: The Oceanic Open Ladder returns for 2017!
When is the average/expected dates for the winners of ool to play promos to ocs?
ciaô (OCE)
: MF hasnt been annouced yet, i dont think it was even at worlds
On the American pop vinyl groups there has been Gamestop preorder lists with MF on it so she has half been announced, just Funko themselves haven't said anything, and there were pictures of people with her at worlds and multiple people said she was able to be bought there.
ciaô (OCE)
: i think its a lie! since its a promo for worldchampionship to only be purchases their
Well Pirate Miss Fortune could also be purchased at Worlds and she is being released as a Gamestop exclusive in the states (meaning EB Games will get it here) so I'd say there's a fair chance DJ Sona is getting released as well, her being sold at worlds was likely a pre-release.


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