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: LF Plat+ Support to duo with
Add this Acc and ill PM u my main currently P5 support only, peaked p3 this season then hit a speedbump, hit me up
Razör (OCE)
: Does anyone else want the old champions back?
i miss the old taric and the old gangplank let along sword of the occult i feel Zilean needs a touch up tho he is not changed in so long
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Folk (OCE)
: Unfair ban so please consider unbanning thank you <3.
basically u summed it up yourself, in the last sentence *Overall I wouldn't care if I got unbanned with chat restrictions because that way I can't be toxic and I have to make my messages count if I play ranked instead of just unnecessary and unneeded words.* basically saying you have learnt your lesson, and the ban has made you upset (going to the point to post an appeal here) i think the system is working and its done exactly what it is meant to


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