: Having A Terrible Computer While Playing League.
Yeah you're just gonna have to go two months without playing League, sorry mate.
WilliK (OCE)
: recommendations for getting to silver from bronze
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: Ornn's Unstoppable (Please read)
So the other day you cried about Yasuo being op and bullshit and now you go ahead and defend this reasonable change for another champion which has ACTUALLY been overpowered for the last couple of patches. If you ask me this nerf wasn't enough, ornn is just another bullshit tank that deals more damage then 90% of every other toplane champion.
: Why Should an afk in Your team effect your rank
They could make it so if a person afk's for more than 5 minutes during a game everyone can vote on a remake at any point, the only problem is that everyone on the enemy team just played for 20-30 minutes only for it to mean nothing, I would be really pissed tbh.
: Azir's ult doesn't work on Xin Zhao's dash - plz fix................
You mean xin can dash through it? Pretty sure it was changed so it became terrain so champions like xin can actually dash through it now
00shots00 (OCE)
: She didn't pay anyone, just said she was female and BAM nerds attack!
No some third party is involved in this, I've never seen this many upvotes for something like this.
: i placed in bronze 1 and won 7 games from 10
Come on man, Riot even gave us TWO popups this year to remind us that you WILL get placed BELOW your ranking from last season. I get that some people are extra special but all you need is a basic understanding on how to READ.
Blaithed (OCE)
: Recently got dumped, lonely girl in need of new duo
Holy shit those upvotes, how many people did you pay?
00shots00 (OCE)
: he means when the other teams jgler ganks, his jgler follows up on it. lol
He only plays aram so he has no idea what any of this is
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: knowing how to play against him has no relation to his kit being broken do you not read my post ?
Mate you need to accept the fact that you're being salty and that you're wrong, here watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_pGawgvwy8
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I just don’t get it. None of his advantages are as pronounced in the top lane. A tank doesn’t give a shit about his windfall, shield or mobility. I mean I guess it can work as a counterpick agaisnt certain laners but he works is much better in the mid lane agaisnt mages
Yeah from what I've seen unless you're a god at yasuo he's really bad against tank matchups. He seems to have a chance though if he's against champions like jax, fiora, Camille etc
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: Surprised it’s that high for top. He’s a trash champ in top lane so have no idea why people keep trying it
I remember someone on YouTube tried tank yasuo top with grasp and they went 13/0, funny enough they only built PD with tank items so they only had 60% crit and still did better then a 100% crit yas.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: "Yasuo really isn't that op at the moment" 10% crit at 3400 gold one shotting adc before they can do anything melting tanks before they cen even get tanky doing 0 cooldowns 0 outplay yep sounds super week to me
http://champion.gg/champion/Yasuo/Middle?league= Yasuo is sitting at a 49% winrate for mid and 41% winrate for top. Yasuo is not that strong right now, you just don't know how to play against him.
: I know I can tell a bot on the loading screen these days cause they dont even take runes now
: On Making Bronze Five, On Abject Horror
> I queued up as support; I solo queue. That's where you fucked up.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: The straw for me was when I found out it blocked Taliyahs wall. Just why? Why does an ultra mobile hyper carry need a relatively low cool down ability that can block practically everything that isn’t luxs ult. Edit: BTW is that the official definition for what it blocks?
No but it seems the classification of "projectile" in League is anything you fire out at yasuo
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: Just give me some freaking consistency on what it can and can’t block. That’s not damn hard
Apparently any ability that isn't directly connected to the champion model when you fire it ou.....oh wait it blocks thresh's hook....who knows tbh
MrSphex (NA)
: "Welcome to League Unlocked"?
Do you own every champion?
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: Agreed. Even when he was stomping face I never really had a problem with his damage. It’s the damn wind wall that drives me nuts
Just good old CertainlyT and his shit champion designing skills
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: Trashuo!
Yasuo really isn't that op at the moment, he's actually a bit underwhelming. But I do agree he is really poorly designed.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I’m pretty sure seras’ point is that it’s not easy to detect bots. The line between bots/intent feeders and bad players is grayer than most people seem to think. I’ll give you an example a while ago the friend that got me into league had a shoulder recon. Which meant he was in a sling for roughly a month which meant he couldn’t use the keyboard so he changed all his keybindings to his mouse and started exclusively playing tanky supports with cc as they were the easiest with the control scheme. Now if you just looked at his match history you would see a change in key bindings, a change in champions played and a change of performance. You couldn’t know why they changed. Point is a match history doesn’t show everything. Sure there are obvious examples of people trolling (games where they only buy tear). But most examples are a lot more of a gray area.
Did you even read what I JUST SAID??? Bot's ARE easy to detect and right now they are EASIER to detect than ever before. You obviously have never played with a bot before in your life if you think the line is "grayer than most people think". Botted accounts follow a strict pattern of taking the same summoner spells, buying the same order of items depending on what champion they are playing, and WALKING THE SAME LINE PATH STRAIGHT DOWN THE LANE INTO THE ENEMY TEAM. That right there is something a human player would never do, unless they are intentionally feeding, but again the summoner spells and buy order also give it away. Botted accounts also have a weird name with a random mix of numbers followed after. It would have to be a MASSIVE COINCIDENCE for a "human" player to have all those attributes together unless they were purposely trying to mimic as a bot.
: Someone recently said "why does my report on the 1/4 intent feeder not do anything". Not as in, they intent fed, as in they had 4 deaths and that = intent feeding. The point is player side we don't have all the info. Unless you feel like going through all of those replays ofc, but even then there can be ambiguity between sophisticated bots and bad players. If it's an obvious bot, then it'll be picked up in the ban waves like anything else so long as they're reported one way or the other, and if it's a not obvious bot, only Riot has access to the info to tell for sure.
But you see, the thing is, bot accounts are SO easy to detect now it's ridiculous how Riot doesn't ban them on sight. One look at their match history and you can pretty much guarantee whether they are a bot or not. You say they are "actively pouring more effort into the problem" yet players have still reported seeing the same bots game after game? Where is the "extra effort" that they have started putting in? Where is the proof that they are "so much better and faster at addressing cheating/scripting"?
: https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules >Please don't name names. If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, send us a ticket directly so we can investigate and take action if necessary. We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. We'll be taking action against players who have violated rules, so please report these players correctly. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Why the fuck does it matter when they are bot accounts? Oh no are people gonna start witchhunting bots and hurt their feelings? These aren't "players" they don't even fall into that category so why should they be treated the same?
: The mods haven't had any clue what they are doing for a while. EDIT: Some of the ones i had deleted. "This logic though. It's not just "this system or nothing" but hey let's keep pretending." "How about you just don't tell people your autistic then? That fixes the issue. EDIT: This is the same as the whole "i'm a girl people are mean to me" argument, you are just invited people to be dicks, not actually doing anything productive. This is the internet, we are all anonymous, no one gives a fuck if your 12 or if your a 40 year old virgin in your mothers basement, because they are both the same to us, and we will treat you how we treat you regardless, you are just handing us a target." (I'm really not sure why this one was deleted, it's stating facts.) And my personal fav. "I like how instead of helping this guy (OP) and telling him to submit a ticket, you instead focus on continuing an argument with someone else. 10/10 volunteer work" By this standard, our mods need to be removing a hell of a lot more then they are.
Of course the mods are biased, whenever a post is made which is against something Riot has done there is ALWAYS a moderator commenting on it, and they are always writing their heart out in order to prove the person wrong. Because there obviously can't be any constructive criticism with such a PERFECT game as League of Legends. There can't be anything wrong with it, all these people complaining are obviously mislead and are overreacting. Well damn, that's A LOT of people who are "overreacting".
KingGoat (OCE)
: Aatrox kit change idea
Aatrox isn't THAT bad, he is still reasonably strong in the right hands, his playstyle is just a little weird compared to his old kit. If you take lethal tempo then fill your blood well up to 3 bars, all you have to do is E + Q into a team fight and ult and you'll have an insane amount of attack speed. I've been able to tear apart the enemy team and wipe most of them out doing this. His abilities seem fine the only thing I hate is his blood well and it's interaction with the rest of his abilities. I don't like the playstyle of having to farm up 3 bars beforehand then getting a short "adrenaline rush" which works pretty much the same as his ultimate with Ad instead of attack range. This kind of playstyle is forcing Aatrox to either be an assassin, which wipes the enemy out before his "adrenaline rush" ends, or a tank, which sustains long enough to keep the "adrenaline rush" going. This isn't ideal because Aatrox is meant to be a bruiser. His abilities are fine in working that way, but the whole blood well and building up stacks needs to change. If they want Aatrox to be a sustained fighter that works well in long fights like Jax does, they need to build the blood well solely around champions, as in, it ONLY works and interacts when fighting enemy champions. Unfortunately I haven't been able to come up with any "new" ideas but here's something I can propose which kind of combines old and new Aatrox: Q,W, and E are changed so they only fill up the blood well when used on enemy champions, 20% each still. Each 20% of the blood well (or 1 bar) increases Aatrox's attack speed by 10%. At 5 stacks (or 100% filled blood well) Aatrox gains double attack speed (50% -> 100%) for 5 seconds, he can still retain the 5 stacks from fighting champions but the bonus attack speed remains at 50%. Of course in order for him to gain the 100% attack speed bonus again he would have to leave combat and lose stacks as it only activates when he initially hits 5 stacks, so this way it's fair. This would also give opponents a good time to react since Aatrox can no longer build up stacks before a fight and instead can only have 2 stacks (40% attack speed) as he enters a team fight with his E + Q. BUT, the 40% attack speed, along with lethal tempo and his ult, would still provide Aatrox with enough attack speed to fill up the rest of his blood well quickly. With these changes Aatrox won't be forced to build BOTRK and PD in order to have a decent amount of attack speed and he can opt with going straight for Ad and lifesteal like his old builds. He won't be doing insane amounts of damage since his passive no longer gives him extra Ad when he hits 5 stacks, just an attack speed steroid, which I think is better IMO considering how his W is based around every 3 auto's.
: Galio as Jungle.
Galio is usually a Mid/Top/Support champion, so idk why he was filtered as a jgler. Regardless you would most likely go the tank jg item, or the ap one if you want to try ap galio. If you've played League long enough it should be easy to figure out what each champion needs to build.
Drivoyki (OCE)
: What do you think of Zoe?
A stupidly overpowered champion that Riot REALLY needs to nerf already
: When will autofill be getting removed?
It sucks for low elo players who need to focus on getting good at 2 roles to climb but Riot doesn't care, fast queues times are all that matters apparently. Even though waiting an extra 5 mins to get ur role is better than playing out a 30 minute game of fucking support and losing. Another shit decision to add to the list.
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: ***
I think you need to realise how horribly shit this game has become since the early days of League, did you even read the post? Do you not see the direction this game is going? Riot forcing homosexuality into league for the sake of political correctness without a care for the state of the games lore, the new runes making games completely one sided and fast paced with one shots/massive damage happening everywhere, the stupid BE system that everyone was mad at when it launched and Riot did BARELY anything to make it better, it's still shit, and who can forget, URF, which again, EVERYONE WANTS, does Riot care? No, "URF makes people stop playing League", well monkey brains, put your heads together and think why there would be a sudden drop in players after a massive event of a game mode that everyone spams as much as possible because it only comes out as rarely as once a year. You didn't stop to think that the massive drop in players is maybe, people taking a break? Some people play League ONLY for URF, some people make plans for URF with their friends and play games endlessly ALL WEEKEND, then take a big break from League. THATS WHAT HAPPENS YOU MONKEYS, STOP LOOKING AT YOUR STUPID DATA AND THINK LOGICALLY HERE DUMBASSES. So basically, games gone to shit, Riot replaced all their staff with zoo animals at some point, and you're wrong.
Doublehit (OCE)
: "Competitive BSing VS Hate Speech"
Riot are really just a company that have no idea what they're doing, with anything, except money.
: I did a lineage test today.
Do it, you won't.
UniiiiQue (OCE)
: What Character do you think needs a good nerf? (Random Discussions)
I was going to make a post on it but the stupid boards URL linking wouldn't load the video properly Zoe https://youtu.be/TcI0SGmAtXs?t=526 Ls pretty much explains it, but it seems as though either Riot's infamous balance team is being sloppy and stupid again or maybe it's a sign of favouritism?
: I don't like Voyboy
Yeah I don't either but his Ad lb is so good, guess kids these days can't distinguish between pro's and your average noob player.
KaynMid (OCE)
: Legit question, How many of you never tilt.
You're right but this is the neo nazi boards we're talking about here, rules are respect Riot and don't call this game toxic or you will be punished. Inb4 Riot deletes my comment, come at me {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Why is this allowed?
Looks like someone was watching some Voyboy and thought he could be cool too.
Jakozi (OCE)
: Removal of the champion "Nunu"
Nunu needs a rework, his entire kit is garbage and useless, that's why no one but trolls play him.
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Well I’m asking would Shen be good because I’ve heard he’s tiny does a decent amount of damage and is pre good in team fight same with Ornn
Shen is alright but no the best right now, ornn on the other hand is broken, abuse him before he gets nerfed.
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Yeah I guess I want someone who can do everything decently
Welp Lanturn just answered it for me, Illaoi and Darius are the 2 champions in League which fit all those categories perfectly.
Sn4ke (OCE)
: I don’t know what to play
So pretty much you want someone who is tanky, does a ton of damage, is a massive lane bully, and can tear apart the enemy team in teamfights?
: So i really want to work for riot
Rise to the top and save us all friend
: I'm worried I'm going to get banned
With the shit that has been happening in the past few weeks regarding the ban system I wouldn't be surprised if you still got banned.
a loser (OCE)
: 14 day ban in 1 game for losing lane and getting bullied by my own team.
You literally got the 14 day ban from one line: kys hahahahaha
Niji (OCE)
: Riots punishment system doesn't make sense fundamentally.
"Players should not lose the right to their account for punishments involving the in-game chat unless it involves sexism, racism, suicide encouragement, or hate speech." Upvote if you agree with this statement.
Ethvn (OCE)
: Riots response to my chat restriction ticket, and why I got punished. :)
Day 43: Riot's bullshit still continues to flood the boards, everyday players are complaining and the absurdity of punishments only continues to rise. We can only pray that some day, Riot will listen. To everyone out there who has been punished or no longer has an account, godspeed to you all.
: Yea? why dont you post it again to remind me what it is.
https://imgur.com/130xguh Let me remind you the stuff between me and Talon12 was simply banter and you took it the wrong way and got up at me for it.
: Managed to get 2 banners for Shotcalling/tilt proof and a 14 day ban within 5-8 games
There reaches a point where the amount of people complaining about the same issue over and over every single day starts to make you realise that maybe it's becoming more then just "There's a lot of toxic players that are just getting punished".
: Yea, they should hire you; a professional about the matter, to fix their system. I know who you are, that scrub whitepumah that think he could goes pros and blame his team is shit. 6years on going perhave you should wake up, same with your input.
You're not exactly the best either mate, I still haven't forgotten the shit you said about my video when I posted it here on the boards.
: Join me in the new season as I gather data on my solo queue teammates in OCE.
Was gonna provide some help and insight into your problem but then I saw that you're white pumah so I couldn't be bothered.
: you are so easily triggered and i bet you are the kid and you are reported
What? This post is 5 months old why are you still here?
Fitzky (OCE)
: This is the state of the OCE boards right now
So how are all these people who are complaining about the banning system getting upvotes but when I show it to everyone I get downvotes? Hello?? I'm agreeing with you all here?
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