Ninox (OCE)
: There are two key points to address here: 1. The ethics of alternate accounts. 2. The actual status of a given account. 1- Should alternate accounts be banned entirely, or should only smurfing be punished? Where do you draw the line and how do you determine intent? Let's take two Master tier players as an example. Player 1 has created a second account, and purposefully dropped it into Bronze to stomp lower tier players every now and again. This is clearly problematic behaviour on multiple levels and should be (and usually are) punished. Player 2 has created a second account to climb the ranks again, either in an off-role or simply to see how far they can get from a fresh start. For 10 or so games this player is still going to be messing with the true MMR of the games they are in, causing inaccuracies. You could argue such players are having a negative impact as well, but there is no ill intent, and in fact, they have a perfectly legitimate reason for levelling a new account. Should they be denied that long-term opportunity for the short term and temporary negative impact they have? 2- Just because an account has a low level and a high win-rate, doesn't mean it's an alt or a smurf. It could be a veteran from before uncapped levelling making their comeback (you yourself appear to have played for at least 5 seasons and are only level 60). It could be a player with previous MOBA experience making their foray into League (there's more than a few DotA converts). It may be a player with transferrable skills from other genres of game playing League for the first time (other RTS and micro/macro management type deals). It could be a new player who got placed lower than they wanted and has taken the time in research and practice mode or customs to hones their skills before jumping back into ranked. An abnormally high win-rate could just mean it's a player who mostly plays normals and has improved there before try-harding it in ranked. An abnormally high score could be attributed to the polarising nature of gold and below games. An abnormally high KDA but a low win-rate could be attributed to good champion mechanics but average or sub-par macro and game management. The thing is, smurfs really aren't all that common. Those that are blatantly smurfing (think player 1 from the above example) are going to get banned real fast for intent feeding or any number of other offences. If they're being sneaky about it it might take longer, but they either aren't playing many games at all or are playing most games completely normally, which will match their MMR pretty well. The same goes for high tier alt accounts. Even if you ignore the fact that the high tier population isn't all that large comparatively, the system gets the MMR of those accounts accurate (or very close to) inside of 10 games. For example, my (Plat) alt account, on which I play ADC instead of Support was versing high Golds and Low plats before I'd even finished placements. Of course, the other thing is, the starting MMR is low-mid Silver, so players who belong in that range through Gold are going to be seeing more of such accounts than any other bracket. ___ There are so so many factors that go into an account, and someone having a good game or having experience outside of League etc. etc. is just as punishable as someone having a bad game (i.e not at all). Though naturally, if you see genuinely problematic behaviour, you should absolutely report it.
You're points are valid and with merit, However you missed quite a few other points which also deserve attention. There are more types of smurfs than just those who create alt accounts and go in bronze, to assume its just the lowest of ranks is arrogant presumption. 1. **Account sharing**: Regular account which 80% of the time is used normally with occasionally being used by a friend or family member. They owned the desired champ the "smurf" wishes to play, so they use the account for practice. 2. **Mate boosting**: Mate plays like a god in norms, other mates figure "he deserves to not be in iron, bronze or silver etc." so they will either A: Play on the account while also practicing off-roles and champions they normally wouldn't use. B: Duo and just tell their mate to play passive and focus on farm, They will be so nervous they will just do as they are told. 3: **The Sadistic Smurf**: OCE has alot of these! i know because i'm one of them. I'm hard-stuck D3. i'm not getting any higher unless i grind a fuck ton, its taxing and on OCE high elo is inbred. if you piss anyone off the chances of them being in the next game are quite high. i don't like playing norms because its not that fun for me, so i'll jump on a "Alt" account. it can range from g4 to p1. Generally i wont go below g4 because i dont need a montage real and most of those players are chimps. its not even close. 4. **The Montage smurf**: Don't have alot of these because we have very little content creators on OCE and most of the League stuff on youtube has been done over and over. 5. **The Stream Smurf**: MidBeast, perfect example of this, plays smurfs for views on twitch UNRANKED TO CHALLENGER! and will grind. Last thing i want to touch on is the MMR and i'm going to use Midbeast as an example here. on multiple occasions the MMR system has failed to detect he was a smurf, in x2 instances he had a 28 win streak and still climbed like a normal player. never skipped or even vs'ed harder players. Even he has stated that the MMR system on OCE needs attention. Which brings me to your second Smurf Type. 6. **The genuine smurf**: This account is made for the sole purpose of climbing fast in either a new role or a main role with better stats or a tilt account. However, in most circumstances they encounter the hard stuck MMR., they go on massive win streaks, get frustrated because it isnt climbing and drop the account. There are alot of types of smurfs and alot of scenarios that can be played out. but the percentage is smurfs on OCE is quite high, and account sharing has been an issue for some time. TLDR: More than 1 type of smurf, don't just classify them as 2 types when very wrong and misinformation. MMR system for smurfing needs QOL attention
: Banned for "intentionally feeding"
LOL at this rage post. you got banned, deal with it. improve yourself
TwerkWDF (OCE)
post your chat logs! no chat logs? Ok then your account was banned for being boosted, account sharing or is a brought account. in which case sucked in.
: Well, technically yes. I did type 'kys' but I was responding to the player saying that it was not appropriate language to use and that he would be reported for abusive comments and toxic behavior. Asking the other players to also report him for the comments he said to me because no one should be forced to play in a team with or against someone who speaks this way in the future
i know you were using it to respond mate, i'm on your side with this :) here's hoping the ban is lifting or reduced. in the future, DONT SAY ANYTHING.
: Can finally quit League! Yay! Got banned for the dumbest reports.
: No, no, I didnt say to him kys! - I wouldnt say that to someone. I was stating that he told me to KYS and that is why I would be reporting him. I was quoting him not saying it to him Initially he said "KYS Idiot" to which i replied ChakaDemus: nah you said kys, so you are reported mate The final part when i said was said in the closing seconds of the game "ChakaDemus: report kayn ChakaDemus: for telling me to kys"
sorry mate, you did say it.. i know looking at the logs you did not direct it at anyone, but because the report system looks for these "key" words, it flags them in any context. i'd submit a ticket. best of luck
: Yikes
the reason why nobody has commented is because of the following: 1. You have made up your mind about riot and the game as a whole, you've got mixed information from different streamers, pros and Reddit. think you have come to an informed opinion and try to regurgitate that dribble here. **It's utter nonsense and false data, Show proof of your claims then we can talk.** 2. You cannot control your emotions, I'm willing to bet if i could look at your chat logs i would see some toxic spew in over 50% of your games. you blame others instead of looking at your own misdeeds 3. You talk shit about a gold 3 designer. but you are silver 1 on a low pop server. GET OVER YOURSELF!
: My Ban Appeal
$20 says you were banned because of 3 reasons 1. You shared your account. (pretty obvious) 2. You were beyond toxic, and most likely boasting you would never get banned. 3. You got boosted. you don't go straight to perma unless one or more of those 3. get over your denial. stop playing the victim! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: True I play Zyra however I do not play duo.
so let me get this right, you are complaining about people who can tower dive and suppress under tower.. but you play the very thing you despise? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
if you only want to play with people because of their rank or hoping for a boost, you are playing the game for the wrong reason.
: riot obsession
You play zyra who can zone/suppress quite heavily under the enemy's tower, you also duo with someone who mains trynda who is the tower dive king. POT. KETTLE. BLACK! Rather than complain why not join a discussion about creating new champions, there is a few reddit channels that do this and riot monitors.
: Plummet in player numbers? Like we weren't warning Riot about that almost a year ago, but they make shitty changes anyway? But yeah, I keep seeing the same players a lot in ARAM, I notice due to the "this player is on your block list" in team select. I keep seeing this same toxic duo, so I dodge every game that places them on my team.
you are just regurgitating what you see on reddit. nothing more nothing less.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Well i did that, guess where it led me: Pre-season to season 5: Got Silver 5, losing 8 games and winning 2 Season 5: Got into bronze 5, then i 'Just did it', then went up to bronze 4. So in a way im happy :D
Flood (OCE)
: Usually 4-5 games after 0 LP. Duo with someone higher rank than you to prevent the actual tier loss (what I'm doing now).
lol get carried
Alamo (OCE)
: That really inspired me to go ranked, and fall 3 divisions ...
your not doing it right
: nice meme
Your a man of fine taste.
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: A Montage
Good to see some creative content coming out of OCE! Good luck mate
: ***
Same could be said about your stream, IF YOU EVER HAD VIEWERS!!!!
: For those on the PBE praying to god to stop the lb nerf...
Shes still very viable, her damage hasn't changed, and she can punish you if you out of position. what the change does allow for is counter-play, if she W's into a turret while your under it you have a bigger window to CC her and keep her there. **(READ: Risk vs Reward)** if you have a knock up or displacement ability you can completely cancel out her W damage. Her E was just stupid, you could completely miss your opponent and still hit the damn thing, it needed to be fixed. now with the change, its more in line with what the projectile is **"a thin fuking chain" ** but it now updates more to prevent "rubber banding"
: Assuming he's not lying, his behaviour does stem from the broken promise of the removal of the perma-ban from his original account. While it was ultimately his decision that decision was made in circumstances created by Riot not fulfilling a promise. At the very least Riot could come through on that promise, see if it makes a difference and, if t doesn't, just perma-ban the account again. Like I said, it wont make the situation any worse.
His behaviour doesnt stem from it, if it did he would not of been banned in the first place. Here is what will happen, if you un-ban that account.. more smurfs will be made, and they will be used to "vent" instead and the account.
: Assuming Bipolar isn't lying I think Riot should at least follow through with their promise, even if the employee who promised it quit/was fired. For all we know Bipolar could change their attitude if they are given their original account back in order to keep it, if not it's not like it will make the situation any worse.
Ok so lets assume this is legit. has he reformed since this time? the rioter was looking for change, was looking for hope. there was none. this person hasn't reformed, hasn't changed. and if he had, he wouldn't have multiple accounts banned. > [{quoted}](name=Bipolar,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=pf83kFNF,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-06-04T11:51:19.754+0000) > > Until I have something that I care for, I will risk everything. this statement says it all really, hes reckless and cares about no-one but himself. Being nice isn't a chore, its something that is actually quite easy, and get easier the more you do it, again what the rioter was trying to achieve. he failed, and on top of this i wont be surprised if hes banned again soon. #DOESNTDESERVESH!T
Bipolar (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BarryButcher,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=pf83kFNF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-04T10:00:38.126+0000) > > Sounds to me like you haven't changed. Why should they give your accounts back? I don't know, in case I get banned that way I don't have to make another.
well if your actually worried about getting banned maybe, just maybe change your ways?
: You think Draft pick will make it any better? Unless if first or second pick wants support, last pick is typically forced to support, this causes way more dodges.
Doesn't bother me, and tbh i think support should be learned alot more then it is. its a really good carry role tbh. if people decide to dodge, FINE! how does that effect me?, i wont have a scaling dodge timer. i'll be in another champ select. i accept i wont always get the role i want, and i think everyone will need to grow up and accept this aswell, and if they cant accept this then there is always punishment for their behavior. but i'd rather have RNG decide what i play with less negativity tbh.
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: So what category here does Katarina {{champion:55}} fall under?
AP Mid vs Bursty AP x9 Magic Pen Marks - x9 Scaling Health or Armor Seals - x9 Magic Resist Glyphs - x3 Ability Power Quints AP Greedy x9 Magic Pen Marks - x9 Scaling Health - x9 Scaling Ability Power Glyphs - x3 Ability Power Quints
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: How bad is...
His Q isnt broken. The only change i can see him getting is a mana cost for his ulti. imo hes fine atm
sakura07 (OCE)
: Mind your language please
Unfortunately we have alot of what is called "little man syndrome" on OCE all you can do is mute and move on mate
Sneed (OCE)
: OCE vs NA Bronze
Yes and No. 4 reasons why our bronze is different than NA's 1. its smaller by the numbers.. 2. Alot of people smurf in bronze which causes ALOT! of issues 3. Our player base has serious behavior issues.. IE: Abusive, and self centered. and for the most part refuse to accept their faults and learn from them. 4. Because of the 3 reasons above, our bronze players learn the wrong things and alot of bad habits regarding how they approach the game, which diminishes the quality of player as they slowly climb. Whats worse is, this is a snowball effect which wont change for quite sometime. So to answer your question, NO! our bronze area isn't better then NA's
: Objectives > Kills
TBH most of the server doesn't understand this. soloQ is pretty meh, you either stomp or get stomped. no one has any sort of teamwork, only selfish. most will rage at you if you suggest something, despite if it has anything to do with them or not. Team ranked is where its at, yet no-one wants to play. Normals has try hards, yet ranked has people who don't give a fuck. OCE is dying. OCE is boring OCE has so much boost the ladder doesn't make sense. **OCE Needs to change**
Jy3 (OCE)
: 30+ Ranked
Ranked teams? Great idea. Ranked soloQ? not so much
: because being mean is both easier and more fun.
Basically, this is classic victim-turned-bully. The dude is obviously depressed, and wants to take it out on others, even though it doesn't actually bring him joy like he tells himself it will. Its empty, hollow, and he's convinced that its not, because, after all, others on the internet seem to find such joy in it.
Olee (OCE)
: He just ridiculous ratios, patience.
He is high risk high reward.
: IF you do not delete/nerf Ekko, I will no longer playing LOL
Kiribotz (OCE)
: LeaverBuster System
You are being punished for wasting peoples time. NO!
Kazaragho (OCE)
: Can Leona be buffed?
: Only Corki the God's opinion on Ekko, the new champion.
As much as i dislike only corki, he actually has very valid points. Ekko doesn't handle CC and burst. hard CC him and he is done! think outside the box man. GL
Shrewd (OCE)
: What about false reporting? Are there counters to this, or counters to people being reported for poor reasons, such as one bad decision at the end of a game which ends in a loss?
aîdan (OCE)
Exhausted (OCE)
: Lets talk about the new punishment system about to be relased on OCE
Bipolar (OCE)
: The Blitzcrank in my last game was a scripter.
he don't need a script when he has got a target as big as your head.
: OPL Prediction Contest is here!
i won quite a few 10win IP boosts last split.. bring on my 100k RP! :P
Exhausted (OCE)
: Graves Penta 10k Behind with enemy baron / x3 dragon buffed
Good flash Q onto cait. keep up the good work mate.
Privasea (OCE)
: Cant purchase anything from the store even after a Repair.
MrPine (OCE)
: Lp went pooooof
yea mate, only dodge if its really really needed. 3lp dodges are on a 24-30hour period. Good luck .
: if you suck and feed and abuse others for sucking and feeding you uninstall and nek urself
: Venting about LP (Unimportant thread)
Going to chime in here, your not the only one to experience this.. its diamond 5 MMR. when they put in master tier they didnt make adjustments to the MMR system for diamond 5. its a very known issue across the globe and riot don't give a fuck. have yet to see them take an active approach to it. feel free to search other regions forums but you'll find they have same issues, diamond 5 REALLY IS ELO HELL! win 4 games gain 70 LP - loss 2 games and its back to 0-10 LP. its disgusting. gl man, may the RNG gods be with you.
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