: Riot, I'm sick of this message.
Funny I've NEVER gotten that message before, but every single time I login I get that stupid message about emote.
: Are Riot employees racist?
This here is the utmost proof that Riot doesn't give a shit about their players anymore. If they really cared they would understand the context of situations like this, but no, greedy bastards let the fame get to them. Together with all the shit that's happened in preseason with the Blue Essence change, the fact that we still have to purchase rune pages even AFTER RIOT CLEARLY STATED THAT EVERYTHING INVOLVING RUNES WOULD BE FREE FROM LEVEL 1 (they pretty much just lied) and the severity of punishments that Riot are just throwing out to players who aren't even toxic but are either defending themselves or are being trolled/harassed by another player, I'm pretty much done. You've really outdone yourselves now, just because your game has the largest active player base of any PC game doesn't mean you can start casually throwing away player's accounts that have given you hundreds of dollars and are probably the reason why your company still exists. You've either become incredibly in-human or your stupid little "bot" needs some serious fixing, because when someone trolls you in a ranked game and you get up at them YOU DONT DESERVE TO LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO PLAY THE GAME ALONG WITH HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, the TROLL does. Do Rioters know the difference between someone who blatantly swears and yells at another player when they make a bad play, and someone who is telling off another player who is trolling and ruining their experience in the game? They are not the same thing, even though real life and video games are not the same imagine this situation: You're walking down the street and you see a rather large guy fall over and you say "Wow nice one job fat ass". Now imagine this situation: You're walking down the street and a large guy is walking towards you, as you go to pass him he shoves you out the way and you fall over. As he walks off smirking you yell "Hey what the hell asshole?". Now tell me, in both of those situations, are you in the wrong? How would the public react to you in both those situations? I think the public would be offended and disgusted in the first scenario. In the second however, even though you don't have to say anything at all, I think it's rather justified what you said considering what the fat guy just did to you. I'm pretty sure the public would be more disgusted and offended at what the fat guy did to you then what you said to him after. I highly believe the same can be applied in-game when playing League. As long as you don't start being racist and homophobic, or tell them to kill themselves, I do not believe you deserve to be punished if you get up at a troll. This is coming from someone who was in one of these situations and lost their main account with $300 spent on it, which I've told the story quite a few times beforehand anyway, and some of who probably remember the main post I made on it.
Lairdeth (OCE)
: That's the client, not the website.
Wow where the hell have you been? I recommend upgrading from internet explorer
Tink Tink (OCE)
: Dying with low hp with nothing damaging on me
There's scorch which is basically like the old deathfire touch
Caelestia (OCE)
: Let's Save Twitch
YouTube would be the better option if it wasn't so shit towards streaming.
: Trying to get rare skins
I just got Medieval Twitch out of a blue capsule you get from leveling up so that's a thing...
Rioter Comments
: Janna/Soraka/Lulu mains disgust me
I only have a problem with sorakka players, because standing at the backline spamming w takes so much skill.
: ww
Please tell me what editing program you use
Talon12 (OCE)
: support the actual thread then https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/zm9UscEa-do-not-buyspend-rp
I love how all the Rioters in that post are trying to debate what they did was right and the system is good but then you see the overwhelmingly amount of downvotes on each of their comments hahahaha. Stupid idiots only think of themselves and not what the players want.
Runaans, rageblade, and phantom are not needed, gnar is not an adc lol.
: Make Rune Pages Free?
Yeah when Riot said "All the runes would be free" I was under the impression that they meant pages too, but I forgot for a second that they would lose money if they did that lol.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=vyDrPkULHqw New version, it should never have been taken down. Scum bastard NB3
SiriusBro (OCE)
: anyone have spare blue essence and feeling generous enough to gift me urfwick?
You can't gift it {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Jason (OCE)
: Communication VS Multiculturalism - Why our "English speaking server" isn't that simple...
> There's an ethical and moral dilemma known as the "Trolley Problem", where two train tracks exist, four people tied to one, and one person tied to the other. You can save the lives of 4 people by swapping tracks, but then you'd be directly responsible for one person's death. Riot finds themselves in a similar situation, but instead of Death, they face potential community backlash. But don't you see that saving the lives of 4 people is better than one? The train has to go over one of the tracks so the ultimate better decision is to go on the track where less people are affected. The same can be applied in this situation, you just played yourself.
: What happened? The vid is killed.
Wow just checked it again now, what a little bitch Nightblue is holy crap
: > [{quoted}](name=Tomo7,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=jWpmgktL,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-21T12:18:16.686+0000) > > Clearly all these mastery 7 yasuo's are rubbish at yasuo (trashuo) if they were actually good they wouldn't be stuck in low elo, there is a mastery 7 yasuo player in most of my games and I'm honestly sick of it. And whenever I ban yasuo theres always someone on the enemy team who says "Why the f**k did you ban my yasuo (followed on with a lot of swearwords)" > > Low elo people : stop maining {{champion:157}} Just to let u know before write im bronze 2 and im low elo and i know it.i dont understand y u hate yasuo low elo so bad.for bronze its ez to het kills with yasuo and carry with yasuo.his just so fun and ez to play.y dont u hate champa like cho or zed or someone there stronger and fuk yasuo up.
Kid this thread is a year old don't necro old threads
: I love trying to access my Runes in client
Weird I've never had that issue.
: OP thinks they can make 5 new skins in 2 weeks, lmao.
: Things Riot should do to stop Toxicity.
I swear Riot focuses 95% of their bans on shit that's said in the chat, which I think is really unfair. I also think it's utter bullshit that someone can get PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED from the game for typing a bunch of words. It makes sense if the person is intentionally being racist or homophobic, that definitely shouldn't be tolerated. But there's a difference between that and simple "banter" or yelling at another player. "Banter" is something which could easily be handled if we had a tribunal and the players themselves made the ultimate decision whether the person was messing around or not, and even then a permanent suspension is ridiculous, just chat ban them. And "yelling at another player" again should be met with a chat ban. We all agree League can be tilting and frustrating, and taking someone's account away from them, that they most likely have spent hundreds of dollars on, isn't making anything better. 1. They will be even more frustrated and tilted, and most likely will either take it out on someone irl OR 2. They will simply make another account and take it out on everyone else there So Riot you're pretty much creating MORE toxicity by your ban decisions. Stop focusing on skins and game content, and start prioritising one of the biggest issues with your game. You need to re-evaluate your ban conditions and make it something along the guidelines of: 1. Permanent suspensions are given to players who are either hacking/scripting, using 3rd party software, intentionally feeding, or intentionally being homophobic/racist. 2. Players who are toxic and flame in chat are met with a chat ban that keeps infinitely increasing in duration the longer they continue to be toxic. You have to understand that the difference between a normal player and a toxic player is the chat, if you take that away from them, toxic players are no different than normal players. Obviously when they start doing something toxic OUTSIDE of the chat (intentionally feeding) than a perma ban is necessary since intentionally feeding can't be fixed WITH THE PUSH OF A BUTTON (muting players/pings/emotes).
: > [{quoted}](name=Fitzky,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=6vEBNGKv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-13T04:05:07.629+0000) > > Idk maybe wait until the next patch is out? That's when new content is released... No
Rioter Comments
Plutooh (OCE)
: Dodgers
Dodgers should certainly get punished but what you suggested is way too extreme, and I thought getting perma banned through talking in chat was bad.
: When will rank reset?
Your rank won't matter anymore but winning games in ranked will still increase your MMR which will place you higher when you do your provisional games next season.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
383 I can't believe this is still going lol
: Sibling got my account banned is there any help i can get for this?
> I took a massive break from league on this account and let my younger sibling play on it while i was busy with life matters. And that's where you fucked up, you can't share your account with anyone. Since you broke one of the rules that you agreed to when you made your account you are now held responsible. I wouldn't bother sending in a ticket since there's pretty much no chance you're getting it back.
: Yo. Where's Zoe!?
Idk maybe wait until the next patch is out? That's when new content is released...
: Not even a chat restriction or a pre warning for ONE sentence
One sentence hahahahahahahahahahaha ONE SENTENCE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAH You really can't use the chat in this game anymore, might as well remove it Riot
Talon12 (OCE)
: Kayn has a shit escape and so does talon, either they need to blow their escapes to get in, or they lose 1/2 of their damage if they dont
How do they lose damage if they don't blow their escapes to get in? You saying that Kayn and Talon's E's do damage? Also talon can jump over one wall, then run and jump over another to get out. Not really "blowing all his escapes" when he has them all around him.
ELO Masta (OCE)
: Several major issues with balance
There are issues with balance in League but you just listed the 3 worst examples, well done.
Mofle (EUNE)
: Blue Essence??..
Yeah don't worry the majority of us don't like it either and Riot better be doing something about it.
: Blue Essence! Ideas as to how to get it faster and much more efficient, riot please read!
Numbers are a bit too high but this is definitely better than the current system.
: The Blue Essence Discussion
The problem I have is that I don't want to have to play 10 games to level up ONCE then receive like 900 BE BUT its in champion shards. It's a complete dice roll on what champions you get and if you get 3 low cost champions it's jack shit. BE/IP wasn't just used on champions as well. Because I only have 3 RUNE PAGES I have to make new ones EVERY SINGLE CHAMP SELECT and I HATE IT. So now I have to save up BE to buy more rune pages which with the new system is gonna force me to play a shit ton of games for something that really isn't that much worth it in the end. Getting to 6300 BE off the bat from 0 is going to take so many fucking levels I don't want to even think about it. Considering it takes a good 10 games to get 1 SINGLE LEVEL. It's really just a shitty designed system, I don't want to earn in-game currency off milestone levels, it feels slow and boring. Look at the flood of posts that came through today and yesterday regarding how shit earning BE is and the amount of upvotes they got. It's quite obvious the majority of the playerbase fucking hates it so maybe Riot should listen and not continue to make their game worse, I'm about to stop playing if I have to force myself to use money to buy everything that exists in the store because I HAVE NO BE. If I don't see any change to earning BE in the next week I'm out. Oh and by the way my friend started playing a week before preseason started and when it hit he was level 14 and he didn't even have access to all the runes and rune tree's either. That is really great to hear because I'm fairly sure Riot said with the new runes YOU GET EVERYTHING FREE FROM LEVEL 1.
: Runes Reforged Feedback
I just hated what they did to Press the Attack, it use to be "Attacking the same champion continuously builds up ad" which I thought was really cool and would be amazing for champions like tryndamere or jax. Then the runes went to live and I suddenly found out they changed it to some shitty 3 hit bonus damage passive. I understand it would be OP for adcs with high amounts of attack speed to build it up quickly and high amounts of range to keep it going, but for melee champions like jax it would of been perfect. Maybe they could bring it back and have it nerfed for ranged users? Please I was really looking forward to that rune the most.
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Jh3Mtzu6-board-post-title-blue-essence-earn-rates-learning-the-numbers-with-carl-and-henrietta
Like the top comment of that post says, we get a little bit more than before but over a VERY long period of time. We have to actually grind levels to get a good amount of currency which is what the MAJORITY of the player base disagrees with. Riot can think whatever the fuck they want but the PLAYERS DO NOT WANT THIS. JUST GIVE US BE EVERY GAME
: My opinion on the new changes
The rune system is fine but the amount of BE we earn is actually a joke, there is nothing wrong with just giving us BE after every game like it was for the last 8 YEARS.
: New Rune System - Mana?
Uhhh Manaflow Band????
Junimo (OCE)
: How am I supposed to get mastery 6+7?
LOL wow that's actually ridiculous
smitty717 (OCE)
: how to get blue essence in pre season?
Unfortunately no, which is why I've been suggesting that they just need to bring back earning BE after every game
: Regarding PreSeason Complaints
Hopefully they will increase it because that's the point of us complaining about it, if no one says anything then it won't happen
: Hey folks Thanks for posting the discussion. This new system based around Blue Essence is obviously a change from what we're used to, so we're very interested to know how you feel about it going forward. Please keep the feedback flowing and let us know your thoughts - both for and against - as you learn and use the new systems over time. Point out the problems and let us know what bits you like. {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}}
: Revert BE to IP
They just need to bring back the feature of getting currency after a game instead of just solely EXP
: Lack of Blue Essence
I agree, not enough essence being given overall.
: New rune system is a joke
Yeah what the hell I can only create up to 3 pages? I thought when Riot said you would get "everything for free at lvl1" that meant all runes AND pages. That's stupid, I should have to spend essence on buying extra pages.
: Did masteries get replaced by the new runes?
: You know what I really love.
I actually did that mission at least 4 times when I was playing solo
  Rioter Comments
Junimo (OCE)
: Zoe themed usernames?
Annoying Midget
: How Samsung Galaxy won Worlds but not SKT
I Literally said to everyone that SSG was gonna win, no way Riot would let SKT win for the 4th time in a row, they would lose viewers. Worlds was rigged.
Miicka (OCE)
: Holy shit! You're right! I originally thought that the voice was Quinn or Kalista, but I know that sound at 0:21 seconds all too well. That was definitely Vayne auto. The purple colour would go really nice with her as well. If it is a Vayne skin, I can't wait, but tbh I know that the PROJECT skins are gonna be nice regardless of which champions get them. I've been waiting for this so long, words can't describe how hyped I am rn.
> [{quoted}](name=Miicka,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=oAFxZyEs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-04T12:06:10.441+0000) > > Holy shit! You're right! I originally thought that the voice was Quinn or Kalista, but I know that sound at 0:21 seconds all too well. That was definitely Vayne auto. The purple colour would go really nice with her as well. > > If it is a Vayne skin, I can't wait, but tbh I know that the PROJECT skins are gonna be nice regardless of which champions get them. I've been waiting for this so long, words can't describe how hyped I am rn. At 30 seconds does that not sound very close to sivir?
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