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: I have 13 pages (from before the major rune overhaul), so this has never been an issue for me. Perhaps buy a couple more pages to make it easier for yourself? BE is free after all.
i mean i have 11 and have been using only for like 2 years now i don see the problem unless you just ain't looking at your screen for some reason
: I’m sick and tired of people dodging then target banning
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Freed0mm (OCE)
: Looking for a Clash team. Main Supp/Mid/Jg
fyi clash was only on saturday
Saben (OCE)
: Pyke Ult Refresh On Resurrect Effects
I don't understand the confusion here that is what should happen why would he get a reset if he dosn't kill anyone and only proc a passive
: No it's called standing up to the salty bastards like your self
standing up for yourself how the only time your called out is in a game if you have a problem mute them disable the chat key remove chat. If you do not do anything and then cry your just looking for peoples attention. Remember this is only a game and you dont need to play it all the time, this is not life but a hobby learn to unstress, untilt on something else its not hard.
I feel like this is a child lashing out because he couldn’t mute people or walk away like an adult
: How is PYKE playable in other regions but not in australia
Airì (OCE)
: League buffering?
I have the same problem but that’s only because my download speed goes down to .07
Xadouz (EUW)
: skins
Look at your recently purchased in the settings tab that should help if not GLHF
: Matchmaking - Why, high elo's for a low elo
guessing you play normals and not ranked shit happens better chance for you to learn against better players anyway
: Why all the hate? And.. Xayah?
Disappointed in these responses 1- Because in their opinion that champ is just bad or worse than other champs 2- So for Yasuo as an example his abilities are quite strong with his passive being a 2x multiplier and his high skill cap making him a very popular champion from when he was released to even now still and yes their are other champions that are over played like Yasuo and they also have a high skill cap 3- I think xayah is in a really good spot in the meta right now, i do think she is quite strong compared to some other ADC's though (I also love xayah) 4- Their are a couple of reasons why people "smurf". A lot of high elo players would rather have a quicker queue time because their are a lot less players in the higher tiers, another reason is some players like to boost their friends or other players and someone i know has a smurf to practice their off roles in ranked because it has no effect on their mains account 5- Yes league players are trolls but not all of them are some just want t do some fun stuff with their friends or some people just like to ruin your game by intentionally feeding so be careful and try not to rage If you would like some more of your Questions answered feel free to add me @ AoiKitsune In game im happy to try my best and help anyone i can or is willing to ask
KaynMid (OCE)
: So ive been in silver for a week now, heres my take.
This is a really big cop-out if you really deserved silver you would get yourself out of it instead of making a new account and basically getting silver for no hard work put in. Quite frankly I am very disappointed, if you really think you are silver worthy climb out of it yourself. if you want help or even some games add me im willing to help you climb out of bronze if you truly want to prove something because all you have done is cheat your way out of it IGN: AoiKitsune
Skyla (OCE)
: Looking for ADC main to duo with Gold - Plat
bred (OCE)
: Why don't grades affect your LP Gain/Loss?
the only problem i can see is that the grades are based on how everyone plays that champion and not an overall score of how you play If this system was to go into effect riot would have to put in a new grade system based on how well you play the game in general and not how you played your champion. But i totally agree with your idea of lp gain coming of your overall performance of a game and not how your team mates play. Solo queue should be about how you play the game yourself and not about if your team won or not
Lairdeth (OCE)
: It's easier to find the Patch Notes via Google than on the LoL website.
Kazetoh (OCE)
: champion select bug?
I have had the exact same bug before, Its honestly such a joke and pathetic
: Can We get an illaoi Rework/Adjustment
did you just complain about people playing well against you, countering is a part of the game you should learn to adjust in that situation also if you want more move speed a phage move speed quints, and/or storm raiders
: If you don't use tinder (or maybe Grinder, in some cases), then you will have spent some time with that person beforehand. btw, grinder is a gay tinder
im guessing because of your knowledge of this grinder you use it regularly ??
: Looking for 5-man for youtube.
Hmu IGN - AoiKitsune
Ÿašùo (OCE)
: Ban appeal
Thank you for your appeal we will get back to you in 14 days
MidGnar (OCE)
: i have played with Yasuo before ( person that got banned ) and he's a very thoughtful person he helped me rank up form lvl 3 to lvl 14 and i really appreciate it from him and i know he can be bad sometimes but i believe he deserves a second chance. i believe you can get unbanned yasuo :) . Arigato Riot goodbye.
Just in case you didn't know the 14 day ban is the third Warning so does he deserve a 'Third' Chance
: Not really, because if it was like every other skin then you'd be able to buy it straight up. This way only the most die-hard blitz (as an example) players would be able to get the legacy's. Then they'd be able to brag about having all the skins for that champ. I think it's a cool idea.
Then the skins wouldnt be legacy anymore
Zantheor (OCE)
: If a S5 Duo queues with a G5, what rank of players will you be queued up with?
you would get ranks all over the place im a gold 2 and get games with plat 4s and silver 2s in the same game
: Would any team or players want to try my setups?
do you want to give an example ??
Daper (OCE)
: Item Sets ~~
7.10 patch is today
: Riddle me this!
holy shit
: Do you play alot of Jarvan? I've always wanted a Nasus Riot Skin, couldn't find it. Stopped playing for a year, came back and what you know. Riot gave me the skin. I guess you can play alot of Jarvan in game, mention the skin in matches. Never know a RIOT Santa Clause could be listening.
Victorious Jarvin was a reward for getting to gold in like season 2
Yeash (OCE)
: New to LoL!
Hey man if you wanted any help or to make new friends ill be happy to lend a hand
: Recruiting for NO/FF
Australia All day Excelion Of course S1 Idm
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Question So for me i have had recurring league client fails where it just stops working and this makes me dodge queue you cant just re Log because you dont join back into the lobby or have the option to rejoin it
Star (OCE)
: FREE Coaching Sessions
I am really interested in this I'm only G5 I want to strive I this game improving in many aspects of the game so I can too coach others IGN; Excelion ADC main
: Gift it forward
i think a good idea would be riot giving us all 1 free gift to give a random and only a random (ie not on your friends list) i think this would be quite nice for everyone but it would have flaws of course
harpii (OCE)
: LF Ranked Players for a Team I'd Like to put together :)
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: S4 Looking for serious duo or team
Merah (EUW)
: Want free long-term coaching? We have 35+ slots for all regions. More inside!
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