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: Twisted Treeline Ranked should have one more day per week. Here's how while keeping everyone happy.
I don't think the number of days matters that much, I think the challenger slots should be expanded to 8-10 because currently half the top 6 challengers only play their decay games and the other half trio (from what I hear from my friend) so it's almost impossible to get in unless you're a trio that can beat the #1 3v3 player in OCE with over double the LP of 2nd place while he has 2 other challengers on his team. Why would anyone try to go for challenger when there are only 6 slots when they can just spam flex 5v5 to get in when there's 200 slots and not even half of them are taken. There is no incentive to play on the twisted treeline competitively simply because of the restricted spots available. Riot's excuse for 6 spots is so bullshit when you look at flex 5v5, they want their stupid dynamic queue to work so bad that they won't have less spots available for the summoner's rift map but they'll bottleneck twisted treeline for no reason.
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