Slob (OCE)
: Couldnt a team do this for every individual player and know the best spots to sweep by statistics alone, no matter who the enemy team is?
Not really as warding is heavily dependent on meta and strategy, as well as the condition of the game and current tactics. I might ward a place which is incredibly important to me, which you would consider less than optimal since optimal of course would also depend on meta, strategy, game condition, and current tactics. If you're winning then deep wards in the enemy jungle and no wards in your own jungle are fine since you're controlling the map. If you're losing then it's the opposite. It also depends how many wards you have and there's a lot of spots which are even in importance, again, depending on meta, strategy, condition, and tactics. Nocturne for instance doesn't need to move up river to gank a lane so warding against him is different to warding against Olaf since he needs to run all the way up to you. Seeing where other people ward is more useful for refining your knowledge of their meta, strategy, tactics, conditions, heroes, etc, than knowing where a good ward should be, barring the obvious things like tri brush.
: Nah, it'd just show a picture of the ocean.
So the ocean is only ~3.5% salt, and the vast majority of that salt is runoff from rocks on the land.
Talon12 (OCE)
: should give it to me if you cant use it
Can't, they expired pretty quickly. Pretty scrooge of them but oh well.
: Facism or Anarchism?
They aren't contradictory though, an anarchist who wants to topple a government and move into a might makes right world can also be a tyrannical dictator by virtue of being mightiest/evilest/etc.
: i second this, shame it wouldn't make sense to an American.
{{champion:6}} King would though.
Warleond (OCE)
: I still demand a Hungry Jax skin!
Make it a licensed skin, except when he does his E, make it look like he's spinning a hippo above his head. For the five other people who will get it.
: This guy gets it. Kinda entirely unfair, knew I should've transferred to Russia. That community though... probably worse than OCE.
Communication is easier though. You only need to know four words and be really creative with them.
: its fine until you hear whats happening here in new zealand. government is trying to change our flag to a plain right horrible one :/ but i do love the idea of something like the southern cross idea to represent both aus and NZ
There's two alright options out of the five officially picked out designs, the two black/white ones, and it beats the British one. Would be even better if politicians weren't screwing you guys and gals over with two referendums when they know a flag is a simple majority parliament vote, but eh.
vortex594 (OCE)
: fucking over Aus/NZ isn't exactly uncommon. just look at Steam. 30% price mark-ups, even before the exchange rate.
Try GOG instead of Steam, same rate as everywhere else or store credit for the difference if publishers refuse to let that happen. Less games than Steam, and less big publisher games, so if you're a CoD fan for instance then GOG won't help, but they're building their catalogue and have had a lot of newer releases this year.
: Yes it is a constellation readily seen in the sky, well done. but most constellations have religious meaning, while most constellations come from greek mythology, the southern cross was originally part of the centaur until it was more accurately mapped once explorers come this far south, those 16th century explorers noticed that it looked like the cross from their own religion and named it Crux (latin for cross) and have seen it as a christian symbol, and further down the track used this symbol to adorn the flags of our two (by now) mainly christian countries.
The vast majority of people are either secular and don't assign religious beliefs to constellations, or ascribe their own personal beliefs, history, or cultural significance to the Southern Cross like, for instance, not calling it Crux. Either way the Southern Cross isn't automatically a bad pick for that reason. That reason is because Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mercosur use it for their flags as it's essentially the Southern equivalent of Polaris, the single most useful natural navigational devices in our skies.
: I feel like (as horrible as it may sound) something different from cancer research is the way to go (I know it's completely necessary and it affects so many of us and in no way am I trying to degrade cancer research) I'd just love to see it go to a smaller organisation which is less in the spotlight and doesn't get as much attention as larger research groups do. It could really make a massive difference to an organisation like that. Off the top of my head I can't come up with anything but I'd love to see other peoples ideas! I also think this is a fantastic idea and am excited to see how much is raised! Yay for League Oceania!
UTas has a dementia research centre, they're not exactly majorly popular although the MOOC is helping. Realistically though, two weeks worth of 50% off sales isn't going to be all that massive; especially given the people like myself who have no plans on purchasing it any time soon. If it was permanently 50% off in OCE with all proceeds going to charity then it would be pretty cool otherwise it's more marketing than useful. **EDIT:** Unless _all_ proceeds go to charity, forever, that would make the skin slightly less horrible. It's what they should have done ages ago, linked skins with charities and donated all proceeds from those particular skins to their representative charities. I'd have a lot more skins for a lot more champs if that were the case.
: Make a kiwi azir skin that summons kangaroo soldiers. Done
That's only two countries though. Go from Japan across to China, then drop down which should skip Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. That's one side of Oceania, including the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Now go across the Pacific stopping before you hit mainland Americas. It's actually a pretty big region, including something like 42 different places, from full nation-states like Australia to "Please just let us go" states like Guam, to provinces like Hawaii, to special territories, free associations, etc. It's a fascinating place linguistically, culturally, environmentally (did you know some island-states are already making plans to evacuate the entire population as they're getting flooded?), as it's so diverse which is why a skin needs to reflect the regional community rather than just Australia and NZ. Even if we're **[EDIT: one of]** the biggest by landmass and population. So... A skin for Canada, for example, could be Olaf with a hockey stick in one hand, lumberjack axe in the other, wearing a white shirt with a maple leaf on it. Hits the stereotypes, easily identifiable. Using that skin for Mexico would be ridiculous though, yeah? Now imagine the NA skin being Canadian Olaf. OCE has that problem. There's been a lot of good ideas, apparently Riot has either not seen them, doesn't like them, or doesn't want to put the work in (to be fair some of the ideas were fairly complex, would have looked cool though), and so is still trying to figure out what to give OCE. The region which still doesn't have Dom at all or permanent TT. I figure Fizz with a plastic bag wrapped around his neck and his tail missing would suit OCE well. Already suffering from climate change and still don't have full functionality.
Faparoo (OCE)
: I'm just guessing from the starry look of the skin, but maybe the 'southern cross' stars is the theme?? Again just a guess Edit: Actually the Southern cross is shown on the top left of the skin so I think It's possible
You know the Southern Cross is pretty popular, right? As in Brazil has it on their flag kinda popular. If after two years, and charging everyone for it unlike other servers, the best they can come up with is "Here's a Southern Cross" then... Well that's just sad. Especially given some of the absolutely amazing ideas I've seen on the likes of Reddit.
vRemus (OCE)
: Sad meme when u kek ur own kek. Tfw. Btw new Riven mains inc (Battle Booty Riven){{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Riven stopped being scary when Morde became able to one shot me at level 5.
Anserem (OCE)
: Sad moment when you look at the 5th sale schedule of 2015 and still not find Battlecast Urgot... {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} No, but really, i've been waiting for that skin to be on sale for 11 months now...
Could be worse, you could be waiting for a skin to go on sale for over a year... And then miss the sale anyway.
: That sad moment when you realise you've spent over $1500 dollars on a free to play game {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
@IntenseGamer123 Not that BS. I know people who've spent more than that, because they have the cash, they liked the game, and it's cheaper than a movie. More fun too. Even in OCE there's people who would spend that, and if TT were up more often, and Dom in at all, then I'd likely spend my entertainment money on LoL. But no TT, no cash.
Xoudian (OCE)
: You don't HAVE to buy them, you know?
: Instant feedback powers up
TIL bad Latin is extremely offensive to Rioters.
: No type of minion/monster/epic monster is reserved for any one player, not even with their role being considered. Even a support has the right to take all the cs in the lane if they can because terms like "solo mid" or "duo bot" are just a part of a meta. They aren't strict rules guiding where a player should go or what they should do, they're simply recommended. And with that said, imma go play Teemo support. {{champion:17}}
Teemo support doesn't need CS though, support runes give him gold, Spellthief's gives him gold, trinkets for wards, shrooms for wards, then trinket for pink. Teemo doesn't need CS. Unless the AD is feeding hard in which case get as much CS as possible and blow the other AD away.
: Some good points here. I'm guessing it'll need to be a pretty good system to add anything positive to the community. I mean, it's a tough one, but killing off free speech is essentially what's happening here. In my opinion, the probability that a game is going to be a loss, can be measured by the amount of people who have lost their cool on your team vs the other team. And I guess when people start blaming each other, the more people will loose control.
There is always limits to speech though, criminal speech for instance, yelling fire in a crowded theatre. Essentially freedom ends the moment it infringes on other people's freedoms. Abusing people isn't free speech, regardless of what Bolt likes to say.
Exhality (OCE)
: Completely agree with this. She already struggled with 1v1 duelling since her kit is not really an individual target based kit like {{champion:67}}. Obvious examples of this are her E which you would not use in a 1v1 fight and having no time to bust her ulti in a 1v1 fight either since its a more team fight based ult and it's damage is just not that impressive as compared to her auto attacks that prove to be more useful in most cases.
I've been experimenting, it's entirely possible to turn MF into a hardcore duelist. Youmuu's, Trinity Force, Black Cleaver, decent crit for auto's and sheen procs go a long way towards focusing her damage. She can be built AS too (Wits, BotRK, etc) and AS builds seem to do a ton of damage to any and all comers. I've solo'd Vaynes, the biggest difficulty has been manevuering as if MF gets pinned to a wall then MF dies. Much like if Ashe ults Vayne then Vayne dies. But so long as I can avoid getting pinned MF can kill a Vayne. You just need to itemise for it. On the plus side I'm finding MF to be one of the most versatile AD's I've ever played. About the only change I'd like to see is a little more base damage on her E (less AP scaling on it to balance) forcing people to take it seriously other than just using it to slow people down so I can ult them to death. Possibly also having double W stacks on her ult... Other than that though, it feels like she's in a good place.
: People that want lower ping?
With less features and support. It's not as clear cut a decision as it should be.
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterMirkinen,realm=OCE,application-id=pEj6Ee6n,discussion-id=RLY1utHt,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-08-26T22:22:11.223+0000) > > I support this! :) I play 2v2 supports only with a friend when I am bored sometimes
Veigar and Sona support vs Annie and Gangplank support, right?
Excellius (OCE)
: School girl ahri velkoz midlane anyone? :^)
Wouldn't Ashe be a better match up?
Xoudian (OCE)
: While that'd be great, that wouldn't fit in with the business strategy of Riot, which is all game-affecting things (Champs, runes, etc.) can be bought with IP, whereas anything that is purely cosmetic (Skins, etc.) will cost you real money. It's a common, and perfectly reasonable thing to see in Free To Play games. Anyway, they do release icons for 1 IP every now and again. Maybe there'll be one you like at some point.
Champs can be bought using money too though. Riot is a lot more... "Fluid" about their money making compared to, say, CSGO. There's a delineation between cosmetic and game impacting, but it's greyer than a lot of games. Not quite Nexxon but at that point there's no delineation at all.
: cause he has to many good skins that you do not like cause you have seen the Pulse-Fire Ezreal
Isn't Pulse Fire the $35 one? That doesn't count as it will be far too expensive for most casual Ez players.
: just make AllforOne and Urf a once a weekend a month thing and i'd be happy, also can you guys update the ping system and say add these to it, Ult up in 5,10,30 second timers in smaller windows next to it, enemy ult down and have it targetable on a specific champ including friendlies, have a ping for bush warded, just work with that for now, really hope you guys do this it'd make the game so much more fun and smooth give the players what they deserve, a change from the toxic players who berate them about failing an engage or being out of place in a teamfight, also with the original ping system maybe add a feature to ping "move here" or "careful" rather the pings themselves (similar to Smite and Dota 2), i don't know why you guys haven't done this yet, but i'd dream of they day you announce it, much love <3 Nerf {{champion:11}} :^)
There's only so much you can do with pings and we're really at the limit; any more pings and there's just too many to sort out. The next step is voice chat where you can just tell people "Yi Ult Down". A lot of people have either Teamspeak or Skype, so rent a TS server for a few dollars a month and paste that and your Skype name into chat. A lot of people will join in, especially in Ranked. That and get really good at typing "ult5" into chat. :P
: Most of you people need to seriously consider learning to appreciate new changes in a game. As technology moves forward, things become "outdated". Look at some of the Champion updates, we'll use the Gangplanks update as a fine example: Gangplank had been released for several years adding minor balances and that might have been it. Eventually everything was receiving updates except him, and so the same can be applied to the HUD update, and the Client Update. Does it change the way you play the game or use the client? No, it has all the functions (AND more) released for it. Get over the fact that you can't all get your way, shit, given with your already sparse learning space for improvement you probably can't learn and appreciate new things and would result in abusing the new content
Dota has customisable HUDs, better AFK policy, and VOIP. LoL has a super compressed HUD> That isn't better technology, it's different design policy. :P
: why all the negative feedback for the new HUD its amazing <3 so much better than the old one and its so much cleaner and less all over the place, tho please mention how to check certain stats eg fps or lifesteal etc took ages to figure out
It's a bit squished, and people with colour issues or vision issues can have a bit of trouble differentiating between everything. It also isn't very clear, OOM and CD are the same sound/visual look, etc. Hilariously enough for a while there it was also a bit too in your face, the flashy visual and audio cues were distracting and defeated the entire point of a clean and compressed HUD. Personally I feel it has the opposite problem compared to before. Pre-update was all over the place with too much "whitespace", so to speak, while post-update was far too compressed for it's own good. Actually what LoL really needs is a new engine with all the "latest" features, like the ability to mix and match the HUD to personally suit, swap between different background music, enable VOIP, etc. Barring that, a HUD that is a bit more background and a bit clearer.
: Good job listening to feedback Riot! Might aswell play Dota...
That's funny, because their huds are customisable. :P
: @Riot, I'm no mathematician but if there's 0 days left, then shouldn't Act III be up?
: I am talking about a system that starts a vote for champ select to be disbanded
Why? Kayle Jungle sounds ridiculous, but it's kind of nuts. Veigar support sounded ridiculous, but it was retardedly OP; likely why his stun got hit so hard. Just because you haven't tried it or seen it doesn't mean it won't work.
: I'll rephrase so everyone stops focusing on the punishment (which I really don't care about) but instead give attention to the problem of assholes who always want their way and will punish you if you don't give it to them. So I ask for a legal que jump based on a voting system because I don't want my game ruined and it sucks that I have to be punished for saving my team from a bad game, doesn't matter what the punishment is.
Why does everyone have to play your version of meta? Come play Dota some time, we'll go tri lanes, duo mid, duo jungle, whatever the hell we feel like. If it works, we'll do it again, if it doesn't work, we make a mental note to ignore anything that person says in the future and share the replay around. If someone wants duo mid then make mid a kill lane. Take Quinn bot since that's one of the best solo AD's ever, any old reasonable top, and a jungle. Between Varus and Kog there's enough damage there to kill tanks and bruisers just about instantly so all you need to do is prioritise around squishies. Xin or Kha jungle and have fun. It's viable, I've done it, not with those champions but there's no real reason it won't work. Your game isn't ruined because no-one else will do what you demand, it's improved. Now take that attitude and chill a little; you'll win a lot more and might actually end up enjoying yourself.
Strat (OCE)
: Oh, fair nuff. I dunno, I don't see why someone would play blind pick unless they have 3+ friends who can queue together and let the remaining 2 have whatever roles they want.
You can get away with not playing pure meta in blind pick which makes it more entertaining than ranked where the community is _still_ very rigid. Not that I think AS/AD Veigar is a good idea (never has been, still isn't) in any gamemode but AP Kog bot is fine.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Ranked 3s has stricter population requirements than normal Twisted Treeline. Right now TT is in a good place but it's not likely to be expanded in the near future. We're always checking to see if we can widen the availability, just like we check to see if it's the right time to bring back a queue type that isn't enabled right now. It would be good to get your feedback on the messaging we do around this. I totally understand the frustration, I'm usually there on Friday and Saturday nights playing TT till the 1am cutoff with Riot Meltix.
How do you know when to expand? "Let's expand to Wednesday nights because Fridays are so good" seems something of a non sequitur. And without even a single day of ranked a month 3v3's are always going to be seen as less than SR ranked. ARAM has the same problem "It isn't ranked so AS/AD Veigar" whereas in Normal SR people at least pretend to be taking it seriously. Kinda, ish. As for feedback, one post every couple of months, tops, in politics speach, isn't really feedback. Throw in a few graphs, give some idea as to the amount of people playing and the amount that need to be playing in order for it to be expanded, because at the moment you legit sound like a politician. You make long posts but you never say anything "... is in a good place but it's not likely to be expanded" doesn't say anything. Does "a good place" mean "good enough to not pull immediately but we're watching it"? Does "not likely to be expanded" mean not in the next month? Six months? A year? I understand that committing to a timeline puts the pressure on and pressure is for wimps, but not giving any information at all really does make it look like you've consigned it to the trash bin which is what the perception is of most people I play with. You talk the same way about problems and networks "We have improved greatly and continue to do so". It's the sort of thing Shell would put in their end of year reports, or Abbott would say when he's on the television. No detail, no commitment, as vague and handwavingly generic as you can get while still pretending to say anything. Not that it matters to me, any good ideas that Riot has had with the game are only implemented in "bonus gamemodes", any problems are pushed under the rug, latency is all over the place, and the general push seems to still be towards a bruiser heavy healing game. Basically these days you're just a bland Dota. Entertaining random modes, and the music is still better than most games, but you really are your own worst enemy.
: BTW, the reason I chose Lux is because of her saying " Tactical decision summoner" ;D
If that's the only reason then you don't ranked much. :P She's one of the most powerful champions in ARAM due to her reasonable mana costs, great CD's, great poke, great utility, great CC, and great waveclear. I wouldn't play her in SR, but I would never reroll her in HA.
Ice Boi (OCE)
: As someone who's played MF a lot over the past few years, it's nice to see her getting some attention! I enjoy playing her because of her strong early/mid game where she can 1v1 many other marksman, and contribute large amounts of AOE damage to teamfights. I think this visual/mini-ability update is good, but there a couple of things that I'd change. 1. **Keep grievous wounds:** GW was one of the abilities that set her apart from other adcs and it really synergised well with her lane-bully early game, lowering the power of enemy summoner heals and potions, as well as helping take down the likes of {{champion:36}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} in the mid to late game. 2. **Alter strut like you changed Garen's passive:** When Garen hits lvl 11, damage from jungle camps doesn't stop his passive heal. I'm proposing something similar for MF, where strut is not stopped by minion damage after lvl 11. This would give MF a helping hand in chasing down enemies, something I've always found difficult with MF. Many other adcs have dashes /slow/speed boosts to get away, and MF loses hers by running through a minion wave while in pursuit. 3. **The ability to cast E (make it rain) while moving** Syndra can cast her q while moving, and while I know this is a core part of her kit, giving MF the same power on her E would be a great quality of life improvement to her kiting/chasing ability. 4. **Her ult and auto-attack visuals could be tweaked** I think her visual update looks brilliant, but when she auto attacks fast she looks like one of those inflatable tubes from a used car market-arms everywhere! In my opinion, her new ult looks... underpowered somehow. One of the reasons I love playing MF is how you are rewarded when you position correctly, line up and ruin enemies with a ridiculous stream of bullets. The new visuals looks slower, and have "gaps" between the bullet waves, which I'm personally not a fan of. Other than that, the update looks really good! I'm glad you're keeping her voice the same, it definitely suits her. Thanks Rito.
I'll second this, but in the name of being fair I'll keep the new visuals and instead trade it for her ult to scale with AD, AS, or both.
Ice Boi (OCE)
: Her ult is weak in late-game teamfights and if you're behind, but early/mid game it still does a lot of damage if you get off a full channel. Her ult actually does scale with AD in a way; it applies impure shots magic damage which scales from AD. A lot of MF's ability scaling are in a kind of weird spot right now, but it's the AOE mixed damage which is so useful in the first 20 minutes of the game.
Early game it's only good against people you can trap inside it, which means either not aiming at high mobility champions (Vayne, Ezreal, Kalista, Graves, Lucian, etc) or having a bit of hard CC on your team which can lock them down which means the ult requires a fair bit of setup. And it can be killed by champions who have their own hard CC (Kalista with teammate, Vayne, etc), all the while your opponents (Ezreal again, Graves, Lucian, etc) are all firing their ults off on the move. Caitlyn isn't but her ult does a high amount of guaranteed damage against at least one opponent which they can't dodge out of. It's not a very reliable ult which makes it annoying early/mid game and it doesn't scale well enough to be useful late game when you're seeing more teamfights which is when an ult like MF's is actually pretty useful. Being able to stand outside a teamfight and fire into it is so much better than having to get into AA range. Except Lucian can also do that, and he can do it whilst moving. His ult is useful early game because of that, and it scales nicely so it's useful lategame too against hard hitting carries when getting into AA range at the start would hurt him. MF is nice but it's like playing Sejuani. You'll have fun but you'll spend the whole game knowing that you could have picked another champion which did the same thing as your champion can, it just does it a whole lot better.
: Every tick of her ulti applies Impure Shots, which scales with ad, but deals magic damage. So, the ultimate "kinda" scales with ad.
If Riot is looking for clarity, that isn't really how I'd recommend they go about it.
Joerick (OCE)
: So, Zeke's Harbinger gives you +20% AP for 6 seconds? If you're playing a support that can deal a lot of burst damage (_cough_ {{champion:1}} _cough_), this could be really broken when combined with the +30% from {{item:3089}}. Once people notice this, I think a see a nerf comming...
It's more of a mid to late game item though, by which point the AP is already hurting you anyway, and any good AP nuker support has gotten a decent item under their belt (I like Morello's, it's a good mix of CDR, AP, and the healing reduction is useful to slow down the trend of seeing AD's with Summoner Heal). I'd only really get this item in a kill lane (GP support Xin AD kind of thing) or once teamfights started happening fairly frequently. Otherwise it's not nearly as useful as an item which gives you more guaranteed damage or utility.
Vidic (OCE)
: ***
They did a huge write up about that a while ago, discussing what "skill" meant. Did it mean timekeeping and detailed records? Or did it mean being able to plan out and execute an attack or defense better than your opponent? Out thinking and out playing rather than out writing? Riot has seemingly decided (reds aren't always accurate or even knowledgeable) that being able to out play your opponent is more important than being able to out timekeep your opponent. Which is fair enough, likely why the new emphasis on minigames inside the game instead of "Hit X to do damage".
Eshe (OCE)
: I reckon for dragon/baron you shouldn 't be able to hear the death sound globally. With baron if the enemy team has it, sure you can see the buff on the enemy team, etc. With dragon you don't see any buffs earlier on in stacks. I reckon you should only be able to have the timer updated if you have warded dragon/baron or have vision of either on time of death. In games I've played some people are utterly lazy when it comes to warding etc, and this will just give them the excuse I think that "oh we have updated timers regardless, etc so it doesn't matter".
Wards shouldn't really be for static objectives though, that's what timekeeping was for, and these days it's what TAB is for. Wards are for monitoring the movement of your opponents. It's why the brush just to the mid side of dragon pit is usually a better warding spot than inside dragon pit. It's why tri brush is a great spot. It maximises your ward coverage (Multiple paths converging on the same spot makes it more likely someone will pass) as opposed to a ward inside baron pit which is more a desperation ward than anything else. If you've set up your wards properly then you'll have a good idea of where everyone is anyway, or after you've played a while and get used to the play patterns then you'll be able to estimate where people are, and at that point you'll know if they're heading towards baron or dragon.
: Uhhhhhh why would you make the Dragon and Baron timers shown to both teams automatically? AFAIK this wasn't even on PBE patch notes and hasn't had feedback. Seems like a stupid change.
Can't see any opponents on the map? Baron hasn't spawned? They're doing dragon. See when they get back to lane, subtract appropriate time off that (If they show up at inhib turret top lane and drag is bot, then it was around 20s unless they recalled, which you can tell from the direction they came) and you have an approximate time dragon went down. Subtract ~10s from that, and note in chat "Drag XX:XX". You can usually follow the clues and get an approximate time of death. When someone can't though, if you sneak a dragon, it means you now know the time of death and you can use that knowledge to get every single dragon after that. It's a way of hard snowballing a game which made such objectives situationally way too powerful, and other times between even teams with good team comps they were a lot less powerful, and Riot doesn't like variability in their game. Harder to plan around and balance chaos. :P It's a good change as it's easier to keep track of (assuming no 3rd party tool) when you don't it go down but do have an approximate time, and the power of the soft objective is now the power of the soft objective and that's it; it can't be set up to snowball by itself as the other team will be able to contest it when it respawns.
: she's still mobile, and yes, very biased... look at her old kit vs for example ashe. your only chance as ashe is to land that r, but with fioras ult that is never gonna happen, and your slows are useless after a q,q into your face. finally, with this new kit, she can at least be counter played. and like they said, they want her as a fighter, not an assasin... so she just got brought out of the delete any squishy meta, and now she's a tanky bruiser with some sustain on her ult, and alot more teamfighting capability, insyead of team dleting capability. assasins pick off squishies... current fiora picks off entire teams 1v5... it's not right man. my opinion though.
As a long time Ashe player, no. Ashe > Fiora. That ult has a longer range than Fiora's ult, so does Ashe's W, and you can ult, move, W, move, crit auto, crit auto, and then get off another crit auto as the ult is wearing off and Fiora is dead before she could do anything. As for bruisers being less ridiculous... Are we playing the same game? Where Volibear can Spirit Visage > Warmogs and then reliably 1v3 against equal opponents? But a Fiora could rarely 1v3 against equal teams? And never 1v5? I think I have managed to penta as Fiora but penta's aren't a solo effort, without my team providing hard cc and a hell of a lot of damage I wouldn't have been able to pull it off, and the most fed Fiora is still vulnerable to counter engage. Which in her case means any opponent who survives the ult which is everyone except the most glass cannon of squishies.
: how? fioras requires amazing skill to land, soraka is just a global button push, and i'm not even sure what janna does lol, never played her... but still, when it comes to reliability, raka is still way above fiora for that. think of this scenario. just as fiora pops her 3rd ult mark, and the ashe is about to die to it, but their kat is gonna jump in and clean fiora up,fiora might be safe if she gets that 4th stack. but... we all know what teams are like on lol, her allied ezreal ult comes through, kills the ashe, steals the ult heal away from fiora and kat kills her, gets reset and jumps on ez for a double... annoying crap like that will happen constantly to fiora players, because she is not in control of her team... and that makes her only as reliable as her allies. raka, on the other hand, can just heal from the other end of the map, no worries about reliable, it just is. see my point?
Personally? As a "delete anything" player, as you put it? Kat > Ashe every god damn time.
: they should have done a vote on what champ the player base wants reworked the most and then do it because as far as i know, no one wanted a gp rework and apart from fiora's ult i dont think she was that bad.
Fiora's ult wasn't even that bad, if all else is equal then Brand can kill a Fiora while she's ulting.
: then you have a thought like, oh wait.. maybe fiora just got brought into the tank meta, seeing as she has plenty of dmg, seems to me she just needs to stay in fights longer now... so tank meta fiora is born!
She was a tank before, she was just a lifesteal tank. :P Which by EVE O standards is a tank. Obviously. On topic it would be a pity if they did make her into a bruiser though, LoL already has far too many of those.
: Her ult before lacked much counterplay though
You can hard CC her before she even gets into the ult given the short range of it, and once she was in it she was only untargetable and not invincible. And if you can't think of a way to seriously screw a Fiora while she's ulting then really need to start thinking differently. For one thing she ends up where she started, same as Yi. Dropping a few AoE abilities on her as she exits is hilarious, dropping a few AoE abilities underneath her will still damage her, champions like Bard can make their whole team immune to the damage, if you have a blink you can jump over a wall, or nearer to a turret, etc. There's a lot of counterplay, it just isn't an obvious "Hit this to counter Fiora's Ult!" button. Trynd's ult is the same. It's one of those "Hard for beginners, a lot easier for pros" sort of ults which is why you usually don't see her. About the only real complaint I have regarding champions like Fiora is the removal of healing redution items like Executioners and abilities like Tristana's...E? As they went a long way towards slowing down runaway AD's. Also keep in mind that her Q was a dash and not a blink which meant you could hard CC her as she was diving towards you. And yeah, that's as hilariously sad for a Fiora player as it sounds. About the only way none of this works is if she's 15/0 and your entire team's total kills is around 1 but in that case you'll die to any champion that far ahead.
: you're thinking of this in the eyes of fiora fans 'because she's op'... now look at it from the eyes of ashe, there is absolutely no way to counterplay a hungry fiora as it stands for her. her current q,q,r combo is annoying to say the least to anyone vsing her. the point of all this, is league is a team game, not a fiora game. what's the point of a team game when 1 champ can ult a whole team, penta and walk away unscathed.
I say this as both a decent Fiora player and a good Ashe player: Ashe > Fiora. Ult > W > Crit > Crit > Crit > W and Fiora is dead before Ashe's ult wears off. Same combo works against Vayne and anyone else who dares dive the no-mobility-but-hard-CC combo that is Ashe. And the same general thing works on Annie, although in her case there's less auto attacking unless you're a Lichbane kind of Summoner.
: please no, he's broken enough as it is. everytime rito re-works a champion they get rlly op rlly quick, we need a darius rework so he doesnt have A TRUE DAMAGE NUKE RITO
When he came out he was a bit nuts, these days Darius isn't really that high in the damage charts. Even when his ult resets, Kat can do the same thing and with items like FoN gone and with the magic pen system changed, it's a lot easier to punch through MR these days. Voli can auto, auto, auto, eat, and do more damage than Darius. And do it again all within 10s. Actually Darius' ult may even be able to get a small buff and still be well within the standard for bruisers and general destruction.
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