: Ban Appeal - no excuses - defined as wanting to win
the guy i was speaking with, not shown of course because that would be advantageous to my case, was a complete and utter negative CRETIN. Seriously, he ganked 0 times. in 25 minutes. Followed by refusing to engage in teamfights. I do realise that i was perhaps a tad heavy handed for the more delicate in the community, and for that i apologise (the frustration of being a grown ass irish man playing in OCE cannot be described...) but judging by my general behaviour and what can only be described as REACTIONARY response to comments, i really dont believe i desereved the ban i received. this guy, legit, TROLLED. REFUSED TO TEAMFGHT. but 15 day ban for me for calling him out on giving up at 10m in a ranked game? really? lets talk about this. verbally.
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