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GPU's : ASUS GTX950-OC-2GD5 GTX950 2GB OC : this is one that i have looked at the most being just under $300 (pbtech) and was one of the reasons i was also consdering the ASUS motherboard
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: Youtube
thanks everyone been a big help :)
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: Nothing to do with league (if your 18 or older plz help out)
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: Recording Software
thanks everyone :)
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: Can anyone help me out? i didnt know how to attach a file and stuff so here is a link to my screenshot thanks for any help you give :)
: Can anyone help me out?
ill get onto that now
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: Origins of characters in league
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
The whole reason urf was fun was cause it was fast paced and you could spam abilities like mad. What riot has basically done has made something that is no only more boring than urf but what i highly suspect will be more boirng than summoners rift. Its like last time wwoohooo we got a Porshe ok this time lets do somehthing better. No not a bugatti but a toyoto corolla
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Finding Tèèmo

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