UniGoth (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with
You had me at support main <3 Feel free to add me and play with. Support main so I can help if you're interested
: Yeah i wonder why they dont fix the problem when they know its happening over and over again reporting dosent work cause i see them in the next game soz
You're not the only one. I'd report a dude, then get him multiple games again right after. It's like riot don't want people climbing.
: What the fuck is up with rank losing 1 game then lose fucking 10 games and put with people who afk
You can see a lot of replies here are from people who don't actually hit up ranked. I can confirm this is how it goes. Whats worse is that Riot claim "working as intended" when you bring up how busted said queues are. If people played the game and not just white knight for riot, they'd see this.
: Sounds like since your route has changed there's some drama along the way. Talking to TPG is probably your best bet, though Player Support can probably point you to the correct trace route to run to narrow down where the ping is happening. I had a record somewhere but I can't for the life of me find it. EDIT: Pretty sure this is the correct traceroute, so in cmd put "tracert". It will reach a point where it will time out, this is intended because the servers themselves don't respond to ping requests, only the hop before them does. If the name of the hop(s) causing drama isn't something obvious, then either TPG or player support can usually point you in the right direction.
Can say that im mostly certain that its a TPG issue as LoL isnt the only game thats gotten shafted. It seems a good chunk of my have been, with the exception being APEX for now. Ill see where I can get to with the tracert though
Kureneye (OCE)
: Ranked Matchmaking
Said this to Rito. Rito says "working as intended"
iDivine (OCE)
: S10 removal of duo queue
I usually play with a duo, we'll lose the first couple games I admit because we just warming up and gettin in sync again. BUT When we start rollin, we carry so hard we get reported for smurfing/hacking/etc, because "it's not fair you get 2 diamond smurfs on your team" (we barely hit gold with the trolling going on). Why should WE be punished, because other people are on the spectrum? I'm asking this seriously, why punish people who will legitimately carry/help carry solely because of a few rotten eggs?
Rioter Comments
109 (OCE)
: Why is Riot not suspending wintraders?
Win trading isn't against the rules, quoting Riot. You could point out all the issues till you're blue in the face and you'd get "Working as intended" ~Sincerely, someone whos been doing this and now blacklisted from support tickets.
: your game is fucking trash change my mind
They're worse in Gold, like holy crap man. A dead fish on land is more useful than the people I get on my team. "OMG, DEY GOT FB, AFKING AND THEN FF AT 15 REEEEEEEE" And the best part is, Riot says that crap is okay because "nut against dah rulz"
: > its because my teams are shit that im in silver and thats a fact. Really? Let me get this right. Everyone on your team is shit, and you and you alone is the best player. And this happen every single match? God damn! Talk about a big Ego and not the skill to match.
Found the guy that doesn't actually play.
Rownin (OCE)
: Why Rage is rage quitting very common in plat division OCE?
I mean, gold has more rage quitters (average of 2 a game) >I've noticed its generally the adc over extends and gets killed by 1v2 or gank* Fixed it. Either way, Riot have stated in a ticket I submitted late last month that this issue an issue and players are not in the wrong for rage quitting because it does not impact the game. I'm only telling you what I was told.
: Remember that hextech crafting is primarily a money-making tool for Riot. You're not supposed to be raking in chests. Be patient, you're earning 52 chests a year. They don't always come at once, but they do come. You'd have to be consistently racking up a lot more than 156 key fragments a year to make a proposal like OP's worthwhile. And if you're managing to do that, well I suspect you'd be one of the few! I think the most likely situation why people have more keys than chests, is because they aren't actually collecting every chest when it's available. But if that isn't the case, and you do happen to be a shining beacon of chivalry, then your reward is being able to open those 52 chests as soon as you get them, and not have to wait ages for the game to decide to give you 3 key fragments like the rest of us. I'd much rather have an excess of keys than chests. At least you can actively work towards earning chests! Rather than typing nice things in the chat, crossing your fingers and waiting. _______________ I don't think OP's sentiment is inherently bad _(I'm never opposed to making loot boxes more available)_. But my worry is that it might well do the opposite, it could actually make them less available in the long term. Because people who do have an excess of keys will trade in keys for chests in the short term, which could well screw them over later when the standard _(which seems to be earning more chests than keys)_ catches up with them, and they realise that they traded away the more difficult resource to obtain. The Holy Paladins that earn an excess of 156 key fragments a year, will be fine. But as I've never even heard of someone earning that many, I suspect they may be few, and it's everyone else that has the potential to get bitten in the butt when they unwittingly trade their keys away.
Considering how ridiculously easy it is to get frags, and loot boxes, what are we meant to do with the excess of frags/keys? I've currently got enough keys for the free chests rest of the year, and frags to make a few more. There's still the 7-8 boxes left for the year, lvl 5 honor chests and event tokens to use for frags/keys to go through which I guarantee will still give us probably 5 more keys give or take. Probably more. >They don't always come at once They pretty much do though if you go on break for 3 weeks at a time. >You'd have to be consistently racking up a lot more than 156 key fragments a year to make a proposal like OP's worthwhile You can make that many in a couple months. Fragments are really easy to get. I'm usually getting 2 each log in. >I think the most likely situation why people have more keys than chests, is because they aren't actually collecting every chest when it's available. That or they run out of chests because it's a smidgeon too easy to get em. > Rather than typing nice things in the chat, crossing your fingers and waiting. Unironically believing that this is all it takes. >At least you can actively work towards earning chests Again, easy to get. You don't actually have to work for them. >when the standard (which seems to be earning more chests than keys) other way around. >more difficult resource to obtain. Its hard to log in? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Sportsmanship is only meant to be part of the equation though. It's a 2 part system. 1. Be honourable, to get key fragments. 2. Play well, to get chests. You seem to have the sportsmanship part covered, but if you want more chests just go out and play some more champs. You only have to get 1 S a week _(on a different champ)_ to earn 52 chests a year _(not including missions)_, thats not too much of an ask. Yes obviously its very important to be honourable, but players should be rewarded for actually playing the game too, and striving to reach goals on different champs.
Cept, when you play heaps, you can get only so many chests. A system where we can trade keys/key fragments would be great for people like me, who always have 0 free chests because they are so easy to claim.
AkgDrink (OCE)
: Hate to see or play with players like that, I didn't play league for weeks after meeting players who trolls.
Considering how common it is, wouldn't this mean you permaquit?
: Do you have the same issue on different accounts, or is it just one that's affected? Have you tried on a diff PC at all? Or mobile even? I have no idea what could cause such a thing, so support is your best bet, but if it's happening a lot narrowing down when it happens would be helpful, and possibly finding a workaround in the meantime certainly doesn't hurt.
Only got the one account, too lazy to do others. Tried on 2 other PCs, got the same result. It's been happening since the Watch missions started.
: Can't say I've heard of that one. Have you tried a diff browser?
Has happened on Chrome, Brave and Firefox. The only difference between the 3 is the redirection rates. Brave being the fastest of the 3.
Rioter Comments
: of course, because unless it affects them from making money, we are wrong. 100 percent of my games since Sunday. EVERY game, atleast 2 trolls, inters or afks. I've got to gold 1 once this season and gold 2 another 3 times. ill get to these ranks then get literally detrimental matchmaking until I drop back into sliver and I have to start over. and it is the same crap over and over. I see little verbal abuse than what has been in previous years, it is like everyone has worked out, hey lets troll instead. but someone types a key word in chat, they get insta-chat banned and have to wait 5 months to be honorable again. the system actually pushes people to affect the out come of games. Riot say to mute chat if people are being abusive right? we can't mute gameplay, so let people be abusive, let us mute them.
FINALLY, someone else who freakin seeing it how it is.
: He was pretty popular before his nerfs
He still is, but what can I say, I play the game and notice him in alotta games.
Blue6erry (OCE)
: How to play as an ad with a yuumi support?
I'll summerise what to do: Work with the Yuumi. You aren't solo laning, you're just making his job and yours harder by doing nothing
Auryn (OCE)
: Yikes, what a god-ugly skin. All of the other Victorious skins look great, this one looks awful, bad enough Aatrox already has a Prestige skin too.
>All of the other Victorious skins look great Sivir and Mao say otherwise
: quitters and trolls shouldn't tank your lp
While I agree with this and have brought it up multiple times by tickets and forum posts, you'll only ever hear FROM RIOT, that "there is nothing wrong with the system and that these people haven't done anything wrong"
TF Blade (OCE)
: My take on not being eligible for ranked rewards because of honor level
Assuming this ISN'T bait; >This is unfair in my opinion because of how difficult and slow it is to get your honor level back up. "It is difficult to not be a crappy person" It is insane how easy it is to level up honor levels. I took a 2-3 month break not long after hitting honor 5 this season and that was 2 months ago. Before then, I went from level 3, checkpoint 0 in the span of I would have to say 3 months. In the 2 months of being back, i've gotten 5 honor 5 orbs. (all trash rewards though) >to reward players for being positive players in the league community and not as a way to punish players for acting up. It hinders trashy people, also you have the instant feedback system (which is busted), before then you had the tribunal. Did you only start this year? >Ranked rewards are different, as they are meant to be a showcase of skill and not whether or not somebody said something that someone else didn't like. What skill? Most accounts that make the minimum requirement are paid for or boosted accounts. The rest of that sentence is irrelevant. >long-time player Your post indicates you only started this year, thats not a long time.
Cygnus (OCE)
: Another victorious skin for a champ the player base doesn't have much interest in... I know Riot can't account for everyone's hopes when it comes to these but still, didn't Aatrox just recently get a skin + prestige? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
"a champ the player base doesn't have much interest in" Thats why Aatrox has been pretty popular since his rework{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
ThanatosX (OCE)
: People at the end of the game are getting worse. Refusing to finish just to farm some more kills, EZ callouts in chat, letting the minions finish the nexus and stand around for style points I guess? You already won the game, oh and you're gonna be a jerk about it too, cool bro. Other scumbags doing this to you doesn't justify you doing it to someone else. Report them all, make sure they accumulate enough to trigger sanctions for their bad sportsmanship.
Where's the bad sportsmanship? We all hit the nexus and the minions finished it, we can't help it. Plus, games over, its a lil bit of harmless fun. IF that triggers you (which it clearly has), i'd wonder what REAL non sportsmanship behavior does to you. I'm talkin abuse, afking, trolling, just general ruining that game.
: You just have to login to your support account right? I see all my tickets that way, even the most mundane ones from forever ago.
Normally yes, but some of the tickets just do not load anymore.
Vernaw (OCE)
: Lf a Support main to duo both with me gold
Im down, got a preferred sup my dude?
: That's riot for you lol. If you flame a griefer or someone that is abusing you they treat you as the villain. Someone can be racist, homophobic or literally wish death apon you and you cant say anything back because Riot acts like it is wrong. No, it is not wrong to talk back. It is wrong to start shit. Riot are just too lazy to fix the real issue.
I wouldn't say lazy, i'd just say incompetent at this point. But you are right in general though here.
: Send screenshot or it didn’t happen :)
Request info on ticket ID 42702812 then. They'll either get upset and instantly close the ticket, or do everything to avoid actually supplying it. I'd almost be willing to bet a skin on it.
: I mean support just said to me post evidence on forums, but your not allowed to do that because name and shaming. so it's a loop hole for Riot not accepting their game is really bloody bad right now
I supplied evidence from here, ticket got blacklisted right after.
: ? That's one to copy-paste I think.
Would if I could reaccess the ticket. But rito had a temper tantrum and made it hard to access.
: 27 Out of 32 ranked games. Negative behaviour outside of chat log
And whats sad is that that IS a good game. Rito have said in my recent ticket that crappy behavior is okay because its not against the rules. I REALLY wish I was messing with you.
: This is too much, we need to talk...
Because thats consistent. *sarcasm intensifies* Had a convo with rito lately who said that "venting frustration is normal" so how all flaming is okay, but this isn't is beyond me.
mmmolotov (OCE)
: 3 months in as a support... this is long, be warned.
Hey, yeah, support main here. IJS, community will blame you for everything because it's easier to blame the dude that has done nothing wrong than take accountability for their own trolling. Sincerely, someone who gets Iron ADCs in gold/plat.
: 2019 Worlds (Ryze Icon + Border)
: If you have to mute, the damage is already done, and other people having a way to protect themselves from such behaviour, doesn't absolve the person who said it from responsibility. If someone paints a big ol' swear on the side of your house, sure you can have a laugh at it and paint over it, and it's almost but not really like it never happened, but the responsibility still falls on the person who painted a swear on your house, and the police have a responsibility to stop them from doing it to others.
>If you have to mute, the damage is already done Mute em at the start. Can't be damaged if you can't read the retarded af screeching.
Gracker (OCE)
: lf cute people
Got a main support in mind? Can Lux my way through, or Brand. If you want that lil bit of beefiness, Leona. Or, if you wanna upset them, Soraka or Nami.
: Actually, you’re absolutely right. It’s favoritism plain and simple. Riot favors the toxic ones, just like you suggested. They have actually purposefully geared their whole support system specifically to make sure that you ‘Noobster’ suffer in particular too. They singled out your ticket and blacklisted you for your noble attempts at trying to clean up the game. - Well, there it is, the answer you clearly wanted to hear. Do you believe it?
>Actually, you’re absolutely right. It’s favoritism plain and simple. Riot favors the toxic ones I mean, this is fact after all. And therse more evidence to support that than not.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ingénue,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Tc113R29,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-30T03:36:42.810+0000) > > There's an [Eve onetrick that regularly streams](https://www.twitch.tv/sunsetwastaken) and offers a lot of advice on her. Not sure if you learn through this kind of method, but maybe its worth a check? Furthermore on that note if you search "eve or evelyn" in twitch you should get a streamer or two to interact with and then you can ask them questions and talk to them directly, or on youtube you might get guides or vids. If not I can also suggest going to op.gg, search for "evelyn", look up the current top players and then in the "pro matches" drop down see if you can match up pro eve games with top rated eve players! Good luck!
Ima try both of these, hopefully make progress. best way i learn though is through communication while playing. learned how to Warwick that way after so many games of trial and error (which was mostly error so error and error maybe?)
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Yuumi is gonna be auto ban for me in rank
Assuming this isn't bait- >I feel its a lazy players champ. i dont like yuumi support when im adc in rank. Don't blame you, she is a pretty lazy champ, but then again, you got to remember you have to be sitting on 4 people to use her effectively. >just had a game with me as mf and random as yuumi everytime morg q me cait would e behind me q then auto when this happen the yuumi would jump off me and i was dead. So, in other words, you sat in everything/refused to sidestep? Sounds like a you issue >another thing when yuumi is on me cait and morg only had one person to skill shot at between that and trying not stand on traps i couldnt cs very well. i got tilted I mean, the heals are cheap as hell, so it doesnt really matter. And again, all easy to dodge sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, again, you issue. >i have also find yuumi players do not ward as good as other supports as they dont really get off and walk to ward cause no boots So because 1 did trash, we're all trash? By YOUR words, all adcs are trashy because you did trashy. >i have not yet played yuumi. You might wanna give her a try, shes fun af. you might also learn something. >i mean how hard is it to jump on someone that someone your on walks you everywhere. you push few buttons its just lazy I'm supporting 4 people and making them immortal, you try that when theyre sitting in everything Honestly, this seems more like a you problem and not a Yuumi player problem :/ Hell, ill support you to show you how fun it gets.
: > [{quoted}](name=Exarch Leona,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=HbEAIF0q,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-20T10:31:12.907+0000) > > I claim BS, the amount of inters and AFKS in 2 and 3 would have put you back to 4 in no time. Not even. IV is so much worse than III, II, and I. Today, I have played 6 games and 4 of them have had an AFKer in them. On my team, as per usual. As i said, I have been stuck or stagnated in IV until some turn of luck happened and I win/lose'd it out. Sadly, in Plat IV, I cannot do that as I lose more than I get, so I am constantly hovering the same LP.
4 out of 6 games? Cute, i get an average of 2 per game. When you actually start getting AFKers, hit me up.
: Yes division 4 of every rank is awful because the fact that people can't be demoted gives them no reason to try... ever.
You can get demoted you just have to lose so many games. Source: Me, and my demotion shield expiry.
: Division 4 of any rank is the most garbage, toxic, unfun period of this game.
>10) Breezed through Gold III, Gold II, and Gold I I claim BS, the amount of inters and AFKS in 2 and 3 would have put you back to 4 in no time.
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HeartVine (OCE)
: Probably the best way to get confirmation about the specifics of doing so would be to contact [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and ask them. They should be able to tell you how you can and can't use the LoL "IP" (intellectual property), such as music.
I did a report years back (and this coulda changed) but it's okay to use whatever designs and whatnot, they just can't profit from it. Lemme find the exact response. EDIT ( faster than expected) "Basically, as long as your endeavor is not for-profit, we're fine with you using League as the basis for a fan project."
: If you use it without permission, your video will be taken down. I think you can use like 14 seconds.
It'll get taken down anyway since YouTubes on a banning spree for, well, whatever.
: I need confirmation please
>Am I legitimately supposed to wait for all people higher on the rankings list to make their picks before me? I have never heard of or seen that before and nor would I expect anyone to do it for me. If you out and can pick, you get priority. There is no waiting, just going in and getting what you need/want. >Is it a re-portable offence to take "someone elses" item or champion or pick a champion before them on the carousel? My sister seems to think it is and continues to report people for it regularly. No, it's not a VALID reportable offence.
: AFKs incur LeaverBuster punishments: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714-LeaverBuster-FAQ There're no exceptions to LeaverBuster outside of the one or two free leaves you get every now and again, so chances are they've been put in low priority queue.
AFKing ADCs are in overdrive this weekend, and i've managed to get them game and game again. I can say for sure nothings happening to them
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