: Can we have Normal Draft Pick re-enabled on OCE?
Soon as player has 16 champs or make it so they have 16 champs (Free champions) for it 2 of same champion blows
Eliea (OCE)
: You do realise this is an April Fools joke?
Took me awhile to realise this hahaha -Checked time of post
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE is not being "shafted" by Hextech Crafting not being out yet. Crafting began testing in Turkey, and that testing expanded to NA. Every other region is waiting for the general release of Crafting. It will release when it is ready, and when that happens OCE will be the first to receive it because we currently patch first.
Bit unfair tbh its testing meant to be in PBE not on public servers? Other regions get all the hextech shit then "minor regions get dicked on everytime"
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