: Xien, The Heaven's Blade [Champion concept]
pretty cool idea, the passive seems like more of an ult passive though and the portal being opposite seems a bit random/ out of the players control, maybe choosing where both portals go would be a better idea, over all a really good concept.
: is this ryzes brother
its a female and no i havent considered much of a lore
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: Holy crap this is an amazing idea, I can see many wombos happening with Lycero and Yasuo and Yikiri and stuff, although it does seem kinda op doe :3
I know, I guess some counter play has been put in, with Lycero's channel time, it will have an indicator for enemies to see where she is going as well, of course if this idea takes off, riot could make some counter play.
: My Champion Idea (Riot please check this post)
You've put a lot of time and effort into this, well done, a name suggestion Sed or Sedi (as in sediment, because he uses earthen powers)
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: Kirean, a new fighter (technology based champ)
Thanks for your feedback **Talon12** and **DarkGate**. The idea of making the e change depending on which gravity state he is in is quite good, I like the idea of every one of his abilities revolving around his q, making you choose between durability, and raw damage, or mobility and quicker attack speed, aswell as the idea of 'do I want a shield for damage, for the adc, or the spell shield for the ap carry'. I hadn't really thought abut the change of his q giving a small buff, but the only champ who does it is jayce so I guess it is a reasonably unique thing, he could get a move speed and maybe pass through units for 4 seconds when he changes into low gravity, and maybe a 5% damage reduction for 4 seconds when he changes into high gravity. Thanks again for your feedback, i'll try and make a lore, and I can try to draw something up, if not maybe my friend can cause he's a pretty good drawer.
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Talon12 (OCE)
: you got it wrong. you better be sorry, you dont say the word, its not {{champion:75}}ary
i'm {{champion:37}} t sorry
: Theres no nice way of saying this, but it's just you, Rumble is fine.
i'm not saying rumble is bad, its just with the adc reworks and all the other reworks it feels as though riot is trying to make champions have fun mechanics, unique mechanics, and play like they look, i feel like rumble doesn't feel like a person in a mech, but just a mech, his abilities dont take much skill and you can't really master any mechanics with him, i feel a bit of an update could make him more popular and more fun, thank you for the respectful comment.
: New Taric Skin Please
i could see some form of arclight taric happening, it would be quite {{summoner:4}} flashy (im so sorry)
: Bard Skin
in his e your a basket ball o_o
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: New Singed Skins
the baby could go flying away then appear at base, waiting for singed, then when he re-spawns he goes back on singed's back
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: and you think that is bad wait until you see this... Zen, The Mysterious Illusionist Lore: Zen has seen many dark and evil things in the world of Valoran. At a young age Zen witnessed the deaths of his parents to creatures he later discovered came from the shadow isles. Furious and Desperate to avenge his family he studied many forms of destructive magic, However he was only able to successfully master one of these magic techniques. This magic allows the caster to fabricate an object from his mind, including things his currently veiwing. the magic is illegal almost everywhere in Valoran so Zen decided to practise his magic on a remote island just off the coast of the shadow isles, Zen recently learned of the dark beings that are currently compeating at the League of Legends, enraged by this monstrosity he decided to join the league of legends, and attempt to purge it of all evil and dark creatures, both from the Void and the Shadow isles. Passive: (Copycat) Whenever Zen uses an ability he leaves behind a copy of himself with 50% (+10% of Zen's current Health) that lasts for 6 seconds, After the 6 seconds have passed this copy will implode pulling and slowing enemies by 30% for 2 seconds within a 250 unit Radius and, dealing 60-80-100-120 (+60% of Zen's AP) as Magic Damage to caught within it. Q: (Mirror) Zen creates a copy of Target champion that lasts for 180 seconds. Whenever Target champion uses an ability the copy will duplicate this ability sending it to the Target champion, dealing 50% (+25% of Zen's Ap) as Percent health magic damage. Passive: Zen's Abilities cooldown is reduced by 2% per 20 AP W: (Confuse) If used on minions: Enemy minions will act like they are your minions and attack other enemies nearby dealing 20 (+10% of Zen's AP) as Magic Damage. If used on a large/Small Monster: Will disable attacks for 3 seconds and dealing 40(+35% of Zen's Ap) as Magic Damage over 3 seconds. If used on a Champion: Zen confuses the enemy champion silencing them and reducing their AD by 30(+15% of Zen's AP) and Dealing 40(+50% of Zen's AP) as Magic Damage for 5 seconds E: (Unstable Aura) Passive: Whenever Zen takes any form of damage he begins channeling energy through his body, Apon hitting 50 charges (Max = 100) Zen will gain a sheild that absorbs 120(+60% of Zen's AP) of all damage Apon hitting 100 Charges Zen begins to overflow with Mysterious energy dealing 40(+80% of Zen's AP) as Magic damage per second and Draining 5 charges each second until reaching 10 charges R: (Army of Souls) Zen creates a Duplicate of Everything (excluding Champions) within 1250-2000 Units. the Duplicates can be ordered to attack enemies Dealing 20(+50% of Target's AD)(+50% of Zen's AD and AP) as True Damage. Duplicates have 100(+100% of Zen's AP) as Health points. Duplicates will Implode after 300 seconds Dealing 100(+60% of Zen's Ap) as Magic damage.
maybe you should be constructive instead of being demoralising to those who are trying to be creative and put ideas into a company which is starting to make champs with less new mechanics. Heaps of people complain about champs not being fun and just being copied, then as soon as people give new ideas, people like you shut them down and make people fell bad :/
: Make him a hybrid champ, change that odd ultimate and odd passive to actually fit with his kit. I see this champ being a bot lane carry version of Udyr and Sona, having Udyr's on hit reliance and Sona's cooldown reliance. Instead of AD + AS from Udyr or AP from Sona, however, he can't build AS due to his one-hit only abilities, and AP tends to leave his attacking a bit weak. Building AD makes him extremely fragile, thus giving him flexibility. Also, change around the combinations to be a lot more intuitive, burn + slow shouldn't be a heal... This isn't DoTA 2 where you can get away with making Invoker and force people to become a one trick pony simply to master it. I'd suggest that the passive should be: Every time he uses an ability, he gains 100 range until it is applied (and his auto attack range is 475, thus forcing him to use abilities and waste energy, or take hits and waste health, when farming to compensate for his potential, in exchange he gets a slightly above average range of 575 when he's out of lane and has a team to peel for him.). If he uses the 2 ability combos, the bonus is 150, leaving his at 625 range. If he uses the 3 ability combo, he instead gains 175 range, leaving him at Caitlyn's 650 for 60 energy. His ultimate should interact with everything else instead of just outright copying Varus and Ashe... Literally, the name Volley is taken. I'd say his ultimate should interact with his Q, W and E. I'd say he can apply his last basic element (Q, W, or E, but not considering combinations), and it becomes an on-hit effect that applies to all of his auto attacks, while still allowing him to use other abilities normally, for 5 attacks or something. I'd recommend you change his ice element though because slows don't stack. His range is increased to 675 also. What does balance him is the fact he's the first champ to be energy without an efficient way of recovering it. He'd be a short range burst ADC like graves... I'm not sure how graves fulfills the role, however. Also the name kinda sounds like an attempt to make an exotic name gone wrong and a bit racist. Yakisoba is a type of Japanese noodles sold in food stalls.
thank you very much for your feed back. Your ideas are good and I can see the point you are making. That passive idea is really good. His ult could be a damage buff maybe even a medium range teleport or something so he can have mobility but not so much that he's unbalanced. tbh I made the name up in like 30 seconds and apparently I have a talent for naming Japanese noodle companies -_-
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ƒamous (OCE)
: Her ult is honestly fine. I personally only like the first buff as it can be applicable to almost everytime I've used it, usually a teammate gets minion blocked and therefore the ult is useless. It's kinda dumb how that already wasn't implemented into her ult..
yeah the other two were to make sivir a bit more interesting, but removing unit collision is a way to make her ult a bit more useful without too much change.
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: New hybrid item
I'm thinking the price of the final item should be maybe 363 gold bringing the grand total of the item including the haunting guise and brutalizer to 3,200
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: Want to improve in PvP.
find a champion you like a practise them. find which role and land you like and play champions which are easier, an really good champ for starters is heimerdinger, all you need to do is stick to his turrets and never leave them and you wont die especially at your level as people will under estimate their damage and give you free kills. and its best to play with your friends no matter what level they are as its more enjoyable.
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bropanda (OCE)
: Is anyone sitting at 80-200 ping consistently tonight? are you with optus?
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