: guys...is it me or TFT is so luck based?
ATM it relies too much on RNG, especially regarding items. The champions pool is random but at least you can adapt to it or reroll. The main problem is that the amount of items you get is random. You can get from 0 item per monster/CS killed in PVE rounds to 2 items per unit killed (maximum I've seen, but it may even be possible to get more). As long as riot doesn't implement limits to it, they can't seriously make it a ranked game mode. The best case would be that everyone gets the same amount of items from each PVE round.
: It is. Used it in my last game and had Draven attacking from across the map.
It is not, I played 4 games with it today and it did not work in any of them.
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Camomile (OCE)
: JG main looking for a FLEX 5v5 Team for Master/Challenger climb (Diamond 3 Solo/Duo atm)
request sent but I'm P1 atm so we can't party until you climb higher
Addam (OCE)
: Platinum players are the worst players
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Sheesh (OCE)
jg main, sent u an invite
uNhoLeee (OCE)
: yes, the minions dont understand if you are in the middle of the lane, or as you say, under your tower, the result is the same.
this isn't the point... the minions shouldn't aggro you unless you attack an ennemy champion or you're the only target in their range...
uNhoLeee (OCE)
: yes, it's intended to combat zoning. however in cases that there are no enemies, well, u know. riot coding.
i'm not sure you understood. Here it's the opposite: it helps ennemies that try to zone you under your tower because when you try to last hit you get minion aggro
Marricky (OCE)
: Noctem Esports (Platinum2Challenger) Recruitment
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Turno (OCE)
: 65% w/r
riot just reduced gains and increased losses at diamond + because bad players could get master just by spamming (new season was like +25LP/-10LP in dia+)
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: maybe there is another technological issue on it, already 19:34 NOW!!!
19.44 now !!
: Stop using Aatrox. You are not a pro.
[REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules)] oh i see
: Clash winners
my team won but I guess we wouldn't be interested in custom games...
: I looked at that. It says no teams found. I figure something must be wrong with it
it was working yesterday, but now it doesn't display anything
Ninox (OCE)
: The screenshot shows you own the border and icon, but do you own the Odyssey Malphite skin? You can only use that border while using the skin.
such a scam, how could I know that I need to use malphite WITH the odyssey skin to have the border ? It wasn't written anywhere ! And it cost me 80 token that I could have used to get champion shards or skins..
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: Do you own that skin ? :)
of course, it's written
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: One game banned
seems like a illegitimate ban, I hope you'll get unbanned soon
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