: Nothings addressed
Best game ever: a jg that int feeds EVERY lane. for amusement. his amusement. kind reminder rito do nothing about the community.
: Nothings addressed
Start again, game 1: AFK jg after inting mid trolling sup adc giving up because sup trolling 10 bucks on no one gets punished
: Nothings addressed
Game just now; AFK jg ADC that intentionally baited ally team.
: Nothings addressed
Back home to play. Game 1: refusing to communicate/help team/anything TOP and MID. got counter jungled hard, did my best but went full wood IV despite working with what I could. Game 2: int feeding top that then afk'd. obviously a booster.
: S8 silver III adc main LF duo partner
hit me up fam Been hittin up Nami a lot, but play a lot (like A LOT) of brand, leo and veiger sup <3 Always down to play
: Nothings addressed
So, from tonight, when i get a troll team, ima "call" them out till rito address the issue. Troll top who refused to help anyone. Proceeded to flame mid. Afk jg. afk adc after inting. This is just ONE, 1, UNO game.
: Like Riot would do something like that LUL
One can only dream though :( I do want that skin though still.
: DARK HUNTER TALON SKIN! - League of Legends (Fan)
Legit, id add a slight curve to talons Q and R blades, and I guarantee you id buy the hell out of this skin if it makes it to the store. And If that does happen, I hope the original creator gets a good chunk of the income. (Though, to be fair, I freakin love Talon and want ALL his skins)
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: You might not know this however using abusive or offensive language like that in public is illegal but no one is going to enforce it unless you say it to the police. Anyways those abusive or offensive terms would violate riot's term of use sections: iii. Harassing, stalking or threatening other players while using the Riot Services; v. Transmitting or communicating any content which is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable; xiv. Inducing or encouraging others to violate this Code of Conduct or the terms of this Agreement.
Doesn't matter if it does, RITO doesn't care. They care more about banning and punishing people calling rito or the trolls they support out. Ritos logic: playing in peace = bad ruining the game = good
: Game Logs (SCIENCE EXPERIMENT) Ft. Seras Dragon - Participants Needed
Seras Dragons probs the worst person to give evidence about toxicity to to be honest. Dude doesn't play.
Huge Bird (OCE)
: how are you teammates
My teammates? What team mates. Afks, int feeders, greifers. All thats fine, even if I report them. Just had a troll ez that afk farmed all game so I was stuck soloing bot.
Rioter Comments
: Disappointed with Riot
Everythings considered bullying though, this really won't do anything.
: if you are just friends duo'ing, as long as you can play ranked together its fine. The only time people get banned for boosting is when they let other people play on their account to be boosted.
Being boosted isnt banable anymore. Only bannable thing is saying mean words over the internetz.
: 15/20 games of verbal abuse + 4 games of people going afk
only 4 games with afk? god damn, put me in that queue, i get 1 a game. and theres verbal abuse every game. where can i sign up for your queue?
: Scripters, scripters and why they hardly get punished?
Because if rito banned scripters, rito wouldnt really have a playerbase left. And despite how much they really deserve to go under lately, it wont happen over allowing scripters to script.
: The rank match system is very unbalance
Rito: "Our match making is balanced" Also Rito: "We need to make as many people suffer with crappy teams as much as possible". TBH, the most common response to this thread will be; *pile of crap* MMR *more trash logic*
meganuke (OCE)
: i dont understand will you write in the report "he picked nunu" ? i agree with you that he deserves a perma ban for that, but i think riot will disagree
I got a dude on my FL, plays nunu, but hes a beast. Not a run down mid and feed beast, a "ima 1 hit yo carries, fitemebro" kinda beast.
: Will Riot Do Something About this?
Fun fact 1 ; Above behaviour, afking and trollpicking is all well and fine. But if you tell someone to shut up, say gg ez (TO AN EZ WHO FOUGHT WELL), or point out a flaw in another players gameplay, its a punishable offence. Fun fact 2; Rito couldn't care less about its lower tier player base (whether we like to admit it or not)
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: Who else has played with this sort of player?
The stereotypical silver. AFKing, inting, throwing 4 da lulz.
: I wouldn't worry about it too much mate, Intoxicants are for the weak minded, Just let them be.
You do know that us people who wanna climb ALWAYS get stuck with them right? Or did you just forget its 5 a team?
: Support diversity with the Rainbow Fluft Icon
I really dunno how to tell people this, but, people are still gonna be crappy even on this day. Not sorry to ruin the moment. So why is it even a thing?
Rioter Comments
: Is there a way to not derank due to your teammates afking right after 3 minutes
Im a support main right, the adcs I get you'd wonder if we should legalize euthanasia because they are that ridiculously stupid. So im with you, why should we suffer because people wanna be bat schit retarded?
: Why is it teams use their Junglers as a scapegoat?
Welcome to hell. Even bronze players have more skill than 99% of the twats in silver. Youll get an afk one in 2 games (every here and there 2-3 a game for a couple games straight), a feeder every game (minimum 2 a game), someone to troll because "MUH ENEMIZ CAMPENG MEH". ~Sincerly, someone who just lost a winning streak to a troll top, afk jungler and troll adc.
esp (OCE)
: remake and the free win when you reenter promos
Only works if they didnt connect. From whats being said, theyve connected then afkd.
: If you want add me i'm gonna cause a riot with riot i'm gonna try get everyone from LOL community that has been permabanned/wrongfully accused and make a massive case against these guys i recommend it would be the best option for us normal people taking on a corporate giant. We shall stand tall
Lil late for me, but I got a chat restriction like a year or so back for, and I quote, "He's right you know". Had a mate get a ban for talking to the enemy ADC.
bigmamapr0 (EUNE)
: How do i escape from silver 3?
>Getting outta silver. Thats a pre good joke muh dude. You dont. People have the firm belief feeding, afking and trolling wins games in this hellhole.
Arkangyle (OCE)
: AFKers in Ranked
Quoting someone who downvotes and stalks EVERYTHING I comment on, "There isn't an AFK issue, and if they do they don't get punished because they weren't AFK if they're moving just in spawn". I'm telling you now, it won't be addressed, no one higher up will care, and we have to deal with it because they've done nothing wrong.
: trolling player
I get that crap happening too. So far not one person whos done that has been banned. Despite when i've reported them
Oxygen220 (EUW)
: adc main looking for supp bronze - silver
support main used to be able to carry half assed but people rather troll and ban my picks rather than win.
Rioter Comments
: "But there isn't a problem"
Im going to do more, so people can defend trolls more; In recent games order; Brand; Int feeding draven Abusive j4 Troll pick j4 But theres no troll problem, right? Brand; Int feeding cass int feeding lucian/troll pick lucian int feeding sej But theres no troll problem, right? Nami; Decentish team for once. Jax fed, couldnt tell if int or not since some deaths seemed intentional, but others not. Brand; Int feeding vlad int feeding aatrox semi braindead vlad and ashe Cho; Dont even remember playing this game Brand; Int feeding draven int feeding ekko Darius; Int feeding bot Teemo; Im probs in the wrong for sinking to kog level BUT Intentionally bans my champ, flames me all lobby because "SUPP AINT A REAL ROLL" proceeds to feed and troll int feeding zed intingish lee (cant tell, some actions looked it, others not so much) Thresh; Int feeding GP inting lucian Naut; First none brain dead team, and had sportsmanship like attitude. these people deserve a free skin tbh for it
: People only get themselves banned, anything else is a lie. Sure you may get tilted by toxic teammates, but if you respond, it's on you. Mute them and get on with the game. End. Of. Story.
"Mute them and their int feeding" Dude, you know you cant mute peoples trash skill right? right? . . .
: Intentional feeding is pretty difficult to detect, but if you notice it, even in one kill, then report it. The system won't get better if you label every 1/10/3 Lee Sin as a feeder when they're really trying their best and just didn't have a good game. Make sure to use the comments portion to write down anything leading up to what you thought was intentional feeding.
-Trying their best -Goes in to a 1v5 Yeah. Sure. Unless you mean theyre trying their best to int feed.
: Instead of using actual human beings of the planet earth they use bots which are completely useless and are only there to detect bad words and punish you for it.
Why this was downvoted is beyond me. its the truth.
00shots00 (OCE)
: There needs to be a troll ban or something man honestly.
Things that are ok in league: Int feeding Troll building Abuse Int banning team mates picks Being a crappy person AFKing Auto jungle pathing Just ruining the game in general Things that aren't ok in league calling any of these out You could get away with what youre suggesting tbh
HeartVine (OCE)
: This isn't anything to do with revealing punishable behaviour, so I don't know why you're using "name and shame" as an excuse not to provide proof of your claims. Only reason I can think of as to why you might be doing that is because you don't actually have any proof and don't want to admit it. Bottom line, it's your claim so burden of proof is on you. Thing is, I've seen a lot of threads regarding this topic recently, including hundreds (if not thousands) of posts from various individuals, volunteers and otherwise, and not a *single one* included a claim that "gameplay offences aren't a problem". There's been more than a few that have been along the lines of "gameplay offences are harder to punish", but nothing that would support your (apparently bogus) claim. How about actually stepping up and providing proof rather than hiding behind ridiculous excuses.
So you're saying that, even with evidence, everythings an nexcuse? Alrighty the, well, I can only take that as you support AFKing/Trolling/Flaming?Game Throwing. Remind me to do that if we ever get teamed up together.
: You're the one who made the claim, the burden of proof is on you. You're welcome to quote someone from another thread. So long as you provide a link to the thread/comment then there is full context. You've "quoted" the volunteers multiple times with regards to afk and troll behaviour, but I have yet to see or post anything that reflects those supposed quotes.
Hey, don't even needa say his name and he shows up <3
: Silver 3, previously gold ADC looking for support
support main, rolling hardcore brand supp have usually carried as my past matches will show. Can play tanky things like leo and thresh though. Catch is, games will end up 2v8. add us if ya still interested doe
HeartVine (OCE)
: Well, your post certainly doesn't seem to suggest that you do actually care about anything that isn't a directly negative impact on you. Over those 12 games, covering 27 examples, not a single game is one you didn't play in (though sure, spectating probably not high on your list), and not a single example, *out of 27*, was from the opposing team. > Also, there is a number of people on the boards that believe that there isnt one. And I can tell you now, that a volunteer believes that there isnt one. I challenge you to find proof of that, particularly that one about the volunteer.
Can't name and shame because "MUH RULES" Also, yes, lemme report people NOT in my game. Genius. But most of my threads will have this dude defend trolling and afking. If you look (big if, i get that, means you have to do something and god forbid you do that) you'll find him. Not hard to find my threads either.
: The hard ones for me to deal with are the ones that start the game trying to win, then they make a few mistakes that cause them to fall behind and tilt, then they refuse to surrender a lost cause, but they continue to play badly and expect to get carried. They play like they don't want to win, but they won't let us all move on either. But what grinds my gears is Riot honestly see the holding-to-account of these people by their team as being WORSE than the preceding original offenses. Why? I'm glad you asked... A while ago Riot put out this video --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY6GYWhuS0I. @1: 35, "A significant number of players cite bad player behavior as a reason they leave League of Legends". You will find a common thread throughout that apprises us of their motivations for trying to reform player behavior and their vision for what that reform might look like. Essentially, Riot is informing us that: 1) Their business model is one of retaining and attracting as many possible players to the game. 2) Players report leaving because of bad player behavior. 3) Their (Riots) stated characterization of toxic player behavior is one that places verbal abuse as the central and primary concern. 4) Therefore, Verbally abusive players need to be reformed or ostracised to maintain financial viability. It's worth remembering that intentional feeding can be masked as misplays, and apathy in making poor plays at crucial times (1v5ing just before Baron respawns, throwing your teams chances at contesting) is hard to prove etc, whereas Chat logs are low hanging fruit. Essentially, Riots Ph.D. Brigade is admitting that they are appeasing self-entitled snowflakes that create the original negative experiences for their teammates; without acknowledging that the amount of abuse someone receives is usually pretty strongly correlated with how negatively they have impacted the experiences of others first - The original offender is cloistered in cotton wool and indignantly expects to be treated like strawberry Pop-Tarts while the actual victims are disciplined for reacting viscerally in a moment of passion. All this, and the other two or three or even four players on his team are given little effective official recourse in holding the offending party accountable. And Riot wonder why there's swearing?
Watched the video, I now have so many questions I would love to have a discussion about with the people who ran this experiment.
: Bro turn this into a book legit
I almost could, and I wouldnt even be mad. Ill give you first print for free <3
: Contribute is the wrong word. They only take, they basically are a company that buys other companies and milks them dry. Hence the direction Riot has been going since Tencent has been involved.
What other groups have they bought and milked? Like I said, could not find a thing on them other than that they took over LoL.
: Welcome to Riot Games, run and milked by Tencent, Please enjoy your stay.
I have legit curiousity on what tencent actually contribute to the game. Sounds stupid but i have no idea and wouldnt even know where to start looking.
HeartVine (OCE)
: I can pretty much guarantee that not a single person on the boards would say that there isn't a troll problem. Your issue isn't that anyone is trying to claim that, or that Riot's systems are supposedly faulty. Your issue is that these people affected *your* games. You wouldn't care in the slightest if you'd never encountered them, or if they were on the enemy team.
False, even on the enemy team, i'll report. While its a nice change, no one deserves that level of crappy person. Also, there is a number of people on the boards that believe that there isnt one. And I can tell you now, that a volunteer believes that there isnt one.
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