: Please start a youtube channel called lol trolls! I would support it and might be on it too haha!
I'll let you know lol :)
: > Name and Shame might be a better punishment than 'what riot does'. That's basically the definition of anarchy. If everyone thinks they are above the system, everything falls down. Communities can not police themselves, that has been proven time and time again throughout the ages, there needs to be an external hand _(e.g.. The police, or Riot in this case.)_ Riot have hundreds of millions of dollars, they have teams and teams of researchers and analysts working on this. No offence, but they know a lot more about what does or doesn't work than you. Yes, there are hundreds of posts that say the system doesn't work. But you have to always read between the lines. How many people are there on OCE? Hundreds of thousands to be sure. so of hundreds of thousands of people, only a couple of hundred players have reported complaints. Thats a damn good ratio! Which means that the system works more than fine for hundreds of thousands of other players. No one said the system is perfect, Riot themselves have said so, but it's the best we have, and it's constantly evolving with better technology and analytics. You standing up on a podium yelling out the names of blasphemers into the town square wont do any good at all.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=bEfzuTEZ,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-06-20T06:48:06.813+0000) > > Riot have hundreds of millions of dollars, they have teams and teams of researchers and analysts working on this. No offence, but they know a lot more about what does or doesn't work than you. > Don't need to get offended mate... but it doesn't work does it, with all thier money, it doesn't work. So yes i'll complain about trolls continuing to be trolls.
: I think one of the problems with naming and shaming is that we all have different views on 'bad behaviour'. I for example am fairly tolerant, I brush most bad behaviour off as stupidity and try not to pay it much mind. So what I would consider _'name and shame worthy'_ would be when someone brutally rips into someone about their race or sexuality _(and means it)_ and causes them to leave the game in tears. Where as someone else might consider "GG EZ" at the end of a game, to be name and shame worthy. So when person B, gets offended by Summoner101 for saying "GG EZ" he goes straight to the boards and name and shames them by saying _"Ban this retard making our games cancer!"_ Person A, then sees this and thinks _"Shit! I don't know what he did, but Summoner101 must be terrible! ill focus and report him if I ever see him"_ When actually all Summoner101 said was "GG EZ" in jest at the end of a game. So Summoner101 now has hundreds of players headhunting him thinking he is the devil, just for offending one easily offended player, who just misinterpreted the comment anyway. So in order to prevent situations like this, or similar ones, all name and shaming must be stopped. Anyway, why even want to name and shame? Riot has systems in place for dealing with bad behaviour, and they work. all naming and shaming is, is vengeance.
Name and Shame might be a better punishment than 'what riot does'. Which I know isn't enough and it doesn't work... look on the forums, there are hundreds of posts about this, which tell you, NO it doesn't work. And going afk and intentionally feeding, because the leash didn't work I think is EVERYONES idea of trolling. I've had two in the last 5 games.
: On the video side, you CAN post videos of these players (I think it's as long as you're in the game with them, but not sure), and unless you're lying, they have no right to ask you to remove said video and it is also in Riot's ToS that you can do this :D Hope this helps
It does mate, I was wondering about that thanks :)
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Sephyre3 (OCE)
: I edited out the name and shame. It's important that you report them at the end of game screen to assist the Instant Feedback System. Totally understand the frustration - I hate it when I get games with people like that. There's some more information on how the PB systems work in the FAQ: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/L65wrRYe-player-behaviour-faq-updated-for-instant-feedback
Riot, your report system needs to be harsher, the people spending money and paying are older than these kids who ruin it for us. If you want to keep a paying customer base, for gods sake get rid of the trolls. I'm sick of it, I'll stop spending money if you guys don't do your part!
Exhausted (OCE)
: Master Yi stats over last 30 days 48.98% **winrate** **in the top 20 of most played on this server.** or globally rank 19 in the jungle 48.57% **winrate** 7.68% **play rate** 11.98% **ban rate** not op, not broken and most importantly he is someone you can deal with. Yi is a snowball champ, if you fuck up and feed him kills its your own fault.
Why is he banned in most ranked queues? Because he's broken
: Can't be slowed. BUT drop some hard cc on him... DEAD... Generally no ifs buts or maybes.. DEAD.
How do you CC someone who isn't targetable? either you know nothing about yi, or you're just an idiot.
: > Yi with infinity Edge, Blade and Youmuu's does not take skill. Same thing with any fed champ ever, that's entirely the point of getting fed in the first place, especially for carries. His early is garbage, he is a melee ADC, you have 10-15 minutes at the start of the match to rek him again and again. It's not his fault if he survives into late game where he truly shines, as it is yours for failing to capitalise on any of it. > It has been 2 years since he has been touched. It's precisely because there is exactly nothing wrong with him so there is no incentive to touch him. But really he was nerfed once right after he was reworked because no one liked the idea of Yi also being pro competitive for whatever god damn reason. >He is fast, can't be slowed, he can heal himself and he goes untargetable. * Because not being able to be slowed is the end of the world, wat. We still have suppress, knockback/up, silence, blind, root and stun all on the side waiting to delete YI, just use them. Not to mention he has to be lvl 6 first before getting that anyway. * His heal stuns himself and is not effective against turrets. * His invulnerability has a 18-14 seconds CD, and it needs an enemy/neutral target to use it, and it's a one way ticket so he has to put himself in some kind of danger most of the time when using it. Also his refresh is basically nonexistent until either he is fed or high level. > You can't really kite Yi. You can't really skill shot Yi at all. Yes you can. Because he has to either run into your face manually or use his engage/disengage/burst/invulnerability all in one, which has a high CD, to chase you. So you have plenty of chances to kite and skill shot him. ________________ ____________________ _________________ You literally make a Yi QQ thread every 2 weeks, while you join and comment on other people's ride on Yi's blade to fill the void in your heart during the mean time. There is nothing wrong with Master Yi, there was only once that was actually his fault for being broken OP, all other cases were the items' fault. He only cost 450 IP to buy anyway, I say play him yourself if you're unable to grasp his actual strength, outside of the Bronze and Silver range and you'll see that he is in fact, not easy nor broken to play as.
YI and q, is OP you guys all rant about how squishy he is, well he really isn't, yi 'q' and isn't even targetable, wow i wish some of you would come back with an ACTUAL response, rather than this teen quasi intellectual rubbish.
Olee (OCE)
: You are making yourself sound like an idiotic cry baby who can't come up with anything intellectual to say. Go ahead and check my match history, I've played Yi literally once in maybe the past year.
really? call her a cry baby, and thats YOUR intellectual thing to say???? LOL
: Do you know what CC does? Makes him useless. Play a champ with CC
Jink (OCE)
: Then you get smashed by Tryndamere and Yi looks like a noob Champ in comparison.
Alamo (OCE)
: God help those who blame their lack of skill on "broken" champions.
Cabbages (OCE)
: When OH WHEN is Yi going to be nerfed??? Why is this ALWAYS IGNORED!!!??? PLEASE READ AND MARK UP!!!
Agree, it seems though riot thinks a champ who takes no skill is necessary to keep the youngish kids happy. Universally hated apart from the douchebags who plays him, come on riot, fix it.


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