: Have you tried reaching out to a teacher at your school to see what they think? What would they think of this article and initiative? We can help start the conversation :)
Legit if I become a prefect for my school, I will start the conversation with the teachers for the younger years.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hi XternalRageX, The main experience is playing at the Riot Games studio on a live broadcast. The flights to Riot Games Sydney is just there to help players who otherwise couldn't attend the finals (after they have qualified) attend. We will look to cover travel expenses for a Sydney team as well should they qualify (Uber/Taxi). Thanks for raising this though, I will update the article to focus more on the finals experience rather than the flights itself.
You Pawn (OCE)
: Hey does anyone know where South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory are. It seems that these places do not exist or RIOT can only see Queensland, NSW, Victoria and New Zealand on their map(s) {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Maybe people in those States and Territory don't have enough people wanting to play/good enough to compete, as seen in the NRL, it's just NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, NZ. If you want a team in your own state/territory, it would also cost to run it, what many people couldn't be bothered with. Hope this answered your question :)
: League tournaments come to high schools
All my teachers just play DOTA, they are never gonna get us bronzies a chance at this.
: Yay, They can fail another subject with all the stress levels rising and bullying. They can fail Riot LoL subject. Personally I think high schoolers have enough on their plates, than being pushed and forced to compete vs other class mates or other schools. I think education and Gaming companies are not a good mix. It reminds me of McDonalds sponsoring athletes. EDIT: P.s Do they need to purchase riot points?
*pings mia on "Server Lord"*
Aggredion (OCE)
: http://www.savethewhales.org/stwsong_hi.html {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Best song OCE, this will be our anthem for ocean week
"Click here if you have a dial-up connection" XD
: Five reasons to watch the OPL this weekend
So, just gonna watch the Cricket instead, or play league
: Why can't AI mode earn points? That's sad... Not everyone wants to play against other players...
How long did it take for you to reach level 30 without playing much PvP?
ItzDenDay (OCE)
: Koala Bear {{champion:115}} would be awesome, or Penguin {{champion:157}} would be great.
It's not a bear, it is a Vombatiforme/Phascolarctidae. :/
: You can give out less points for AI. Not everyone wants to deal with nasty players, both enemies and team mates.
But you can win 5 Ai games in the time of 1 PvP match, also, Co-op vs. Ai is only meant for the starting players
: that makes no sense, it adds to 110% you crazy xD
It does too, whoops, thanks for the pick-up so fixed would be top: 25% jg: 20% mid: 35% adc: 15% supp: 5%
Shimothy (OCE)
: I think people underestimate how long they would be waiting. simple example splitting people up by desired role: 23% mid 23% Jg 23% Top 23% adc 8% Support The key here is that people wanting to play support are about 1/3 of the number wanting to play other roles. now this means all the support players will be in a game, and a corresponding amount of people from other roles will be in game too, so 8% of the player base for each role. that leaves 23-8 = 15%x4 = 60% of people waiting at any given time, or put another way, 15/23 ~= 2/3 of the time you will be waiting for a game rather than playing it, if your not supporting. now this is a dynamic problem, people who say screw waiting for an hour and a half for a game (which is what it would be) will take one for the team, and go support. but when they go back to their role, they will just have to wait as long as the next guy. prsonally I think implementing some kind of token system might work a bit better. play support and get 3 priority tokens so you can jump to the front of the queue for the next 3 games not as support. people who refuse support might be waiting for ages, but they can do that if they want.
Except the other lanes kinda look like this: 30% top 30% mid 25% Jg 20% adc 5% support
: I am a support main and at the moment, its gameplay is very outdated, unsatisfying, supports toxicity and needs to be updated. Normally matches consist of dealing with toxic team mates that will abuse you and ping a million times if you "ks" a champ or kill a minion. How about making the gold and xp 100% EQUAL AND SHARED! if you helped kill them so that way, playing as a support doesnt have to feel so horrible and needing to hesitate to kill people. Seriously? a highly competitive game like this and i actually have to AVOID killing someone or my adc will get mad at me. What kind of logic is that? And thats just one example of how this game has bred toxicity. Everything should be shared so we dont have to CC them and then stop attacking and hope our adc can finish them off when we could have easily killed them. As a support you just stand there while they get all the gold from killing minions while a better idea would be to make it that as long as you hurt the minion or champ, then everyone involved gets the gold. This creates a more interactive experience, reduces toxic remarks and it makes the game progress a lot faster (summoners rift already suffers from slow paced gameplay such as a lack of a sprint/mount key so you have to slowly walk across the map)
I died to a nidalee cause jhin couldn't finish her off, i spamed e, flash as sona just to get out of they way and jhin could kill nid
: Some thoughts on Support
Look, as a support main, it is a bit tough not have any control over late game, meaning I have to get carried for the win, making me have to change to jungle, ad, top etc for my rank to go up. A lot of the time as a support it is tough as you don't get any recognition for a hook or a well placed stun, but get recognised for a death. It is also super hard to get a S as you have to depend on your ad to get an S aswell.
Mortis Ex (OCE)
: I live in a shared house with 3 other people, 2 of whom dont game and dont understand how annoying ping spiking is. {{champion:17}} is so reliant on fast reactions to run in and out, firing a dart and then ducking into bushes to lose agro, so depressing when he fires 3 darts before reacting to commands, and its almost impossible to outplay ganks.
then dont play as teemo


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