins or whatever. Buying RP gives Riot money. All the bots are doing is making Riot a lot of money. Why should they care about the playerbase when they're rolling in a mountain of money?
Fiirnok (NA)
: S2 lookling for free coach
I think you'll have much more success asking on the NA Boards... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Champs with Gap Closer and Stun???
Camille's E is a gap closer which, when it hits a champion, stuns them. She is in a *really* good spot at the moment, with NO signs of a nerf anytime soon. She relies more on macro knowledge than micro mechanics, but if mained and played properly, can provide some freelo.
Alease (OCE)
: Waring kingdoms evelynn....
: And the biggest lie was told that day.
> not to mention a slow which is accidentally coded as a bloody snare It's not coded as a snare. If it was, old Evelynn wouldn't have been able to cancel it with her W. > Now im no maths wizard, but I know the basic equation: 0 < 2 That's a basic inequation xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But let's be honest here. Given all that, Nasus is still very fast. The new runes even give him better lane sustain that before, so he can just tank all the harass he wants and just farm, and then regen it all back with Overheal and items, so playing to stop him from CSing is futile (unless you're Teemo, whom the Nasus would probably have banned).
: Blood moon
Riot mentioned Blood Moon for 8.3, so I would expect to here something about skins in the next week, or so?
nicnetnoc (OCE)
: Any champs with the capability to play any role?
Teemo can literally play any role. I've seen him Mid, Top, Jg, ADC, APC, and Support. Annie can Mid, Top, and Support fairly well. Jungle is a bit troll but possible in low elo if you're good. APC can be done too. Fiddlesticks can play Top, Mid, Jungle, and Support. Twisted Fate can Top, Mid, Jungle, APC, and Support (I have seen stun bot TF). Taliyah can Mid, Top, Support, and Jungle. There are most likely more, but these are all that I can think of from the top of my head.
: Starting to feel a little like someone is manipulating this.
I got 2 chests... one with Sivir and one with Amumu. What a great way to reinforce S ranks by giving 90 BE as a reward...
: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
Is one of the changes URF? > We’ll still be running favorites like ARURF ARURF isn't a favourite... URF is. If you cared about the community at all, you would know that. We know you lack interest in the playerbase and are only about the money, but the more you ruin your game, the less money you will earn... So at least *try* to show some semblance of care. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: What is Your "Custom Status Message"?
"I hate inters..." or "Eve to Masters"... It varies.
Jason (OCE)
: just curious, you're posting this from a level 10 account? Confused a bit
This is their Boards account. Their gaming account was Silver, the last I saw. They have 2 separate accounts.
Gehirn (OCE)
: In-client email verification kicking off in OCE
Does this at all effect smurf accounts under the same email address, or does it work the same?
: Riot's Moderating practice, and Tips.
Also, don't forget that if your teammates are the ones who rage and int, they don't get any punishment whatsoever, but if you do it even slightly, then BOOM! permaban...
: Season 8 is HERE!
I'd actually forgotten how bad the start of the season is... 3 games, 3 losses, all due to inters... Ahhh, the joy of the start of the season...
: Removing Sightstone? Are you high?
As an Eve OTP, I can say that Frostfang will still be very viable and Riot's attempt to make it more Support friendly and less friendly towards AP Junglers has gone wrong. This essentially gives me Green Smite active while taking Blue Smite. Pair this with Zombie Ward, and this is going to be very strong. Not to mention it still gives me 10% CDR, 45 on-hit magic damage, and gold generation (which won't be delayed due to me farming monsters, not minions). Only difference is swapping out the *Stormraider's Surge* passive for the Ward passive. You also forget that they decreased the Tribute amount by 250g, so it's down to 500g. So you get Sightstone *for free* (saving 800g) AND earning at least 500g on top of that. That's 1,300g towards another critical item.
: What do you want from me? O_o
CS is a very large contributor. I can have an average score of 6/2/1 on Eve, yet get an S because of my CS being so high.
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