Slow (OCE)
: 65% w/r
riot just reduced gains and increased losses at diamond + because bad players could get master just by spamming (new season was like +25LP/-10LP in dia+)
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: maybe there is another technological issue on it, already 19:34 NOW!!!
19.44 now !!
: Stop using Aatrox. You are not a pro.
: Clash winners
my team won but I guess we wouldn't be interested in custom games...
: I looked at that. It says no teams found. I figure something must be wrong with it
it was working yesterday, but now it doesn't display anything
: The screenshot shows you own the border and icon, but do you own the Odyssey Malphite skin? You can only use that border while using the skin.
such a scam, how could I know that I need to use malphite WITH the odyssey skin to have the border ? It wasn't written anywhere ! And it cost me 80 token that I could have used to get champion shards or skins..
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: Do you own that skin ? :)
of course, it's written
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: One game banned
seems like a illegitimate ban, I hope you'll get unbanned soon
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