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: I hate it when people shit on my dude Master Yi for taking "no skill"
I think the more hate is garnered from Yi for Alpha strike. For a basic ability it is very powerful and as a targeted ability the no skill tag is very easy to put on it. I think everyone can say they have felt cheated by that skill at some point or another.
Kakoda (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=StealthVortex88,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=ibmxn3ax,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-20T22:24:04.574+0000) > > With assassins like Talon and Zed utilising lethality so well, it'll be soon that either they get nerfed or lethality gets nerfed. So, does Talon need a nerf or is he the most balanced assassin to come out of the assassin rework? Talon is great, the recent changed to have really lowered his dmg though. 2% here 2% there 5 lethality here all really adds up bug time. Honestly talon is really not to strong if you know how to vs him his not very strong at all really. Lvl 2 he can jump you and insta kill you, though he needs to hit you with 3 abilities and then an auto attack. Dodge his W on the way back and you're fine he can't jump you. He should not be able to kill you if he doesn't land his combo and it's Simi decent to dodge anyways.
The fact he can passive stack and instakill then snowball is pretty broken. A good talon zones you from farm forcing you to choose between missing farm or copping stacks, either way, you end up behind.
: Should Talon be nerfed?
I think Talon needs a good hard look at. His lvl 3-4 power spike is pretty much a guaranteed kill if you're even slightly competent at him. His wall hop ability needs a longer CD. He is completely uncatchable in the jungle and there is no way to outplay him and escape if he has the upper hand. As far as talon is concerned the map obsticals don't exist. Good use of this one ability it makes him a devastating roamer a great assassin and uncatchable. The fact he is an AD champ with AOE harass makes harass/farming overly easy for him he doesn't have to choose one over the other. Not to mention Jarvan, Anivia, Azir, Tahlia and Yorik might as well just not play a game against a talon as each or there best area control abilities don't work on him, in fact, they just give him a movement boost as he uses their ability against them. Reading the developers notes on his rework one of their goals was to make him less of a burst one trick pony. The problem is his burst is now better than ever and uses less mana and cooldowns + he now is more mobile than he was + lethality is broken as fuck and often comes bundled on items that you do not have to sacrifice built utility to purchase. Basically fuck Talon.
Connleb (OCE)
: Solo Queue Champ Select problems
You missed the worst ones. "GIVE ME THAT LANE!.". You refuse. They ban whatever you indicated you were going to pick.
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: Tanks does more damage than ADC
Its not that tanks do a lot of damage. (with the exception of Nasus who realy needs his stacks limited in some way ffs) Its Mages and ADCs are so fragile.
: No. It just takes those champs cost from the overall price and lets you purchase the ones you don't already have. I advise not spending RP on champs though, most people end up regretting they didn't just save up the IP :^)
This. I have been playing for 4 years now and own 101 champions mostly from IP. Save RP for those sick skins.
MrPine (OCE)
: Hi guys
Hardware does help a lot in leage, I tend to play with a ping of about 200 and have abotu a 50/50 w/l ratio, but someitmes i play at a friends with good internet and WOW the differance 130 less ping makes.
: * good even game * playing against higher ranked players * not a total 25-3 by 20 minutes stomp like most games were the matchmaking system obviously failed. cherish it
CHerish. Too often in my experance the Utomatcher puts 2-3 great players on one team and 2-3 complete scrublords/trolls on the other. I have been on both the winning an losing side of this automatch failure and its not fun either way.
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: Thats about right. Diversity is a huge issue atm (but one that the right people don't see as a problem.) Yasuo has a pick rate that puts him in legitimately 1/3rd of all games, rivalled closely by Lee Sin, Vayne, Jhin (the only new champ that is played), and Thresh. Zed also makes as much of an appearance as Pikachu does in Pokemon. I think the issue is that Riot are releasing new champions that are super strong, but also have mega weaknesses (inside Sol's stars, Kled's mini form, etc etc.) Which is great for counterplay and overall health of the game! BUT they are just quite frankly harder than many of the old champs that don't have super clear weaknesses (e.g. Zed/Yasuo) So much of the population don't bother to learn them, and just seem to opt for the safe option. Worlds this year had a champion pool of around 20 champs. Bronze has a pool of even less champs (or at least it feels that way). Its genuinely stagnating the game. Thats my 2 cents at least My mains are Azir, Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, and Kalista, Kindred, Yorick, Ivern, so at least I do my part in-game for diversity, but I've pretty much given up campaigning in the name of diversity now. Ive accepted that ill be VS Zed/Yasuo/Lee for the rest of my life, so now I'm just watching youtube and trying to get better against them. In any case, welcome back to league ^^ there are a few bad things of course, but theres a fair number of good changes too :)
Just gotta ask/add, I think its because lee sin zed and yas are all very safe picks and AD assassin type don't need to think about their builds. Also the fact that they don't use mana so bronze players who don't like being punished for spamming ability's gravitate towards them. (On that note fuck sake riot give me mana pots or clarity back.)
: The reason is because it's normal games, it's not supposed to be taken seriously at all. Though frustrating I know, but it's technically not an illegal thing to instalock. Though maybe you could still report them under the name of "refuse to work with teammates" or something like that, idk.
pretty sure "unsportsmanlike conduct" covers that kind of douchbaggery
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Clizzle (OCE)
: Let's hope most puns {{champion:13}} to the occasion.
WE have some {{champion:91}}-ted people here. I literally have a {{champion:26}} of these.
: Picking your summon in game play at the start of the match
Why i play ranked. Normals calls are a eecioy for toxic behaviour.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Merry Xmas =P
Thanks riot. Thats just what i wanted.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Happy Holidays all =D
Dear riot all i want for xmass is a Galio rework. {{champion:3}} j.ks Merey xmass.
: yeah even if it was toxic its so unfair that i got the ban when it wasn't even me being toxic. i mean its not unfair i was the stupid one to let him use it considering i've seen him flame before and he just go's ham on them for nothing.
Best advice for solo cue. -Mute all,
: These are the chat logs that got me banned if it helps in any way Game 1 ToeFeetish: lvl 3 gank me bro ToeFeetish: please ToeFeetish: <3 ToeFeetish: blue ToeFeetish: wolves ToeFeetish: gromp ToeFeetish: lvl 3 ToeFeetish: isnt it ToeFeetish: draven ToeFeetish: ? ToeFeetish: shut up ToeFeetish: wtf ToeFeetish: both times ive bed ToeFeetish: ive been like 30 gs short of items ToeFeetish: wp ToeFeetish: as i over heat ToeFeetish: damit ToeFeetish: gank top ToeFeetish: bot is strong enough ToeFeetish: wtf ToeFeetish: bs ToeFeetish: report hec ToeFeetish: nice riot ToeFeetish: good fkcing job ToeFeetish: im not u fcki9ng spastic ToeFeetish: she can fcking fly across the lane ToeFeetish: with her fcking q ToeFeetish: real ToeFeetish: ezreal ToeFeetish: i didnt notic ToeFeetish: notis ToeFeetish: or dont help ToeFeetish: %%% ToeFeetish: report this hecarim ToeFeetish: fcking usless prick ToeFeetish: is it your first time hec ToeFeetish: ? ToeFeetish: no ToeFeetish: she was strong ToeFeetish: intill u gave her free kills ToeFeetish: coz u dpont know how to play hec ToeFeetish: reported for flaming ToeFeetish: nice ToeFeetish: and balanced ToeFeetish: \hyecarim ToeFeetish: kys ToeFeetish: she waited in a fcking bush ToeFeetish: i didnt try fight her u spastic ToeFeetish: monkey fck ToeFeetish: stfu ToeFeetish: tuyler ToeFeetish: kys ToeFeetish: cool ToeFeetish: wait ToeFeetish: so me getting jumped from bush ToeFeetish: 4v1 ToeFeetish: is me being shit ToeFeetish: ? ToeFeetish: no ToeFeetish: dont ToeFeetish: yeah draven im sorry i couldnt stop our jgler from feeding my laner ToeFeetish: lul ToeFeetish: reported ToeFeetish: gg
Compared to some of the shit i have seen in ranked this i barely even toxic.
Gloric (OCE)
: Auto Fill
Autofill initally annoyed me aslo. I used to be a support main in s5 though so getting autoed to supp doesnt bother me. I have taken the time to learn adc and jungle and can now fill thise autofills to. I those game i just resing not to carry and insted pick utility champs who help in teamfighta besr. If you"re really not comfortable in a role talk to your team. If its adc or jng they will normally trade. Having a competant player in those roles is important to everyone. What irks me are people who get autofilled to support and make no attempt to actually fill that role. They make no attempt to buy income items. Take cs, roam and abondon the adc and never get wards. If your not gonna support dodge. Dont sink your team because your salty about autofill.
: Becoming A Mid Main, Require Assistance
If you like kass you should pick up ahri. She has goid carry potential and plays well as a bursty mobile champ who can peel for herself with charm.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Just make puns.
{{champion:103}} really sinking to this. I tried thinking of a better Voli of puns but it was in {{champion:67}} grizzely and fankly unbearable.
: Lets make Teemo fun for both sides.
I find him an infuriating opponent. His blind lets him negate your ability to trade, OR, deny you farm. And his active speed boost makes him near impossible to finish off in a fight, its to good of an escape.
: Why League of legends is failing as a game
I would just like to add a thought. Recently i finally managed to convince 3 friends of mien to take up League so they could play with me. The enjoyed some early bot games and once they had the basics down wanted to cut their teeth on some PvP.. Then came the wall of smurfs. Of god the smurfs. Like 80% of the sub lvl 30 accounts are smurf accounts and they just got wrecked. Game after game. Even when i joined them with my Fully runed and masteried lvl 30 account i was getting completely out mechanic-ed buy lvl 15 "first time yasuo lol" smurfs. Long story short they all stopped playing before lvl 30 because getting wrecked every game with no chance just isn't fun.
: This is my 2 cents. It is not the job of an AP mage to melt tanks. Tanks/Bruisers are supposed to be the counters to mages. No one whose kit revolves around 'burst' should be able to fight Tanks. AP champs that can fight tanks with success (but often need peel) are: {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:13}} Because those champs have less burst than other mid laners, but have lots of sustained damage, they are like the ADC's of the AP world. If every mage could take on a tank, the above champions would have little/no purpose in the game. Its true that mages have less defensive items available to them (limited mostly to {{item:3157}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3102}}) , BUT unlike assassins and fighters, most mages can stay at arms length in a fight (Xerath, Lux, Vel'Koz, Azir etc etc.) and so it would be unfair to give them the same number of defences available to people who actually need to be in the middle of the fight. As for counter-defences, because it is the mage's job to kill the squishy targets (ADC, Support, Assassin, other mages.), and those targets don't build many defensive items, it becomes more important to build straight damage items like ludens, instead of having lots of magic pen, which explains the lack of anti-tank items for mages. ______ What I think the problem is, is the fact that AD champions don't have to adjust their build path situationally much at all. Almost all of their items give them all the stats they need for most situations, (they have the same build wether they want to burst a squishy, or cut down a tank): {{item:3156}} gives AD, MR, CDR, plus Lifetsteal, Spellvamp, and a shield. {{item:3814}} gives, AD, MR, Lethality, movement speed, and a spell shield. {{item:3147}} gives, AD, Lethality, movement speed, and vision denial. {{item:3071}} gives, AD, HP, CDR, movement speed, and armour pen. etc etc Literally all of those items gives Offence stats, Defensive stats, and counter-defencive stats. and Almost all of those items are key items in the NORMAL build path for assassins and fighters, meaning that without even trying, they have all the offencive, defensive and counter defensive items they need. While mages have to greatly change their build to fit the situation. For example, how many mages usually rush Zhonyas? not very many at all (maybe only like like Lissandra, or Morgana?), its stats aren't particularly good, its active is really the only reason anyone ever buys it! But when vs a Zed or other assassin, it becomes a necessity to buy it early, regardless of what its stats are. This means that the mage has to delay buying items that give them their power (Like RoA, Ludens, or Rylais), just for some essential-but-not-so-great defensive stats. Meanwhile, Zed or the other assassin, builds Maw as one of their key items anyway, so they don't have to sacrifice any power spike to get their defensive stats. If a mage finds themselves against a heavy MR team, they have to take away a big power item like Deathcap or Ludens, just so they can get a Void staff. But AD champs don't have to sacrifice anything, as 99% of their items give them lethality anyway. This is where I think the real problem lies, Jack-of-all-trade items are not good for this game, they nerfed Rylais for that very reason. No matter who you are, you should be have to build appropriately according to the situation. ADC's have to do it, So do supports and Mages. I don see why Assassins and fighters shouldn't have to. Im not a gameplay designer so i don't fully understand all the complexities of the game, but I do think that building situationally, is an art that is lost on some AD classes. Anyway, thats my 2 cents. xD
I think thats a better way of summing up what i was getting at. The fact that those champs get so many gear options that dont require them to savrifice damage output to gain other advantages. To many overloaded assasin items.
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Ingénue (OCE)
: Playing like a god but still can't climb? (part 1)
Not sure if this has been said already but. I find people who get super fed and glory hunt in Bronze rarely if ever contribute to objectives and team fight. They hold off for a mop up killing spree, or bitch if the team dies in the 4v5 because they didn't contribute. I used to suffer this. As a lux main i used to hold onto mu ult for picking kills. Now, well ever seen how hard an enemy team panics and scatter when 3-4 of them are suddenly half health because i ult into a group fight when hp is high. Sure end of game i have more assists than kill and can't brag about my KDR end of game but, using the ult for max damage for team instead of stroking my score wins games, not fights. The best example i can think of is one of my promos last night i get pit against a mechanically superior Talon, he got fed as fuck but late game all he ever did was skirt the edges of fights looking for kill picks before bugging out. He never pushed objectives or helped his team, KSing them when he could, taking gold from his team mates. He was 24/5 at the end of the game, but his team lost.
: Suspended for literal no reason
Best Advice i have seen for leage when solo cuing. - Mute all- Just concentrate on Play and pings.
Nightjar (OCE)
: as a support main I find, when this happens it's best to just run straight for the caster and cannon minions because often the melee minions will be cleared first and way before you can finish your auto attack animation. You'll generally be able to get at least the cannon and maybe 1-2 casters.
There is that, but even then a Draven axe juggling or a vayne with 1-2 kills will take out a cannon minion if you're just a little slow.
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: Dodges and Remakes.
Update fuck the fuckers who actaully play, just had a chogath lock in for adc, steal my blue bluff(I was jng obviouslt) then steal gromp, then go to follow me to wolves... SO fuck it i dced, half a rotation no XP no buff, just a troll Cho who didn't get his role. I'll take the IP hit of a dodge0/remake over losing the full 20 to a troll.
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Mar3thyu (OCE)
: kayles ult blocks dmg not cc so when you engage either burst her with cc before she can ult or cc her when she ults champs such as {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:150}} do really well against her but champs like {{champion:86}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:27}} will struggle against her as they lack the cc and dmg needed to 1v1 a kayle these champs are usually more useful in teamfights though as they can have a bigger impact anyway she has a 2% play rate with 55% win if it was 10%+ with that win rate then yeah something is wrong but just learn how to play against her
I agree, Kayles strength is people don't know how to play against her.. Once you get familiar with her kit and know how to take her down shes a kitten compared to some other powerhouse champs.
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Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Can people please stop playing camille for the first time in ranked?
Had one lock in Cam jng last night. Proceeded to feed. Top and mid and score no objectives. Please keep hapion expermintation out of ranked.
Monoki (OCE)
: but isnt it so worth it when we shut down their toxic chat by getting a well earned double kill while they die because they're busy typing ^^
I do once remember getting a triple on Leona Support but juggling stun under tower as a fed trash talking jung ganked at level 6. Good times.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FerrousOxide,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=bqzpyMox,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-10T08:49:38.941+0000) > > Just Remember to build {{item:3092}} and {{item:2045}} . Don't build {{item:2045}} straight away its a waste of gold make that your last item just settle with {{item:2049}} early.
Might just be i Play tank supports like Leo and Naught that makes me value the extra HP.
Fitzky (OCE)
: I think you both missed the second part of what I was saying, I don't actually enjoy playing support at all.
Oh i noticed i just ignored it. Because that is a shitty attitude to have.
Tele (OCE)
: Hmmm, sounds like you might be baiting your team and throwing somehow. Here's I'd recommend you do: + Find a game where you are 100% sure you did nothing wrong but still lost anyway (no games with AFKs or intentional feeders though). Record it on the new client or use []( Link it here with @Yaia in the title or @Maraudaur (I'll make sure they see it). They'll be able to give you a really nice starting point on what's going wrong AFTER you win lane. It's going to take a good amount of effort to climb, but at lower elos you're guaranteed results. Probably 95% of players in Bronze 5 don't review games at all or get high elo advice.
Cool thanks. When i played starcraft (Dimond) i used to reveiw replays of losses all the time. But that was always 1v1. When i first picked up leage i lemented the lack of a replay function. Not sure i havent used it yet.
Ritual (OCE)
: Morgana balance changes
Morg is fairly strong as is.
Fitzky (OCE)
: It's not about the fact that you "can't support" its just that a lot of people are bad at it and would rather not waste their time practising that role. I personally hate support with a passion so if I ever get given it I would rather dodge then waste 30 minutes of my life not having any fun.
Look if you "cant support" its freaking simple. Get {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} or {{champion:37}} Max your heal Sit at the back, Ult into group fights. Heal your Carry. There is very little skill required. Just Remember to build {{item:3092}} and {{item:2045}} .
Tele (OCE)
: I hope you're not implying that you're as good as you can get right now ;) You might have peaked in skill with the amount of work you're doing, but if you analyse your games, read up on strong strategies, and consistently watch educational content you'll really start to climb. Maybe even coaching can be an option if you're really in a rut.
I have said before on the boards im have miles of improvment to make. I always strive to improve my game. But at the same time in bronze i am good enought to win lane a lot more than i lose it. It takes a hard jng camp to stop me winning lane these days. But im not good enought to carry a whole team. It feel that to rank up you dont just have to be better than your peers you have to be 5 v 1 better.
: Get Good #koreanadvice
There is only so good you can get. I win lane most matchs and roam to help other lanes all the time. Sone teams you cant carry. End of the day uts 5v5 and if the other 4 let you down its very frustraing. And not every champ can stop a 3 to 5 man pish when thier team is spread across the map and wont group.
: Twisted Fate
A good tf is a vey strong lane bully. An average tf gets minces by most easier to play mids. Luc syndra and ziggs are especially good vs him. Closer in champs like ahri lb and yas struggle vs his yellow card.
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: that depends on your and your Duo MMR If high MMR duo wit LOW then High MMR get low LP where as low MMR get more and it effect your MMR as well but if you guys have same rank then yeah system is FKed
We have an identical mmr, we play together a lot. We already checked that,
: 15LP after winning game WTF RIOT
Not to encourage rantyMc Origioanl poster but I have noticed a weirdness in LP this pre season, I have a Duo partner and we play together almost every game (i think i have one more game i have played of ranked (that was a loss) Yet there is over 100 LP point differance in our rank at end of the preseason. After notcing him climb faster than me we started comparing lp for wins and losses and I do in fact get less LP for the same win as he, and when we lose i get deduced more LP.. I don't know how this system works?.
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