: Average OCE plat game.
Average OCE game*
BowWowzer (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Exarch Leona,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=OHQLPEp0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-30T11:31:38.289+0000) > > Riot ARE ignoring it. > I've brought it up multiple times with 0 response. I know they are ignoring it, I am just asking strats to play soloQ
>strats to play soloQ Step 1: Don't -OR- If you're an idiot like me, nuke supps or Susan top. If you go nuke supps, just take everything, your ADC isn't going to be smart. If you go Susan top, just farm all game with the odd protecting of the base.
BowWowzer (OCE)
: SoloQ Life not so fun
Riot ARE ignoring it. I've brought it up multiple times with 0 response.
Kasaii (OCE)
: Gaining 12LP and losing 27LP.
Someone explained this to me a while back. "Don't gain much because you're versing trash so you don't get rewarded as much for beating trash. But if you lose to trash, you'll get punished for losing so badly" Pretty much how they explained it to me, but that was like, earlyish last year.
: Why are yasuo mains so toxic
Oh boy, just wait till you see the ADC mains.
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: But why purchase an account, why not just make a new one? I mean, I guess the time it takes to level it is pretty consuming but other than that it couldn't be that worth it?
It really isn't worth it, but people are lazy. Inta ranked ready account with untainted mmr? Ill take that.
: > [{quoted}](name=El Gringos,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AqbELAcq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-24T01:51:58.412+0000) > > i played ranked for first time on a saturday night, i normally play mornings during the week, ive actually never seen such clowns, people were afk 2 out of 3 games, forcing a remake, then the game that there wasnt an afk it was just trolls Yea I don't know, I might be slightly over exaggerating I guess but it definitely feels as though all the "sickest lads" are on at these times flexing their "I'm better than a gold player, I don't care this is just my smurf account" attitudes. I honestly prefer games where no one talks, and it's just pinging. But you get that one guy that's super optimistic in champion select which turns out to be the biggest %%%% in the game if things don't turn out alright.
Fun fact: The people saying this are usually people whos alts are in bronze/iron and gave up on them because messed up mmr so theyve bought a new account.
Istehz (OCE)
: Looking to start a semi-serious-fun team that consists of players from Silver to Gold
Support main. I like to bant though, and knowing this community, wouldn't that count as being "overly toxic"
: As a support main i agree with this, but also disagree with the comment about afk farming. Your adc (providing they're winning the farm game) can turn the tide of a game, especially if they're an entire item up on the enemy adc and we peel them accordingly. As a side role top laner, who solely believes in AFK farming/Splitting to win games, this is a simple "I have more gold, therefore do more damage (or tank more) than my opponent will ever be able to do" situation. Applies as much to splitter's as it does to adcs (Who understand their role) Both of these strategies require you to actually win the farm game though, so i see where you're coming from about adc's being useless, especially in plat or lower, where adcs barely amass 80cs/min. Its also notable, that adcs below plat have 0 positioning skill, and thus often lose fights just by being a few units short of their necessary placement on the map. But we also need to factor in, not all supports can support (most are autofilled), those that know how to support know their role (usually) either to peel or to set up. This makes adcs less likely to pay attention to their supports, because maybe they had 20 games with autofilled supports who did nothing but fail them. The solution. Stop autofilling people, so actual supports get their role, and adc's don't always get some trashbag who has no idea how to play.
>Your adc (providing they're winning the farm game) They even fail to farm. They're usually down about 10-30 farm when laning phase ends. >those that know how to support know their role (usually) either to peel or to set up. I can set up the easiest and cleanest kills, even if I have to sac myself for the adc to get a quadra early game (yeah, im the kinda support that gets a perma 4man bot game) >adc's don't always get some trashbag who has no idea how to play Im a support main, more than often, its the adcs that have less than 0 idea on what they are doing.
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: who takes more skill?
Jhin. Afk farmin as cait vs q farmin
: (OCE) Permenent Ban Appeal : AllThatJazz
This is hella tame compared to most games i've been in tonight alone.
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Gehirn (OCE)
: The Tribunal hasn't existed anywhere since...what year was it... 2014? Definitely don't confuse the player review based Tribunal with the machine based instant feedback system. Tribunal was sloooooow, taking months to process cases and potentially inaccurate due to human... biases. IFS gets the job done in 15 mins or less or your pizza's free, and since it's built off machine learning algorithms it has a higher hit count (due to it's speed and confidence) and is less prone to fluctuations in what behaviour/actions are penalty worthy. That being said, because IFS doesn't review games from "rational human" perspective, it needs to be tuned back a bit in order to not start throwing out false positive bans. Every day, players are hit with penalties and bans for continuous griefing or giving up. These bans do occur, but because players are prone to rating any tactic they don't agree with or a simple mistake that anyone could make as "intentionally feeding" or "trolling", we have to limit the aggression of IFS otherwise we start shooting out false positive bans like ya wouldn't believe. So we (you, me, all players!) definitely should keep on reporting **legitimate** cases of int. feeding or griefing/trolling because our report might be the report to actually get a ban over the line. What the Tribunal **did** achieve that IFS does not is the catharsis we get by feeling in control of determining if a report is ban worthy. That sense of contribution and cleaning up the community the way we want. For some of us that's what Tribunal provided, unfortunately for others it was a place where they went to hit a button marked "punish" 15 times a day without reading a chat log, meaning cases needed more time to gather more reviews to improve accuracy, meaning the punishment, if any, was handed out way after the offence (days, weeks...months!). IFS doesn't have that, but at least it gets us that sweet "we've penalized a player you reported" style message relatively quickly after the report if it is actioned.
What ever happened to it? That was like, the greatest but flawed system ever.
Hawckey (NA)
: bro you're nuts, it is SOOOOO easy to soft int in this game and get away with no consequence, but god forbid you use a meanie feefee word cus riot will slap that ass with its authority of righteousness
I had softdrink go through my nose. Absolutely savage. And true which is worse.
HeartVine (OCE)
: > Why don't people get punished for Griefing? Quite simply, they do. The thing to keep in mind is that there's a lot of factors about the situation that may make it *seem* like they don't, and even so I doubt you'll find someone who wouldn't say that the punishment system just isn't as efficient as it should be regarding gameplay offences. One thing to keep in mind is that gameplay offences are a lot harder to verify compared to other types offences. For example, it's a lot easier to see that someone is being blatantly racist to another player than it is to distinguish between a genuinely bad player and someone who is *intentionally* playing badly. With that said, there's a couple things I just want to note about this situation. Firstly, the Tribunal was removed on *all* servers years ago (OCE never actually had a Tribunal) because it was vastly inefficient. For example, the community often voted for unnecessary punishment/over-punishment, meaning almost every case had to be manually reviewed, whereas the current system can manage being largely automated. It took several weeks, if not months, for basic punishments to be implemented, the kinds of punishments that the current system can manage in under 15 minutes etc. Secondly, and I know it wasn't mentioned but I just want to make sure everyone is aware, while the Instant Feedback Notifications are a *great* way to know when someone you reported has been punished, they shouldn't be relied upon for complete communication. They're often unreliable, not showing up when they're supposed to, and often only showing up for the *most recent* reporting player. You should never assume a player *hasn't* been punished just because you didn't receive the notification.
> They're often unreliable, not showing up when they're supposed to, and often only showing up for the most recent reporting player. If they could fix this so I can see how many of my reports get through, that would be great. Because if I get one more afk/inter, im gonna scream.
: makes a lot of sense if it has been, but i doubt it.
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-au/2018/08/will-tribunal-return/ BRUH BRUUUUUUUUUUH
: Tribunal system is an absolute joke. suits the company it belongs to.
Wasnt the tribunal stopped for the OCE though? To "fix" it or something then just completely removed "The tl;dr is Tribunal isn’t coming back any time soon." ~ Rito, 2018
: reported 1 player and ever since then ive been stuck with them?!
You shouldn't be put with them, but you will be. Reported multiple trolls/afkers and I still get stuck with them often.
: I mean you wouldn’t get banned for botting if you didn’t do that .. FACT. Either you’re not telling the full truth in order to look like you’re not in wrong OR you account shared and someone else used bots on your account.... so easy to lie on forums so without proof it’s your word against riots.. riot doesn’t care that much to just ban you for no reason so you must have botted . case closed!
Imagine unironically believing this. False positives have been on the rise, the forums prove this. So either; this is bait, or an attempt to be edgy af.
: Will this client ever be fixed?
Ugh, tell me about it. Last year, and most of january, was getting Critical Error, bugsplats and some over error, usually all in the one game. Not as bad now, still get the occasional bugsplat, but games broken af right now.
: You're telling me mate, I made a new account and literally from level 1-22 - there are still bots in every single game. I understand some people may not be as good as others, fair play - but you can usually tell the difference between a bot and an unskilled player (in role/tactic/mechanic). Bots usually always follow the same routine of movement and attacking every single time. They will buy items that make no sense and won't talk the whole game. I just keep reporting them because it does honestly ruin the game for everyone. Other then that though, just hope the RNG gods don't put an AFK-script into your game.
2 Questions aye. 1st: > Bots usually always follow the same routine of movement and attacking every single time. They will buy items that make no sense and won't talk the whole game. I usually do this, because I know if I talk, ima tilt myself and other players. Ill have a bant pre 1 minute 20 second mark, but after that I will rarely talk because I got a job to do. I usually also use the same methods every game with a champ (different champ, different method, but all the same aggression or passiveness) Does this mean you consider me a bot? Because some people just dont like to talk in a game. 2nd: > RNG gods don't put an AFK-script into your game What makes you hope he won't get them? Its at the point its common as hell, but is unpunishable because "AFK farming isn't a thing". Im not taking a shot or stab, i really just wanna hear your view on this.
: jungle is unfun now
In both their and your defense, most JGs just afk farm ALL game (I really wish I was joking) but I wanna say you're trying but I dunno, I haven't seen you play. But sounds like you are though.
Ornn (OCE)
: Matchmaking does not work
I'm getting the same. These people are just way too hard to carry. Mostly because they all legitimately believe afk farming wins games.
GRF Dusk (OCE)
: Toxic players
I probably wouldn't be so horrible to people if rito started giving me 5v5s. Not this 1v9 bullcrap.
BowWowzer (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Exarch Leona,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=d1EV9nYh,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-03T03:57:13.267+0000) > > Could believe this, had a mate get a chat ban for telling someone to shush and play instead of talking moreso than playing. > Can confirm rito doesnt care. Was a great game -_- https://gyazo.com/bc025492f2a5c69bd834a3fe49a4b041
Yall got messed up daaaaaaaaaaamn. Nami not rushing censor though, that hurts.
: The game is toxic, just like gotham city -.-
Gothams cleaner than league. change my mind.
: Could you explain this in more depth? Does this explain how I go demoted instantly after 1 loss at 0 lp?
A loss at 0LP pretty much secures a demoted rank. But sometimes you'll get lucky and not. I really can not figure it out for the life of me. But at the moment, ranked is unclimbable because : 1 - The average game will consist of you, 2 feeders, and 2 afk farmers. 2 - The game will pair you up with low ranked players with terrible MMR, while placing you against high ranked players. (pretty much secures the higher ranked players free LP) 3 - People have the firm belief that afking/feeding wins games and will act on it. 4 - People just stop aiming to win after 1 death because "MUH PERFERCT KDAZ MORE IMPERTENT" Riot won't address this either because it's not flawed (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, come on, everyone knows it is), so therefore there is no problem. And if there is no problem, why fix it right? Rankeds a joke and currently filled with boosters (you can tell with how they play followed by their attitude) so i'd recommended avoiding it till they've done their job.
BowWowzer (OCE)
: Riot won't do anything unless it makes them $$, I got chat banned for trying to get people to play the game, wasn't even being toxic. just getting fed up with people with 10 deaths at 15 minutes into the game
Could believe this, had a mate get a chat ban for telling someone to shush and play instead of talking moreso than playing. Can confirm rito doesnt care.
: Gold elo is really hard to climb
Its not climbable at the moment (same as silver) since match makings fixed to ensure people can not climb. Riot won't deal with it either because "theres no issue with matching making" despite the evidence being there with multiple reports. You're honestly best off just waiting probably a couple months then tryin again.
: Source? That is wholly not how it works, boards is an entirely separate environment. The IFS handles the vast majority of in game stuff. The only time boards would ever be involved in a game account punishment would be for things like account sales or illegal activity.
>People call out toxicity attitude and behaviours on boards >Threads get deleted >Is toxic in game >Nothing occurs (even when reported) Source: Actually playing the game
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Wyntr (OCE)
: The ranked system is completely screwed up right now, because of a few factors: 1) They introduced new tiers into the system, making mmr not equivalent to rank for many players. 2) In some regions positional matchmaking accelerates the above, because offrole-d players don't care if they lose 3lp. 3) It's even easier to level an account these days. Hence more account selling/buying. 4) Banned players come back into ranked with new accounts and get placed higher than they should be. Now with the extra tier, some players are two tiers higher than their actual skill. 5) The new cs bounty system has made the game different, and so there are many coinflips and a lot of games won by who got the baron and steamrolled through base carrying monkeys on their back. 6) Catch-up gimmicks in game are at an all time high, meaning that at lower elos, the game is a coinflip. The worst player/afker/troller on a team decides the game in favour of the opposition, whether they are good or not. 7) I've noticed a lot more afkers in game. And it's not just because of ragequitting (fix the client please!). When Riot updates the front page, lag happens in game. 8) Since dynamic queue days in Season 6, many monkeys are placed higher than they should be. The fallout is still real. 9) Riot don't punish trolls, they only punish "toxic" players. 10) Because of all of this stuff, a lot of players don't actually care too much anymore about trying in ranked, they just treat it casually. Consider any new players introduced to the game. With this sort of system in place, do you think they will ever learn the basics? The snowball gets bigger. And yes there's not a single player on this server that can play Yasuo competently, not even in challenger. The only player that could has left the game. (Rymeister)
"they only punish "toxic" players." Not quite true. So many trash toxic players are still allowed to play because, and I quote from someone ive been back-and-forth-ing "we punich toxicity in game by punishing the people calling out it in forums" (makes no sense to me why they use this method, but you know)
Spàrrow (OCE)
: I'm a support main who finished last season in gold but stopped playing about halfway through the year because I just wasn't enjoying it. I was kind of thinking I might try pushing for plat this year (I don't claim to be great or anything but I've played the game since the end of season 1, so I don't thinking I'm terrible either) but I just can't seem to climb at all. I'm hardstuck at the top of silver atm with a negative winrate and I swear the game has never felt more like a cointoss than it does right now, at least at that elo. It's sad when the norm for me now is people who either die a couple of times and give up or go afk/quit, or just outright run it down, as well as the classic "winning game but won't listen to the shots the support is calling because they're just the support" and end up throwing the game. It may just be me, I'm not sure, but silver feels worse than ever before for me this season and being a support main it's damn hard/ virtually impossible to hard carry bad team mates. I love the role however, so I guess it's just something I have to persevere with.
Can confirm its worse this season. The average silver team consists of me, a afk farming adc, a afk jg (or a jg that refuses to gank for lulz), a mid that refuses to communicate or help the team, and a top that just ints. Plus the match making is just out right stupid. "We gonna put you against G2+ players, but you are gonna get nothing but Iron players" Riot need to look into it, but we all know they won't because it means Riot will actually need to listen to its playerbase. (And why do that when MONEYZ?) I've called out this behavior multiple times just to have Riot defend it saying that its perfectly alright. Silvers the new Iron.
: ***
Holy crap, you've never seen Monty Python? You are missing out, they had some pretty good stuff.
TheRaka (EUW)
: New season new climb
"currently in s2" Theres your problem, S is just afks, trolls, inters, boosters and just outright idiots. ~Sincerely, someone who gets 2 inters per game.
Wyntr (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wyntr,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=bKE4Ydcw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-26T08:35:24.678+0000) > > [Reset Ranked Please, OCE is a shitshow right now](https://imgur.com/a/OU59ze4) [Challenger BTW](https://imgur.com/a/ClULF6G) P.S. They weren't inting either. Just trash. P.P.S. And no, they weren't sitting on the fountain. They were getting permantly killed, like all idiots who play Twitch jungle in a higher elo than they can handle.
> [{quoted}](name=Wyntr,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=bKE4Ydcw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-26T08:35:24.678+0000) > > [Reset Ranked Please, OCE is a shitshow right now](https://imgur.com/a/OU59ze4) That's a compliment. The new revamped rankeds hella trash. Even on the lower side. Though your sides more balancedish
BowWowzer (OCE)
: Ranked is gambling, Too much negative behavior
Worse now because the ranked matchmaking system intentionally gives you THE worst players possible and make sure the enemy may as well be freakin Challenger. My average team is an afk farming adc, a jg that doesnt know what ganking is, a inting top and a non communicating mid. Whats worse is, even if you report them, nothing gets done. Im just saying, even gamblings safer than ranked queues.
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Ingénue (OCE)
: You don't get banned for AFK/connection issues. That is dealt with by the [automatic leaverbuster system ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714-LeaverBuster-FAQ)which implements a low priority queue (you have to wait like 20mins before you can get into game for 5 games). It kicks in regardless if people report you or not. If you were _banned _ it was most likely for something else. You can reach out to Riot support and ask them why [HERE](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
No, you just get punished hardcore if there is net issues or if the client Crit errors/bugsplats/crashes. Sincerely, someone who kept getting punished while "resolving" crit error issues.
Ingénue (OCE)
: Playing off meta isn't a reportable offence. Giving up on a game and AFKing because someone is playing off meta, is though. People get salty over everything, even standard picks you risk people packing a tantrum - Playing Karma support? ♥♥♥♥ you! Why don't you play someone good in the meta? (<--- saw that one a few days ago) Just be sure to keep your super off meta picks like GP supp out of ranked (people likely won't know how to play with/around it and it will disadvantage your team) and you are all good to go ♥
"Giving up on a game and AFKing because someone is playing off meta, is though." Playing the game has determined that is a lie. "Playing Karma support? ♥♥♥♥ you! Why don't you play someone good in the meta?" Can confirm. But protip: supports get flamed for any pick they make because no one likes support mains. "Just be sure to keep your super off meta picks like GP supp out of ranked (people likely won't know how to play with/around it and it will disadvantage your team)" The ones that dunno how to work around team picks shouldnt be playing ranked, youre right.
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: Nothings addressed
Best game ever: a jg that int feeds EVERY lane. for amusement. his amusement. kind reminder rito do nothing about the community.
: Nothings addressed
Start again, game 1: AFK jg after inting mid trolling sup adc giving up because sup trolling 10 bucks on no one gets punished
: Nothings addressed
Game just now; AFK jg ADC that intentionally baited ally team.
: Nothings addressed
Back home to play. Game 1: refusing to communicate/help team/anything TOP and MID. got counter jungled hard, did my best but went full wood IV despite working with what I could. Game 2: int feeding top that then afk'd. obviously a booster.
: S8 silver III adc main LF duo partner
hit me up fam Been hittin up Nami a lot, but play a lot (like A LOT) of brand, leo and veiger sup <3 Always down to play
: Nothings addressed
So, from tonight, when i get a troll team, ima "call" them out till rito address the issue. Troll top who refused to help anyone. Proceeded to flame mid. Afk jg. afk adc after inting. This is just ONE, 1, UNO game.
: Like Riot would do something like that LUL
One can only dream though :( I do want that skin though still.
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