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: Oceanic Clash cancelled due to technical issues
Classical Riot always screwing up, never getting anything right the first time, just like their balance team.
Cloned (OCE)
: Worst Game 2018
Smite is looking pretty cool you should go try it out
: 8.3 Patch
"I'm getting to the bottom of the patch notes and its just keeps getting worse and worse" Pretty much
: This pretty much denies 90% of everything I do on the boards.
Hahaha Riot literally admitting that they ACTUALLY don't listen to their playerbase. They're finally starting to catch on
Socon (OCE)
: Please don't take away our jungle items.
They already took away support items, now they're moving on to jungle items? Might as well remove a few champions as well while you're at it. Hell even remove a few towers and jungle camps, they OBVIOUSLY aren't important either.
: Top lane is, without a doubt, the most boring lane in the game
Exactly why I'm not playing this game anymore, ruin my lane, ruin my game.
: OMG just stop!
Do yourselves all a favour and quit this god awful game, developers have drove it into the ground.
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: Greens/purples being toixc, what lmao, 9/10 times, they're trying to explain something, and ya'll just take it as a personal attack, Man the fuck up and stop complaining
They're explaining something that is clearly 9/10 times defending the shit out of Riot when they have done something stupid or aren't listening to the community.
: Go away
And why should he? He is talking about a legitimate issue, just because he is yelling in all caps? Maybe he should, otherwise people just look over stuff like this and deem it toxic. People are clearly fed up, maybe you should start taking stuff like this seriously.
You dodge her tentacle smash, and stay behind minions in your lane so she cant rip your spirit out, and you've beat her, congrats.
Jayhawk (OCE)
: This player has trolled every game for a week and still hasn't been banned.
Yet again more proof of Riot and their shitty banning system, too bad this post will just be seen as toxicity and not taken seriously. This is WHY we complain and protest all the time.
Spearlon (EUW)
: Here's a fun little thing I thought up
Sounds interesting, I'd be up for it.
WilliK (OCE)
: Good mid & top lane champions to climb, and questions
Just don't play top lane at all right now, top is the least queue'd role and is in the worst spot atm. Riot have yet to do anything about it yet but are apparently "looking into it".
Dressup (OCE)
: ARAM with bots is GARBAGE
*sees post about ARAM* *waits for QAPLA comment*
: Well if you're silver level of course you're not going to know how to vs/play around him. You can shit on him and zone him in laning on many champs. Trundle, Jayce, Rengar, GP, Illaoi, Camille etc. 10% lifesteal of 80-110 damage hits really isn't much when you take 80+ damage an auto attack and are able to be traded on and forced on 50% of the cs you try to last hit specifically when versing ranged matchups. You also can't really defend yourself from ganks due to no mobility. Your R is nice but it can be eaten through by competent opponents before you're able to do anything. In teamfights Nasus is effectively a bruiser/juggernaut. Doesn't provide anywhere near as much cc/survivability as someone like Maokai, but deals more single target damage. Which means against 5 people, he generally can't teamfight that well because he gets kited and dies very fast and is unable to burst out damage. No matter how tanky you are, a 4-5 item mid + adc combo is going to shred you in a few seconds max. Nasus can't get to them without sacrificing proper tank item slots, which just makes him completely one shottable and even if he does get in range, jungler and support can peel, and mid/adc can just use items or summs to kill, or just tank it cause he doesn't deal that much damage unless he gets fed off bad players. In games 40 mins + in length. His win ratio is a gigantic 51.2%. Talk about infinite scaling am I right? Nasus isn't that good. His laning is bad. His teamfighting is bad. There are simply better champions in the game unless your top/jg is autofill/bad.
Lol using my rank as an excuse to assume my game level knowledge, do you main top? Dear god I hope you don't. Look you can think whatever you want mate and that's fine, you're entitled to your own opinion. But I disagree, He can be zoned by many champs, but again he can sit under tower and heal back while stacking. He doesn't need to be fighting the enemy laner, cs and stacks guarantee a win for nasus later in the game. Also the heal is op if you're not taking constant damage, only an idiot would let that happen. You can defend yourself against ganks if one of the two people running at you has a 90% slow and won't likely get to you by the time you're under tower. You're right, nasus in teamfights doesn't really provide any cc, but survivability???? Like I said his ultimate gives him MORE HEALTH, MORE DEFENCES and a lower cd on q to allow him to heal more from his attacks. Nasus has A LOT of survivability. You're also right about him only doing single-target damage, but nasus does not get kited easily lmao remember again he has a 90% SLOW, you use that on the adc and you've got them. If you build cdr its pretty much up by the time it ends so you have a perma slow, no ones kiting you anywhere. Also nasus unable to burst out damage??? Do you forget with enough stacks and tri force you can two shot people?? Have you literally never seen a GOOD nasus with a GOOD amount of stacks before EVER??? I have played with nasus enough to know that you only need a single triforce as your damage item then you can build full tank and with enough stacks you can both completely shred through people and soak up a ton of damage. Sure, in a 1v4 or 1v5 situation nasus is going to die, but he can effectively duel 2-3 opponents at once if you've farmed up stacks properly. Nasus doesn't need to get fed off of "bad players" to deal damage, the player just needs to know HOW TO FARM STACKS PROPERLY. You literally could spend the entire laning phase just playing safe and farming stacks without ever touching your opponent, and you could still win the game easily if the game got to 30+ minutes. So you're either incredibly uninformed about nasus or you're in really high elo where no one plays him. Because if you look at Nasus is the 5th best top in plat, the 1st in gold, and the second in bronze/silver. "Nasus isn't good, his laning and teamfight is bad" idk what you're on about.
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
Obviously the toxic one because you can just mute them to solve the problem, you can't do anything about someone being bad at the game.
: He's a Juggernaut with a weaker laning phase. He sucks at team fighting unless you inted him. In your examples, you effectively tried to 1v1 him. Your Azir example, he already had 11 kills, with a full movement speed build, and you didn't even have finished boots. Not only that, he was high enough level to have put many points in his W to secure kills on the underfed Azir. No shit you won't out run him, especially with the fact you were only 2 mid. You're in Nasus' playground. Don't feed him and be with 5 people and see how useless he becomes relative to other champions in the game. The Sivir game. If you truly did do what you said you did (e his w, etc), you would have escaped. He ONLY had triforce for movement speed and didn't even have finished boots. The only way he catches you is if you try to kite and 1v1 him which is obviously a terrible idea since you were 0/2 (or worse) and held a strong 5 cs per minute the entire game, whilst he was fed/getting fed. You don't kill him so by turning back and kiting, you're just staying in his range and asking for death once his W is back up. Also, there is no Yorick vs Nasus match up on your entire match history (according to so I can't really comment on it other than say why are you trying to fight a mid game Nasus lmao. Plus, Azir does have better mobility than Nasus. Mobility is the ability to move freely/fast. The more mobility a champion has, the faster they can move around the map. That is why Azir is over Nasus. Nasus has 0 abilities that help his mobility. Azir has e, q. Just because Nasus can SLOW a champions mobility, doesn't mean his is higher. Just because he W's someone in a teamfight, doesn't mean that he is now Lee Sin level with jumps and speed. Every champion in this game has the ability to be built full movement speed. For Nasus, it synergises with his kit. That doesn't mean that his base mobility is good though. He is a melee champion with no jumps or speed ups. He is as immobile as it comes. You are mixing definitions up my friend.
> He's a Juggernaut with a weaker laning phase. He sucks at team fighting unless you inted him. In your examples, you effectively tried to 1v1 him. I've mained top lane for 4 years and I can tell you that nasus is a champion where even if you poke him down to the point where he is under his tower, he will still just farm up stacks and heal back his health from the free lifesteal he gets in his kit. No matter what you do, a good nasus will just sit top and farm stacks under his tower as long as he needs. Also nasus doesn't suck at team fighting, I've been 0/2 and easily 1v3'd with only a tri force. That's all nasus needs since in his ult he is incredibly powerful. Free health, free armor/magic resit, and 50% cd on q, he can shred through most of the enemy team himself. He does not need to be fed, he just needs to know how to sit under tower and hit stacks when he's losing. You're mixing up your information my friend.
Driggz (OCE)
: Yea I'm slowly playing through SOW atm. I prefer the mechanics is SOM better so far but I haven't got to the nitty gritty part of the game yet either so perhaps I'm just making the call too early. Definitely would recommend Shadow of Mordor first if you are new to the series, plus it is super cheap to pickup as GOTY edition. I think I got mine for $3 USD.
SOW for me is pretty much SOM but better, you have all the same mechanics and abilities but a whole new 20+ hours of story plus building up an orc army and conquering forts. The whole army system adds so much fun into the game imo
: > [{quoted}](name=Fitzky,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=yKp5EWOE,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-02-01T03:29:16.872+0000) > > What's SoW? SoW = Shadow of War
Oh lol thought he was referring to another Moba like LoL
: Ditch LoL, get SoW. Easy solution, and you'll be much less stressed.
nicnetnoc (OCE)
: Any champs with the capability to play any role?
Trying to find multiple champions to play EVERY role is a bit too difficult, as most champions are designed to only fit into a maximum of 2 roles. Taking them into off roles would mean they would be significantly weaker than whoever you are up against. Unfortunately if you want to have a better understanding of every role you're going to have to learn a few more then 3 champions.
: I agree, definitely a great game, as is Shadow of Mordor. I really like how the nemesis system has evolved into Shadow of War, and the epic battles you can have as a result of that. Also really like the gear system, and abilities. Great all-around game. Only thing I don't like is the loot boxes, but they're completely optional and aren't necessary for progression, nor do they take too long to attain just by playing. Just wait until you hit that (end of) act 3 plot twist though, just seemed so unexpected when it happened, but makes sense in retrospect.
Yeah hold on I'm only up to Act 2 don't spoil me haha, yeah I don't like the loot boxes either but they aren't essential in the game which is ok.
00shots00 (OCE)
: under a different name? or you found this out after arguing with her for so long?
Yeah Idk what happened to the YouTube channel, never was subscribed or anything, still got the discord server on my account though.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Anyone here play Shadow of War?
Alright who the hell downvoted me trying to have a friendly discussion? What is wrong with you?
00shots00 (OCE)
: how do you know its a her? and yes but its getting annoying seeing the same bullshit excuses from the same person.
She has a YouTube channel and a Discord, pretty inactive though.
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: Chinese isn't a language, it's a nationality. Mandarin is the language (I assume no one is speaking Cantonese on OCE servers). Fitzky has a point, it's not a minority that are trolls, it's a majority. The solution is IP region blocks, if anyone in the OCE region is Chinese, they are welcome to play. If they live in China, and are blocked from their own server, then guess what? Just don't let them ruin everyone else's games on OCE as well. It's not rocket surgery.
Thank you, it's good to know some people here actually understand what I'm saying instead of just blindly seeing me as a toxic annoyance.
Ninox (OCE)
: Even if we were to assume it was a majority (which I vehemently disagree with), that still means there's a minority of perfectly reasonable Chinese players. Your suggestion seems to be to simply remove all Chinese players from the game, what of them? Should we kick out a whole bunch of innocent people because they share a particular trait with a group of toxic people?
No my suggestion wasn't to kick Chinese players from the game, my suggestion was to keep them out of OCE and in their LOCAL SERVER where they're SUPPOSE TO BE.
00shots00 (OCE)
: do you like to argue against common sense or do you just like the majority of players being soft skin and able to get away with everything (trolls, problem starters, game killers) because every post I see and click on I see fitzky making a great point although it may seem a bit upfront its a solid valid point and well the world is more upfront than that, I see you trying to twist points and try to make him seem toxic/stupid. I have no idea how you're a helper or what ever your green name means to boards but I never see you being helpful at all.
It's her job as one of Riot's minions to defend them against everything, no matter how bullshit or ridiculous it is.
Ninox (OCE)
: How do you know when a player is Chinese though? If they speak in Chinese sure, there's a pretty good chance they are, but if they haven't said anything at all? Broken English doesn't even mean they're Chinese, it just means their first language has different grammar structures, so pretty much any other language. A troll is a troll. I'm sure you encounter plenty of trolls that aren't Chinese.
> How do you know when a player is Chinese though? Maybe if they're name is "Xi Yang" or "Li Fei261" and they're not just typing in broken English of course they're typing Chinese as well. But the Chinese isn't the issue, like I said in my original comment you're entitled to speak whatever language you want. But when they decide to troll and I ask "What are you doing?" and they go off saying "I think umum very happy whe people fuxk her" or "Ur mums as shole" (which are both legit comments I have recorded), then I start to get angry at these people. Of course if one or two Chinese people troll I'm not going to start judging EVERY Chinese player the same way, but as I run into more and more of them and it's the same shit over and over I start to be convinced that all of them are like that in OCE. There reaches a certain threshold where the minority problem becomes the majority problem and that's what has happened from my experience.
Ninox (OCE)
: Is it though? You claim it's the majority of a certain language group, but it's only based on your own encounters, which more than likely barely scratches the population of Chinese players, nevermind OCE as a whole. Most people don't talk much in game, I'm sure you can attest to that. Should we ban all among those people who just happen to be Chinese? Again, why not judge people based on their actual behaviour instead of what language they speak or don't speak??
Well I must be pretty lucky because I have yet to run into a single Chinese player who wasn't a stupid prick who wouldn't play the game properly and type negative broken English to me in chat. I actually remember making a post about a certain Chinese player I ran into a few months ago So all I can say from my own personal experience, they're all a bunch of trolls.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fitzky,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AmaIn8lb,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-30T03:48:13.481+0000) > > The problem with this situation is Riot isn't going to compensate for one guy who only plays ARAM... Lots of people only play ARAM. I don't see them anywhere
: Starting to feel a little like someone is manipulating this.
Actually now that you mention it, not just skins but also a lot of champion shards I get are from champions that I already own, and usually when I end up disenchanting them all I only get like 2000 + BE
Ninox (OCE)
: "All ADCs are assholes cause a bunch blame their support for their mistakes". Negativity bias. Especially a foreigner who doesn't speak much English is *far* less likely to type in chat that someone who sets out to troll. Just because a lot of the Chinese players you encounter *and are aware of* are toxic in some form or another doesn't make them the majority. A significant portion of the Chinese playerbase here speak perfect or near perfect English or rarely type at all, and you'd never even know they're foreign or immigrated most games. Should we throw them all under the bus just because there is a vocal minority of assholes? Should they not be allowed to type to their friends in their first language just because some people who are also Chinese suck? Some chicks are attention seeking assholes, doesn't mean they all are or that we should ban all girls from playing. It doesn't matter what language they speak, or what gender they are etc etc. If they're an asshole, they're an asshole. So why don't we judge them for being assholes and not for speaking Chinese/x other language? It's not racist to call out assholes, it is racist to call out assholes and then tack on the fact that they speak Chinese just because.
>Should we throw them all under the bus just because there is a vocal minority of assholes? "Minority" Lmao > there is still an overwhelming amount of trolls from this certain language group who are ruining games and most of them are doing it on purpose. If you read what I said properly it's the other way around.
: Mastery Tokens in ARAM, Rito Plz
The problem with this situation is Riot isn't going to compensate for one guy who only plays ARAM...
: Support tickets?
I tried playing a game of Nasus Jungle with Dark Harvest in a normal game the other day, it was in normals because I was trying something wacky for fun. But what happened in the game just made me quit and go play something else. My toplaner would do absolutely nothing when I tried to gank and I just ended up 1v1ing the enemy laner until I couldn't beat him so I ran away. I was met with question pings and my toplaner just flaming me in chat. By the end of the game it didn't go so well for me and my whole team was going off at me. My adc calls me "autistic", the support thresh calls me and idiot and a troll and other stupid stuff. Then I get into the post game lobby and I call them out on being toxic and bullies and the enemy team decides to agree with them saying "Who wouldn't report a Nasus jungle, what a troll". My team sees this as a chance to continue flaming me and I just end up reporting them all. Of course I know nothing is going to be done against these people so I make an effort to send in a support ticket with all their names visible and the stuff they said in post-game lobby. Still haven't gotten a response yet, Riot's probably gonna skim over it and use their good ol' CTRL + V
Reivz (OCE)
: Chinese Situation
The problem a lot of these idiots don't realise is even if there isn't an actual "language barrier" and you're entitled to speak in what ever language you want, there is still an overwhelming amount of trolls from this certain language group who are ruining games and most of them are doing it on purpose. If Chinese people are coming onto our server and ruining games for local players than it is not racist to call them out and want them gone. This of course doesn't apply to the few foreign people who just want to play the game and can't speak English too well, but unfortunately there's always the bigger group who ruins it for the rest of them.
: Typical.
I mean even with his reworked Q he was still one shotting, the only difference was that his reworked Q was dealing damage to all targets in the area. Essentially, unless you were building AP, the old rengar could only deal insane damage to one target. Still unfair but I think that the old one is better than the new one, both for rengar players and people playing against rengar.
Socon (OCE)
: Player's shouldn't have to be punished for dodging in the first place. Like when im playing adc and i get a troll or support or someone gets mad and decides they're going to troll. I'd rather not play with people like that
And some people actually want to play the fucking game and not go through 10 champion selects, you think if you dodge once a day that's fine but that's only YOU. Now think about everyone else who is also dodging once every day, queue times are already 3 minutes, plus the 3 minutes it takes to go through champion select before you load into a game, that's a long enough wait for me. Otherwise I might as well go play another game that I can hop instantly into and not have to wait AT ALL.
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: A support Brand with 2.5 items, who didn't have Linadries also almost did the same amount of damage as a full build Vayne... to me this chart simply says the Vayne didn't know how to DPS properly. If you take time to break down WHY the numbers are that way instead of just thinking "wow big number, more damage, wow so broken" I;m not saying Ornns damage isn't a problem, im simply saying this is a poor example that it is.
But the issue here is the fact that I have all tank items and yet I dealt more damage than anyone else in the game. And yeah brand does aoe % HP damage so ofc he's gonna deal insane damage no matter what kind of mage items he builds. He only needs liandry's, Rylai's and magic pen boots to nuke people.
: yes... thats what happens when 2 tanks are constantly beating on each other but dont do enough damage to kill each other...
Holy fuck are you actually defending this? Please to god tell me you're not, did you even look at the second picture? Do you see a 17/4 vayne? I DID MORE DAMAGE THAN A FED VAYNE. I HAVE ALL TANK ITEMS. THIS IS NOT HOW A TANK WORKS.
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Ninox (OCE)
: He wasn't punished for that game, only reported. It's a matter of degree, always has been.
Let's be real here he's gonna get banned
Erkan (OCE)
: Labeling Players Toxic
It's just annoying how Riot treats their player base like they have to be in some kindergarten. You call someone bad and suddenly you're categorised the same as someone who runs down mid and you're eligible to get permanently suspended from the game.
Ninox (OCE)
: If you want community feedback on your ban you're welcome to post your chat logs for us to review.
* I Can't play * Your Anus * "I logged in and the client told me I was a filthy person" * "I got banned for being ugly" * "Is league of legends gay?" He's either completely aware of what happened and is joking or this whole post is a troll, come on Seras you're taking the bait.
: My issue with placements (Don't worry not a 'I got placed lower' moan)
* Main account Is perma banned * Start on fresh new account * Do placements last year on fresh account * Get placed in silver on fresh account because unlike on my main I'm now a silver player rather then a bronze * Do placements again this year * Get placed in silver * Mfw I never have to see bronze again
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