: >My rerolls give me trash, yet opponent has a 100% chance to get what they need. That's the nature of RNG. Overall it will be balanced, but sometimes you'll be that poor sod who gets nothing or that lucky sod who gets everything. >Opponents cap is ALWAYS higher (as in while my cap is 5 or 6 champs, they get +1). This is all gold management. Remember that interest is a thing, and that if you can't level up with the gold you've got it's better to save it and get interest until you can get all the EXP in one hit (yay maths). >Opponents always seem to have gear + extra gear, while I only get whats at the start or pre equipped. If you're losing to, or not killing all of the minion waves, you're going to have less chance at items. Minions, starters, and the round robin are the only way to get items. Again though, this comes down to RNG, some people will get max drops of minions, others will get none. >Their damage is usually x2 what I'm dealing too. Race and Class (e.g Demon Sorcerer) bonuses are big. 3 Assassins means more crit, 2 Brawlers means they have more health etc. Don't underestimate them. A 2-star unit is also going to be doing way more work than 2 1 star units. This is all about efficiency, matching up as much as you can and starring up your units wherever possible. It's also about placement. E.G If you're vsing a lot of assassins you need to have a front-liner or two at the back, or they'll just tear through your units. >Adding that when you get to pick a champ from the centre stage, you're not always gonna get that champ. Just now, picks pyke, somehow gets reksai You get the first unit you *touch*, not the unit you click on. >Morde doesnt seem to attack after his first kill I've seen units stall when an enemy dies when the positioning is awkward, usually they sort themselves out. If Morde isn't attacking at all, it's a straight-up bug and you should bug report it. This is, after all, a live test not a finished and completely polished product.
>You get the first unit you touch, not the unit you click on. Cept, I did touch Pyke. Good bait. >I've seen units stall when an enemy dies when the positioning is awkward, usually they sort themselves out. If Morde isn't attacking at all, it's a straight-up bug and you should bug report it. This is, after all, a live test not a finished and completely polished product. Been multiple champs lately, and they just stand there and do nothing. Despite that there is an enemy, right there, swinging at them.
Effwhy (OCE)
: I feel like this might not be the game-mode for you...
I feel like this has to be bait.
Rioter Comments
: Is this game really about CARRYING or is it about if your team WANTS to be CARRIED?
Can it be both? I mean, you have to carry as well as them wanting to be carried. Im only low side (gold) but i encounter more players that wanna tank their mmr/elo, whatever, than players who wanna win. They rather afk or int because someone has somehow convinced them that afking or inting wins games. I can semi deal with troll picks (like malph adc/top yuumi/jg taric and so forth), but its like no one has an interest in winning to the point even my mmrs been tanked (almost 30 a loss, and around 10 a win). It also doesnt help that riot really doesnt want to address the above, as well as the toxicity. "Oh you accidently took my buff with a dot? gg, reported and ffing or afking" or "you taxed my lane? gg, running down lane, we lose cause you" Honestly, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.
: Rank now is totally messed up
Can confirm this, 2 games in and ive had 7 inters and an afk. I wish I was screwing with, but im not. Even worse, despite being brought up constantly, riot ignore it because and I quote from the ticket submitted "there is nothing wrong with that kind of behavior". Just wait my dude, riot will get woke and just go broke, and we will never have to deal with the bs again <3
enrai409 (NA)
: I need help improving on my support play
Really comes down to who you wanna play, so lets start with Janna. Max E, LORD, max E. Extra AD + shield? ADC be loving you. Max W next, slow helps, but the bonus move is a bonus I guess. Then last max Q. All you need to do is boop enemies with Q, get behind them and ulti them into your turret. And when it comes to late game, try to split them apart, usually by pushing tanks away, and squishies into your team (you'll wanna flash for that). Build wise, rush ardent into athene's, finish sup item, move speed boots (the yellow ones). Twin shadows would be a must because iirc, her W scales from movespeed now. Redeption either before or after boots (wont matter, move speed bonus already). Go Summon Aery, Manaflow band, trancendence, scortch, and any combo of font of life, revitalize and bone platting. Found this has worked for me like 90% of the time.
: Is this really worth a 14 day ban?
Nothing here ban worthy from what I can see.
HeartVine (OCE)
: The bottom line regarding Nubrac is that he was consistently griefing other players, a behaviour that can (and likely will) get any other player banned. You can refer to [this statement by WookieeCookie on Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c0m449/nightblue3_gets_his_teammate_banned_for_playing/er61hxj/) for the explanation, but the basic situation is that Nubrac was intentionally griefing consistently and repeatedly (he admits as much in his stream), blatantly refusing to communicate with his teams (which is a breach of the rules in and of itself), using the whole "off-meta" thing as an attempt to shield himself from the consequences (basically, attempting to circumvent the rules), specifically targeting streamers with this behaviour, and consistently and repeatedly reported for those behaviours. Riot initially reviewed the case 3 weeks or so prior to the ban, and backed off because they saw "off-meta" on the surface and didn't want to harass a player just for playing off-meta. It's reasonable to say that Nubrac's intention was to simply "expose his image" to become more popular, regardless of how it affects other players or the community. The match including NightBlue3 was basically the tipping point, where NB3 pursued the issue further by submitting a ticket to support (which ***ANY*** player can do) and, when that didn't turn up results, pursued the issue further again by contacting a Rioter directly (again, something ***ANY*** player can do). NB3's behaviour isn't any more acceptable than Nubrac's, they were ***BOTH*** in the wrong, and the Rioter who reviewed the case was simply *doing their job*. I don't know what Riot is going to do about NB3, last I heard they were still reviewing his case, but I personally hope he gets *at least* a "next tier" punishment. ---- #***TLDR*** Nubrac got banned for griefing consistently and repeatedly. It would have happened sooner or later, NB3 just sped up the process by pursuing the issue with Riot, which any player can do.
> TLDR Nubrac got banned for griefing consistently and repeatedly. It would have happened sooner or later, NB3 just sped up the process by pursuing the issue with Riot, which any player can do. Yet they can't ban other who do the same? Which goes back to OPs original statement, only streamers can get others banned.
: Fix Brand ult indicator
Holy crap, so im not the only one whos noticed. Hell, theres been times ive had champs right next to each other too and it hasn't bounced.
Rioter Comments
Ornn (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Exarch Leona,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=FXv3bJ4N,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-16T08:10:59.984+0000) > > If you're playing 6-8 hours a day, how are you not rolling in BE? because you could have between 6-12+ games in that 6-8 houra playing and after level 30 it takes somewhat 20-25+ wins to get 1 level so no he would not be rolling in BE at all BE is way to hard to get if you didnt have champion shards max when ip got removed. i understand they have these BE missions almost every week but its not enough when its 1 mission with a reward for 300..either champs should be free tripple on rotation or they bring out a battlepass for the full season with massive BE rewards ect
I intentionally burned all my BE once IP was converted (roughly 800k BE, down to 0), yet I manage to sit on an average of 73000 BE. With all the free shards you can get, there is 0 reason you wouldn't be rolling in BE. Once an event ends, and you don't wanna waste the currency/tokens/whatever, craft champ shards, you can easily make a good minimum 10k BE that way. and with how often the events occur, you'd be piled up fast. Another idea of how easy it is is I just burned 100k BE on random icon chests (didn't manage to finish buying all the chests sadly, wasn't home enough) and in the span of a few hours, ive gone from 900(just over)BE to almost 11k. OR, you can complain about doing nothing and expecting freebies...........like you just did. I seriously, have 0 idea, how you aren't able to farm BE so easily. Im level 201 and find it a breeze, happy to give yall tips on ez farming, but I have a feeling you'd rather just want a bigger hand out.
AIwxeee (OCE)
Just 2? Damn I wish I was that lucky :(
Spaceless (OCE)
: Dear Riot
If you're playing 6-8 hours a day, how are you not rolling in BE?
Daymon (OCE)
: just tax their cs if they are bad anyway its better on, its for the utilitarian greater good of the games outcome (you winning) and then dont play with them again if ur that upset you dont need to vote you can just leave no one has a gun to your head and even if they did, nothing is gauranteed
"just tax their cs if they are bad anyway its better on" Now you're just encouraging trolls to troll "then dont play with them again if ur that upset" thats.........thats now how LoL works dude. you know you get match made with randoms right? right?
: They do, but bots are banned in waves not individually. This is largely to keep detection methods obscure, preventing botters from determining what exactly is being detected and thus keeping the bots easier to detect. There are also a lot of bots banned manually. Rare is it that a bot will make it to level 30. Unfortunately, bots being what they are they congregate in co-op vs AI and very low MMR ARAMs and norms (so typically new accounts that will encounter them). If playing at a quiet hour then the bots will be a greater percentage of accounts you are encountering. There are systems in the works (testing on EU) that match bots only against other bots until they are banned in the next wave, but until it's properly stable it's going to remain a test system and won't be rolled out fully. The best thing you can do is report them for cheating and move on. Once you hit level 20 or so you'll stop seeing them, especially if you play at more active hours of the day.
"The best thing you can do is report them for cheating and move on. Once you hit level 20 or so you'll stop seeing them, especially if you play at more active hours of the day." Playing the game has determined this is a lie. I'll play till anywhere from times such as 10am all the way till 1am-3am give or take, and will still come across bot accounts (and mostly in heavily played times such as friday nights and weekends).
Rioter Comments
: Patch 9.12 notes
Yuumi's missle (Q) is still semi bugged. Have had multiple times it hasn't followed cursor. Also, these are all good works and all, but when are you fixing matchmaking?
Pesquire (OCE)
: No unfortunately it won't stop them from appearing in your matchup, it only block their messages. There are millions of players but you are forced to play with the same assholes over and over even after blocking them because yolo. I have met similar people, unfortunately calling someone an "N word" does not count unless you spell the full word. Nigge.r See? I have a 'black' list of people I avoid playing with because I know how bad or toxic they can be. I check them every game and just dodge whenever I see the same name. I even have a counter next to their name of how many times I meet them in matchup and how many times they've let the team down. Unfortunately you are the one getting a penalty for avoiding toxicity and dodging a potentially unpleasant 30 mins of gaming.
I honestly hope riot does not remove this just because you're typing out a point. Also, i've noticed it too. You can be a complete tool (not the word i wanna use but itll do) in the game, and not get punished, but you'll get punished if you tell em to shut up or stop because "MUH HARRASSMENTZ"
nqcKratos (OCE)
: Yuumi Q feels way different
Yeah, I noticed her Q felt different from drop. Seems a lot less controlled than before.
: Ranked balance
Riot doesn't want its players to climb. It's busted from Gold I and down so that you are unable to climb. They can cry opposing that all they like, but it's fact. And there is enough evidence to back that up. Brought up similar things before just to get a "working as intended"
Rioter Comments
Socon (OCE)
: How climb in each MMR (Up to plat)
But how it really be in gold "Afking for a win, lemme know when its over" ~Gold adcs, 2019 "LELWUTISGANK?" ~Gold Jgs, 2019 "WhAt Is A pInG" ~Gold Mids, 2019 "Tank? whats that? ~Gold tops, 2019 "maybe if i sit in everything, we'll win the game" ~Gold sups, 2019
: settings>chat and friends> LANGUAGE FILTER
Anyone playing Yuumi gets bashed. I had a couple people grief me all game about wanting to play Yuumi from the lobby then got upset when I went teemo (and carried) their sorry behinds. Honestly, rito need to just ban anyone who talks to anyone who plays yuumi because 99% (im joking, its more 100%) is usually toxic af. EDIT: Also supply this argument to him - > "In the future, I recommend using chat only for when it will contribute to the success of your team. If you don’t have anything positive to say it really might be best to say nothing at all. In my games I prefer to instantly mute players that are being negative and then report them after the game. There just isn’t any reason you need to give them the attention they want and get dragged into their negativity. Also something I found helpful is to just say things out loud when I get tilted, that way I can vent a bit but I don’t disrupt the game for everyone. The reality is that you can’t control the actions of others but you can control how you react to them." > > So its perfectly alright to be toxic to others, but telling em to go away isnt? > Alright, ill spread the toxicity as you requested. Because, you know, you just said giving someone the equivilent of go away is wrong, but toxicity is alright. Watch the mental gymnastics begin right after.
: disgusting playerbase,,, played 1 game today UDYR jungler,, went in mid level 2 pulled the stun off and Qs my malz continues to stand there,, and farm cs while i am destroying his opponent , i end up getting smashed by amumu ,,, i die as a result, when it would have been an easy kill and go , then he has the nerve to say reported,,, when he purposely did that,,,, then i said what rank are you he said,, gold 2, then i'm like oh yeah still learning the basic mechanics then,,,, I GOT BANNED for that,,,,,
Another person afk farming than blaming other people? I am so shocked totally shocked so shocked
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Not to mention the toxicity I've received for playing Yuumi, i've never seen this with a champ release ever
Holy crap, i know right? I've been getting it too.
KaijuuWRX (OCE)
: As someone who played the game back in high school in 2010, who soon after stopped playing because of how toxic the community was, to now coming back 9 years later and starting to play again about a month ago, i have noticed a few things; _**1.**_ Bot Accounts are a thing, and they are absolutely everywhere. _**2.**_ The community is even more toxic now than it was back then. I'm no Angel myself but i will defend myself in a heated fury, and yes, i flame people if they are doing poorly, but if they are new to a champ or new to the game, i give advice. It's the people with thousands of mastery points and 100's of player levels that think they're amazing but are complete trash that bug me the most. Blaming the rest of the team for the loss because they're a terrible team player and can't fight as a team, or can't build their champ to counter the enemy. _**3.**_ The reporting/ban system is still completely stupid because they still hold players hostage in games. If people were allowed to leave games freely... Since, you know, people do actually have lives outside of League of Legends, there would be a lot less toxicity. I've had multiple games where i've told teammates to just leave mid-game when they needed too because we won't report them for needing to leave. I might sound biased here, seeing as i just got my first 10-day chat ban this afternoon, but here is the story of how this happened. I play ARAM Exclusively, i refuse to play SR, as it's even worse in there than it is in ARAM. I have had very fun matches in ARAM, and have met a bunch of people that are genuinely decent people and good to play with. We can mess about while playing and still play to win, and not ruin other peoples games. I know there will be the, "It's only ARAM, OMG Stop trying" comments, but before you do, have you ever thought about why people only play ARAM? It's to get away from you people and still play a competitive 5v5 PvP game. The people who go into a competitive game mode, and say that crap, are half the reason people get pissed off at them. You're literally saying to your team, that you came in here to lose. Today i got put in a game with a Duo who were quite clearly trolling. Refusing to go in with the team, waiting until everyone had died to engage, then when i '?' Pinged one of them, he replied with; 'If you keep pinging me, i'm going to fucking mute you' To which i replied with 'How about you actually help the team, rather than sitting back doing nothing?' This escalated as the game went on, soon after the last discourse, i was told to go kill myself in real life. To which i continued to rebuttal, and i know i shouldn't have, but i am so sick and tired of the amount of trolls i have come across in this game lately, and half the reason it's so god damn annoying, is because you CAN NOT LEAVE! You are forced to stay in this game with them, otherwise you risk getting banned for leaving/AFK'ing. I tried to surrender at 8 Minutes, and what a surprise, the Duo refuses to surrender even though they are already at our Inhib. As soon as that match was over, i loaded into my next game. Coming out of that next game, i was hit with my first Chat Restriction. I know it takes more than 1 Report to get restricted, but i have also come across trolls in more than 50% of my last 30 games. Some of which where even my teammates were getting annoyed. One game, a troll duo convinced the enemy team to report 3 of us for toxicity/negative attitude... It is just a game of trolls now. RIOT Seriously needs to do something about this shit. If you were allowed to leave the game, the Toxicity levels would drop ENORMOUSLY! I know people will say "But then people would just constantly leave games". To which i reply, so what? The only place that should lock you into a game is in Ranked, where you are playing for more than just a win. I will happily take a loss if it means i no longer am held captive in that toxic environment. It would also help people cool off and not retaliate. Meaning less toxicity in future matches. What difference would it make if someone who was toxic was allowed to leave the game? Better yet, how much better would you feel, being able to actually get away from the toxic people? Hell, even if they made it so you couldn't Queue for another game for 10-15 minutes, i would be happy to wait for that timer, as i'm sure many others would be too. There are plenty of competitive based team games that allow players to leave games mid-game with no penalty and they are doing just fine. As i said above, the only place that should have a leaving ban is in Ranked matches, not in Co-Op, ARAM or Normals. Then again, this is also the same company that holds it's workers hostage by law, and forces arbitration... So we all know none of this will get fixed. TL;DR - RIOT Needs to fix a lot of shit, mainly the bans for leaving games that aren't Ranked games, to lower stress and toxicity levels. Also it would be nice if they would actually get rid of the Inting Bot Accounts. The amount that i reported levelling up to LvL 30 was Insane.
" mainly the bans for leaving games that aren't Ranked games" So trolling in norms and still ruining the games okay? Get outta here. "The reporting/ban system is still completely stupid because they still hold players hostage in games" You're more likely to get banned for wrongthink than actually doing something wrong. This is either bait, or really, youre new
: My build for Yuumi
Heres how I roll. Works well, just need ADCs to just stop being so scared of everything. Rune page: Summon Aery Manaflowband Transcendence Scorch (or Gathering storm) Revitalize Font of Life Adaptive Force Adaptive Force Health Item build: Rushing Unholy Grail (lvl2ing the support item before grabbing chalice), into Ardent Censor, going either CD boots or MPen boots (depends how lanes going, if well, MPen, if not CD), finish support item off, that ghost spawning item, redemption. Summoner Spells: Flash Exhaust/ignite (depending how confident I am in the adc, usually very very VERY far from remotely confident) What should the ADC bring: Flash Ignite/Barrier/Heal (Heals mostly for when jg ganks) Honestly, your build seems solid, but CDR isnt really needed since everythings off CD really fast, like REALLY fast. Theres another build im gonna try tonight which is just an all out assault kinda thing (similar to what we have now). I honestly wouldn't mind watching a game of yours and seeing how it goes.
: looking for a duo bot or just a duo in general
Gotchu added already, but im down to play, just invite me whenever you wanna play fam <3
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: Average OCE plat game.
Average OCE game*
BowWowzer (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Exarch Leona,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=OHQLPEp0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-30T11:31:38.289+0000) > > Riot ARE ignoring it. > I've brought it up multiple times with 0 response. I know they are ignoring it, I am just asking strats to play soloQ
>strats to play soloQ Step 1: Don't -OR- If you're an idiot like me, nuke supps or Susan top. If you go nuke supps, just take everything, your ADC isn't going to be smart. If you go Susan top, just farm all game with the odd protecting of the base.
BowWowzer (OCE)
: SoloQ Life not so fun
Riot ARE ignoring it. I've brought it up multiple times with 0 response.
Kasaii (OCE)
: Gaining 12LP and losing 27LP.
Someone explained this to me a while back. "Don't gain much because you're versing trash so you don't get rewarded as much for beating trash. But if you lose to trash, you'll get punished for losing so badly" Pretty much how they explained it to me, but that was like, earlyish last year.
: Why are yasuo mains so toxic
Oh boy, just wait till you see the ADC mains.
Rioter Comments
: But why purchase an account, why not just make a new one? I mean, I guess the time it takes to level it is pretty consuming but other than that it couldn't be that worth it?
It really isn't worth it, but people are lazy. Inta ranked ready account with untainted mmr? Ill take that.
: > [{quoted}](name=El Gringos,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AqbELAcq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-24T01:51:58.412+0000) > > i played ranked for first time on a saturday night, i normally play mornings during the week, ive actually never seen such clowns, people were afk 2 out of 3 games, forcing a remake, then the game that there wasnt an afk it was just trolls Yea I don't know, I might be slightly over exaggerating I guess but it definitely feels as though all the "sickest lads" are on at these times flexing their "I'm better than a gold player, I don't care this is just my smurf account" attitudes. I honestly prefer games where no one talks, and it's just pinging. But you get that one guy that's super optimistic in champion select which turns out to be the biggest %%%% in the game if things don't turn out alright.
Fun fact: The people saying this are usually people whos alts are in bronze/iron and gave up on them because messed up mmr so theyve bought a new account.
Istehz (OCE)
: Looking to start a semi-serious-fun team that consists of players from Silver to Gold
Support main. I like to bant though, and knowing this community, wouldn't that count as being "overly toxic"
: As a support main i agree with this, but also disagree with the comment about afk farming. Your adc (providing they're winning the farm game) can turn the tide of a game, especially if they're an entire item up on the enemy adc and we peel them accordingly. As a side role top laner, who solely believes in AFK farming/Splitting to win games, this is a simple "I have more gold, therefore do more damage (or tank more) than my opponent will ever be able to do" situation. Applies as much to splitter's as it does to adcs (Who understand their role) Both of these strategies require you to actually win the farm game though, so i see where you're coming from about adc's being useless, especially in plat or lower, where adcs barely amass 80cs/min. Its also notable, that adcs below plat have 0 positioning skill, and thus often lose fights just by being a few units short of their necessary placement on the map. But we also need to factor in, not all supports can support (most are autofilled), those that know how to support know their role (usually) either to peel or to set up. This makes adcs less likely to pay attention to their supports, because maybe they had 20 games with autofilled supports who did nothing but fail them. The solution. Stop autofilling people, so actual supports get their role, and adc's don't always get some trashbag who has no idea how to play.
>Your adc (providing they're winning the farm game) They even fail to farm. They're usually down about 10-30 farm when laning phase ends. >those that know how to support know their role (usually) either to peel or to set up. I can set up the easiest and cleanest kills, even if I have to sac myself for the adc to get a quadra early game (yeah, im the kinda support that gets a perma 4man bot game) >adc's don't always get some trashbag who has no idea how to play Im a support main, more than often, its the adcs that have less than 0 idea on what they are doing.
Rioter Comments
: who takes more skill?
Jhin. Afk farmin as cait vs q farmin
: (OCE) Permenent Ban Appeal : AllThatJazz
This is hella tame compared to most games i've been in tonight alone.
Rioter Comments
Gehirn (OCE)
: The Tribunal hasn't existed anywhere since...what year was it... 2014? Definitely don't confuse the player review based Tribunal with the machine based instant feedback system. Tribunal was sloooooow, taking months to process cases and potentially inaccurate due to human... biases. IFS gets the job done in 15 mins or less or your pizza's free, and since it's built off machine learning algorithms it has a higher hit count (due to it's speed and confidence) and is less prone to fluctuations in what behaviour/actions are penalty worthy. That being said, because IFS doesn't review games from "rational human" perspective, it needs to be tuned back a bit in order to not start throwing out false positive bans. Every day, players are hit with penalties and bans for continuous griefing or giving up. These bans do occur, but because players are prone to rating any tactic they don't agree with or a simple mistake that anyone could make as "intentionally feeding" or "trolling", we have to limit the aggression of IFS otherwise we start shooting out false positive bans like ya wouldn't believe. So we (you, me, all players!) definitely should keep on reporting **legitimate** cases of int. feeding or griefing/trolling because our report might be the report to actually get a ban over the line. What the Tribunal **did** achieve that IFS does not is the catharsis we get by feeling in control of determining if a report is ban worthy. That sense of contribution and cleaning up the community the way we want. For some of us that's what Tribunal provided, unfortunately for others it was a place where they went to hit a button marked "punish" 15 times a day without reading a chat log, meaning cases needed more time to gather more reviews to improve accuracy, meaning the punishment, if any, was handed out way after the offence (days, weeks...months!). IFS doesn't have that, but at least it gets us that sweet "we've penalized a player you reported" style message relatively quickly after the report if it is actioned.
What ever happened to it? That was like, the greatest but flawed system ever.
Hawckey (NA)
: bro you're nuts, it is SOOOOO easy to soft int in this game and get away with no consequence, but god forbid you use a meanie feefee word cus riot will slap that ass with its authority of righteousness
I had softdrink go through my nose. Absolutely savage. And true which is worse.
HeartVine (OCE)
: > Why don't people get punished for Griefing? Quite simply, they do. The thing to keep in mind is that there's a lot of factors about the situation that may make it *seem* like they don't, and even so I doubt you'll find someone who wouldn't say that the punishment system just isn't as efficient as it should be regarding gameplay offences. One thing to keep in mind is that gameplay offences are a lot harder to verify compared to other types offences. For example, it's a lot easier to see that someone is being blatantly racist to another player than it is to distinguish between a genuinely bad player and someone who is *intentionally* playing badly. With that said, there's a couple things I just want to note about this situation. Firstly, the Tribunal was removed on *all* servers years ago (OCE never actually had a Tribunal) because it was vastly inefficient. For example, the community often voted for unnecessary punishment/over-punishment, meaning almost every case had to be manually reviewed, whereas the current system can manage being largely automated. It took several weeks, if not months, for basic punishments to be implemented, the kinds of punishments that the current system can manage in under 15 minutes etc. Secondly, and I know it wasn't mentioned but I just want to make sure everyone is aware, while the Instant Feedback Notifications are a *great* way to know when someone you reported has been punished, they shouldn't be relied upon for complete communication. They're often unreliable, not showing up when they're supposed to, and often only showing up for the *most recent* reporting player. You should never assume a player *hasn't* been punished just because you didn't receive the notification.
> They're often unreliable, not showing up when they're supposed to, and often only showing up for the most recent reporting player. If they could fix this so I can see how many of my reports get through, that would be great. Because if I get one more afk/inter, im gonna scream.
: makes a lot of sense if it has been, but i doubt it.
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-au/2018/08/will-tribunal-return/ BRUH BRUUUUUUUUUUH
: Tribunal system is an absolute joke. suits the company it belongs to.
Wasnt the tribunal stopped for the OCE though? To "fix" it or something then just completely removed "The tl;dr is Tribunal isn’t coming back any time soon." ~ Rito, 2018
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