Baited (OCE)
: Give Wukong some love, there's so much potential with the Master/Student story.
It's really hard to make wukong his own character without drifting from his basis in chinese mythology too much. Sun WuKong was literally an all powerful deity, able to match anyone in battle. The only being he couldn't overcome was the Buddha himself.
: You can't solo carry anymore
Imo, if riot wants this game to be a competitive, team-based game, then there is no place for solo-carry champions. Anyone should be able to build a lead, but if they can't spread that lead across the rest of their team, then there shouldn't be a reason for them to win.
: More OP than Kha'zix
I actually like Aftershock J4 Support Works mad with Varus, especially with the lv2 engage
Aegis (OCE)
: Skin Idea: Poro King Braum
This actually sounds like it could be great! Would love to see this sort of thing happening on the Rift.
: Ver-Lox The Void
So, sort of like Abathur in HotS, but unkillable? Seems legit. How would the enemy team earn Pentakills and Aces though?
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: this post is aimed at champs that one shot with either an auto attack or a point and clickability or even a skill shot that does to much damage and can one shot with little or no effort at all not champs like riven who take a full combo(that you can fail )
so, Draven with his Spinning Axe critting me for >1500 damage?
Nightjar (OCE)
: it's less that these items are op (you don't see orianna with ardent censer anywhere outside of LCS as a cheese strat, as much as she gets alot of benefit out of it, nor any other roles aside from ivern building redemption), but more that they're being used to abuse a certain way of playing defensively earlygame, inspired by klepto and the 'gold rush' playstyle. Support items aren't really overtuned... just too accessible. The worst abusers of ancient coin and spellthiefs aren't mage supports like karma, morgana or brand, no, that would be gangplank. That isn't supports being op, that's riot screwing up. Imo a good mark of the state of support items is whether traditionally midlane mages are migrating botlane. When spellthiefs was op, we saw velkox, xerath and veigar. Also support is just about as balanced as any other role. Jungle holds the most pressure, midlane shortly after, botlane holds dragon control and determines which team opens up the map first with first blood tower. Toplane is an island where nothing happens provided nobody fucks up. Toplane has a tank/gangplank problem, but that's more that riot has been beating down on traditional early/midgame bruisers like renekton, darius, irelia, kled, olaf and poppy (more damage oriented builds).
Agree with the majority of your post, but: "riot has been beating down on traditional early/midgame bruisers like renekton" explain why renekton is still an absolute god then?
Rioter Comments
Essembie (OCE)
: Vi - underwhealming in S8
Ok. Having read all the previous comments, I can see that you don't particularly like assassin Vi. However, having played the past 6 months with a Vi main, I can safely say that assassin Vi carries games when ahead, and with the right game knowledge, turns games from guaranteed losses to probable wins in at most 3 teamfights. As assassin Vi, having to "go balls deep" doesn't matter because in the late game, you will have the survivability of both GA and Death's Dance (bought to replace jungle item in the late game when smite is better used on objectives than champions), and so you can afford the risk of the engage - particularly when you know it will earn at least one kill. That is the whole point of assassins: remove a threat from the fight quickly. Basically all I'm saying is that Vi overall hasn't been made weaker, just that the tank Vi playstyle has.
: Ps4 Controllers for LoL
First off, I have been playing LoL without a keyboard for over a year now, just my Razer Tartarus, and I have found that that barely has enough keys to keep me happy. I have no idea how you could even imagine playing with less than the 17 keys + 8 way thumbpad that I use. The only reason I even use it is because it prevents my RSI from getting too severe. Seriously, there just aren't enough buttons on a console controller to be functional. And that's not even beginning to count the fact that you need to move a cursor around on the screen. I'm sorry to say it, but analog sticks are far inferior to mice when it comes to anything that isn't an fps or fifa.
YLgaming (OCE)
: coolest champion ive made up please release
Ok but like if you want riot to release such a generic looking champion you've gotta give some amazing backstory and a kit that wouldn't need changing like at all for implementation into the game as it currently stands. This colloquial paragraph will not cut it.
Savarin (OCE)
: Champion Concept: Atlas, Heart's Defender
This is actually a really cool concept, a real harkening back to the older days of league. I think it fits fairly well with Riot's current way of going about the lore and stuff, and I definitely think we need more than just Braum and Yasuo who can block skillshots. This kit looks like it would work well with the theme you're going for, which comes across as a slightly more aggressive Braum, who can disrupt the enemies and draw enough attention away from his allies to let them get the job done, without being too strong of a threat on his own (Cough Cough Juggernauts). My one gripe with Atlas, is that his passive is SERIOUSLY boring. One thing Riot has been seen to be doing lately is adding new mechanics into the game with every new champion they release. Perhaps a new mechanic, something to do with clattering the shields together to deafen your enemies, turning their sounds down for a short period of time, could really psyche some people out of the game, and allow some major abilities to be used without being readily detectable from offscreen. Overall, I like it a lot, and think Riot may consider it, if with a few tweaks.
Ifneth (NA)
: Dauntless Vanguard Tactics
So... basically, giant men in even bigger armour wage war with guerilla tactics?
: The 2018 season starts soon
yay now I can build my stockpile of chests even more without any hope of ever opening all of them because key fragments never drop anymore. feelsbadman.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
Seriously Rito? You decide to gauge what queue health will be like during October? May I remind you what happens in October: HSC and VCE Exams! Half your bloody playerbase isn't going to be online to begin with!
: Meet your League of Origin on-air team
Froskurinn looks ready to slay some demons...
funnypin (OCE)
: why is there no tasmanian team? we have a strong league community and deserve a spot in national comps{{champion:106}}
It's because the rest of the country doesn't care about us. Reminder that the only reason we are in any national sports is cricket and Hawthorn moving in with us.
EzeBlood (OCE)
: Now 2/3 of the way through this season, and still no entries. What's going on OCE?
Only 2 weeks left to get your entries in OCE, would love to actually have a couple of them.
Evelynnn (OCE)
: Read this
Read it. And guess what. Your alpha/beta bullsh*t is exactly the reason the world is in the state it is right now. If people realised that no person is better than another person, that we're all human, we wouldn't be sending our troops into places like Mosul, because we wouldn't need troops in the first place. We wouldn't be marching in the streets, proclaiming our human rights, because we'd already have them. And most of all, we wouldn't have to tolerate the toxicity of people like you, because we'd all recognise that we're all imperfect.
EzeBlood (OCE)
: Bump for those who missed it when this went up in March, we're now halfway through Autumn and still no entries D:
Now 2/3 of the way through this season, and still no entries. What's going on OCE?
: [Lore Sketches] Yago, the Estranged Shaman.
Give me a week or so, and I could come up with a passable kit, if you could give me a bit more info on what powers Yago possesses. Is he a traditional shaman, harnessing the power of the elements? If so, does he specialise in any one, or is he more well-rounded? I noticed in the short lore paragraph you gave, you mentioned the power of twenty suns. Does this mean Yago is mostly attuned to fire? Any info would be a great help, and I'd love to see if this could come to fruition!
: {{item:3027}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3115}} Didn't complete the Nashor's so beyond that I haven't figured out the complete build, probably gonna get Rabadon's aim for the 800AP mark.
cool, different to how I play damage Bard (remember chain-gun lulu?) but I definitely see how it would work better than my build.
Yu Aztah (OCE)
: where skt?
they come in at a later stage, along with EU LCS
: As far as I can see the stacking is infinite as long as you're picking the chimes up. Bard actually has insane damage scaling which is fun to play with, and it's very deceptive and underestimated. You can certainly surprise a player or two if you take Bard somewhere other than Support. Actually a friend had me record this game for them the other day, sorry it's kinda boring since it's just a recording of the replay.
Would've been nice to see what you were building, but otherwise I'm impressed!
Bruh all you need to stop him is a half decent top laner (i.e. not me) and wait for everyone to scale up to late game, so that your tank is virtually unkillable and your mage/assassin can just blow him to bits.
EzeBlood (OCE)
: OCCC Autumn 2017 Entries
Bump for those who missed it when this went up in March, we're now halfway through Autumn and still no entries D:
zYasuo (OCE)
: Toxic and flame
I've dealt with anger issues before, and I found that it's seriously so easy to find a way around them. I can now proudly say, I haven't been properly angry in six whole years. What's my secret, you ask? It's a mixture of things. Firstly, whenever you feel a rage coming on, stop. Back away from the situation, and just breathe. Think about how little this will matter to you in a month, two months, a year even. Secondly, think of everyone you meet online as though you were talking to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me, it works. Even if the Queen was telling you to 'go f*** yourself', or calling you 's***face', you wouldn't retaliate, because she's the Queen. Furthermore, just reading the insults in that posh, British voice is enough to make most people laugh it off and realise that it isn't as bad as they think. Finally - and I think this is quite possibly the best thing you can do to stop getting yourself angry - stop caring. If you don't care what other people say or do, then why should it affect you? Really, the easiest way to dampen your flames and cure your toxicity is to simply not care. Everyone plays at their own skill level; play at yours. If your teammates aren't playing at your level, that's fine. They are them, and you are you. Thanks for the read, hope I helped in some way.
: > [{quoted}](name=GBG727,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=mHRKXE8b,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-04-09T19:05:41.855+0000) > > STFU stupid its always fkin jg fault, no matter what jg fault, didn't gan i die, gank i still die, i die jg didnt die. Jg die eveytime jg gets blame all game noobs fkin LOL community > > Fkin trash OCE server 80% players are bronze losers and its always jg fault according to this noob community {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} i am so pissed noob players everywhere > > > a player AFK bcoz its a jg fault he didnt gank, and player rage quit *FML* *Facepalm* you sound like every self entitled chinese player on the oce server ebcasue you couldnt hack it on the chinese server. get over yourself.
Fitzky (OCE)
: This is the current state of League of Legends right now
If tanks were so strong, pro-players would have abandoned the adc concept a looooooong time ago. the problem with tanks is that lower elo players (such as you and I) can't deal with them as efficiently. We simply don't have the mechanical, micro-play skills required to kite them out and position correctly to take full advantage of our possible damage output. I see where you're coming from though: a 'tank' is meant to be a front-line wall that soaks up damage and crowd control for their teammates. They're meant to draw aggro off of their carries. Unfortunately, in a game where half of all damage is coming from point-and-click commands, rather than skillshots that can be blocked, this means that in order to draw aggro, the tank has to pose some form of threat, and the easiest way to do so is by having a high damage threat. Hence, we are left with the tank class. Busted in low elo, and manageable in high.
: I hope riot decides to keep bots
there was no rhythm or rhyme to this so-called 'poem' of yours, I would request that you please return to your high-school English class. (Before anyone flames me this is just banter)
: So...why can't we have draft again?
It was a case of the OCE playerbase is too small to warrant yet another queue. Riot's already had to limit Twisted Treeline and Flex queues so that times remain reasonable. Can you imagine how long queue times could get with yet another queue? What's more is, if the extra queue was to go in and Riot wanted to maintain normal queue times, then they would have to alter the matchmaking algorithms, which make games less balanced on a skill basis. They've stated multiple times lately that they're trying to reduce the time it takes between pressing play and actually getting into a game, and adding a new queue would not help this in any way, shape, or form.
: > [{quoted}](name=Casterthe5587,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=GWZ8anEO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-11T04:53:21.825+0000) > > Pretty hyped for this, awesome concept ahri x vel'koz fanfic pls
Something tells me that's going "too far".
Nightjar (OCE)
: I was considering a sort of 'rot' lissandra type ability, same start, channels then explodes and cuts his health to 0 but instead of straight out dying krask would go into stasis and recover like 10-15% of his hp for every assist he gets from his explosion within a short duration and then revives after 5s, however if he couldn't get an assist from this ult, then he would just wither and die. However I felt this might be a little too powerful, especially as an offtank initiator with a talisman or some speedboosting ability. My other idea was Krask channels glowing purple and then his next cast at short range around 100 marks an enemy champion with lifespores granting true sight of them and then krask dies. However if that marked champion dies within the next few second, Krask comes back to life at the champions location with half the hp he had when he cast the ability and healing for another 30% the champion that died's max hp. If the enemy champion gets away and doesn't die then krask is dead permanently and that champion gets krask's kill gold. I'm not very creative so my ideas aren't really that interesting but I really liked the concept of krask having to choose his death and it being alot like a sporagium fruit exploding.
That actually sounds a lot more reasonable. It allows for team communication, and could make some rather interesting things happen. I think that if you really want to keep the ability such that there is a chance of death if used incorrectly, then this is definitely the way to go about it.
Nightjar (OCE)
: the point of the ability is that unlike any other ability, this ability forces you to pick the right moment and circumstances of your death. If you pick the right death, the ult can let you win a teamfight, if you screw it up though, well, you die for nothing and possibly lose the teamfight.
True, but if you can't zone someone else out of the fight, then it's one of the worst abilities in the game. I just think there are so many abilities that could be more effective and fit better thematically.
: im commenting this as im reading btw, firstly, why have 0 ad if the passive is he cant attack, makes it harder to scale his abilities Q, need some form of mana refund as well, and how about 1 sec before it hits them not after W, nice idea making minions do work, this could be immensly powerful, with tons of outplay potential, but extremely hard to use E, would be nice if it went through enemies with no explosion but some other kind of poke (like malzs E, but, not), and a good zoning ability if it could go through R, firstly, is it 1.5 or 1.2 sec channel, secondly, ALAH AHKBAR but overall, interesting, but very confusing, didnt think the first champ posted here would be so, well thought through, a tri hybrid, of health, ap, and ad, and getting ad giving him good magic dmg, and ap good physical, and health giving him peel, Higher W costs, and true dmg, would be very flexible to build, you deserve an upvote
Can I just point out how counterintuitive that ult is to use though? Generally in LoL you don't want to die, because all you can do while dead is use redemption, but while alive, you can do literally anything within the bounds of your champion. Unless you're using that ult as a last resort to peel for your carries, I can't see a reason for it to be useful.
Rioter Comments
: Legacy vs Chiefs in numbers
Are the showings at the studio public or invite only? Would love to know. Cheers, an interested Sydneysider.
: Patch 7.4: Cho’s Fancy Feast
Wow, who knew Cho would be the next update, even if it's not a major one.
Tafrea (OCE)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Kinda annoyed that they don't have the discount thing going for Lunar Revel again like every year. But this is still a pretty neat idea.
Those only happened for one year. Then Hextech Crafting happened and now I doubt we'll see event shops ever again. RIP.
: {{champion:17}} Riot started as a '1 man indie basement company'. About 10 years ago lol. You dont know shit about how they work now.
his name is trump2016 he's clearly memeing
FunZone (OCE)
: Sandbox Mode's Major Flaws
where is practice tool atm? is it just a pbe thing for the moment?
Rioter Comments
: > Rules: Furry champions only. (I'm being hilarious) > IE: Rengar, all male yordles count. Ahri/Nidalee counts, Alistar etc. Question: Does Valor count? EDIT: Why downvote? I'm just looking for clarification...
Along the same lines: Does Bristle count?
AngelBird (OCE)
: there you go again. you call me a troll with no facts to back up your evidence and you wonder why I am not listening? Get this. you are CASUAL. I have every intention of playing 100% competitive your Um, "Skill" is worthless information to me.
> [{quoted}](name=AngelBird,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Os35YUEH,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-06T23:37:39.069+0000) > Get this. you are CASUAL. AHAHAHA A NEW PLAYER CALLING SOMEONE CASUAL
AngelBird (OCE)
: Calling some one else a kid is immature its self, you will learn that one day. ^.^
Coming from the author of this thread, I think I will be able to take that with a grain of salt.
: any one experiencing difficulties atm?
That generally happens when your neighbour decides that it's a good idea to download all the seasons of Doctor Who in one day, while the highest internet speed for your street is 2Mbps. No wonder I can't get outta Bronze.
: Rip this 1 year old post bump about every 2 months. Love it though
Now 2 years old lol shame its on OCE and not one of the boards that Riot looks at regularly. (Now watch all the Rioters come through with their "no we read the boards" rebuttals)
Reperis (EUW)
: Don't Gank Aatrox
Nice to see Aatrox getting some attention. Cheers, A fellow lv6 Aatrox main.
AngelBird (OCE)
: Some items just seem too powerful.
Look kid. Having played this game back before Essence Reaver existed, before this version of Summoners' Rift existed, I think I can safely tell you that you have a shitload to learn before even thinking about talking balance.
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