Midníght (OCE)
: Looking For Duo Partners Gold+
: Silver Support Main (One Trick Thresh) - LF ADC / Jungler Duo!
Just make sure you play adc that are meta or he/she will patronize you as soon as you load in. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Played with her before. Can confirm she's good and enjoyable to play with :)
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: he gets others to play on his account. i think last season the guy had like 20 wins all up on panth, kass, kat all undefeated. stomping lane and game easily plat level just monstrous stats. then never played the champs agian. like first time ranked for those champs. short answer he gets boosted and is a legit silver 5 bronze 1 player no more then that.
Sparkrat (OCE)
: I believe so, I remember he used to post on the boards at least once a week before hitting gold last season. I think a guy called Lavalord and a number of other people weren't happy wiith him so he changed names.
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: Im a jungle/support main. If your a good adc then id gladly support for you
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: Silver team looking for adc and mid
I play mid add me if interest.
: extortion noun the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
better word to use in your opinion?
: Popcorn plant, Blastcone, whatever you want to call it.
Thanks for the correction
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: *Gasp* It's Fox! :D If anyone else is reading this, I can vouch that Fox is an amazing person (or attack helicopter) to play with, and has a great sense of humour :D
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BrySkuxx (OCE)
: G5 ADC Main Lf support main !
Not gold but you can add me I'm currently Silver 4
PaperBagz (OCE)
: gold 4 looking for partner
I'm currently Silver 4 but I don't lose my cool ever and I am a pretty chill person in general... I usually don't surrender either so if you're okay with someone from a lower rank please add: Foxilite
: Zoe Mains Club
INVITE Meeeee pleaseee <3 love Zoe
Oriphix (OCE)
: Add me :) can jam some games
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: [RESOLVED] Server Issues - 28th Jan 2016
Do you know when this will be fixed???
Pokedex (OCE)
: Can't reconnect to game. Get stuck at champ select then if you restart client, it wont reconnect.
Yes same thing Champion select didnt go into game loading progression after 0 seconds nothing happened and we could all talk in champ select chat restarted my client and im stuck on reconnect screen which dosent reconnect you
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