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: his e does have a cd. its just 1/2 of his q cd. And the best he can get at lv 2 is 70%-80% hp on an enemy with a longsword and full ad masteries, and enemy has no bonus hp or mr. And most of the tanky ap items match the damage of the damage ap items, i mean, roa gives 100 ap, same as morello and ludens which are the ap damage items.
You have to also consider the fact that talon has the option of rushing hex into maw which pretty much takes out the option of trying to all in a talon with more that 50% health while barely reducing his damage opposed to rushing ghostblade. As you said, talon can do 70-80% of someone's health at level 2. The other would 20% from w poke and ignite. I would think that someone being able to nearly 100 to 0 someone with 2 abilities in around 1-2 seconds is sort of unfair gameplay. Even if midlane decides to build tanky, most talons I know rush mobies and just roam 24/7 after 6. I'm sure many would also agree that talon needs to get his w animation fixed as the max range of his w hitbox is much further than his animation.
Exiled (OCE)
: Pretty sure Kassadin needs a nerf. Just maybe.
He got a small buff instead of any nerfs. Ouch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E - Force Pulse MODERNIZATION Force Pulse now determines what it hits at the end of its cast time, rather than the start RANGE 585 ⇒ 600
: You would have hated it when he had 2 silences and as buff passive I think kassadin is just one of those play well do well champs. His passive is garbage imo 15% flat magic reduction.... flat passives are outdated. His kit is very good once you get ult. If your playing a champ he can get a q+e+w+q before 6 then theres your first problem. Lets be honest with abilities in between 4-5 ultis early game he will be oom so i would try and bait him into ulting twice or three times through smart play or assistance because after the 4th ult stack the mana cost is through the roof and thus you can make him immoble and abilityless.
Yes I did hate it when he had a silence. Not sure about having 2, but ranged silence on q back then was a pain although there was no need to have counterplay to him when I'm pretty sure he was permabanned in at least 95% of my ranked games. As for the times I played into kass in norms when he had a silence, from what I recall, it was harder for him to 1 shot compared to now (unless you rushed dfg of course).
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: Kassadin is designed to pretty much counter any ap midlaner, and for why he beats riven, I'm fairly sure each cast of her q counts towards a charge in kass's e, which makes Riven one of the best uses to charge Force Pulse. Also I'm pretty surprised a Diamond+ player is complaining about something like this? Is Zed and Talon non-existent? Are they just perma-banned in high elo? All you have to do post 6 is bait out his ult and dive on him within the 4 second cooldown? Or am I just wrong here?
Zed is alright where he is right now imo. He can be heavily punished if he misuses w in lane (around 20s opening) and has a relatively long ult cd upon first cast in most cases. This leaves him vulnerable in a few ways already. Since lethal nerfs, you won't get 1 shot by w-e-q-w-aa anymore assuming he isn't fed, so I think if you get beat by a zed in lane, it's pretty fair. As for Talon, I think he is not terribly broken but the fact that he can jump multiple walls upon reaching them is a little silly. Also how he can super chunk you in lane or even 1 shot at level 2 with w and q are kind of messed up. I think the main problem is his e and if that were to get changed to like, instead of having a cd on which walls you can jump, his e should have it's own cd and maybe charges alongside maybe a shorter wall cd like maybe 10s. All in all, I understand that Kassadin works off Riven's spellcasts but what I was trying to bring to peoples attention is is how much damage he can diss out on a short rotation while still building tanky items like tabi with roa. Tanky mage items are meant to help survive, not make you unkillable while still outdamaging other champs.
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