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: Im a jungle/support main. If your a good adc then id gladly support for you
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: Silver team looking for adc and mid
I play mid add me if interest.
: extortion noun the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
better word to use in your opinion?
: Popcorn plant, Blastcone, whatever you want to call it.
Thanks for the correction
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: *Gasp* It's Fox! :D If anyone else is reading this, I can vouch that Fox is an amazing person (or attack helicopter) to play with, and has a great sense of humour :D
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BrySkuxx (OCE)
: G5 ADC Main Lf support main !
Not gold but you can add me I'm currently Silver 4
PaperBagz (OCE)
: gold 4 looking for partner
I'm currently Silver 4 but I don't lose my cool ever and I am a pretty chill person in general... I usually don't surrender either so if you're okay with someone from a lower rank please add: Foxilite
: Zoe Mains Club
INVITE Meeeee pleaseee <3 love Zoe
Oriphix (OCE)
: Add me :) can jam some games
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: [RESOLVED] Server Issues - 28th Jan 2016
Do you know when this will be fixed???
Pokedex (OCE)
: Can't reconnect to game. Get stuck at champ select then if you restart client, it wont reconnect.
Yes same thing Champion select didnt go into game loading progression after 0 seconds nothing happened and we could all talk in champ select chat restarted my client and im stuck on reconnect screen which dosent reconnect you
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